The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 532 - Sowing Kung Fu

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Chapter 532: Sowing Kung Fu

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The carriage arrived slowly up the track towards the mountain villa under the watchful gaze of a crowd, and as it was about to reach the gates, it veered off to the left suddenly toward the forest.

It never changed its pace throughout the whole process, just the same depressingly slow monotonous pace as if all those people gathered weren’t there. Meanwhile, the two coachmen driving were just rolling along in silence with their eyes half open, almost dozing as they plodded along the track. Their silence well set against the tardiness of the carriage’s progress.

The Jianghu heroes gathered outside the mountain villa watched with wide eyes as the carriage rolled along the mountain road as if it was just a flat road along a plain. For a moment, they did not quite know what to make of what they were looking at. A man, all attired in black with a blade scar across his forehead, then broke ranks with them and pursued the carriage.

“Quick, follow it!”

The cry was heard by the others and one after another they picked up their pace and pursued the carriage. For the carriage to appear here for no reason must mean something!

The black curtained carriage ahead went about its plodding along in no great hurry. It pa.s.sed forests and valleys, all the while being pursued by the throng of people who were unwilling to get too close to it or lose it.

This was when a man’s voice pleasantly sounded in their ears,

“Calmly and appropriately composed should one go about entering Dhyana, as it is only in this way that genuine Qi may come about and be truly realized, thereby filling the Aperture acupoints…”

“…within one hundred days your meridian will open of its own accord…”

A scattering of golden and white specks of light circled the carriage, lending it a sacred air. It was as if an immortal had descended into the world, making the voice all the more solemn and impressive.

The Jianghu heroes were more than a little perplexed. Was the immortal, or treasure from within the carriage imparting the scriptures, teaching them?

They felt pleasantly surprised and slowed their pace, straightening up somewhat to listen in earnest. They were very familiar with this pa.s.sage actually, their first days as pract.i.tioners were spent tempering their bodies to this pa.s.sage, it was known as the “Hundred-day Foundation”.

“…refining energy into Qi, then allowing this to acc.u.mulate within the elixir field so as to go about nurturing one’s spirit something like how one cradles a baby…”

The following Jianghu men were listening most attentively, just in case they missed a sentence. Though, up until this moment, it was all content they were more than familiar with from during their training. Yet, as an immortal “preached” it was imperative that one should compare what they had learned before with what they were hearing, and check the two for any deviations or errors.

The carriage turned up the mountain road and climbed ever higher, like it was heading for the peak and then intending to take to the skies.

In a genial and clear voice, the content to do with your inner child and Qi-cultivation came to an end, and the carriage was quiet again.

The Jianghu heroes who had been listening out for any unusual content were left scratching their heads. They really wanted to say something and press for more, yet at the same time felt deep awe for what lay within the carriage. Without even mentioning the immortal within the carriage, just the two coachmen were more than enough for anyone there to take on.

Could it be that there is still more, and would it depend on their body potentials, their substance, and their vital spirit?

As they considered this uneasily, they suddenly discerned a noise in the air. It was akin to song or recital and once again the specks of golden and white light wafted about the carriage.

“Life exists between heaven and earth, responding to the constellations above and connecting to the Generous Soil below. The Ninth Heaven above, the body with its Nine Apertures…”

“Just as there is order to the stars, one finds order in the body’s acupoints, the universe is arranged in a natural yet ordered fas.h.i.+on, as is one’s body…body…”

“From outside the body to its inside, there is always order…”

This was content that n.o.body had ever heard before. In just 10 or so sentences the secrets of the flesh were largely laid out before their very eyes.

Who knew that after all was said and done the body had so many mysteries surrounding it!

The body was, as it turns out, equally as precious as the nature a.s.sociated with heaven and earth. Likewise, it harbored an axis to Taoism and the Dharma and Logos of Heaven and Earth.

We had only wanted to improve our sensory abilities, to be able to cultivate a flying sword or some divine charms. These particular rich treasures had been entirely ignored!

We only wished to stick close to the source of the wealth as a means for not going hungry!

They found themselves feeling excitement, emotion, and remorse too that this existed.

