The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 438 - Different Waitings

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Chapter 438: Different Waitings

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“Did you call me?” Meng Qi turned half of his body around.

Utilizing her to look for Du Huaishang was the right choice, she stopped him after hearing his words.

“Miss…” Her Wet Nurse tried to stop her because she had met many similar charlatans. She knew that they were nothing but good at reading people. They used to talk intimidatingly to fool people. If people felt afraid, they had their jobs half done.

Zuo Yiqian slightly shook her head, indicating her Wet Nurse to keep silent. She chose to believe him because his random words spoke of her deepest secret.

As long as people have a pursuit, they feel anxious, same with Zuo Yiqian. Taking a deep breath before finally speaking, “Sir, I want to have my marriage tested.”

“No, no.” Meng Qi played cat and mouse with her. Motioning with his hand as he spoke, “Miss, why spend your money on that which would bring you sadness? I can’t accept your money for this.”

He raised the bamboo pole high which showed the side that measured the fate of one’s marriage and the heart. This action attracted her attention further as well as the attention of others in the area.

Immediately, Zuo Yiqian’s face became snow white. She said in a quavering tone, “Please stop walking, Sir. It’s better to know impending sadness than being kept in the dark. With preparation, one might be able to prevent the misery.”

Her Wet Nurse and maids looked at each other in surprise, wondering if their Miss had run into a bad destiny.

They didn’t know what to do. Should the maids persuade the Miss in private? Or should they report this news to their Madam and the Left Governor right away?

“All right then. As a good-doer, I want to advise you to give up those you aren’t destined to obtain. Otherwise, you’ll hurt yourself, friends, and relatives. The sooner you abandon them, the better be. Even if you don’t cut off the link with them, your relations.h.i.+p will end in one or two days…”

Pretending to be sublime, he directly left without looking back after saying those words.

The silhouette in grey entered the sea of people. It seemed to her that he wanted nothing from her, not even a mention of the charge. Seeing this, Zuo Yiqian was dazed, as if she was in a dream or the dreamland.

“He didn’t charge us?”

“He left directly, making him look like a sublime master in this mortal world instead of a charlatan…”

The whispers from her maids came to her ears, awakening her from the daze. After several shakes, she appeared to be about to faint.

“Miss, are you OK?” Her Wet Nurse hurriedly supported her.

After taking a deep breath, Zuo Yiqian said with a pale face, “I feel dizzy. Let’s go back.”

The Wet Nurse looked at the maids, beckoning them to hold her while she stayed alert. From the fortune-teller, her Miss’s bad destiny would end in two or three days. Therefore, she decided to keep this news back from the Left Governor couple to save herself from being punished for the excuse of neglecting the Miss.

Best to keep this news to themselves.

After leaving the street, Meng Qi found a hidden place to change his costume and returned to the Left Governor’s Mansion. Just like Ji Tao, he held his head high to patrol. The minute he found any soldiers who were lazy and slack, he would shout at them.

As time flew, the night fell with the moon rising high in the sky. Meng Qi patrolled back and forth along the wall and rockeries near the inner yard.

Before long, Meng Qi sensed a silhouette cross the wall and hide behind the rockeries.

Meng Qi didn’t change his expression at all. He scolded while pointing to a group of soldiers. “Stop dawdling. Patrol over there!”

The soldiers were quite obedient to him without voicing any complaints. They speed their paces.

Having seen them off, Meng Qi walked toward the rockeries with his hands behind. “Senior Brother Qi, find something?”

Qi Zhengyan calmly stepped out the rockeries and stood beside Meng Qi, acting like he accompanied Meng Qi to patrol all along. He said with the Secret Voice-sending, “Back in her boudoir, she sat in a daze after sending her Wet Nurse and maids away. Afterward, she opened a hidden door…”

“There is a secret pa.s.sage…” Meng Qi became surer that Du Huaishang was there. If not, it wasn’t necessary to use a hidden room.

He was pretty confident in his Lightness Skill after practicing the footwork of Jade Virtual Palm and Hallucination Body Movements. Thus, he said in an undertone after knowing the situation, “Senior Brother Qi, you act as the lookout for me. I’ll go inside to find him immediately.”

Secretly, they crossed the wall and pa.s.sed by the fragrant garden before arriving at Zuo Yiqian’s residence.

Hiding in a dark corner outside, Qi Zhengyan was ready to help him in case of an emergency. Still, he secretly climbed up the wall like a gecko.

He reached her boudoir just in a blink of an eye. He found her sitting behind a table in a daze and being too moody to play the zither.

“She may stay awake for a long time…” Meng Qi grimaced. He sensed the surroundings to locate her Wet Nurse and maids while figuring out how he got inside.

