The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 495 - The Coup of the Jade Forest Garden

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Chapter 495: The Coup of the Jade Forest Garden

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Liu Shengming maintained a Maitreya-like smile on his round face. His eyes gleamed brightly as he said, “G.o.ddess, why are you occupying the throne? Could you be harboring ambitions for the crown?”

Gu Xiaosang caressed the golden yellow armrests, her dignified expression fading away as she smiled sweetly. “For this throne, there were many who have fought openly and schemed secretly. It makes it appear quite precious, indeed. I can’t help feeling curious. Now, the time to depart is near and opportunity is just at hand. How can I not give it a try?”

“Now that I’m sitting on it, it’s just so-so. It’s nothing more than an ordinary chair.”

She gradually got up from the throne in a relaxed manner.

Though Gu Xiaosang had mixed up the idea behind the throne, that was not Liu Shengming’s main point. He said, with his expression unchanging, “G.o.ddess, are you leaving? Prince Qi has yet to condense his Dharmakaya. In fact, he’s having much trouble doing so…”

She glanced at the expressionless Lampholder Oracle and smiled. “Our Luo Denomination heals all kinds of ‘illnesses’. Whatever you have, name it and we’ll cure you. However, we’ll never promise that you’ll be able to condense your Dharmakaya or otherwise, there would have been no end to the birth of Dharma Kings who can turn the world into the Vacuum Hometown.”

“Though the Saint Emperor’s Token can aid Prince Qi in secretly refining strength all living beings of the Grand Formation of Luoyang and increase the probability of his success, whether or not he can condense his Dharkamaya depends on himself. We’re of no help to him. Since that’s the case, there’s no reason to stay.”

She suddenly burst into laughter. “Either way, I’ve already tested the Wordless Stone Stele. Our denomination and the Destruction Sect have also both obtained what we wanted. Did you think we would have a fallout with Prince Qi once he succeeds in obtaining his Dharmakaya?”

Liu Shengming’s face was full of smiles. “Prince Qi began his preparations many years ago. I’m sure he has some degree of confidence in his success, which is why I’m not concerned. What I’m worried about is the tremendous activity that would be caused when condensing his Dharmakaya. If there’s interference by an external force, all his efforts would be in vain. Sigh, if only he can cultivate in secret like Mad Prince! There wouldn’t be as many people who would’ve known about his secret. That would’ve been for the best…”

“How would I know how was it like with Mad Prince? Why are you panicking when Prince Qi isn’t even worried?” she said, wearing a faint smile.

Her words stunned Liu Shengming and he t.i.tled his head to look at the eunuch pavilion nearby the Tai Ji Palace.

Gu Xiaosang slowly walked down from the platform with her hands behind her back, her white robe rustling with every movement. Exuding an indescribable aura of purity and holiness, she said, “Besides, who in Luoyang is capable of disturbing him?”

“If the Immortals try to cause trouble, Lampholder Oracle and I wouldn’t be able to resist the attacks of Progenitor Doumu. I believe that Prince Qi will have his own ways to handle it.”

Liu Shengming’s brows furrowed. He began to say,”Ways…”

Lampholder Oracle, who followed after Gu Xiaosang, brushed past and interrupted him with an airy laugh. “Super Arrester Liu, your loyalty to the Emperor and Prince Qi is unquestionable. You couldn’t ascertain the ident.i.ty of the Guardians of Method of Mistress Su at all.”

A trace of awkwardness fleeted across Liu Shengming’s expression. He chuckled and said, “The Emperor and Prince Qi didn’t abandon me even after G.o.ddess exposed my ident.i.ty. I ought to turn over a new leaf and start a new life.”

Gu Xiaosang did not turn her heard to look at them as she stepped out of the Tai Ji Palace, laughing quietly. “I heard that the new Mystic Fairy and Bliss Bodhisattva have descended from the mountain together. Super Arrester Liu, do take good care of yourself.”

Liu Shengming’s expression darkened considerably and watched he blankly as the white-clad Gu Xiaosang disappeared into the square outside the palace hall. Lampholder Oracle, who held a bluish-white lamp in his palm, seemed thin and withered. He looked no different than an ordinary servant.

The sun had been burning brightly just minutes ago, yet it was now slowly obscured by layers of dark clouds as if signaling the fall of a continuous autumn rain.

There was a new green umbrella in Lampholder Oracle’s left hand and he loyally held it above Gu Xiaosang’s head. He turned around to glance at the distant imperial palace and quietly said, “It seems that Liu Shengming has yet to obtain the full trust of the Emperor. It’s up to Prince Qi himself now. If he’s able to condense his Dharmakaya, then the world would see immense changes. It’ll be incredibly advantageous for our Luo Denomination.”

