The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 403 - Roadside Abduction

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Chapter 403: Roadside Abduction

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“What is it? Is there anything I can do?” w.a.n.g Zai asked.

Meng Qi grinned, “It’s not really anything important. Recently I’ve been studying some ancient ma.n.u.scripts and learned many strange place names. I want to find out the present locations of these places. Brother w.a.n.g, you know as a rogue cultivator, I have little informational resources. How can I not take advantage of the Mi and Bai families’ rare favor?”

“What names are they?” w.a.n.g Zai politely did not ask why Meng Qi suddenly studied the ancient ma.n.u.scripts. Generally, studying ancient place names means relics or secret chambers. Asking too much may ruin their friends.h.i.+p. Meng Qi would tell him when the right time came.

Yet nine times out of ten similar efforts would not be paid off. The relics’ surroundings had already changed over many years, except for some famous ones.

“Five Pillars Mountain, Carefree Valley, Star-back Lake…” Meng Qi recited a bunch of names, intentionally putting Carefree Valley in the middle of these names, in case his real purpose was discovered.

He did not say these names randomly. To find Carefree Valley, related to the myth of Zhenwu, he did read some relevant ancient ma.n.u.scripts and remembered many places’ names. However, the ancient ma.n.u.scripts, which could be easily obtained, were relatively normal. So he did not find any clues about Carefree Valley.

“Five Pillars Mountain… never heard of… Carefree Valley sounds like an ancient wonderland. But its location is still unknown… Star-back Lake is next to Lulong in North Zhou Dynasty. Its current name is Moon Mirror Lagoon…” w.a.n.g Zai said while he was thinking about the names.

“Indeed Carefree Valley lies in the main world…” Meng Qi did not expect this exact information by asking causally.

He believed that w.a.n.g Zai, who had cultivated n.o.ble Spirit, would not lie to him on purpose. At most he just could not tell him the details under his family’s discipline.

After finis.h.i.+ng recalling these places, w.a.n.g Zai apologized, “I have little interest in ancient secrets, so I only read several books about it occasionally. It’s better to ask Zijing for more.”

Mi Zijing suddenly saw Meng Qi return as he was ordering his clansmen and guards to interrogate the dancers. Confused, he asked, “Young Master Su, do you have a clue?”

Meng Qi grinned and revealed his purely white teeth, saying, “Young Master Mi, I remember that the Bai and Mi family do owe me a favor due to the issue with Aunt Bai.”

“Huh?” Mi Zijing did not intend to deny it. However he was still slightly surprised. The logistics of favors lied in what was left unsaid. It was seldom that someone directly asked for them.

Meng Qi smiled, “Young Master Mi, I have always been a man of frankness instead of hypocrisy. I say what I want to say and I ask what I want to ask.”

Though Mi Zijing knew Meng Qi was joking, he wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. Killing Blade did not do things in normal ways. “Then what reward does Young Master Su desire?”

Meng Qi repeated what he had just said to w.a.n.g Zai. Then Mi Zijing felt relieved because it was within his ability. He ordered the butler to take charge of the interrogation, and then he took Meng Qi to Building of World-studying.

After Meng Qi had waited for a while in a pavilion nearby, Mi Zijing returned after questioning the elder who was guarding the building. The information he told Meng Qi was detailed compared to w.a.n.g Zai’s. Several places begot answers, while some still remained unknown, including Carefree Valley.

“Is there any other place I can find information on these names?” Meng Qi deliberately frowned.

Mi Zijing felt slightly awkward about the incomplete information. He sincerely said, “The Bai family has existed since ancient times. They are supposed to have more ancient ma.n.u.scripts, but they have strict regulations. One can’t get in without their consent. I can inquire about it first. There should be results in a couple of days.”

Meng Qi pondered for a moment. Then he half implored, “Young Master Mi, thanks for your kindness. May I ask if you are acquainted with Six Fan School? Because I heard that they have a great number of ancient ma.n.u.scripts.”

Six Fan School did not fully represent the imperial power because it was mixed with aristocratic family members. It was not rare that someone from a top aristocratic family became a leader of Six Fan School. Besides, since the Mi family was intimately related to the imperial family, it was highly possible that they were connected with Six Fan School.

Mi Zijing contemplated for a moment, then he said, “Silver-badge Qian and Green-ribbon Shu are my family’s friends. Since Young Master Su wants to read these ancient ma.n.u.scripts, I’d like to take you to them.”

w.a.n.g Zai had his own business so he did not follow. A moment later, Meng Qi and Mi Zijing pa.s.sed the streets and alleys. Then they arrived at Six Fan School in Jun City, Ying City.

It was nearly dusk. The guard on duty happened to be Shu Changxiao, the Green-ribbon Shu Mi Zijing just mentioned. He considered it as something unimportant after hearing the request. Hence, he permitted Meng Qi to go in and search by himself. Worrying about the incident of the, Mi Zijing took his leave and went home hurriedly.

Meng Qi was relieved going into the chamber of ancient ma.n.u.scripts, in which the light smell of books and mouldi suffused. He did not know if “The Myths had their eyes on him, so hije dare not imprudently submit the confidential information in the secret station to expose its existence. Instead, by asking Mi family for this favor, he walked in Six Fan School above board.

With a Silver Badge of the Exterior guarding this Yamen, Meng Qi would no longer be worried about being spied.

