The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 540 - Being Difficult or Being Covetous

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Chapter 540: Being Difficult or Being Covetous

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After sensing his surroundings more attentively, Meng Qi found no traces of destruction inside Immensity Sea Hotel No.1 as if all the people inside had left on their own or were captured in the blink of an eye.

The fact that Jiuniang had not left any secret markings meant that there was something unusual about this matter.

Out of concern that enemies would be waiting around for members of the Immortals to search the hotel, he did not spare it much of a glance. He straightened his body, intending to fly away and return to Azure Heaven to recruit some strong helpers.

Suddenly, a voice pierced his ears. “Donor, why aren’t you entering when you’re already pa.s.sing by?”

From the complete stillness of Quicksand Town emerged a tall and slender figure clad in deep red. His facial features were on the rough side. He was dressed in a Lama robe and carrying a Buddhist Commandment Blade as he appeared in front of the hotel. He stared at Meng Qi with the pivot of his Qi locked on the latter.

“This place is too strange. I sense no living being inside. I think most ordinary people wouldn’t dare go near it,” Meng Qi replied, stroking the hilt of his sword with his hand.

This Tantric Buddhism monk had an incredible ability in hiding his breath. Even with Meng Qi’s the perception of Eight Nine Mysteries, he only sensed the Lama’s presence now.

Of course, it was also due to the fact that the Lama showed no murderous intent against him.

“Can a master who had merged the inner and outer realm could be regarded as an ordinary person?” The rough-looking Lama treaded high up in the air, walking toward Meng Qi.

Meng Qi smiled at him. “Even Exterior experts will stay away from unnecessary trouble.”

The Lama stared at Meng Qi, holding his gaze. “Then why are you observing the hotel so carefully if you’re trying to stay out of unnecessary trouble?”

“Curiosity is an unavoidable trait in humans.” Meng Qi glanced at the Buddhist Commandment Blade in the Lama’s hand and noticed that it was two inches longer and slightly thinner than regular blades. It was quite a strange sword, something unique to Jin Gang Temple.

“The Exterior heir to Jin Gang Temple?”

The Lama and Meng Qi stood face-to-face, their eyes meeting on the same level. The former’s pivoting Qi was locked onto the latter. “Things have been abnormal on the edges of Immensity Sea. I’m here under Dharma King’s order to investigate it. Your movements have been unusual enough to evoke my suspicions. Please come with me to meet Dharma King and verify your innocence under his eyes Buddha Eyes.”

His tone was indifferent as if Meng Qi must go regardless of whether he was willing to. This was not an invitation but an order!

He had demonstrated the same formidableness in which Jin Gang Temple had used to dominate the entire West Regions!

The anger that crept onto Meng Qi was instantly restrained. The Lama’s points indicated that the situation in Quicksand Town was not unique and had been happening to the edges of Immensity Sea. In other words, whoever who did this did not specifically target Immensity Sea Hotel No.1, Jiuniang, or the Immortals.

It seemed that Jiuniang had been caught in an innocent disaster.

She was a Samsara traveler and also possessed a secret treasure as self-protection measures. Unless she was targeted, there was a high likelihood of her escaping…

Perhaps this was a separate incident from the ambush on Drunk Xie. It might very well be a coincidence and he must not confuse the two incidents.

He was also not obedient enough to just do as the Lama had requested.

Never mind whether or not he was guilty for what had happened, his disguise techniques would be easily exposed under Dharma King, a grandmaster. He would not agree to go unless he was forced to. Furthermore, the Lama’s commanding tone made him feel deeply unsatisfied.

If worse came to worst, he would just beat up the Lama!

Would he still fear Jin Gang Temple looking for him once he escaped this place, alter his breath, and adopt a new appearance and ident.i.ty?

“Your words are deeply erroneous. Which Exterior expert wouldn’t take a look when something like this has happened to Quicksand Town? Tell me, are you going to bring all of them back with you?” Meng Qi’s eyes were narrowed and his heart was like a mirror, integrating with the world and merging the inner and outer realms. The Qi movement of the world had become his own.

Now that the scale of his perception had been pushed to its limits, he instantly detected the anomalies in the town. He could not find the source of the sullen Yin Qi in the vicinity. It was as if the same Qi had always shrouded the town!

Beyond that, there was no other strange Qi movement in the town. Everything was as ordinary as ever.

Just as the Lama was about to speak, two figures came flying from Jade Gate Pa.s.s. The one who took the lead was a tall and upright man dressed in a green robe, who conducted himself in a leisurely manner. Wrapped around his left wrist was a string of prayer beads. Behind him was a feminine-looking middle-aged man wearing a black robe and hat.

“Crown Prince?” Meng Qi’s eyelids twitched when he noticed the newcomers were acquaintances. It was the former Crown Prince of Great Jin Dynasty, now Zhao Qian, King of Liang.

“He’s a Buddhist with a deep connection with Buddhism. The words ‘Buddhist Emperor’ emerged on the Wordless Stone Steele…” When this information suddenly emerged on his mind, he no longer found Crown Prince’s presence in Immensity Sea to be strange.

It would be stranger if he did not show up when the Primary Instruction of Buddha’s Palm would soon appear in this world!

Yet curiously, Crown Prince had brought only Eunuch Wei Gao along. Both were merely ordinary Exterior experts. Where were the grandmasters and Peerless Master Pros of Pure Land Sect and other Buddhist sects?