He suddenly laid his hand on the window. With his genuine Qi released, he shook the window bolt, making it gently slide down.

Meng Qi promptly pushed the window open, threw himself into, and landed inside without causing any noise.

Meanwhile, he turned around to punch his palm to close the window tightly with some tiny noise.

Subsequently, he used his genuine Qi to pick the bolt up and put it where it should be.

He then lowered himself to proceed along the blanket like a snake.

Zuo Yiqian felt chill because of the breeze and became sober again. She turned around to see the window, but only to find that it remained closed.

“Is my fantasy…” She bitterly smiled.

Composed and quiet, he was crawling in front of her now. However, his back was sweaty.

He quickly crawled across the table and hid behind the screen.

Zuo Yiqian drew back her sight and fell into a trance again while staring at the zither, table, and the blanket.

With a wide-open mouth, Meng Qi slowly inhaled. He released his spirit to conceal his body and to disturb her senses.

What Meng Qi had done seemed simple, but not all could do that. But for the Eight Nine Mysteries capable of extremely controlling his body and genuine Qi, he might have earlier caused noises to awake Zuo Yiqian and attract her Wet Nurse here. Without the imperceptibility realm, he might have lost control of the timing. Even if he used the Will-projecting to interfere with her senses, it wouldn’t have worked out so well.

However, Meng Qi was under stress after consuming a lot of his spirit. After a short recovery, he stepped out the screen and stood behind Zuo Yiqian.

Now, the scene was quite eerie inside the boudoir: Seated at the table, a beautiful miss in apricot-red dress was in a trance, looking sorrowful. A man in a soldier uniform was leisurely looking for something to open the hidden pa.s.sage. They existed in harmony with making no sound, as though they had reached a secret agreement.

According to Qi Zhengyan, Meng Qi found the emerald joss soon. After a press on it, the hidden door was thrown open quietly. Of course, it was silent. If not, her Wet Nurse might have earlier spotted it.

After some thoughts, he changed his breaths to simulate Zuo Yiqian. He then flashed in with the door closed behind him.

Behind the door were long wooden stairs. Meng Qi discreetly set his foot on it, quietly walked down, and finally arrived at someplace with the Night-luminous Pearls decorating the walls.

“Miss…” A clear voice suddenly came to his ears. Even though he reached the imperceptibility realm, he didn’t notice it happening.

He wanted to take out the keepsake the Red Coat army gave to him. The male voice sounded again both surprisingly and furiously. “You…”

The talker punched his palm before finis.h.i.+ng his own words. The nearby airflow was eccentrically condensed, pinning Meng Qi down.

Du Huaishang befitted his nickname as the Peacekeeping Heavenly King. Wounded severely, he was still strong. As calm as usual, Meng Qi unsheathed his long sword to move forward, like he held a torch.

Meng Qi seemed wrong about his judgment, for his sword didn’t target the fist.

Nonetheless, his strike rattled in midair, dissipating the solidified airflow and tilting the fist.

As Du Huaishang prepared for another attack, his eyes froze. He asked, “Did Zeng Shen invite you to help us?”

When Meng Qi and the others saw Zeng Shen, he, the second of the ten sworn brothers, was right the leader of the Red Coat army. Now, Meng Qi smilingly showed the keepsake given by him.

“Yes. Are you Du Huaishang, the Heavenly King Du?” Meng Qi threw the strange jade pendant full of diversified colors to Du Huaishang.

In his 30s, Du Huaishang was quite handsome with kind of golden pupils and a vertical line in his mid-brows. Having received and seen through it, he bowed with a smile, saying, “Yes, I am. May I know your name?”

“Call me Old w.a.n.g.” Meng Qi said with a smile, “Heavenly King Du, it’s dangerous, so we must leave here as soon as possible.”

Beanth Du Huaishang’s pale skin, the black bulges were here and there, robbing him of chances to survive.

He said after taking a deep breath, “Of course. But, I must thank Miss Little Yi in person for saving my life before leaving here.”

“Heavenly King Du, do you know her full name?” Meng Qi still held his sword tightly.

Du Huaishang shook his head and asked in confusion, “Why should I know?”

“She is Zuo Yiqian,” said Meng Qi briefly.

Du Huaishang froze his eyes and held his breath. After a long while, he sighed. “G.o.d fools us…”

“Haha, do you still want to kill Zuo Hanfeng?” Meng Qi asked with a smile.

Du Huaishang replied to him after taking a deep breath. “I did this for the sake of the innocent people, not for myself. I won’t kill him if Zuo Hanfeng stops working for the incompetent emperor; But, if he still holds a candle to the evil, I won’t show any mercy to him. Of course, I will leave his relatives out of this, including Miss Little Yi.”