He picked up the pen and paper and began to write in a corner. He wrote down the resentment The Myths held in regards to what happened in Dongyang Villa and their intention to take revenge on Meng Qi. After he pondered for a moment, he wrote down the information about Wolf King as well to request Six Fan School to search for him, because it was highly possible that he was still in Ying City.

After he finished, he took the Green Ribbon official seal hidden in his chest pocket and made a mark. Then the paper was folded like a small piece of tofu and was placed inside of his belt.

After it was done, Meng Qi started reading books leisurely.

Four hours later, Meng Qi still could not find any detailed information about Carefree Valley. He was only sure that it had been in the main world since ancient times.

Walking out of the chamber of ancient ma.n.u.scripts, he went to Notes Room to say thanks and goodbye to Shua Changxiao.

After seeing Meng Qi off, Shu Changxiao turned his head around and saw a piece of neatly folded stationery on the table.

Though the sky had grown dark, the busty streets in Ying City were still as bright as day. From time to time, there would be magnificent fireworks, which made the city seem to be celebrating Spring Festival.

There were still many pedestrians in the streets: some were purchasing goods for Spring Festival, some were hurriedly returning home, some were watching the Latern Show and resolving riddles, and others were throwing a bottle into distant pots. Several streets near Tianxiu River were even more boisterous than day time.

Meng Qi felt slightly relieved after submitting the confidential information, because there would be less necessity of worrying about The Myths’ vengeance. He slowed his pace on the way back to Happycloud Heights. He enjoyed the view of people decorating their houses with character for prosperity and couplets. Buying a string of candied haws and sugar figurines from time to time, he felt free from stress.

“This painting is not bad…” Meng Qi saw somebody selling paintings in a stall crowded by the young and old, women with children and servants as well.

As he was about to go over there, a big group of people flooded in and blocked his path, so he had to wait.

Among the group, there was a woman who was holding a boy aged three or four. She walked strenuously, so she put the boy down to let him walk for a while holding his hand.

Seeing a hawker was selling sugar figurines, the boy cried and screamed in order to get one.

Suddenly, he broke away from his mother’s hands. He clumsily walked two steps, then he stopped with a blank face. Frightened by all of the strangers, he cried out loud.

His mother was angry but she found it somewhat funny. As she was about to go and take him by hand, two beggars pa.s.sed in front of her. Her line of sight was blocked by them.

A beggar who had a sarcoma on the left of his face suddenly appeared near the boy. He picked him up and dashed towards the end of the street with his hand covering the boy’s mouth, while the mother witnessed the whole process.

She tried to chase them, but soon she was knocked over by the crowd. She shrieked,

“Help! My child!”

Meng Qi did not expect that there would be an abduction under his very nose. Because they were not coming for him, his spirit did not alert him in time.

“She seemed to have no Kung Fu skills. So It’s a normal abduction.”

He had heard that the Beggar Sect was mixed with good people and villains a long time ago. Most of its members were used to deception, abduction, theft and committing other crimes. He did not believe it until then. He was fooled by the novels he had read…

The two beggars blocking the woman’s sight were both carrying a sack. Meng Qi recognized them as disciples of the Beggar Sect from their clothes. However, it was difficult to find them since they had snuck into the crowd. The figure of the one holding the boy could still be seen vaguely.

As a man of righteousness, he activated his body movements and shuttled through the crowd like a swimming fish. He frequently dashed into the most cramped gap.

The beggar’s body movements appeared deficient compared to that of Meng Qi. Meng Qi had nearly caught him when he reached the end of the street.

All of a sudden, several beggars rushed out and the crowd was stirred, which blocked Meng Qi just in time.

Meng Qi grit his teeth and jumped up. He continued his chase with his feet treading on people’s heads like a rock skimming water. Many people thought it was just a flying bird after being tapped by Meng Qi’s feet.

Right then, the beggar dashed into an abandoned field.

Meng Qi did not relax his vigilance in case of he fell into a trap and became the target of a sneak-attack. When he went inside, the trace of the beggar was lost.

Meng Qi had run into lots of similar situations. Having searched for a while, he found the entrance to the tunnel. As he came out of it, what he saw was still an abandoned house a group of beggars lived across from. The street was relatively quiet and long.

Meng Qi walked straight towards them after discerning the traces.

“My friend, this is a branch of the Beggar Sect in Ying City. What is your issue?” A beggar blocked him. He seemed to be about forty years old and fair-skinned. Though there were many patches in his clothes, he looked clean and fresh.

Carrying six sacks, he seemed to be the Branch Chief.

“Did the beggar holding a boy escape here?” Meng Qi took a breath. He intended to ask politely.

With a cold face, the beggar said, “No. You’ve come to the wrong place!”

“But he did come out from this tunnel.” Meng Qi squinted.

Six Bags Beggar sneered, “Anyway, I did not see anyone. There are countless beggars in the world. How can they all come from the Beggar Sect?”

“I saw him.” Meng Qi said with finality.

The Six Bags Beggar groaned, “Friend, are you being a bully? You want to mess with the Beggar Sect just for an irrelevant child?”

“Don’t you fancy people look down on us beggars. I’ll tell you what. Walking in Jianghu, you’d better not put your hands in something that is none of your business!”

He faintly demonstrated his threat.

Meng Qi suddenly grinned. His snow-white teeth were showing while the corners of his mouth raised. “This boy…”

With a clang, Meng Qi pulled out his saber.

“He shall be saved by me.”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 403 - Roadside Abduction

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