The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 393 - Being Heartbroken

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Chapter 393: Being Heartbroken

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Since Meng Qi couldn’t see his enemy or his attacks, he appeared to be trapped in complete darkness where there was no light or sound. On the basis of the details sensed by his heart and the Standing Still, he naturally adopted countermeasures before noticing them. As he sensed the dangers, he stopped the storming strikes from Wolf King.

Their attack and counterattack didn’t cause any wind. They did not even produce sound.

Such an ethereal state was beyond the Heaven-man Connection, but the Oneness of Heaven and Men realm, and a sublimation of imperceptibility realm. Reaching this point with difficulty, Meng Qi had to increase his spirit by utilizing the Nine Primeval Seals and the momentum brought by the Wolf King. In other words, he wouldn’t make it if his rival was someone else.

The Wolf King revealed a strong intent to kill with each fist, foot, and claw. Other Enlightened Master Pros would have been killed by him earlier after a round of attacks, because their minds would be affected, and their Vital Spirits disturbed.

However, his rival was Meng Qi. Like the vast earth and grand mountain, Meng Qi used his feet to distribute the killing intent and genuine Qi along the ground, causing little harm to himself.

The four hands continuously collided with each other. Meng Qi consumed more energy than the Wolf King because of the Exterior, Standing Still. Featuring stillness and continuation, the move was depleting his spirit. If this went on, his genuine Qi and physical body would hold up for a while but his Vital Spirit would become weaker. He had to use Sacrifice Formula.

He had to find an opportunity to counterattack.

Instead of feeling anxious, he was even calmer. If he hurried to counterattack, the Wolf King would find a way to dodge it and see through his flaw to wound him badly.

Now that he had pinned all of his hope in his spirit in this battle, he had difficulty creating the chance.

Could he use Eight Nine Mysteries to deceive the Wolf King?

No, he couldn’t. Wolf King would identify him, causing him endless troubles.

The more heated the fight became, the more sober Meng Qi became. He recalled all of his moves, making sure that he hadn’t exposed himself. After he arrived at Wenan City, nothing related to Killing Blade Su Meng and Gentleman Sword Meng Qi ever popped up. There was the possibility that Wolf King had followed him here from Di County, which was implausible.

Various thoughts crossed his mind as he was thinking about how to create an opportunity. A ringing sound suddenly came to his ears, and he conjured up a picture of a firewood chopped into two pieces.

He felt a silhouette freeze for a second in the dark.

“Got you!”

As Meng Qi took a step forward, his momentum immediately became rich and ancient. He lifted up his right hand, stretched five fingers, and hurtled toward the Wolf King with unstoppable energy.

The darkness was split, and the airflow converged in front of his palm. The nearby air seemed to be curled up, making it impossible for the Wolf King to sidestep.

His five white fingers glinted with a hint of demonic magic, filling Wolf King’s sight as if the world was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with it.

Wolf King’s eyes froze, but then he unfolded his right hand as well. Like five murderously sharp swords capable of piercing through a mountain, they met with Meng Qi’s palm.

They attacked back and forth in complete silence. Afterward, the roar was stopped by the finger, and the sound of the wind was covered by the palm print.

As the Qi and blood rolled inside his body, Meng Qi felt the desire to kill run along his veins. His genuine Qi and internal organs were about to surge, but he found a way to stop them.

He took advantage of the force to step back. He then used his back to hit a man-shaped hole in the wall before leaving the room.

The morning sunlight in winter was quite dim, but it was rather bright compared with the darkness in the room.

The wind was not strong and cooled his face.

It felt to Meng Qi that everything had been brought back to life.

The darkness disappeared in the room, revealing a similar hole in the opposite wall. It seemed to him that Wolf King couldn’t control his momentum after attacking Meng Qi’s Exterior killer move head on. He couldn’t remain invisible, so he broke the wall and window to escape.

A draft pa.s.sed through the room, and Wolf King disappeared. The wooden desk and chair, censer, and bookshelves inside the room were as intact as before. Only the two big holes left served as a reminder that a ferocious battle had occurred there.

If two Half-step Exterior Scenery masters gave full play to their strength, they would collapse the house and ruin the yard. However, the two caused a different earthshattering phenomenon with their precision and control.

They didn’t have a grudge against each other, but it was the second time that Meng Qi had been sneak-attacked by him. As a man of t.i.t for tat, Meng Qi was furious ogling at the human-shaped hole.

Zhiwei would attend to the Party of Happycloud in Ying City for sure. As long as Wolf King was in River East, he would work with her to attack him by mobilizing their resources from Sword Was.h.i.+ng Pavilion and Six Fan School.

He was that narrow-minded!

He couldn’t expose his ident.i.ty now. He jumped over the wall deep in thought and headed for Wen’an City along the woods.

Kill-stopping Cultivator was steeped in firewood chopping.

A tall lanky man walked in after the yard door was opened. He was dressed in black clothes, and had exotic facial features. His cold eyes were as ferocious as beasts.

“Why do you want to kill people again?” asked Kill-stopping Cultivator without looking at him, continuing to chop the firewood.

He replied in a rather chill tone. “He s.n.a.t.c.hed your Monster Core.”

She paused for a second and then looked at him, saying, “I gave it to him.”

She added while exhaling, “I’m a bad teacher. Killing isn’t right.”

“Killing isn’t wrong,” he said in a certain and calm tone.

She was in a daze, but she buried herself in chopping firewood again without refuting him. She said with a more proper tone, “Central Plains, with its vast landscape, is home to many experts. If you continue acting like this, you’ll die. You’d better return to the prairie.”