Then, the clear pleasant voice sounded once again,

“We find that the eyes are the aperture of the liver, from here stems the wood element’s Qi, and from the aperture point for the lungs, what is the nose where we find the metal element’s Qi…”

“The Nine Innate Apertures should be within the internal organs and those that cultivate their Nine Apertures should be training the five elements of their minds, as from here the inner realm is derived…”

Sentence after sentence from the scriptures entered their minds, each containing the means of cultivating their physical bodies. They were at once entirely transfixed by all this.

Ah, so one can practice it like this!

And it turns out you can practice it like that!

It was like a large gate cras.h.i.+ng open in their minds, exposing a new world to them, one of multicolored splendor!

They were positively intoxicated. To think of it, the secrets of the flesh… The finer points to Kung Fu…

The golden and white specks of light were falling all around and dancing about the carriage now. In the eyes of the onlookers, it was as if they were about to lift up the carriage and take it into the sky.

An immortal!

They really were an immortal!

The carriage was still following the mountain road up toward the peak. Ahead of it was a sea of clouds, behind it a torrent of followers. Although their expressions varied slightly, they all looked utterly drawn in and infatuated with what they had witnessed here today.

The carriage continued without stopping toward the cliff, all the while the man’s pleasant voice continued its clear recital of the scriptures,

“The aperture for the Hidden Latch and the home of the Vital Spirit. The door that goes between and the incredible mysteries that…”

“Focusing and concentrating one’s primal aperture, opening the boundary between life and death, creating a bridge between Heaven and Earth, converging one’s inner and outer realms… Only here does Kung Fu begin…”

In reaction to this sweeping pitch, the gra.s.s along the cliff sprung up and the subterranean spring waters nearby burst forth upon the ground’s surface. The golden specks of light were coming together to form a beautiful golden lotus which was blooming right before one’s eyes and those white specks of light were joining together ahead, akin to a descending glow from the heavens.

It would be hard to say how many of the martial artists there who witnessed this indescribable spectacle, who heard this unimaginable and hitherto unheard scripture found themselves with moist eyes and the odd hot tear breaking clear to streak down their cheeks.

It was physically and spiritually moving to hear such Taoism!

Some of the martial artists were crying with a joy which was intermingled with an intense sadness from considering that during their own youth there had been n.o.body there, no immortal to preach in this way. Now that they were older, in beholding such grand Taoism, all they would have time to do is pin their hopes and dreams onto their grandchildren for it was too late for them now.

Fang Huayin and Wan Yu who were the coachmen driving the carriage subconsciously brought the lead horse to a halt, as ahead of them now was the great cliff’s edge!

Their feelings toward Mr. Su’s words, by comparison to the Jianghu heroes behind the carriage, were so much deeper. During this period of time the finer points of his guidance had integrated somewhat and now the Heaven-connecting Kung-Fu’s path was nigh – clearly marked before their eyes.

“This path will take you farther from riches, from prosperity. At times it may even be cold and lonely. Do you still wish to follow?”

It was at that moment that they were picked up by an invisible force and moved to two sides along the cliff. In their minds, Meng Qi’s voice rang out.

“Huh…” As they were feeling gobsmacked, the lead horse strode out once more, stepping onto the thin air beyond the cliff’s edge.

A Golden Karma Lotus slowly bloomed, opening out right below the horses’ hooves!

As the crowd gathered watched on, the horses and carriage drove out onto the clouds, all the while the great Golden Karma Lotus kept track along below them with its tender embrace. The white specks of light accompanied the ensemble and slowly they all left behind the cliff face!

As we thought, it really was an immortal!

They stopped moving and knelt down to kowtow as they bid farewell to the immortal.

Fang Huayin and Wan Yu once again within their hearts heard the voice ring out,

“You have already received the preliminary impartation required for converging one’s inner and outer realms. Within the next 10-20 years, you should be able to open the Nine Apertures, which will bring you some command in Jianghu. Certainly no less than that of your regular earl or pract.i.tioner, meaning status and power, riches and honor will by no means be lacking for you… Do you desire to forgo these, to give yourselves over fully to the practicing of Kung Fu, to miss out on a roof over your heads at times and to not feel people’s flattery?

