The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 469 - Primogenitor Lingbao

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Chapter 469: Primogenitor Lingbao

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“Primogenitor Lingbao?” Meng Qi was stunned, suddenly feeling apprehensive.

The reason for his apprehension was unlike others. It wasn’t because he was about to meet the leader of the Immortals, an exceptionally great master. It was because he was wearing the mask of the Heavenly Primogenitor but was way ahead of the leader in his path. Besides, there might have even been some old issues between them. Would Primogenitor Lingbao beat him up?

He wondered how Primogenitor Lingbao would feel seeing a young rascal who hadn’t even enter the Exterior realm wear the mask of Heavenly Primogenitor.

There wasn’t any need for him to think about it. With a burst of green light, Bluecloud Progenitor instantly brought him to the Azure Palace. Pa.s.sing through the empty and tranquil pavilion and bypa.s.sing the winding corridors, they finally arrived at the main hall of the palace.

Meng Qi restrained his feelings and became solemn as he wondered who Primogenitor Lingbao would be. Which of the esteemed masters of his own world would it be? Or perhaps, would he be someone from the Journey of the West?

When he pushed open the illusory door, he instantly saw a Taoist who commanded the place as if he was the only one in the world!

The Taoist was wearing the young, solemn mask of Primogenitor Lingbao. A bamboo crown laid atop his bed of black hair. He was thin, but not weak; tall, but not slender. His blue robe appeared to hang on him, billowing in the wind. It was as if he had a.s.similated himself with heaven and earth.

Meng Qi couldn’t see through him at all. Before his eyes was a clear pond that appeared like the vast sea.

“Greetings, Primogenitor.” Under Bluecloud Progenitor’s guidance, Meng Qi saluted him.

Hanging at the waist of Primogenitor Lingbao was an ordinary-looking long sword that had an introverted and restrained aura. However, when Meng Qi saw the words inscribed on the blade, his pupils shrank in shock.

“Green Duckweed”.

Encompa.s.sing Earth Fire and intrinsic fengshui, the two words carried the hair-raising feeling of when heaven and earth first came into being.

“It couldn’t be that Green Duckweed sword, could it…” Meng Qi’s expression s.h.i.+fted slightly, but fortunately, he could hide his emotions behind his mask.

As if he was able to guess his thoughts, Primogenitor Lingbao chuckled. “This sword is an imitation that Yun Zhongzi crafted. I carry it as a reminder of him. The real thing is somewhere far away and I can’t retrieve it at the moment.”

Yun Zhongzi was undoubtedly impressive… To think the member that inherited his position in the Immortals would also be similar. Meng Qi felt rather astonished and amused at the same time.

Primogenitor Lingbao’s voice was aged but elegant. “I meant the true Yun Zhongzi, the one before he pa.s.sed away.”

“The true Yun Zhongzhi?” Meng Qi could no longer conceal the shock in his eyes.

Primogenitor Lingbao didn’t touch on the issue again and said, “The Immortals lacks manpower and everyone has their own mission. It’s hard to provide you long-term protection. I’m delighted to see that you’ve returned safely and successfully comprehended cultivation methods.”

There were only 20 to 30 official members of the Immortals and most of them had surface ident.i.ties as well as Samsara tasks. It wasn’t a big deal to give Meng Qi occasional protection but it would be impossible to do it for the long run. This was also one of the drawbacks of elite organizations.

If protection was left to the reserve members, it would be Meng Qi protecting them instead of the other way around.

“Everyone has to walk on their own path themselves. If I have to depend on the protection of the Immortals, when would I grow?” Meng Qi answered honestly.

“Gao Lan’s methods are somewhat disorderly and he’s apt at surprise attacks too. I didn’t investigate him for a moment and lost him by the time I did.” Primogenitor Lingbao smiled after bringing this up. “Have you comprehended any cultivation methods from the move, ‘I, the Unique and Righteous’?”

“Four Exterior-level medium-grade cultivation methods. But I lacked Karma points before and didn’t have the time to come to the Immortal-tracking Alley, so I exchanged it with the six realms,” Meng Qi replied frankly.

Primogenitor Lingbao nodded. “It’s fine. Are you willing to return the remaining three cultivation methods to me? I only have one condition. You can’t exchange it with the six realms anymore, but I won’t forbid you from imparting it to others. Of course, the inheritor mustn’t exchange it with the six realms either. The fewer people you impart it to, the better.”

In front of him, the fierce and straightforward Bluecloud Progenitor was very quiet. She hadn’t said a word during their entire conversation. But compared to last time, he felt that she had become much stronger now.

“Deal.” Meng Qi made his promise and added, “I’d like to exchange for the Exterior-level manual for the Eight Nine Mysteries from the Immortals.”

