The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 484 - It Is A Small World

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Chapter 484: It Is A Small World

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Based on his previous Shaolin Temple incident, Meng Qi knew that when facing such a strong adversary, he dared not lie without comparable strength. So he intended on telling the truth, or at least, the partial truth about his Jianghu experience after leaving Shaolin. Like the time he helped Talent-accruing School s.n.a.t.c.h back the Outsky Strange Stone at Three Mountains and Four Waters. However, he did not reveal anything after attaining the “Divine Nine-Annihilation” impartation.

The Emperor and Chief Arrester Sima s.h.i.+ listened quietly, asking a few questions occasionally. It was as if they were elders listening to their grandchildren’s stories.

About two hours had pa.s.sed, Meng Qi was telling them about his encounters after he got to Luoyang, including beating back Luo Denomination, saving Gu Changqing and narrowly escaping the wrath of the Thunder G.o.d From the Ninth Heaven.

“Jianghu is indeed unpredictable and full of danger. Your strength and courage are admirable. You’ve done well,” sighed the Emperor.

Exhaustion showed on the Emperor’s face, which was understandable as he had just dealt with the affairs of the state and listened to a full hour of Meng Qi adventures.

“His Majesty is a master with powers of the Exterior… His health showed signs of failing… Could it be that he’s ridden with illness…” thought Meng Qi, filled with suspicions while he thanked the emperor for his praises.

Seeing the Emperor in frail condition, Sima s.h.i.+ asked no further questions. Silently he presented the Slivery Badge and thread to the emperor so that the emperor could personally bestow them on Meng Qi.

Meng Qi finished all necessary formalities and left the Chief Arrester’s office. He proceeded to meet the Purple Roc Arrester Liu Shengming, who guided him to select any secret ma.n.u.scripts and artifacts of his choosing.

Back in the office, the Emperor suddenly leaned back on his chair and closed his eyes. He seemed extremely exhausted.

He asked weakly, “What say you of him?”

“He had not the usual jitters and excitement suffered by the other arresters when being in the presence of the Emperor…” The voice came not from Sima s.h.i.+. Instead, from behind the screens, a man came forth.

Dragons were embroidered upon the blue robes he wore. His beard and brows, white as snow, hung from his face. Beholding an air of depth and enigma, a testament of age and cunning that the experiences of his life have accorded him. After a pause, he spoke, “… A proud fool he is. Proud but honest, at least. He speaks the truth.”

“Your Highness has keen senses,” Sima s.h.i.+ commented dryly.

Meng Qi would have been shocked if he had remained when the mysterious stranger had shown himself. It was Zhao Wuyan, who was best known as Prince Qi, a formidable elder who enjoyed tremendous status in the Imperial Family!

It was rare that two masters of the Half-Step from the Dharmakaya were present in such a small room. Most great masters of prominent martial schools and aristocratic families had barely attained powers of the Ninth Heavens themselves!

“Then let things proceed as they would, I’d like to see what they have in store…” commented the Emperor as he patted the armrest of his seat.

Men Qi followed through a great many barriers and snares that protected the treasure chamber of the Six Fan School. Finally, he reached the room. Countless ma.n.u.scripts, rare elixirs, and exquisite Precious Weapons, he saw, sat in the treasure chamber!

A thought flashed through his mind as he witnesses the h.o.a.rd of treasures in the heavily-guarded chamber, “How many Karma points would all of these be worth?!”

“What would you like to choose?” asked Liu Shengming, a perpetual smile hung on his face like the Maitreya Buddha in the Buddhist temples.

Meng Qi answered without hesitation, “An artifact which bestows protection.”

Fully aware of his skill-level, Meng Qi had not much use for Exterior level Kung Fu or Precious Weapons. He had to choose from either elixirs or Exterior level treasure troves.

And the threat “Thunder G.o.d From the Ninth Heaven” possed was enough for Meng Qi to choose it.

The reason why “Thunder G.o.d From the Ninth Heaven” attacked was probably that he accepted a task, helping Star of Northern Dipper and others to vent their anger. But after that, things were different!

He had a chance to experience “Extinctive Blade of Overlord,” even without the Divine Nine-Annihilation’s impartation, it would not be foreign to him. Whatsmore, he still had connections with 5-G Mystic Fairy and Overlord, and the Method of Mistress Su would definitely know the strength of the “Divine Nine-Annihilation.” So the chance of Thunder G.o.d From the Ninth Heaven not recognizing “Five Thunder Bombardment of Sky” was very little.

He was now fully devoted!

The last time they fought, Thunder G.o.d From the Ninth Heaven did not use Dharmakaya moves or treasure troves. But Meng Qi believed that he had them, only chose not to pay such a high price for the sake of venting off some anger—“Seven Purple Thunderstrikes” was the foundation, and if he were to exchange for Dharmakaya moves, naturally he had to aim for the eighth and ninth strikes of Purple Thunder. These two moves would be extremely damaging without the body of the Thunder G.o.d, by which time he could only rely on rare elixirs to compensate or pay a high price and ask for the help of the Six Tao. (Any unnatural aging were outside of the treatment of the Six tao, which needed exchanging for an extremely high amount of karma points.)

So if Thunder G.o.d From the Ninth Heaven were to attack again, and under the increased guard of Luoyang, Meng Qi suspected that he would use his treasure trope.

If the trope were of the type G.o.d-tying Rope, he would be able to s.n.a.t.c.h me and interrogate the impartations out of me. But if it were of the type that could kill, then it could wipe me, a Thunder G.o.d successor, out altogether, so as not to cause a threat to the Method of Mistress Su’s position.

