The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 534 - Affected by Karma

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Chapter 534: Affected by Karma

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Mystic Fairy of this generation!

As one of the leaders of the Nine Evil Paths, even if she was not as powerful as Progenitor Doumu, her powers wouldn’t be too far off from her. Furthermore, she could even be carrying divine weapons!

Facing an enemy like this would be more dangerous than facing an Exterior expert after opening just seven or eight apertures. Similar to the easy defeat of Emperor of the Netherworld by Progenitor Doumu, he would have no chance to resist at all.

All of Meng Qi’s pores were open, taking in and out Vital Qi from Heaven and Earth. He envisioned his Immortal Primogenitor Form and calmed himself down, such that the nervous, fearful and panic feelings would not cloud his judgments.

Mystic Fairy walked down the sedan chair, and the surrounding dust suddenly disappeared. Those pedestrians just now seemed far away in another a world away. They were unable to step back into the “Immortal Realm”, even their voices couldn’t travel in!

The bustling street became silent, with only sounds of her white boots. .h.i.tting the floor. The four seemed to have been separated from the original world, making connections to Heaven and Earth many times harder.

This is her inner power? Meng Qi tightened his grip on his sword.

Creating one’s own world from nothing was not something an Exterior master could do!

“From this skill, she is at least at the level of grandmaster…”

“From her tone, she should be a Nirmanakaya…”

“But her skill was mysterious and uncanny. I’m not sure if we can break through her world even if we use all our power…”

“We are at Immensity Sea, where good and evil co-exist. Even if the Nine Evil Paths exposed their ident.i.ty, they wouldn’t be captured and killed. As for whether we can escape, it depends on whether other masters will lend us their helping hands…”

“How much weaker is Drunk Xie than Mystic Fairy…”

Except for the last sentence, similar thoughts existed in Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei’s heart. In their nervousness, they had decided to strike with all their force and create a loud commotion to attract other powerful masters.

Mystic Fairy was elegant and beautiful. The corner of her dress fluttered, making her more fairy-like. “You’ve obtained impartation from the Thunder G.o.d, which means that we are bounded by fate. We met here by chance, which also means that we are bonded by fate. With such fate binding us together, why do you look as if you are facing a terrible enemy?”

Her fairly ethereal voice was as clear as spring water, which made Mingxu and Mingguang hypnotized as if it was a calling from a real fairy.

With such a soothing voice entering his ears, and such a gorgeous and fairy-like image in his eyes, Meng Qi felt that the Mystic Fairy was pure and saint-like, and had just emerged from Heaven. Attacking her would be blasphemy.

Such ultimate beauty in the world! Any movements of the sword will break this beauty, making it incomplete…

Thus, Meng Qi found himself unable to wield his sword and attack!

The hand that Jiang Zhiwei used to hold her sword helm was trembling slightly. She too was unable to pull out her sword. Her sense of pity and hesitation was battling with her logic, fighting spirit and vigilance!

Mystic Fairy stepped forth elegantly towards the four stoned character and spoke with a little sympathy.

“If you follow me, you can realize the Extinctive Blade of Overlord and you can be imparted with Soaring Dragon. We can awaken the precious weapon and protect our sect together. This is a matter of mutual benefit. Why would you not want it?”

“Has anyone been slandering my sect in front of you? My sect is much different from that of the Bliss Bodhisattva, and we won’t absorb your nutrients. All the previous guardians did it willingly…”

The clear, beautiful voice and the sincere and real feeling was especially touching. Mingxu and Mingguang were on the verge of agreeing immediately to reduce the fairy’s sadness. Even Meng Qi felt a strange sense of guilt, and his grip on his sword loosened.

Such an eccentric skill! Such a scary opponent!


Just when Meng Qi was immersed in the voice, the sound of a sword being drawn sound in his ears, making him temporarily sane!

Cold sweat filled Jiang Zhiwei’s forehead as she finally drew out the Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow. She used so much strength that green veins popped out on the back of her hand. But even the drawing of her sword was unable to break the ultimate beauty of the world. The tip of her sword trembled but her Sword Qi was unable to be transmitted out, falling around her like raindrops.

Mystic Fairy gave our a clear and loving smile and was about to speak when Meng Qi closed his eyes.

His breath became strange and mysterious, and one could not capture its existence. When he opened his eyes, countless bright star threads were woven into a net in front of everyone.

“Fairy, you are affected by Karma.” Meng Qi opened his mouth, speaking in a calm and mundane tone.

“So what?” Mystic Fairy lifted up her right hand and said. Her five fingers were white and slender, like a green onion and like sheep’s fats. Not a single sense of a fierce and menacing feeling was present as she pointed her hand towards Meng Qi.

It won’t affect one’s own cultivation anyway!

In such an extremely beautiful fairyland, her own moves also seemed to be limited and must be consistent with the image of the elegant fairy.

Meng Qi placed his right hand on his sword hilt, staring at the fairy with deep and dark eyes. “You have hundred to thousand times more Karma threads than normal humans, which is a phenomenon I have never seen in my life.”

She will manifest another self and make love with others when fate calls. As fate dissipates, she would leave and become Nirmanakaya. This cycle seemed to have a beginning and an end, with Karma completed in the process. But ultimately she was using others’ true love for her own cultivation and hurting others in the process. How could she not be affected by Karma then?

Mystic Fairy was stunned as if she had thought of something.

“If it was others with such power and a normal amount of Karma, I could do nothing.” Meng Qi stepped forward and continued, “But fairy, you are different. Your outstanding amount of Karma is like a pile of dry wood to me. I just need a spark to burn the whole lot off!”

