The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 431 - The Dissimulated Man

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Chapter 431: The Dissimulated Man

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The one leading them was Ji Tao, one of the soldier vice-commanders from Left Governor’s Mansion who had reached the second level in the Person Cla.s.s. Jiang Shenghong, the soldier commander, trusted and thought highly of him. Ji Tao was also responsible for part of the rat affairs because he was a native who was on good terms with people in various trades. At present, he was in charge of the daily routine of the key mission, catching the Red Coat army ringleader using the Guo family as the bait.

He would give a signal or make a lot more noise on purpose if he encountered enemies he could not deal with, so that the masters of the Left Governor’s Mansion could come help him when they got word. However, he did not take such action this time, since he might be punished after the fact for asking for help rashly and indiscriminately, bothering masters without judging the degree of the enemies’ strength. Therefore, he had to stealthily follow them first to figure out the actual situation and the degree of importance of the enemies before determining the next step.

For now, he only saw one member of the Red Coat army, who had uncommon breath but did not reach the Ground Cla.s.s momentum as the masters of Left Governor’s Mansion did. So, he was pretty sure that he could deal with that guy on his own. After all, with his special blood lineage and a powerful fist position, he was not inferior to most people at the first level of Person Cla.s.s. Besides, there were so many members that could help him out if he was unable to deal with the enemy by himself!

He sneered and said, “Silver taels? Why don’t you give us the advantage! Catch him for me!”

As he finished speaking, he pounced on Zhao Heng from a high position and threw a powerful right fist with green electricity twisting around itself. It seemed like his fist directly broke through the airflow, letting out splas.h.i.+ng and squelching sounds wherever it pa.s.sed.

Hardly had the fist hit Zhao Heng when a feeling of paralysis attacked his body and his Vital Spirit quivered, as if a real Thunderclap had appeared.

At the same time, the shadows swooped from the top of a wall and the people plugging up both ends of the alley also quickly drew close. Some of them were soldiers of Left Governor’s Mansion, some were rats and some were brave men and idlers Ji Tao had recruited. The main target for most of them was Zhao Heng, and only a few of them dealt with Meng Qi, the bodacious idler.

Suddenly, a melodious tune floated into their hearts without them knowing where it had originated or where it was flowing to. It was ice-cold and quiet, like a flat lake under the moon and the ten-thousand-year-old ice-holes. The chill came from the Vital Spirit, freezing thoughts to turn all figures into ice engravings.

Everyone, including Vice-commander Ji Tao, started to slow their movements and were gradually frozen in place under the Guanghan Curse.

What a terrible tune! A few that could move with difficulty tried to send out distress signals, but it was too late. As sword light flared in front of their eyes, a green figure appeared all of a sudden and everything immediately turned dark.

Suddenly, a faint yellow flame burned on the body of one of them, slightly resisting the tune’s frost that could freeze the soul.

Thanks to his special blood lineage, he had a stronger resistance than the normal people against the Guanghan Curse.

As he was about to take out the fireworks, he saw a surging purple river come with countless bright stars twinkling in it as if the Milky Way had toppled over there. It covered him in a flash and penetrated everywhere to melt into his body, scouring his skeleton and viscera over and over again.

The purple river faded away and he limply fell to the ground, without a shred of skin intact.

After a few short breaths, half of the figures in the alley fell down like autumn weeds in the wind. The rest attacked by Jiang Zhiwei and Qi Zhengyan made little resistance.

The movement of Ji Tao’s fist with the sparkling green light grew slower as his skin turned to a cool color and his eyes turned dull. Zhao Heng stretched out the five fingers of his right hand with an unchanged expression. He grasped Ji Tao’s fist with his palm which looked like a dignified and exalted dragon claw, making the green light disappear from the center of his palm.

The soldiers who had relaxed their wills and sieged Meng Qi now kept their eyes open, with slowed thoughts. They saw the “idler” draw out the long sword, which seemed to be cast with the flame, while smiling. And then with a glimpse of light, blood spurted from their throats like the falling rain.

After an additional few breaths, the tweedling stopped and only Meng Qi and Ji Tao still could stand in the alley. Even the spies of Left Governor’s Mansion who had only observed from nearby couldn’t escape it.

