The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 487 - Progenitor Doumu

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Chapter 487: Progenitor Doumu

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Meng Qi had already seen this coming. As calm as before, he said with Secret Voice-sending, “Please follow me.”

With a nod, she took off her mask, revealing a dainty face. She also had arched eyebrows, bright eyes, long eyelashes, a high nose, moderate lips, and thick and soft hair. Pale as she was, she resembled a pure and elegant lotuses. She seemed mature, but he could not guess her age.

Even so, her appearance now was less beautiful than her real one because of the disguise and her augmented muscle. She knew that a mask would make her conspicuous in his villa, and she had better not use her genuine Qi and physical strength, and so unmasked herself.

Not wanting to judge her ident.i.ty from her looks, Meng Qi wiped off any traces she had left in the woodshed and headed for the yard where he had said he was to heal himself. Having changed her robes, she followed him with her head down like a maid.

Few servants were here, and Meng Qi could sense them for afar, purposely altering their intentions so that they would not cross paths. Hence, they reached the side yard undisturbed and entered its wing room.

After checking for anything strange, Meng Qi asked , “Progenitor, how are your injuries? Do you need any elixirs?”

That was just a casual remark. Even if she needed some pills, he did not have them on hand.

Recovery Pill was the best elixir he got, but it was only for enlightening the Apertures.

She shook her head, saying, “I’ve taken one pill, I just need two more days to get a full recovery. Please cover for me.”

“Our villa is tranquil. It’s very safe as long as our family is not suspected of conspiring with the Luo Denomination.” Since he had raised this, Meng Qi asked in confusion, “Progenitor, how did you know that someone in the Su family had joined in The Immortals? Did you discern my ident.i.ty earlier?”

Because of her injuries, she had chosen the nearest place to hide. Without someone to help her, she would have been easily discovered.

She remained composed, without showing an weakness. “How could the Primogenitor Lingbao not tell the official members your ident.i.ty after you had obtained the first move of The Buddha’s Palm?”

“Our organization is understaffed and each of us have their own business, so we cannot always be around to protect you. However, if you’re in our turf, we’ll take care of you. How can we do that if we don’t know your ident.i.ty?”

Meng Qi realised now that The Immortals were looking out for him.

The Progenitor Doumu sat cross-legged in bed with her feet pointed upward. She calmly said, “I know your ident.i.ty, and you’ve seen my face, so now we’re even.”

“It’s a pity I was expelled from the Shaolin Temple so early. I did not have a chance to look at all the big shots. Unfortunately, I can’t recognize you.” Meng Qi joked.

Now that he knew her face, he could uncover her background if he was willing to look for it. She decided to tell him directly in exchange for his trust. After some thought, she said,

“I’m Ye Yuqi from Huamei Heights.”

“Ice Fairy?” Meng Qi murmuring her Jianghu nickname, colour draining from his face.

She had held a high position in Jianghu. Decades ago, she had ranked top 30 in the Terrestrial Rankings.

She became the real leader of Huamei Heights after Master Lu built a cottage in front of his wife’s tomb and reclused from the mortal world.

No wonder the Bluecloud Progenitor had said that Doumu was a very powerful person of n.o.ble rank, a big shot of one region.

If Meng Qi had not met Master Lu earlier, he might have been more startled.

“Yes.” Having held her breath and activated the pill, she became as still an steady as an ancient.

“I really have a bond with Huamei Heights…” His surprised faded away, and he said, chuckling, “I met Master Lu two years ago, and I meet you today. What a destiny!”

Because of Master Lu, Meng Qi felt like he owed it to her to help her out.

Ye Yuqi suddenly opened her half-closed eyes. She asked, her eyes brightening, “You met my brother-in-law?”

“It was my privilege to see him at Maoling, River East,” said Meng Qi.

Ye Yuqi looked dazed. “The Tidal Bore of Jin River…”

“Yes. He goes there every year.” He told her the truth.

Ye Yuqi lips twitched, as if she was smiling or sighing. “What a devoted man he is!”

Meng Qi took the wood carving out of the s.p.a.ce Ring that was given to him by Master Lu. “Progenitor, this was a gift from him. Do you know how I can use it?”

He had been confused by that for a long time, but he had not dared to authenticate it in case that it was involved with the Dominator. Now, presented him such a good opportunity, and how could he miss the chance to ask?

Ye Yuqi paled even more. Beckoning him, she grabbed it and rubbed it softly. Muttering to herself, but also in answer to his question, “He too was aware of the Samsara…”

Because her control of her mind was strong, she instantly became as calm as before. She returned it to him and said soberly, “Put it away, and it may save your life in the future.”

She did not mention any details with concerns that might invite the Dominator’s nottice.

Understanding her meaning, Meng Qi stopped asking questions.

Could all Dharmakaya masters notice the Samsara to some degree? He felt like he was stepping into some dangerous territory.

She closed her eyes again and took out two completely ordinary looking yellow charms, as if made by any random peddler on the street. “Although this operation was sabotaged by the Thunder G.o.d From the Ninth Heaven, and we lost many useful items, I still obtained something. When battling with Sima s.h.i.+, I secretly captured two breaths of Demoness of Grand Luo and sealed them in this charm. We can use it to locate her. You keep one as an alert and give the other one to the Primogenitor Guangcheng to ask him to uncover the hideout of the Luo Denomination.”

