The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 420 - A Mysterious Character

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Chapter 420: A Mysterious Character

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Snow-white lotus petals drifted down, graceful and holy, as if a G.o.d were about to descend from the heavens. Ze Luoju tightened his grip on his blade. His remaining functional eye held a solemn gaze. “Holy Maid of Luo Denomination?”

Luo Denomination was one of the Nine Evil Paths, and its secret impartation had been pa.s.sed down for many years. Someone from the later generation like the Crying Elder could not possibly compare to it. On top of that, the current Luo Denomination had Dharmakayas as well. Even Ashura Temple, the strongest sect in the West Regions, held them in awe and had to show them deference. How could Ze Luoju underestimate their power?

Although it was his first time meeting Gu Xiaosang, he had heard all kinds of rumors about her before. The scene of her descent, her unparalleled beauty, and that graceful and unconstrained air about her had enabled him to hazard a guess at her ident.i.ty.

“So she was already on the Exterior level too?”

She had reached the Exterior level without anybody knowing!

Gu Xiaosang stood at Meng Qi’s side. There seemed to be a smile on her lips as she said, “So I see it’s the evil blade inherited from the Crying Elder. How impudent of you to try and lay a finger on my husband.”

“Husband?” Ze Luoju’s uncertain gaze flitted between Meng Qi and Gu Xiaosang, full of doubt.

“It’s over… There goes my reputation…” That was the only thing Meng Qi could think about.

However, if he thought about it, not all hope was lost just yet. Ze Luoju was from the Heterodox Demons and bore a grudge against him. Even if he spread the news, others would just think that he was trying to frame him. Unless he revealed himself to spread the rumors, they would be nothing more than baseless accusations that would disappear by themselves with time.

At the same time, he seized the opportunity to secretly swallow a Recover Pill.

With a smile, Gu Xiaosang spoke in a clear and pleasant voice, “I’m about to s.n.a.t.c.h him away to become my husband.”

She paused, and then giggled in a somewhat mocking manner. “You’ve made a name for yourself for so many years but still have yet to cross the first Celestial Ladder. Hehe, people say that the Crying Elder is ruthless and cruel to his disciples, but now that I’ve seen you, you’re not so hot. If it were me, I would’ve killed you myself a long time ago and fed the dogs with your corpse lest you disgrace me.”

She did not use a single expletive, but her words. .h.i.t Ze Luoju right where it hurt. Ugly green veins bulged across his forehead and his lone eye burned with hatred. He almost lost his cool as he was overcome with the urge to attack.

Gu Xiaosang blinked. “I was thinking that my husband would want to take his revenge with his own two hands in the future, otherwise you won’t be leaving this place today. Now’s your chance, what are you waiting for?”

She did not bother hiding the obvious threat in her casual words. It seemed like she treated the Evil Blade of Immensity Sea, Ze Luoju, like an insignificant bug.

Ze Luoju was not some young and inexperienced fellow who would fall for Gu Xiaosang’s taunts that easily. He had already controlled his hatred and anger. After a brief moment’s consideration, his expression reverted to one of indifference and calm. Without another word, he spun around and left.

Even if Gu Xiaosang had had her breakthrough only recently, she practiced a Peerless G.o.dly Kung Fu, while he had not even crossed the first Celestial Ladder. It would be highly improbable for him to beat her in a hurry, and if things dragged on, the people of Eastsea Sword Village would return. If things came to that, he might not even be able to make it out of there alive!

Moreover, Holy Maid of Luo Denomination’s appearance could mean that there were Cultivators or Oracles nearby. Taking them head-on would be an unwise choice.

As he watched Ze Luoju’s figure disappear into the distance, Meng Qi felt himself succ.u.mb to a sudden surge of weakness. The Sacrifice Formula had already lost its effect. As if he were weakened by a serious illness, he failed to hold the weight of his body up and collapsed backward.

He was caught by a pair of slender hands. At some point in time, Gu Xiaosang had moved to stand behind him. Her arms slipped under his and hugged his chest as Meng Qi was enveloped in her unique fragrance.

“Demoness, what are you trying to do?” Meng Qi did his best to shout.

Since he felt that he was still of some value to the demoness, he decided not to do anything that would be detrimental to the both of them for the while.

Gu Xiaosang softly giggled and replied, “I’m bringing my husband home, of course .”

The tips of her toes tapped the ground and they were instantly airborne, with her half-hugging and half-carrying Meng Qi in her arms. Their surroundings slowly turned dim as dusk approached.

“Hubby, I know that you appear easy-going on the outside, but you’re actually very proud and ambitious. You’ll definitely want your enemies to perish at your own hands. That’s why you didn’t intercept Wolf King before, and you let the evil blade go after that as well so you have the chance to train yourself.” Gu Xiaosang flaunted her understanding of Meng Qi in a bid to earn his praise. “After you open your nine apertures, you’ll be able to head North all the way, imitating what the Wolf King did in the past and sharpening your skills along the way. Then you’ll finally arrive at his hometown in the gra.s.slands and slay him despite the countless dangers present. Only something like that can be considered a man’s revenge.”