Fang Huayin and Wan Yu both turned their heads to look behind them at the Jianghu heroes kowtowing behind them on the cliff’s edge, feelings of superiority and joy welled up inside them suddenly. In spite of them only being Mr. Su’s followers, it would be hard to say how much stronger they were than those strugglers back on the cliff in terms of their cultivation of Dharma Access. If they themselves let word out that they would impart what they knew, even they could cause quite a few people to kowtow! The riches and prosperity that were possible was not something to be sneezed at!

Does one not practice martial arts solely so that they may benefit from such a distinguished life?

They turned back to see the carriage traveling on each consecutive blooming lotus upon the clouds. Specks of white light formed a mist about it, as if at any point it may just simply disappear among the fluffy clouds surrounding it.

The sea of clouds was like smoke, like mist, they were pure and cold at the same time. They obscured what was around them and one could see into the distance no more, symbolic like a monastery deep in the mountains that n.o.body took any notice of anymore.

In which case, why should one go about practicing martial arts then?

Should it be for the incalculable wealth or the flattery one might receive from others?

Should it be the thrills of a life where one does as one pleases with n.o.body to stand in their way, or the enjoyment one derives from being able to see the world, to roam these lands at will?

Is it the puissance one feels from having nothing to fear in this mortal plane, from always keeping one’s word. Or is it the power and influence one feels from being able to look out for the interests of their friends and loved ones?

Wan Yu in taking a deep breath seemed to comprehend what they wanted from this world.

Out of almost nowhere, Fang Huayin seemed to make a decision as well. She bit her lower lip and then took a step forwards…

Of course I want all of these, she thought to herself, but so much more than that I want to conceive the secrets of the flesh, I want to raise myself up a higher level, I wish to see all the wondrous sights that are possible on such a journey into the realm of Kung Fu!

All of the former are purely concomitant, part of what there is, some are happy with these, while others are at peace without. The latter, naturally, is the foundation of everything!

She took another step forwards – this one took her onto the nothingness that surrounded them, into the void upon the clouds. Before her eyes lay a huge expanse of an abyss-like void, all the while a brisk wind blew against her face with its cold welcome reminding her of where she was. If she were to fall from here, she would surely shatter into a thousand pieces when she impacted below!

Fang Huayin closed her eyes, she made herself forget her fear, then she just sauntered outwards upon the air.

Beneath her feet, instead of sensing nothingness she felt a mus.h.i.+ness as if she were upon marshmallows. She opened her eyes to look at what it was she was standing upon, to find two wee clouds holding steady beneath her feet.

With her body and spirit as relaxed as could be she sped up, picking up her pace and beneath her feet, the little clouds accompanied her footfalls.

The audience upon the cliffs was in awe, but now they understood it and some of them wished to follow. Then one saw a flash and the white specks that formed the cloud entirely swallowed up the carriage and Fang Huayin. And from there golden lotus lined the way up to the nine heavens leaving behind the sea of clouds!

This magnificent and sacred scene left them feeling an inexplicable awe, yet disappointed all at the same time.

For a moment there was silence and some of the folk there once more dropped to their knees to continue their kowtowing, then someone said aloud,

“It was an immortal’s act of kindness, sowing Kung Fu throughout our world!”

“I shall revere and wors.h.i.+p you as my ancestor if it should be that in the future I too should find success!”

Whilst much of what was spoken was theoretical, it was likewise delivered in some detail. It was enough that those present, in hearing all of this, should now easily be able to find their way through the cultivation of their arts!

Beside the path she was on, Fang Huayin saw the carriage come to a halt. Finally the black veneered interior opened and Mr. Su, in green robes, alongside the brightly attired Lady Jiang descended from the carriage.

Aren’t you going to the deep mountains far away from the material riches of this mortal plane?

Meng Qi was looking at Fang Huayin with a smile, “What? No kowtow?”

Fang Huayin felt herself br.i.m.m.i.n.g over with fortune and in clear spirits turned to Meng Qi to kowtow, “The disciple recognizes the master!”