Mystic Fairy stopped in her tracks. For the first time, her emotions seemed to be affected.

“You practice Fruits of Karma?”

It was a technique with no solution!

The technique only looked at the level of Karma, and not the actual power level!

Meng Qi stepped forward once more, and the surroundings darkened, with the bright star threads disappearing.

“You have failed the love of countless and have extremely deep Karma. If the Karma burns, it will definitely spread to your original self! You cannot resist it!”

“Once I use this technique, I will be engulfed by Karma too, and won’t be able to survive. Ha, but how lucky I am to die together with you!”

The expression of Mystic Fairy changed. She seemed elegant at times and cold at others. Her world of ultimate beauty was finally broken, albeit only slightly.

Meng Qi’s right hand finally gripped on his sword hilt. He stepped forth once more and spoke with a low voice.

“If one is not scared of death, how can he frighten others with death?”

“Are you scared of death?”

After speaking, he walked towards Mystic Fairy with a deep and mysterious breath.

The right hand of the fairy trembled a bit before finally returning back to the side of her body

Meng Qi stared straight ahead, as it was cow dung instead of a gorgeous fairy beside him!

The noise of pedestrians and the smell of mortal beings reappeared. They had returned to the original world and they felt as if they were being revived!

Meng Qi walked steadily towards the end of the street with Jiang Zhiwei, Mingxu, and Mingguang. Mystic Fairy stood dumbfounded for a while before returning to her sedan seat.

As they turned around the corner of the street, Meng Qi’s legs gave way and he almost fell. His entire sleeveless s.h.i.+rt was covered in a layer of cold sweat.

“Hurry up.” Meng Qi changed his breath, pulled Mingxu along with him, and entered the crowd.

He could still use his incomplete Fruits of Karma technique to scare Mystic Fairy, but the situation would be completely different if it was Bliss Bodhisattva instead!

Jiang Zhiwei held Mingguang’s hands and followed closely behind.

After continuously changing breath and appearance, Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei hid in an occupied park.

“I didn’t expect to meet Mystic Fairy directly.” Meng Qi exhaled and suppressed his nervousness and fear.

It was obvious that Mystic Fairy arrived here for the Primary Instruction of The Buddha’s Palm. Otherwise, given the vastness of the world, the ability of his Eight Nine Mysteries to conceal breath and to avoid calculations would definitely prevent their chance meeting!

Unfortunately, his Jade Virtual Divination was still insufficient, or he would have sensed the danger after leaving The Plenitude Gate and calculated then, thus avoiding the danger ahead.

Jiang Zhiwei frowned and said, “Primary Instruction of The Buddha’s Palm is one of the most precious objects in the world. Thus, Mystic Fairy herself might be nearby. How about you transform into something and hide first while I try to communicate with people from my sect. Perhaps my master is here too.”

If Su Wuming interferes, n.o.body other than the Dharmakayas can stop him – the same with Mystic Fairy!

The match would at best be equal if she brought her precious weapon along.

“Perhaps my master is here too,” Meng Qi said after calming down.

The Primary Instruction of Buddha’s Palm would not be useful to Sword Was.h.i.+ng Pavilion, and thus Su Wuming might not be present; however, Shaolin Temple would definitely want it. Looks like Dragon Slaying Luohan, third on the Celestial Rankings, would now reenter Jianghu!

Moreover, as Primogenitor Lingbao highly valued Buddha’s Palm, he would definitely come personally.

But such Dharmakaya masters would only appear at the very end, and one could not depend on them now.

“Well, then we act separately.” Jiang Zhiwei looked at Mingguang and Mingxu, and explained, “It is too dangerous here, send them east after you transform so all of you can avoid Method of Mistress Su.”

Meng Qi followed her eyes and suddenly had an idea. He smiled and turned to the two Taoists, “Please, I have a request.”

“What request?” Mingxu and Mingguang were uneasy under his stare.

Meng Qi smirked and said, “Please return to Grotto and ask if the Immortal has any interest in the Primary Instruction of Buddha’s Palm. If he is interested, please wait at the door, as long as I open the door and see him, I’ll use all my energy to help!”

“Er, sure.” Mingxu and Mingguang did not understand the significance of The Buddha’s Palm. Once they realized that they were just required to find their leader, and needed to perform nothing dangerous, they agreed immediately.

After sending the two back in, Meng Qi put away the Plenitude Gate again and walked out of the park with Jiang Zhiwei, who had changed to another outfit. What they saw as they walked out, however, surprised them.

There were many families on the street moving about with their camels and luggage. The guards of Fish Sea city were busy maintaining order and there was a man and a woman floating in mid-air.

The woman was wearing a snow white dress, and holding an eccentric sword that was shorter than the usual long swords. She had a dark blue ice crystal embedded on the back of her hand, which was also unique to the usual colourless ones. She had a perfect body and a gorgeous face which, however, seemed cold and merciless.

The man was ugly but was eight feet tall. Muscles were bulging on his body and he wore a black coat that looked like a ca.s.sock. His eyes were full of anger and he had a murderous gaze.

Exterior masters from the Snow Mountain Sect and Ashura Temple? Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei recognized them from their attire.

At this moment, a guard pa.s.sed by and Meng Qi stopped him to find out what was happening.

“Exteriors conglomerate at this region and a huge fight could ensue. The Ashura Temple, Snow Mountain Sect, and Jin Gang Temple suggested to the Castellan to evacuate peasants to other places,” the guard responded seriously.

The man from Ashura Temple overheard the conversation and glanced at them. He then flew toward them, still high above and ground, and shouted menacingly,

“Those from the Central Plains, get the h.e.l.l out of Fish Sea!”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 534 - Affected by Karma

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