“Luoyang is on high alert, so it will be challenging for me to meet with Primogenitor Guangcheng.” Meng Qi frowned.

“It’s okay. You’ll meet him later,” said Ye Yuqi confidently.

Meng Qi felt puzzled. Until the Six Fan School lifted the ban, he couldn’t be sure that he could leave the villa.

Ye Yuqi gave the two charms to Meng Qi, saying, “The Primogenitor Guangcheng is Blood Teeth Arrester. He’ll come to interrogate you.”

Blood Teeth Arrester was Yuan Lihuo! She dropped another bomb on him. Today, he was really being surpised with information that The Immortals had already infiltrated their enemies.

“No wonder you launched a raid. If the Thunder G.o.d From the Ninth Heaven had not been here, he would have walked by, heard the noise, and joined the battle. By then, you would have activated the grand formation, successfully baited Sima s.h.i.+ and captured the members of the Luo Denomination before withdrawing.” Meng Qi now understood their plans.

Ye Yuqi nodded. “Saint Emperor’s Token is capable of stealing all creatures’ force and strengthening the power of the Destined Ruler, so the Six Fan School and the emperor find it useless, but simply prevented the others from using it. Although the Six Fan School obtained two pieces of the token respectively from the Luo Denomination and the Destruction Sect, Priogenitor Guangcheng would be quite sure he could steal it later.”

“However, the Thunder G.o.d From the Ninth Heaven desperately wants us to disappear, so he snuck up to attack us and made sure our raid failed.” Meng Qi sighed.

He couldn’t help but feel that the failure of the raid was his fault, as if not for the Thunder G.o.d From the Ninth Heaven following him there, they would not have run into The Immortals.

Ye Yuqi’s face darkened as she said, “Even if we can’t kill him this time, we won’t let him go.”

Meng Qi couldn’t agree more.

As the night befell, the Super Arresters had searched everywhere and found nothing. They came to the villa of the Su’s to ask for details.

“Soaring Dragon Arrester” Zhao Mingche talked to Su Li, leaving the others to interrogate each of them one by one. Of course, “Blood Teeth Arrester” Yuan Lihuo chose Meng Qi.

Yuan Lihuo was a tall man. The sole difference between him and Primogenitor Guangcheng was that he had black and white hair.

Even with crane hair, he had rosy cheeks, and looked much younger. He made a conspiratorial gesture, displaying the unique ornament of The Immortals.

Meng Qi displayed his Immortal-identifying Knot as well. Afterward, they silently put them away and began to question each other about the details of the battle.

“I can detect the breath of Demoness of Grand Luo…” As he said, he quietly handed the charm to Yuan Lihuo.

“The breath of Demoness of Grand Luo…” Yuan Lihuo repeated his words, showing his dedication to the inquiry.

“She is as powerful as the Progenitor Doumu, and won’t be easy to find. But don’t worry.” At the end of their talk, Meng Qi comforted Yuan Lihuo.

Yuan Lihuo got his hidden meaning. He said with a sigh, “Yes. I hope this can be ended soon.”

Stepping out of the interrogation room, Meng Qi saw Su Li and Zhao Mingche walk out their rooms, too.

“Don’t be worried. His Majesty still trusts me…” Su Li added while staring at Meng Qi, “I’m suspended from my duty of Vice Commander of the Imperial Guard , but His Majesty won’t deal with me until after Sumptuous Fruits Banquet. So you can still partic.i.p.ate it.”

After comforting him, Meng Qi followed him in returning to the hall.

Su Li said to him while on route, as if he talking to the air, “You can join the competions in the Sumptuous Fruits Banquet, but you must stay out of other things.”

This… Meng Qi squinted. Su Li seemed to know something.

However, Su Li did not elaborate before stepping in the hall.

They found themselves in the mansion of “Purple Roc Arrester” Liu Shengming.

“Has my father come back?” Liu Shuyu asked the steward.

The steward said, “The master is still out after some fugitives. Miss, you’re so filial.”

Liu Shuyu smiled sweetly, “Old Chang, stop complimenting me like that. Has the formation in our mansion been activated? If criminals are at large, and we have to protect ourselves.”

“Miss is indeed careful. The formation is already on,” said the steward with a smile.

Liu Shuyu felt relieved and returned her boudoir with her maids.

She opened the door stepped in. As soon as she saw the maiden in a white dress sitting at the table, her beatiful eyes squinted. The miss looked ethereally beautiful and smart.

She looked at Liu Shuyu, smiling, resting her chin on her hand. “If you hadn’t tried your best to expose me, my work would not have gone so smoothly.”

“Gu Xiaosang…” Liu Shuyu said between gritted teeth. In her fury, she had called her Gu Xiaosang instead of Yu Longzi.

Her maid beside her had already fallen onto the ground unconscious.

Gu Xiaosang stared at Liu Shuyu with a smile, making her look like a sly fox. “Sister Liu, don’t even think about calling for help. We both know the Nirmanakaya of Successor of Mystic Fairy is not one to be seen.”

“How do you know that?” Liu Shuyu expression suddenly changed. Her temperament instantly became ethereal, pure, and elegant, as if on high alert.

Gu Xiaosang clapped her hands without saying anything.

A small head craned out from behind the screen. “Mother, you call me?”

Sensing who the little girl was, Liu Shuyu face contorted. Her face paled, then darkened, and flushed.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 487 - Progenitor Doumu

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