Meng Qi and the others were not afraid of the potential enemies of Guo family. Instead, they worried that they could not deal with those enemies silently, because Daning was still on alert and they could catch the attention of Zuo Hanfeng and the masters under his command as long as the disturbance made too much noise. They may have been defeated and become crestfallen once that happened. So it was better to lure the enemies to a place available for action by means of a gentle touch.

They were in a remote alley with few people pa.s.sing by and only the tune was spreading far and wide without any large movements, just loud sounds, so it had not yet drawn the attention of anyone else. However, many people had unknowingly left the world forever.

Without saying anything, Jiang Zhiwei, Qi Zhengyan and the rest kept a sharp lookout. When Meng Qi came up to Ji Tao, who was seriously wounded with his acupoints sealed by Zhao Heng, his momentum had changed suddenly to indifferent and distant, like the firmament which had seen so much great change to the world while looking down on everything.

Ji Tao felt dizzy as many profound memories impressed him and caused him a pain hard to get rid of.

During the appearance of those memories, he experienced and thought of the past over and over again in a sequence of the time and from shortest to longest.

The Samsara filled with pain was endless and making people collapse. The expression in Ji Tao’s eyes started to relax.

Suddenly, there were electric lights flowing out of his spirit one by one, very positive and strong. They tried to cut off the connection between Meng Qi and his spirit!

This was the peculiarity of his blood lineage which could prevent External Evil from invading it!

Meng Qi took a deep and serene look, like an immortal or Buddha with a lofty and s.p.a.cious temperament. He did not change his countenance at all in the face of the bombardment of Thunderclap.

There were purple thunderbolt marks appearing on the back of his hand, quite exalted, florid and delicate. Bold and horrific Thunderclap breath lightly spilled from it.

Ji Tao was bitterly struggling in the mind sea, hoping that the Thunder Gist of Trueness in his blood lineage could astonish the opponent’s Vital Spirit and help him get rid of the painful Samsara. At that moment, he “felt” that the opponent had become gigantic and stepped onto the sea of thunder with purple light on his back, as if he were a G.o.d that had come down from the heavens, making the lightning “beaten by” him wors.h.i.+p him by lying flat.

“Thunder G.o.d?”

Astonished and stunned, Ji Tao immediately found that the painful Samsara had come up to him again.

“Please, please set me free!” He had finally broken down without the comfort of the support with tears and snot on his face!

Meng Qi withdrew his glance and made the thunderbolt mark on his the back of his hand return to its original state, disregarding the expression in the eyes of Zhao Heng who looked him up and down.

After the cultivation of Primal Aperture at Midbrow, he could defeat the thunder strength in Ji Tao’s blood lineage in several ways, but he had to deal with it in the quickest way since the time was limited and there could be other people pa.s.sing by that would discover them.

“Where is Du Huaishang?” Meng Qi stared at Ji Tao.

Withdrawing his look with panic and fear, Ji Tao said gingerly, “He, he escaped.”

He turned from a big bloke with a fiendish scar on his face into a timid rabbit after the collapse.

“How did he escape?” Meng Qi was as calm as mountain, trying not to destroy his image in Ji Tao’s mind to avoid impacting the torture effect.

Ji Tao took a few breaths and said at a rapid speed, “A few days ago, the rat discovered that Gimp Guo was in touch with Red Coat army, but Left Oracle Yin asked Left Governor not to startle the Guo family so as to catch the leader. Shortly afterwards, a very important guest visited the Guo family and it seemed that the guest was precisely Du Huaishang. Thus, Left Governor led several clergymen to attack the Guo family in the night, trying to catch and kill him.”

“However, it was never easy to catch Du Huaishang, who also seemed to discover the abnormity in advance. There wasn’t any information about him after he escaped seriously injured. So Left Governor locked down Daning city and only allowed people to enter to search for him intensely.”

“Who is Left Oracle Yin?” Meng Qi deliberately disrupted the order of questions.

“Is Left Oracle Yin the new Dissimilated Man that Zuo Hanfeng had recruited?”