He walked step by step toward the room behind Kill-stopping Cultivator. “I’ll leave tomorrow. But, I want to challenge He Jiu before returning.”

“If you’re tired of the women and scenery in River East and miss the prairie where you can lead an unrestrainted life, you can come back. We’ll confront your enemies together.”

She felt her back freeze for a second. Then resumed her work one chop after the other, as if her heart was breaking piece by piece.

Six Fan School in Wen’an City dispatched all of its arresters: half for scouting the Shen and Jia families; the other to sniff out leads left by the demons.

It also expedited delivering this news to its headquarters in Luoyang first, and then to all-level governments.

Several arresters felt anxious, for even though human trafficking was a felony in the Great Jin Dynasty, they still took bribes to cover for the Shen family. In their minds, a voluntary human trafficker was universally acknowledged, so they turned a blind eye to the Shen family’s large-scale trafficking. They had no idea that this would cause such a big mess.

When would the demons below the Monster Venerable become capable of hiding their Demon Odor?

When did they begin to exist as a family?

Many scruples disturbed the local aristocratic families, sects, and Turf Lords, like Lyu Jian. Worse still, the disappearance of the whole Shen family was such a big event that they couldn’t bury it. The prime arresters had been futile in keeping it a secret, so they had to attempt to atone their crimes or escape their due punishment.

Meng Qi was aware that the Shen family was home to Exterior monsters, so he didn’t partic.i.p.ate in this operation, leaving it to one of the Eight Distinguished Super Arresters. He would prettify himself to fish for information, guaranteeing that everyone knew it. Afterward, he would leave town directly for Maoling, around which there was an entrance to The Immortals.

He accomplished the mission to find Jin Li, dead or alive. It was none of his business how the Jin family and Yun Zhongzi did the follow-up. If he were strong enough, he would have stalked them and killed them all, including Jin Li.

A pursuit of love wasn’t wrong, and loving a demon was also a personal matter. However, killing the innocent and holding a candle to a devil deserved death.

Why did the little fox come to River East? What was her objective? Meng Qi thought while changing his outfit on his way to Maoling. He could use the resources of Six Fan School to investigate, which would lay bare his ident.i.ty of Heavenly Primogenitor.

He had to figure out another alternative… He frowned, but then he thought of Wolf King.

Why did he dare to attack Meng Qi at the temple regardless of Kill-stopping Cultivator? She did kill a demon, so she had to notice that someone had snuch into the temple… Meng Qi’s eyes froze when he thought of a possibility. Did she and Wolf King know each other? So he left the prairie and came here to look for her? That was also a good reason that he had reached a negotiation with w.a.n.g Siyuan, the Turf Lord of River East.

Kill-stopping Cultivator used an ax as her weapon. Coincidently, Great Khan in the prairie used Heaven-killing Axe…

No. According to the Dominator, the Heaven-killing Axe wasn’t befitting of Kill-stopping Cultivator’s murderous martial art path…

Since Meng Qi was clueless due to a lack of good knowledge about the prairie, he focused on his journey.

He activated the Immortal-traveling Charm upon his arrival at the depths of a mountain.

The green light glinted and turned into a big hole which expanded into a green gate full of mysterious decorative patterns.

It was thrown open. A baby taoist rode on a rare spiritual crane to fetch Meng Qi back.

Meng Qi wasn’t attracted to the eccentric flowers or gra.s.s at all, so he arrived at Immortal-tracking Alley soon. He handed over the task, except for the thing involving the two Taoists and Wolf King. He gave a comprehensive description of the process, including the little fox.

“You’ve completed your mission, so you can choose either 1,000 Karma points or to leave your intelligence and prime materials to Yun Zhongzi to refine items. ” The sound of Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms seemed unchanged without any fluctuations in his tone.

Meng Qi was quite interested in refining items, but he suspended his choices before scrummaging the main material in Immortal-tracking Alley. He wanted to forge a s.p.a.ce Ring to store the huge Heaven Inflicted Pain Saber, which would help cover his ident.i.ty when disguising himself.

If he hid the saber prior to a battle, he would probably die stupidly without displaying his full strength. If he accomplished a fight and found his hidden saber stolen, he would be mocked forever, which would be rather sad.

“Virtual Darkness Stone and an extraterrestrial stone, can be used to forge s.p.a.ce Ring and the like… It’s worth 1,300 Karma points.”

It wasn’t expensive. Plus, Yun Zhongzi would help supply some accessory materials and refining… Meng Qi had to trade some items he needed with the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms after finding nothing relevant in Immortal-tracking Alley.

He had no Karma points at present, but he used Monster Cores and the items of the demonic cult to exchange for 1,100. He left the Recover Pill and a few elixirs to himself and traded the rest from Six Fan School, receiving 320 Karma points total.

Only 120 Karma points were left after he got the stone he gave it to the Dominator later. He wasn’t in a hurry to get the s.p.a.ce Ring since he would go to Ying City with his real status and Heaven Inflicted Pain Saber wouldn’t be a problem. Yun Zhongzi could take his time to refine the ring.

Meng Qi stayed for a while after finis.h.i.+ng his exchange. Thinking for a moment, he stepped into the stone room next door, wrote the little fox event down, and stuck it on the wall, hoping for some members of The Immortals to provide some useful information.

Afterwards, he picked up another Immortal-traveling Charm before leaving.

Meng Qi put on his black clothes and wore a Hero Ribbon in an inn, posing as handsome and manly again.

He then flipped the clothes, held his long saber, and opened the door before leaving the inn.

He was headed for Ying City.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 393 - Being Heartbroken

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