Meng Qi had never thought that Gu Xiaosang would help him eliminate his enemies. He had had similar thoughts about his revenge before: after he had recovered, he would quietly train for half a year before heading North in secret. Then he would infiltrate the gra.s.slands and overcome numerous obstacles before ending Wolf King with his blade!

Such a process of single-mindedly seeking revenge served as training for his soul and his Kung Fu. It possessed an effect on his Oneness of Heaven and Men and the path he wished to seek that could not be a.s.sessed.

“Three strikes and you’re out. The next time we meet shall be your end!”

As for Ze Luoju, Meng Qi could only take him on after achieving the Exterior level. However, he had learned an important lesson from him: Jianghu was a dangerous place, and thus it was best if others were not aware of his tracks one or two months in advance. He could not afford to overlook any of his enemies no matter how far away they were from him.

“Why does it feel like you’re inciting me to go to the gra.s.slands?” Although Meng Qi had a similar idea in mind, he would never admit it to the demoness.

Pleased with herself, Gu Xiaosang answered, “I can understand at least some of your heart!”

She continued with her small talk, as if she were an innocent young girl who could do no harm.

Not long after the two of them had left, He Jiu who had changed into a set of green robes and Gongyang Hao appeared in mid-air.

They glanced down at the deadly silent compound, the patio wrecked by lightning and thunder, and the smashed green tiles littering the place. He Jiu raised an eyebrow. “Killing Blade is stronger than I thought.”

The Myths had withdrawn their forces ahead of the two’s arrival at Misty Rain Mountain, leaving no chance for them to detain any of their members. Of course, thanks to that, Crown Prince Zhao Qian was also saved. He was currently staying in Ying City’s Six Fan School under the protection of Eunuch Wei Gao, Sliver-badge Arrester Qian Kai, and divine monk Hua Yan.

Gongyang Hao and He Jiu had intended to split up and hunt for The Myths’ members, but then Thunder Punishment had struck from above towards Happycloud Heights and they had to take a look.

“What exactly are they trying to accomplish?” Gongyang Hao had not expected Meng Qi to be one of The Myths’ targets as well. He was full of uncertainty concerning the secret organization’s true goal.

He Jiu shook his head, indicating that he was none the wiser. “Uncle Gongyang, let’s look around. Su Meng was attacked at my place. As the owner, I can’t possibly just turn a blind eye to it.”

“Alright.” Gongyang Hao agreed.

As He Jiu subtly began his search for clues, he sighed and said, “The Myths have always been operating in secrecy. Few are aware of its existence. The fact that they’ve created such a huge uproar and revealed themselves to the world baffles me. Could it be that chaos is really imminent?”

There was not a hint of fear in his words when he mentioned the possibility of chaos. On the contrary, he was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence as if he viewed it as some kind of personal playground for him to challenge himself!

A short while after the two of them had left Happycloud Heights in search of clues, Jiang Zhiwei turned back halfway. She looked as determined as ever, but her worry had seeped into her expression and speech.

Even before she and Hong Qian had crossed Tianxiu River, she had noticed the activity at Misty Rain Mountain and returned to investigate. Upon discovering signs of Five Thunder Bombardment of Sky at Happycloud Heights, she had realized that Meng Qi was under attack. A wave of anxiety had washed over her as she hurried over. With Hong Qian’s help, they reached him in no time.

She heaved a sigh of relief after inspecting the battleground. There was no sign of Meng Qi’s death. It seemed like he had left at ease…

“Master Hong, let’s chase after them.” Jiang Zhiwei uttered in a low voice. It was not a request, but a decision. Even if Hong Qian did not want to give chase, she would do so on her own.

Hong Qian simply nodded in silence.

Inside Six Fan School’s Ying City yamen, Eunuch Wei Gao watched with frazzled nerves as Qian Kai and Hua Yan helped tend to the Crown Prince’s wounds.

Using a secret method, Hua Yan allowed genuine Qi to flow into the Crown Prince’s body and turned it into Blood Essence, improving his const.i.tution. Qian Yu, on the other hand, focused on dispelling the Devil Qi.

Swirls of black gas rose from Zhao Qian’s body and were completely expelled in no time.

Zhao Qian’s face was a ghastly white, but it held neither fear nor anger. He simply smiled and said, “I owe my grat.i.tude to you both.”

His gentle smile seemed to convey calmness in the face of his inescapable doom. Hua Yan gently nodded at it. The Crown Prince’s disposition was truly extraordinary.

In a discreet location, The Myths members wearing the Star of Northern Dipper, Mountain G.o.d, Matriarch of the West and Mahesvara’s masks once again gathered together.

“The task has more or less been completed, besides the part concerning the True Emperor Seal.” Star of Northern Dipper looked at the others.

Mountain G.o.d’s voice was low and gravelly. “If the demoness hadn’t interfered, we would have already gotten our hands on the True Emperor Seal!”

“Sikong Tu hasn’t appeared again. It seems that the True Emperor Seal has really fallen into the demoness’ hands.” Matriarch of the West spoke without any emotion.

Mahesvara scanned his surroundings. In a creepy voice, he asked, “Why isn’t Wolf King here?”

He was absolutely ravenous and desperately wanted to tear into some flesh and blood.