Meng Qi’s hands gesticulated and he said, “In the face of despair you have not found yourself discouraged, whilst in the presence of wealth nor yourself enamored, this is a fine beginning. However, to date you are but a disciple in name. This tome is a culmination of the last two months that your master and the mistress have compiled for you. It explicitly considers the convergence of the inner and outer realms and includes within it many of the arts’ movements and footnotes for the same. Take it and practice it well, then from time to time I will appear to collate what it is you have achieved. Of course, if you do not put enough into your art, you will just be a disciple in name for the rest of your life.”

Fang Huayin was pleasantly surprised, as she took the book she bowed down once more, “Thank you, master, for such a gift.”

The book itself was the culmination of Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei comparing notes over this period of time, it had no t.i.tle upon its cover however. The idea was that at some point in the future when there was an art for the Exterior, then a name may be found for it. Jiang Zhiwei was aware of Meng Qi’s need for the Qi that was derived from both meritous service and morality and as such she had kept quiet just now. Besides, she could only take some of the credit in helping with refining the materials for the device.

Just when Fang Huayin was kowtowing, Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei were, hand in hand, already far into the distance and soon they disappeared from view along the path all together.

She waited until Fang Huayin could no longer see her before she said with a touch of emotion, “It is truly amazing just how so much time can go by, to think, now your someone else’s master!” She could almost still see the little monk who was being, gradually and bit by bit, inculcated with doctrine way back in the Shaolin Temple.

She soon overcame these thoughts and joked, “So, how many disciples do you think you’ll need?”

“Errm, I suspect 12 should do it. Hey, if in the future Fang Huayin successfully cultivates her arts, we can give her the Taoist name of Ci Hang, meaning ‘merciful voyage’.” As Meng Qi spoke he felt quite playful about things, considering this to be quite a good name.

As he was speaking he opened half of his aperture acupoints. There was an illusory Grand Sun, twinkling stars, a dancing Golden Crow and the land was spread out before them.

Jiang Zhiwei in seeing this laughed and nodded her head, “Congratulations on your attainment of the Second Fold of Heaven.”

Meng Qi had not been keeping track of how much of his exotic minerals and produce he had been using during this recent phase. All of his attention had been put into the cultivation of the arts, and he had, more or less, taken and finished half of the more common illusory imagery of the concentrated Aperture acupoints. Thus, in this way he had managed to take the path to the Exterior’s Second Fold Heaven, which also had meant that all the exotic minerals and produce he had with him had been depleted as a consequence.

“Well, the biggest headache is the leftover half to the Aperture acupoints. As they are to do with rarer illusory imagery, likewise they utilise exotic minerals and produce that are naturally harder to come by. Gathering these together is a problem that I will have to work on.” Meng Qi managed to worry a little at the same time as he was feeling the joy from just now. Fortunately there was the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms, as such he could go about gathering other exotic items and then make an exchange with the Dominator as a means to attaining those that he required. Naturally, it was better to get them himself really so as to avoid the Dominator’s cut. And such places as the Immortals’ marketplace, or at the Plenitude Sect and the Darkness Palace were all quite good to try!

In Dark Ink City, at the Head Altar of the Darkness Palace.

Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei met a priestess dressed in a flowing crimson robe. Her face was very intricate in its details, yet somehow it also appeared quite odd to them, it was something like that of a puppet’s in some ways and additionally one could not perceive the strength from its breath.

“The mechanisms from this Darkness Palace are temporarily unable to be exposed to the outside world, as we do not wish to bring any suspicion down on ourselves from their discovery.” Somehow the priestess managed to say all of this without any feeling or variation being conveyed in her voice.

To which Meng Qi smiled, “And yet the Grotto is the Grotto after all, it would have to be lacking in various kinds of exotic minerals and produce. I imagine the palace has the odd secretive mechanism that it is unable to produce for itself, correct?”

Which caused the priestess to nod her head, “With the Immortal Yunhe leading us we do feel somewhat more at ease, as in this way the Grotto’s special produce is able to be swapped for the more exotic of the exotic minerals and produce items.”

She paused for a moment and her voice became indifferent again, “There is one more thing that the Darkness Palace would like to burden you with, if you can procure a section of 10,000 year old ‘Qinghua Spiritual Wood’ for us, then you may select two items from the 36 Secret Devices we have here at the palace.”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 532 - Sowing Kung Fu

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