Gu Xiaosang felt a ripple surging through her throat, her smile turning bright. “What does it matter whether or not he succeeds? Is there still any possibility that his relations.h.i.+p with the Zhao family and other aristocratic families will return to how it was in the past? That’s the crux of our disruption…”

Rain began to fall, splas.h.i.+ng against the green umbrella. Amid the splattering of rain, the withered hand of Lampholder Oracle as he held up the umbrella was tall and straight without swaying in the least. Gu Xiaosang, with her slender body, was untouched by water as if she was a fairy under the rain.

Black clouds converged overhead, turning the horizon of Luoyang into a night of continuous autumn rain. The sky was devoid only of the rolling of thunder.

Meanwhile, a hazy, golden ray of light burst from within the heart of the imperial palace to envelop Luoyang in its entirety. The light, like a cloud of smoke, made the streets appear to blossom with fragrant flowers. Smoke rose from kitchen chimneys where the houses were lit by fire lamps; fishermen, wood-gatherers, farmers, and scholars worked side by side… the way of kung fu was in order.

These scenes changed frequently before rolling and condensing to form rays of golden light. The light resembled ferocious true dragons that danced above the imperial palace.

The Saint Emperor’s Token floated in the air above Prince Qi’s hand. It sucked in the Qi of the true dragons that had long been a.s.similated as if it was swallowing a vast ocean whole. He threw his palm out, producing strips of auspicious red clouds that landed on his body.

The image of the master of humanity appeared behind Zhao Wuyan. His head was adorned with a Calm Heaven Crown and his body dressed in the robe of a regent. His face resembled the face of a dragon as true dragons coiled around him. He gripped the Emperor Sword in his hand and held the golden seal of an emperor in his palm. It was none other than his ‘Dharma Form of Emperor’!

The Dharma Form s.h.i.+fted forward and overlapped with his physical body. Sometimes illusory and sometimes genuine, both images began to blend into one.

He was expressionless as his eyebrows and beard spread. With a pale face, he swept away the mortal dust of many years.

He had reached the most crucial point of his task. If he failed to step out of this realm, he would no longer be a ‘human’!

The clouds turned an even darker shade of grey as if they were brewing something terrifying.

How could such a drastic transformation in Luoyang escape the eyes of the many masters inside the Jade Forest Garden?

Cui Qingyu’s expression s.h.i.+fted. Just as he was about to investigate the origin of the light, he suddenly felt the change in light and shadow and the dreamland array expand furiously. The entire Jade Forest Garden became dark and faint, cut off from the world!

The prohibitions flickered, going from bright to dim as they blended with the void. Cui Qingyu, Cui Yan, Song Shouren, and the other masters of the top aristocratic families came to have a basic understanding of what had occurred. They turned their attention to the aged Emperor sitting at the center of the platform.

The Emperor was leaning against the back of the chair, his aged and wrinkled face appearing somewhat relaxed. Beside him, Sima s.h.i.+ was enveloped deep within the prohibitions. He used a spell to operate the core of the array.

Within the layers upon layers of the spell, it was hard to tell whether the array was a dream or genuine. It engulfed the aged Emperor and prevented everyone from watching the battles of the ‘talents’.

“Worry not, my esteemed subjects. The spell will naturally dissolve in a moment,” the Emperor said, a small smile apparent on his lips.

Qui Cingyu, being a person of extraordinary caliber, had figured out all that had happened.

“It’s you! You’re the one who conspired with the Luo Denomination and the Destruction Sect to steal the Saint Emperor’s Token!”

“You’re helping Prince Qi condense his Dharmakaya!”

He felt a sudden clarity cleared his mind. No wonder Sima s.h.i.+ and Zhao Wuyan, these two powerful masters, did not even encounter the Luo Denomination even after teaming up!

Even if they happened to come across the strongest of them all, Progenitor Doumu, the outcome should not be so!

Due to his persistent a.s.sumption that the royal family would not conspire with rebellious evil factions like the Luo Denomination, he subconsciously overlooked this point.

From the look of things, one could join hands with the enemy who killed one’s father if there were enough benefits!

The expressions of the masters of the aristocratic families all changed and they reached for their weapons. Their breaths surged as they prepared to smash the spell.

With so many masters around, what could Sima s.h.i.+’s measly spell do?

There were, at least, no signs of the Nine-dragon Seal or the Emperor Sword.

Just then, the aged Emperor chuckled heartily. “My esteemed subjects, there are many among you who still have your breath attached to your disciples. Even if you’re not worried about their safety, you have to consider the countereffects of the spell.”

“Of course, with your strengths, the spell can only briefly imprison you all. But that short amount of time is enough.”

His gaze swept Cui Qingyu, Song Shouren, and the rest as if he was telling them that, without the help of other masters, it would take them some time to break the spell. What he wanted was that time, no matter how short!

Cui Qingyu was free to move as Cui Yan was the one who anch.o.r.ed his breath to Cui Che. However, there were several others with the fate of the latter. Meanwhile, Song Quanlue, Zhang Yuanli, and the others had long been kicked out of the dreamland by Meng Qi.