Matriarch of the West cast him an indifferent glance and calmly replied, “Wolf King is a lone wolf. Whether he succeeds or not, he will always choose to stay far away.”

Laying on Gu Xiaosang’s lap and staring at the curtains embroidered with the image of a fairy scattering flower petals, Meng Qi felt a pair of slender hands gently ma.s.saging his temples. It relieved his mental exhaustion and the pain from the Sacrifice Formula’s countercharge.

“Hubby, does it feel better now?” Gu Xiaosang was sitting with her legs crossed and Meng Qi partially leaning against her. She pressed against his temples the same way a maid would serve her master.

The carriage they were in was traveling along a paved road and thus there were only slight tremors.

Meng Qi spoke through gritted teeth. “As an Exterior-level master, you should have many ways of recovering my mental energy and easing my pain. What is ma.s.saging my temples going to achieve?”

Gu Xiaosang gave a low giggle. “Aren’t all kind and understanding wives like this?”

“She sure is having ‘fun’…” Meng Qi had nothing to say to that, so he changed the topic instead. “You’ve already used the gains you’ve acquired from the ruins of Ninth Heaven to reach the Exterior level in one go. How did Sikong Tu manage to escape?”

As Gu Xiaosang continued rubbing his temples, she smiled sweetly and answered, “Because I never wanted to catch him to begin with. If the Cultivator and I hadn’t shaken up that member of The Myths, how could he have made it out of the burial valley? As for the True Emperor Seal, all I can say is that I was fated to have it.”

“Fated… What exactly are you trying to do?” Meng Qi did not believe that Gu Xiaosang would be that kind-hearted, not even for a second.

Gu Xiaosang gently ma.s.saged his temples as her delicate laughter rang out in the carriage. “We’re not trying to do anything, just seeing if we can use the True Emperor Seal to catch some big fish.”

“Big fish?” Meng Qi responded doubtfully.

Seemingly treating it as small talk, Gu Xiaosang said, “At the end of the Kang dynasty, the ailing emperor worked with Luo Denomination a lot, so we are aware of many secrets. For example, a few disciples from the Han family who had potential had been sent to the Destruction Sect, Method of Mistress Su, and other schools prior to the downfall of the empire. That’s why we suspect that Destruction Sect’s Evil Master Han Guang is actually one of the evils left over from the Kang dynasty.”

Evil Master Han Guang? The Heterodox king who had condensed his demon’s body before the age of 50? Meng Qi was shocked. “Wasn’t he suppressed by Abbots.h.i.+p Kongwen?”

Gu Xiaoshan chuckled. “Since Evil Master vanished after his battle with Abbots.h.i.+p Kongwen, it’s normal to suspect that he has been suppressed, but there’s also the possibility that he’s seriously injured and has gone into hiding to recover. Now that the secret treasure left behind by his ancestors has appeared, naturally I’ll need to ascertain his situation. Unfortunately, perhaps the True Emperor Seal is too low in value and has little effect on him, or perhaps he really has been suppressed, because he has yet to show his face.”

“Ascertain Evil Master’s situation? Gu Xiaosang and Luo Denomination are plotting something big…” Meng Qi thought to himself.

“However, I have an affinity with the ‘True Emperor Seal’. I did not expect you to obtain it, and since you’re my husband, what’s yours is mine, right?” Meng Qi was in the hands of Gu Xiaosang, so naturally she had discovered that he was in possession of the True Emperor Seal.

Meng Qi gently inhaled and decided to stop pursuing the matter about the True Emperor Seal. “Where exactly are you taking me?”

“Didn’t I say we’re going home?” Gu Xiaosang was all smiles. “I’m waiting for my parents to arrive.”

Her lips were tightly sealed, not revealing the slightest of hints.

The corner of Meng Qi’s mouth twitched. He was about to speak when there came a series of knocks on the window.

The window opened and the curtains were lifted. A tall and imposing man with a beard poked his head through the window and smiled. “Young lady, I would like to borrow your husband for a moment.”

The carriage was advancing at top speed, but the man seemed to be firmly attached to the window.

“Who?” Subconsciously, Meng Qi turned to give Gu Xiaosang a questioning look and for the first time, saw a panic-stricken expression on her face.

Such an expression disappeared in the blink of an eye. Moonlight flooded the carriage through the window and bathed Gu Xiaosang in its pallid light. Her pure white robes appeared clear and bright, and her porcelain skin was almost transparent, giving her a slight air of vulnerability.

She bit her lower lip a little before bursting into an enchanting smile. “If my senior wants to borrow him, how could I refuse? It’s just that I have my concerns because I do not know what you want him to do.”

“Don’t worry. If I say it’s not dangerous, then it isn’t.” The bearded man reached out to grab Meng Qi, who could feel himself floating in the air as he was pulled right out of the window.

Such a short night had been filled with countless twists and turns. It was almost dream-like for Meng Qi.

The two of them had vanished from the window. The curtains slowly fluttered back down, while Gu Xiaosang sat in silence in the carriage by herself. Her expression was one of gloom and hard to fathom.

“He actually came…”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 420 - A Mysterious Character

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