The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 488 - 'Forgetting and Forgiving'

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Chapter 488: ‘Forgetting and Forgiving’

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The little girl, about five or six years old, was beautiful and lovely. Her chubby face looked very cute, making others want to pinch her cheeks. But in Liu Shuyu’s eyes, the little girl was a monster, a horrible creature that should not exist in the world!

“You, you…” stammered Liu Shuyu. She pointed at Gu Xiaosang, failing to find the words to continue.

Gu Xiaosang smiled as she looked at the little girl. “Come and greet your aunt.”

The little girl raised her head to look at Liu Shuyu and suddenly said, “Mom, this aunt is quite friendly.”

“Of course she is. She’s your aunt,” Gu Xiaosang explained, feigning seriousness.

The little girl frowned as if she was about to cry. “But daddy doesn’t look friendly…”

“That’s because your dad is unfaithful. He abandoned us.” Gu Xiaosang pretended to be serious.

The little girl nodded with all her strength, making a fist. “Mom, I’ll protect you and defeat my bad daddy when I grow up!”

Liu Shuyu’s face turned from red to pale and from pale to red again and again, as if the little girl was doing something that made her ashamed.

Gu Xiaosang touched the little girl’s head and squeezed out an evil smile. “Go and play for a while. I have something to tell your aunt.”

The little girl retreated back behind the screen and quietly played with Liu Shuyu’s accessories by herself.

“You didn’t kill her. Then I…” Liu Shuyu looked at Gu Xiaosang with a puzzled gaze full of alarm.

Cupping her chin with one hand again, Gu Xiaosang looked beautiful but mischevious. As she smiled, her eyes narrowed into thin lines. “Due to interesting reasons, I left her half dead. So after you recalled your memory, you transformed from Nirmanakaya to be the original you. But aren’t you confused? As a successor of Mystic Fairy, why are you still a Six Apertures master after two years have pa.s.sed?”

“So I’m still a Nirmanakaya…” Liu Shuyu seemed to have rid herself of doubt. Her red face gradually returned to normal as she regained her elegance and calmness.

As the successor of Mystic Fairy, it was acceptable to lose her temper. But if she kept acting like this, her weak mind would be blamed.

Gu Xiaosang ignored her and said, “Sister Liu seemed to want me to die right away. Once she discovered something, she immediately disclosed her findings and informed the idiot Su Meng.”

Liu Shuyu had planned to confess her hatred but suddenly her expression changed. “You did it on purpose!”

“If I didn’t want to do so, I would not leave clues for you. Do you remember when we became close friends?” When referring to the close friends.h.i.+p, Gu Xiaosang seemed to be sincere.

Liu Shuyu’s face turned pale. She seemed to lose her mind. “The spring after my original body was sneak-attacked by you…”

Liu Shuyu and a Yu Longzi were penpals that would occasionally write to each other. One was in Luoyang while the other one was in Nan Province. How would they have become close friends?

In the spring after Liu Shuyu recalled her memory, Yu Longzi traveled to Luoyang. Though the clever and generous Yu Longzi was several years older than Liu Shuyu, she preferred to call the latter her elder sister. This catered to Liu Shuyu’s fancy. Thus, they became closer as they frequently wrote to each other and finally ended up best friends.

Now, Liu Shuyu knew that Yu Longzi had done this deliberately!

“You’ve been thinking of making use of me since then? You’ve been scheming for several years!” Liu Shuyu’s eyes were full of fear.

Gu Xiaosang smiled. “Almost. Before I chased after Shan Xiumei into Huan Province, our sect had begun our setting. But we happened to encounter Joy Devilman and 1000-faced Devilman, so we invited Disillusionment Demon and Lampholder Oracle to have a talk. But I didn’t think about taking advantage of Nirmanakaya of the Successor of Mystic Fairy until I went out from Ninth Heaven and found you were a Liuluo Nirmanakaya.”