Only they could keep the Red Coat army from gaining complete intelligence.

Ji Tao replied, “Left Oracle Yin’s name is Yin Lenghui, a Daning native. He suddenly came to Liu Shou’s mansion to recommend himself a month ago. He told Liu Shou that he was good at Voodoo art taught by the Dissimilated Man and wanted to a.s.sist the talented and virtuous man in troubled times.”

“Is he really a native?” Meng Qi frowned slightly because it sounded like he was another Samsara traveller!

Masters that appeared suddenly always made Meng Qi feel that they were Samsara travelers!

Ji Tao nodded and said, “Left Governor trustingly employed Left Oracle Yin after sending his rat to make the verification and confirm his ident.i.ty from his neighbors and the administrative archives”

“Why does he call himself Left Oracle? ” Meng Qi was relieved of his confusion now.

Ji Tao said, “Yin Lenghui visited Left Governor with two companions who were introduced as the disciples of a secret sect and he told Left Governor that he was the Left Oracle of the sect. He also mentioned that Du Huaishang was impacted by the Voodoo art after the event and couldn’t recover within one or two months, so he was absolutely unable to escape from Daning.”

“Does Yin Lenghui belong to Person Cla.s.s or Earth Rank?” Meng Qi asked in a serious manner.

Ji Tao shook his head and said, “I don’t know. He sometimes looks like a Person Cla.s.s member, sometimes like a Earth Rank member. His two companions are also Dissimilated Men with many supernatural tricks, but I can’t identify if they belong to the Person Cla.s.s or Earth Rank.”

After the being questioned from different perspectives, Meng Qi made sure that Ji Tao did not conceal Yin Lenghui’s information and asked about the matters of Zuo Hanfeng. He then stabbed Ji Tao between his eyebrows with Flowing Fire, which was wielded in his right hand in the end.

The long sword was drawn out, without a drop of blood on the blade tip. There was only a section of flame burning quietly.

“Du Huaishang hides in a secret place and Zuo Hanfeng may fail to find him even if he has locked the city down. Besides, we are totally unfamiliar with the place and the people here, so I’m afraid it is almost impossible for us to find him.” Zhao Heng frowned slightly after listening to Ji Tao’s answer before.

With a grim look, Qi Zhengyan said, “We will fall into the trap set by Zuo Hanfeng if we inquire about this information without careful consideration.”

“In fact, the dilemma in Daning can only be solved as long as Zuo Hanfeng is killed, so there’s no need to find Du Huaishang.” Jiang Zhiwei did not change her expression, seeming as if she had had the idea in advance.

They all had the G.o.d-tying Ropes and their strength could be powerful by teaming up. They could still have the chance to kill Zuo Hanfeng even if he was powerful!

“Great!” Meng Qi nodded right away, as the proposal was similar to his own.

Finding a person was a fine art because they could bring in Zuo Hanfeng’s chasing down and killing even with a little inattentiveness. It was better to find a chance to remove the biggest danger. It also could finish the mission in turn.

After considering it for a while, Zhao Heng and Qi Zhengyan also believed that it was best to kill Zuo Hanfeng.

“Be careful with the three Dissimilated Men.” Ruan Yushu reminded, carrying her ancient zither.

Yin Lenghui and the rest were mysterious and tyrannical, so it was easy to fail to Zuo Hanfeng without ascertaining their actual situation.

“It is easy to handle this matter.” Meng Qi said and smiled suddenly. His facial muscle changed, similar to Ji Tao.

“What is your plan?” Zhao Heng asked, looking very amazed.

Meng Qi smiled and said, “It is, of course, that ‘Ji Tao’ has suffered attack when he returns to Left Governor’s Mansion to report. The energies are two men and a woman with powerful strength. They kill many of his men and severely injure him.”

“Besides, there are four subordinates alive. They are idlers in Jianghu and they will help the rats seek the raiders.”

He changed into Ji Tao’s clothes while speaking. Then he made some real scars on his face at random. After all, it was easy for him to recover and remove all the scars with the Eight Nine Mysteries.

In this way, it was hard for others to distinguish the nuances which had changed!

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 431 - The Dissimulated Man

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