“Wise choice.” Liu Shengming complimented with a smile. But it seemed he would give the same answer regardless of what Meng Qi chose.

Meng Qi chose a Zhangxian Talisman from the chamber where all the amulet treasure tropes were stored called the “Disaster-avoiding Charm.” It could block a major disaster once, but again, it does have limits. Once beyond, it could only partially avoid a disaster. According to the description, it could just avert calamities that are below the 4th Heaven.

Seeing the withered charm in his palm, Meng Qi carefully wore it on his chest.

By the time he left Six Fan School, it was all dark except for a spark of light in the distance.

Just as he returned to Duke Mightiness’ Mansion, Meng Qi saw Su Li, Su Yu, Su Ziyue and others all packed and ready to leave. Even Ke Weiland, who had been avoiding me was in the group, his eyes were still cold, but he no longer seemed mad.

“The Yu family of South Province have traveled far, I have prepared a feast in my other house. If you’re free, you’re welcome to join us.” Su Li kindly extended an invitation to Meng Qi.

“Fine.” Meng Qi was indeed hungry; he had to eat anyway. Even if it were an arranged meeting for marriage, they couldn’t force me into marriage.

Su Ziyue was suddenly full of excitement, even winking at Meng Qi, but he had no clue what she meant.

Su family had another mansion on the riverbank just outside the city. Behind was a hill lined with trees, what a perfect spot to play host.

“Zihua, though this place is still a part of the city, it is still quite remote. Would you please greet our guests on the main road and guide them here.” Su Li instructed Su Zihua.

He had already ordered the servants to greet the guests, but upon thinking twice, he felt it was not formal enough.

Before Su Zihua could answer, Su Ziyue opened her mouth, “Father, why don’t I go as well, that way at least sister Yu has someone to chat with.”

“Fine.” Su Li answered after some thought.

Su Ziyue jumped to her feet, turned towards Meng Qi and asked, “Second Brother, would you come as well?”

“There’s enough of you, why do you need me?” In certain matters, Meng Qi was quite lazy. He was the type of person that If he could lie down, he would not sit.

Su Ziyue got closer to Meng Qi and winded again, ignoring the fact that his father who was an expert of the Exterior could overhear no matter how quiet she whispered, “Second brother, I heard that Sister Yu is the embodiment of beauty, yet does not lack courage for she has been roaming Jianghu for years. Don’t you want to see such an experienced not to mention beautiful young la.s.s?”

Sister Yu was the idol of such a young girl who had never even left home.

Meng Qi answered in a defiant tone, “I’ve seen every kind of extraordinary girl.”

“I know, I know, Sister Ruan is also the beauty of River East, not to mention her angelic tones with the organ…” Su Ziyue added impatiently, “but sister Yu idolizes you, don’t you want to see her?”

Meng Qi’s eyes suddenly twitched. Had I been showing my face around Langya Duke’s Mansion too much? To the point where there are rumors already?

Su Li then persuaded, “Since she admires you so much, why not meet her?”

Meng Qi was the type who liked showing off. So knowing that he was admired, his sense of curiosity rose and his head began swelling up. Thus he decided to go along.

Before stepping out, he asked his father, “Father, are the Yu family long time friends of ours?”

If so, then why did Su Ziyue say that she didn’t know Yu Longzi?

Su Li answered with a smile, “I wouldn’t say our families are generational friends, I just helped them out in a pickle once. Now they’re just showing their grat.i.tude; we don’t want to seem rude now do we?”

Meng Qi nodded without further questions. He sensed that Su Li’s smile was a little forced.

After leaving the mansion, they walked along a road by the riverbank for a while, and the three siblings then headed into the quiet woods.

In stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Luoyang, this spot was quiet and peaceful with the sounds of birds chirping. The serenity made them think about just how much resources the aristocratic families possess.

The peace broke with the sound of horse carriages ahead, Su Ziyue then slapped her hand with frustration, “We’re late, the Yu family has arrived.”

“It matters not, greeting them here is the same.” Meng Qi comforted her.

Su Zihua was still his quiet self, silently walking ahead of them.

As they pa.s.sed through the thicker part of the woods, a band of people traveling in seven or eight carriages and countless servants appeared before them.

“Is that Uncle Yu ahead?” Su Zihua asked in a loud voice.

“It is indeed; you are too kind.” The voice came from the first carriage. As he lifted the curtains, a thin elder dressed in immaculate robes popped his head out. He was playing with a couple of walnuts in his hands.

He glanced at all three of them and asked, “Is that Zi Hua, Zi Yuan, and Zi Yue?”

After Meng Qi and others confirmation, the curtains of the second carriage was lifted, revealing a gorgeous face. Beautiful though she was, Meng Qi had expected more.

“Liu Shuyu could only impress immature girls…” Meng Qi had seen what true beauty looked like, so he shook his head.

Su Ziyue seemed somewhat disappointed as well, but she still walked up and greeted her, “Sister Yu.”

Beside Yu Longzi, stood a loyal servant who attended to her every need. She was common-looking, but her eyes revealed intelligence.

She seems familiar …Meng Qi frowned.

Then he saw someone in his peripheral vision, which made him frown even deeper.

On the left, a handsome Taoist monk was walking casually in the quiet woods as if he were about the cross the road.

He was wearing a moon shaped crown and Taoist robes, along with a pair of straw sandals. But his breathing was quite common, like someone who had barely reached the enlighten the Apertures level.

This image was too familiar, to the point where Meng Qi fell into a daze.

Was this Lord of Purity and Magic?!

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 484 - It Is A Small World

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