“That’s a deal of course and it’d definitely be cheaper than the price of six realms. But it’s a cultivation method under Lord of Purity and Magic so you can’t impart it after learning.”

“Then I’ll sign the agreement,” Meng Qi replied without hesitation.

Primogenitor Lingbao extended his hand and the world began spinning around them. The scenery changed and they found themselves standing in front of the central jade pillar in the Immortal-tracking Alley.

“The Denominator of the Six Realms treats everyone, old and young, scrupulously,” he said, chuckling.

Understanding that Primogenitor Lingbao took him here to appraise the price of their exchange, Meng Qi placed his palm against the jade pillar and conjured up the cultivation methods in his mind.

“Formless Zen Knife, an Exterior-level supreme art, a formless sword that lifts one out of the deep world… It’s worth 1,300 Karma points because it can be exchanged in its entirety in the Exchange List.”

“Samsara Beasts Sword, a complete set of an Exterior-level supreme art with five enlightened Apertures: Quest for Grace and Peace, Golden Roc Pecking Snakes, Asura’s Single Strike, Ringing of the Sword, and Serpent Engulfing Elephants. There are also three Exterior-level killing moves: Celestial Thunderclap, Nine Dragons Stretching Heads, Yaksha’s Blaze… It’s worth 1,600 Karma points because it can be exchanged in its entirety in the Exchange List.”

“Acalanatha’s Manual, an Exterior-level supreme art capable of cultivating one into becoming the Dharma Form of a motionless wise monarch… It’s worth 2,700 Karma points because it can be exchanged in its entirety in the Exchange List.”

“I’m still a bit far from 8,000 points…” Meng Qi furrowed his brows and took out another two items.

“Snow Python’s gallbladder, a hundred years old. It’s capable of clearing one’s mind and sight if turned into an elixir. It’s worth 300 Karma points.”

“Black-jade Killing Sword, a wondrous item at the level of Precious Weapons. It was crafted with the user’s arm as its foundation, meshed with the bone swords of many talents. It can surpa.s.s the user’s realm but it’s not advisable to use it often. If the user isn’t strong enough, he’ll be controlled by the killing sword and become a wisdomless killing demon… Where this sword exists, vitality will be severed. The user’s opponent will become increasingly weak and once he’s struck, the killing intention will enter his body to erode his Vital Spirit and weaken his genuine Qi. If the opponent isn’t given treatment in time, he’ll be led to his demise… It’s worth 2,400 Karma points. You can exchange it for 1,500 Karma points.”

Primogenitor Lingbao fell into a momentary silence after seeing the sword. “Can you also give me this sword? It’s quite interesting…”

That was exactly what Meng Qi wanted. That way, he could get even more Karma points out of it.

He had zero thoughts about holding onto the sword to study the mystery of Wolf King’s cultivation methods, and since their paths were different, there wasn’t any use scheming about it.

Therefore, Primogenitor Lingbao walked to the jade pillar and exchanged a random bag of things for Karma points. When he garnered enough, he bought the three cultivation methods and the Black-jade Killing Sword from Meng Qi for 8,300 Karma points. Meng Qi then returned the Snow Python’s gallbladder to the six realms and now had 8,610 Karma points in total.

“This should be enough to exchange for the Exterior manual of the Eight Nine Mysteries…” Meng Qi heaved a winding sigh of relief. Though his Samsara task was pressing and he needed to buy some secret treasures for protection, he didn’t. When would he have the chance to buy it again if he lost this opportunity, considering his realm? The effect of the five-hundred-year-old Bodhi-seed had greatly diminished after using it just once. Unless he exchanged for a millennium-old one…

With the Exterior manual for reference, he was sure he would be able to quickly achieve the consummate stage of the Oneness of Heaven and Men realm and carve out a brilliant first step of his path. It was so much more useful than secret treasures!

“Primogenitor, how much Karma points do I need for the Exterior manual of the Eight Nine Mysteries?” Meng Qi asked, looking at Primogenitor Lingbao anxiously.

Primogenitor Lingbao chuckled. “Normally, you’d need 8,000 to 9,000 but I’ll personally subsidize some of your cost. You can consider it as 8,000.”

“Great! Thanks, Primogenitor!” Meng Qi didn’t put on a show of humility and directly accepted the offer.

Bluecloud Progenitor’s glance at him was obviously indicating that she found him to be a shameless person. But when she thought about herself, she pathetically realized that she would’ve agreed to such an offer just as readily too…

Then Primogenitor Lingbao brought them to the book pavilion of the Azure Palace. He took away 8,000 Karma points from Meng Qi and gave him a jade bamboo script. The words ‘Eight Nine Mysteries: the Exterior manual’ were written in seal script on it.