“We can’t leave Daning until we kill him,” said Meng Qi calmly. He walked on the stairs again with his sword in his hand.

Du Huaishang followed him with a darkened face.

Meng Qi didn’t backtrack this time. He carried the injured Du Huaishang to climb up the wall, cross the roof beam, and leave through the roof.

Du Huaishang wounded and had difficulties in his actions. During the entire escape process, he relied on Meng Qi to make him unexposed.

He looked down at the dazed Zuo Yiqian before leaving her boudoir. He closed his eyes while sighing in his heart.


“Heavenly King Du, I still get one thing to tell you.” Meng Qi returned to the subject after introducing Jiang Zhiwei and the others via their aliases in his yard.

“What is it?” asked Du Huaishang in confusion.

Meng Qi told him about the Ancestor and the reincarnation event. He asked in the end, “Do you have the memories of your reincarnations?”

With a grave face, Du Huaishang felt confused about why the Ancestor had kept his eyeb.a.l.l.s on him. He paced back and off with his hands behind. After a while, he said, “I’ve dreamt of a man sitting on a red lotus for almost one year, but I couldn’t get a clear look at him in spite of the familiarity. 15 days ago, I finally saw him. He was me.”

Endowed with the Divine Devil’s blood lineage, he was quite powerful with the Exterior realm. Even so, he had had a nightmare for like a year, and he had found it bizarre and clueless. Without any solution, he had kept it to himself. Now, he felt terrified after hearing what Meng Qi said.

Meng Qi and the others blankly stared at each other. He said, “We can’t leave Danning unless we defeat Zuo Hanfeng, Yin Lenghui, and his sect master, essentially trapping us here. Heavenly King Du, do you have any suggestions?”

Du Huaishang said while shaking his head, “We were highly likely to defeat them if the Voodoo didn’t wound me. But, now…”

Since they were not expert in medicine, they were thinking to help him shake off it forcibly. Qi Zhengyan interrupted them, saying, “Voodoo is devilish. If there is a pure and tough force working with his strength, it won’t be difficult for him to get rid of it.”

“Does it work?” Meng Qi looked at Qi Zhengyan in surprise.

Qi Zhengyan replied with a stone face. “Located in the southwest regions and near South Wasteland, my sect knows a lot about Voodoo.”

South Wasteland… Du Huaishang frowned, for he had never heard such a place

“It’s good.” Meng Qi smiled, thinking, “I can mimic Purple Thunder Force.”

Zhao Heng said as well, “The emperor spirit works, too.”

“However, we have to prevent Yin Lenghui locating us when we help you get rid of the Voodoo.” Qi Zhengyan warned them.

“That’s fine. My sect has such a precious sword to sever the link,” said Jiang Zhiwei confidently.

The main stream martial sects indeed possessed many tricks to keep the people in South Wasteland away from the Central Plains. This was one thing while getting rid of the voodoo was another thing.

“Thank you, guys.” Du Huaishang solemnly bowed to them.

Subsequently, he sat cross-legged with the five hearts of his hands, feet, and head upward. The internal breath was rolling like a tide to push the Voodoo poison out slowly.

The black gases jumped in and out his body like snakes or insects. Zhao Heng clenched his hands, summoned his invisible dragon, and showed the yellow color. Afterward, he softly slapped Du Huaishang on his back.

Immediately, the black gas rattled and almost dissipated. Meng Qi stretched out his right hand with the company of purple thunder. It then suspended in front of Du Huaishang with the tough and pure force.

The black gas screamed quietly when the purple thunder and yellow color run through Du Huaishang’s body.

The gold light in his eyes surged, and the black gas abruptly faded away.

Right at this moment, the faint sound from Ruan Yushu’s zither appeared in midair, and then an almost invisible black line popped up.

Jiang Zhiwei who had closed eyes all this time wielded her sword to cut off the line.

In a certain hidden room, Yin Lenghui suddenly opened his eyes in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” asked the man with his eyes closed.

Yin Lenghui said while inhaling, “Du Huaishang made his way to get rid of my Voodoo. He also cut off the relations.h.i.+p between it and me.”

“Doesn’t matter. As soon as I go out, I’ll kill him.” Zuo Hanfeng’s sound lingered in the room.

Du Huaishang glinted with the golden light in the side room, completely dissipating the black gas.

He bowed to them again in thanks and said indifferently, “I’ll recover myself for two days. By then, I’ll go kill them to ensure our ability to leave.”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 438 - Different Waitings

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