“About half a year ago, I began to leave some evidence to let you know my ident.i.ty and the real situation regarding the Yu family. I did this as a backup. But unexpectedly, I lost half of Saint Emperor’s Token and my backup had to be put to good use.”

She stood up and saluted her in an elegant manner. “If you had not deliberately planned it and kept it as a secret, we would have to spread the news by ourselves. But it was too artificial to remove The Immortals, those old foxes’ suspect and we might fail to lure them out. If you had not triggered Thunder G.o.d From the Ninth Heaven, oh, that Yaozha array, we would have had to do more to achieve our goal. In that way, the secret would have been easily exposed. Thus, I specially came here to thank you, my sister.”

Judging by her tone, Method of Mistress Su seemed to have known of the relations.h.i.+p between Yao Zhao the Exterior and The Myths.

Founded in Human Sovereign Period, Method of Mistress Su had a long history. Its strength was merely slightly weaker than the w.a.n.g family of River East and a few other sects.

Liu Shuyu turned pale again and her voice became a little faint. “Weren’t you afraid that I would trigger things prematurely?”

“The Yu family of South Province was an empty sh.e.l.l, and we had long planned to abandon it. If The Immortals had not taken away half of Saint Emperor’s Token, the Yu family would never have entered the capital. What would be the point of your triggering of it? You’re clever, so you would never use your weapon until your prey showed.” Gu Xiaosang walked out from behind the desk. Her ethereal smile chilled Liu Shuyu.

“But, but Six Fan School still got the Saint Emperor’s Token…” Liu Shuyu didn’t continue as she seemed to understand.

Gu Xiaosang rolled her eyes and said, “Saint Emperor’s Token is of no use to us, so we had to cooperate with other people. Those who could steal a master’s strength would surely be mighty in Six Fan School.”

“Neither Six Fan School nor the emperor valued the Saint Emperor’s Token. Was it not too c.u.mbersome?”

“But aren’t you worried that Sima s.h.i.+ and Zhao Wuyan will give up fighting Progenitor Doumu and turn to capture you instead?” Liu Shuyu’s voice became quieter and quieter.

Gu Xiaosang laughed while covering her mouth. “Who poses a greater threat to Luoyang, Progenitor Doumu or us? If we failed, at worst, we’d give them our Saint Emperor’s Token or just let them catch us. As long as we were alive, would we find a way out.”

Liu Shuyu listened carefully and felt that the meaning of Gu Xiaosang’s words were hard to understand, making her believe that Gu Xiaosang could help her out.

Gu Xiaosang’s smile suddenly disappeared as she looked into Liu Shuyu’s eyes. “Besides thanking you, there’s something I want to discuss with you.”

Liu Shuyu was nervous, puzzled, and frightened. Gu Xiaosang’s detailed and dedicated explanation formed the image of a smart, powerful, cunning, merciless demoness in her mind, so Liu Shuyu’s momentum and mind were completely repressed. Thus, she feebly asked, “What is it?”

Gu Xiaosang smiled like hundreds of flowers were blossoming in unison, so beautiful that even women would be attracted. “Since Mystic Fairy is still alive, the successor of Mystic Fairy would be the successor forever. Your death is no trouble for Method of Mistress Su. We could find another baby girl who can hold the Auras of the Immortal. We did this in the past.”

“But you only have one life. If you died by my hands, you would return to Vacuum Hometown forever and could never come alive again. You would have no chance to enjoy your life. Are you willing to do so?”

“What do you mean?” Liu Shuyu slightly squinted.

Gu Xiaosang pressed her lips together and smiled. “I just wish my sister Liu could forget those unhappy times, and forgive me. Cooperate with me, and we can help each other in the future.”

Liu Shuyu knew well that the so-called “helping each other'”probably meant that she would be forced to do something for Gu Xiaosang. She became somber as she debated attacking Gu Xiaosang or giving in.