Meng Qi couldn’t afford to worry about the presence of others here and immediately tried to comprehend the contents of the jade bamboo script. Every character was drawn-out in a charming way, every indescribably mysterious diagram, slowly appeared in his mind.

“It’s linked to the practice method of my path. I just need to make some adjustments…” Meng Qi was finally relieved of his worries.

The adjustments couldn’t be made however he liked. The Exterior manual had a detailed explanation of an interpretation of the Primary Instruction as well as a few other paths for consideration. He didn’t have to feel all this out by himself.

He soon furrowed his brows. “The idea in the very beginning of times was in harmony with the Eight Nine Mysteries. It didn’t contradict the Primary Instruction at all…”

Before this, he had worried about the path that he would construct being too willful and being forced to advance step by step when he had to combine various cultivation method references.

Naturally, it wasn’t enough to just possess the Eight Nine Mysteries. When he reached the Exterior, he’d definitely get his hands on the Heavenly Golden Scripture for reference! In order to go further and more steadily, he must study the Exterior and fill in the details!

He continued to skim the script and was gratified to find that the Eight Nine Mysteries finally had its own Exterior movement!

“It can execute Law Phenomenon and conjure up an image of having two heads and four arms. Though the illusion won’t last long, it’s equivalent to having two of you attacking. If it’s turned into your Dharmakaya, you’d have three heads and six arms (be formidable)…”

“From the nine extreme changes after stepping into the Exterior to several termination changes in the Half-step to Dharmakaya…”

“Huh?” Meng Qi cried in surprise. “The Exterior movement seems a little off…”

Due to the fact that Lord of Purity and Magic had learned the movement before, Primogenitor Lingbao was basically able to guess Meng Qi’s doubts. He chuckled and said, “The Eight Nine Mysteries has only this Dharmakaya movement. All Exterior unique skills were comprehended from the voluntary practice of this Dharmakaya movement in the past.”

“No wonder…” Realization suddenly dawned on Meng Qi. He had seen Exterior movements, namely Heaven-equalling and Ocean-stirring Staff Art, Virtual Purity Sabersmans.h.i.+p, Vairocana Swordplay, and Void-stamping Footwork.

If he took up the Void-stamping Footwork as his Dharmakaya, he could then forge a puff of Sun Wukong’s magical cloud.

“These Karma points are really worth it…” Meng Qi was smiling so wide that his cheeks threatened to split. Furthermore, he’d only spent 8,000 points to get it!

Of course, he was still wearing a mask so he didn’t ruin his dignified image.

Primogenitor Lingbao wasn’t an idle person and soon left. Bluecloud Progenitor stared at Meng Qi in a daze and finally snapped out of it after a while. “You must feel really good about yourself to spend 8,000 Karma points in one shot?”

Meng Qi thought about it. “I do feel good but it still hurts…”

She nodded, feeling the same pain as if she was experiencing it herself.

The two of them exchanges glances, and a sense of camaraderie emerged.

“You’re only one mission away from being able to apply to be our official member. Don’t tell me you don’t want to find the Exterior manual of the Heavenly Golden Scripture anymore,” she reminded him.

Naturally, he had considered this as well. He rushed to the Immortal-tracking Alley and examined the missions posted up on the jade pillars. Unfortunately, the missions either required members stronger than himself or took place in different worlds. Without a Samsara talisman, there was nothing he could do.

There was a suitable mission but it was located in Luoyang. Meng Qi had subconsciously rejected the mission. It wasn’t like he needed any more trouble!

“I have to wait for next time.” Meng Qi glanced inside the small house and found nothing of importance.

Bluecloud Progenitor had always been stingy and wouldn’t be able to bring herself to gift him with a Samsara talisman. She could only send him off.

More than a month later, something changed. Meng Qi had somehow appeared in the Samsara Square.

He felt regretful as the time he had was a little too short. He still needed more polis.h.i.+ng before he could make a breakthrough.

“Huh? Where are they?” He frowned.

He didn’t see Zhao Heng, Qi Zhengyan, or Ruan Yushu.

Just then, the rumbling voice of Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms echoed around him.

“Times have changed and the world has seen many transformations. The big powers of the ancient times hid their skills, resulting in the fall of Kung Fu.”

“Right now, it’s turbulent and unpredictable in South Jin.”

“The first main task: Rush to Luoyang within two months and meet up with Zhao Heng and the rest. If you succeed, you’ll automatically trigger the second main task. If you fail, you’ll be obliterated.”

“Luoyang…” Meng Qi began to feel like it was impossible to run from one’s karma.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 469 - Primogenitor Lingbao

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