Cui Qingyu caressed the hilt of his sword, his face returning to his usual calm expression. It caught Song Shouren and the others, who had been close to striking, by surprise and stopped them from making an abrupt move.

“Emperor, it’s a good thing for the Dharmakaya to be condensed. The Great Jin Dynasty will completely suppress all of the sects. Why put us all in a state of mutual hostility?” Cui Qingyu asked calmly.

The aged Emperor burst into laughter as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. “If we do it openly, will your family allow Prince Qi to condense his Dharmakaya?”

“It would’ve been a different story if Qiu Qinghe didn’t exist. You’re all people who understand propriety, after all. However, Qiu Qinghe has been dead for so many years. I believe none of you, my esteemed subjects, would be happy to see a Dharmakaya exist in the royal family to truly dominate the world.”

His expression turned steely and cold. “Princes with great apt.i.tudes aren’t allowed to succeed the throne while the ability to refine the power of all living beings is put under strict monitoring… Do you consider this as looking favorably upon the royal family?”

“Prince Qi had long reached the limits of his capabilities many years ago, but he’s still several steps away from achieving his Dharmakaya. With you all keeping an eye on the ability to refine the power of all living beings, there is no way for him to use it, never mind if he finally breaks through the obstacles. That’s why I gave up on myself to transfer the ability to Prince Qi. Even if I suffer countereffects and see my life shortened, I’ll still gladly do it!”

“Prince Qi is rather confident that he’ll succeed. He has the Saint Emperor’s Token to help him cultivate in secret. If he achieves his Dharmakaya, what does it matter if I die instantly? This achievement is enough for me to hold my head up before my ancestors…”

It was incredibly inefficient to use the body of the Emperor to transfer the ability to refine the power of all living beings to Prince Qi. It would take too much time. Doing so over the span of 10 years would not rival the transfer of ability that could occur within half a month using the Saint Emperor’s Token.

The aged Emperor believed that if Prince Qi succeeded in condensing his Dharmakaya, the aristocratic families would all relent and give in. With the North Zhou Dynasty and the West Regions on the outside, and the various sects on the inside, they would definitely make a wise decision.

If Prince Qi truly fails, the Cui family would at most worsen the situation for the Zhao family as they would be caught unprepared. Without a Dharmakaya, everything would just happen in accordance to the Cui family. This was something inevitable, either way.

The masters of the aristocratic families all wore grim expressions. They did not expect the aged Emperor to have schemed for this long.

Cui Qingyu looked neither surprised nor angry. “But why would you resort to conspiring with the Nine Evil Paths? It demeans yourself.”

The aged Emperor smiled and replied, “I know the Luo Denomination and the Destruction Sect have their secret motives. But since both outcomes are poison to me, I still have to drink it and hope for an opportunity to live!”

He saw the change in Cui Qingyu’s expression and said, as if he had long expected something to happen, “My esteemed subject Qiu, I know it is Qinghe who accorded you your sword. It allows you to connect you with him. But did you forget that you’re standing right in the middle of the array?”

The reason Cui Qingyu had remained motionless was precisely to contact Cui Qinghe. Now that his plan was exposed, he huffed and drew his sword. It was unknown if he was going on the offensive or defensive.

The rest of the masters either joined him in his attack or closed their eyes to sense their breath, trying to summon their disciples from the dreamland.

However, due to the obstruction presented by the array, the process became incredibly slow, if not dangerous!

Su Li backed all the way to the rear of the platform and closed his eyes to sense his breath. However, the influence of the array was boundless. With his Third Heaven of the Exterior realm, however, he could not detect his breath so soon.

Regret began to gnaw at him. He should have let Su Yue attach his breath on Meng Qi; however, he chose to do it himself because he was guarding against Su Yue.

The murderous intent was in a continuous cycle of appearance and disappearance. It roused feelings of doubt in Meng Qi.

It appeared to be a unique feature to the array to use murderous intents to muddle one’s attention. If not for the changes, how could anyone hide from the various masters outside and land a sneak attack on him?

The mist dissipated after he took several steps forward. Though the sky was still ‘dark’ overhead, he could once again sense his surroundings.

Suddenly, his heart jolted. He saw someone clad in a white dress by the huge boulder, hugging a zither in her arms. Sensing her breath, he knew it was none other than Ruan Yushu.

“I’ve finally met a friend…” Finding her breath to be normal, he walked up to her and called out familiarly, “Yushu, we’re really fated…”

When he came close to her, he suddenly pinched his eyes close. Something seemed off. The zither was merely an imitation and not the real thing!

If he was not familiar with the little glutton, he would definitely be unable to recognize the differences!

Just then, the fake Ruan Yushu extended her right palm so quick that it was like residual shadows and soundlessly hit Meng Qi between his brows.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 495 - The Coup of the Jade Forest Garden

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