Gu Xiaosang pointed at the little girl behind the screen. “With my help, you could slowly take in her Auras of the Immortal and transform your own body. I can change your status. Furthermore, I would never ask you to do more than three tasks for me. Those tasks would not endanger the impartation of Method of Mistress Su. Isn’t my proposal beneficial to us both?”

Liu Shuyu was slightly persuaded by Gu Xiaosang. What was more, due to Gu Xiaosang’s having more strength than her, Gu Xiaosang successfully impressed her with the image of a foxy, yet terrifying and undefeatable demoness. Liu Shuyu hesitated for a while and then asked, “Why should I believe you?”

Gu Xiaosang’s eyes turned into crescents when she laughed. Taking out a piece of plain old yellow paper, she said, “Let’s sign a contract. We can find a higher authority to be our witness.”

Though Liu Shuyu felt cheated, she signed it nonetheless.

The contract came into force. Gu Xiaosang covered her red cheeks with her hands and shyly said to herself, “Others worked hard to sneak in by disguising themselves and hiding their ident.i.ties, but only I could make the successor of Mystic Fairy my spy. If my husband knew, he would be stunned… Eventually, things begin to move back on the right track…”

Her voice, full of kindness but evil at the same time, threatened Liu Shuyu. Liu Shuyu was confused but she did not dare ask who her husband was.

After Gu Xiaosang and Liu Shuyu agreed on the matter of absorbing Auras of the Immortal, Gu Xiaosang led the little girl out of Liu Shuyu’s boudoir.

Just as she walked out, the smile and red on her face both disappeared. It seemed that what she had just said was merely meaningless sleep talk. She was profound and calm, like an orchid in the vacant valley.

Reminded by Su Li, Meng Qi replayed what he encountered in Luoyang in his mind. He found that most of his adventures were caused by the Saint Emperor’s Token. If he had stayed where he was, he would have been able to quietly wait for the beginning of the Sumptuous Fruits Banquet like Qi Zhengyan, Ruan Yushu and Zhao Heng. So he began to focus on his cultivation to avoid any trouble.

The next morning, Meng Qi and Progenitor Doumu talked about the practice and suddenly sensed that his household servant came.

“Second Young Master, someone is waiting for you at the door.” The household servant respectfully reported with his head down.

“Who?” Meng Qi frowned. “How did he find this place?”

The servant replied honestly, “He did not tell me. He only said that he met with you outside the Escort Agency of Central Province.”

Remembered Escort Agency of Central Province? The disappearing carriage suddenly crossed his mind!

He came to find me on his own? Meng Qi thought of how Su Li and Su Yue were both in the side yard, so he locked the door and headed over.

A carriage stopped at the door. It was exactly that one that Meng Qi had lost.

At that time, he was still some distance away from the carriage. After losing sight of it, it took quite some time to find the street. But what he saw were many carriages and pedestrians pa.s.sing by, so it was difficult to find the target immediately. Besides, considering that that period of time was long enough for the enemy to have left the carriage and flee, he gave up the chase.

By the carriage, a tall young man in a large robe and sleeves stood upright with a long sword hanging from his waist. His appearance was not outstanding, but he looked quite handsome and full of vigor. He stood there quietly, just like he had integrated into heaven and earth as well as the carriage, horse, stone stool, river and so on.

We saw each other before… Meng Qi slowly walked toward him.

The young man cupped his hands in the other before his chest and smiled. “I’m Cui Zhe, I have admired you for a long time.”

Cui Zhe? Super Purple Sword Cui Zhe? The consignor of those escort items was the Cui family from Pinjin!Trevor? Meant Qi’s pupils slightly contracted.

“I’m flattered. I’m just a n.o.body,” Meng Qi answered humbly.

Cui Zhe smiled. “The elders in my family are very curious about the battle last night, so they would like to invite you, Young Master Su, to our house for a chat.”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 488 - 'Forgetting and Forgiving'

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