Did he want to to obtain the instructions by himself based on his fate with Buddha?

Meng Qi’s mouth did not relax even as these thoughts crossed his mind. “Look, Senior Monk. Don’t you see there are other people coming as well? They even stopped to investigate the place!”

The strangeness in Quicksand Town and the sight of two Exterior experts facing off in midair naturally prompted Zhao Qian and Wei Gao to stop in their tracks. They stood some distance away and observe the town, all the while making preparations to make a quick detour.

The Lama lifted his palm and declared Buddha’s name. “There’s something else that makes you suspicious. Most people are drawn to Fish Sea and Tan Han because of Buddha’s Palm but you’re going in the opposite direction. Please make your arguments in front of Dharma King.”

His words were decisive, with his gaze fixed on Meng Qi.

“He Is so stubborn about inviting me…” Meng Qi’s eyebrows twitched and he laughed instead of expressing anger. “What if I refuse?”

It seemed that the Lama’s excuse of investigating the abnormalities happening in the edges of Immensity Sea was just one side of this facade. The other was that he suspected Meng Qi of leaving in a hurry after gaining benefits in Fish Sea and Tan Han!

Jin Gang Temple was determined to gain Buddha’s Palm and this had become their modus operandi. They would rather kill an innocent than let go of any chances!

“Then, please excuse my lack of courtesy.” The Lama wore a grim expression as he wielded his Buddhist Commandment Blade across his chest. He began chanting the scriptures and diffused the murderous aura of the blade.

“You seem confident,” Meng Qi said, giving him a faint smile.

The red-robed Lama showed no surprise at Meng Qi’s response and remained as emotionless as ever. He once again declared Buddha’s name. “Teachings of Buddhism is the basis of morality and conduct; turning all the difficulties and hards.h.i.+p of life into nothingness.”

He was implying that even if both their breaths were similarly under the first step of the Celestial Ladder, he had complete confidence in winning Meng Qi. Since he foresee no hards.h.i.+p in obtaining success, naturally it would be nothingness!

“May I have your name?” Meng Qi asked, smiling.

“I’m Ji Shan.” The Lama’s eyebrows drooped. His blade reflected the early morning sunlight, bringing forth a piercing chill.

“Ji Shan?” Meng Qi instantly recalled who this Lama was after mentally recovering information that Six Fan School had given him. Ji Shan was once the most outstanding disciple of Jin Gang Temple and was an expert in Beheading External Devil, one of the three major bladesmans.h.i.+p. He was invincible against those who had enlightened their Apertures in the West Regions. Later on, he became a perfect Half-step and promoted his realm from there.

He had made his Jianghu debut much later than the likes of Xue Lengzhao and Amour Monk but was now already in the realm of Third Heaven of the Exterior and close to crossing the threshold of the first step of the Celestial Ladder.

It was no wonder he would be so confident against any opponent whose realm was under the first step of the Celestial Ladder!

Seeing Meng Qi looking somewhat nonplussed, Ji Shan spoke with the confidence of someone who had yet to be defeated by his peers. “Now that you’re aware of my name, you may dispel your doubts and follow me to meet Dharma King.”

In other words, now that Meng Qi knew who he was, Meng Qi should forget about trying to get out of this depending on pure luck!

Meng Qi burst out laughing. “I’m only asking your name because my sword doesn’t punish the nameless!”

“You…” The corners of Ji Shan’s eyes twitched. He tightened his grip on his blade.

His mind had barely begun processing the insult when he sensed that his opponent had turned into a Grand Sun that burned intensely. Every inch of Meng Qi’s flesh, blood, and skin harbored an indescribably terrifying power.

The airflow around them was lurching and the void seemed to be distorting. Heat waves blew in his face and under his feet, the gravel and mud on the ground showed signs of melting. With each breath he took, it felt as if his lungs were burning. Each time he exhaled, it was as if there was an omen of his pores being scorched.

He felt as if the sea of Vital Qi of the world had boiled alongside with it!

Even though he had killed his peers after stepping into the Exterior realm, it was always under the circ.u.mstances of him being ambushed or him ambus.h.i.+ng others like how he had killed Ze Luoju and Amour Monk. Besides confronting Crimson Dragon and engaging in a controlled battle against Luo Jia, he had yet to experience exchanging blows with a peer.

His fighting desire was soaring now that he had came across the arrogant Ji Shan.

He had yet to give his sword a true test after refining the Divine Sun Stone and consummating his sword art!

A layer of pale golden glow surfaced on Ji Shan’s body while his red Lama robe gleamed from the inside to help him resist the high temperature. Ji Shan slowly lifted his right hand and his Buddhist Commandment Blade seemed to cut through all kinds of obstacles and External Devils. What appeared to be hards.h.i.+p was, in fact, a smooth journey for the blade.

Golden light emerged in midair, appearing pure and natural to the world. It was an unyielding and sharp light that gradually eased the boiling sea of Vital Qi of the world. Even though Ji Shan was still wielding his blade in front of his chest, Meng Qi felt as if the former had penetrated his skin, muscles, blood, and bones, all the way to his soul.

Using the Jin Gang blade, Ji Shan cut off all kinds of worries and all kinds of Exterior Devils!

His blade tugged at the Qi in the world and drew the fire igniting it.

The fire soared and ignited the airflow around them, turning the air into a sea of flames!

From some distance away, Zhao Qian and Wei Gao looked somewhat stunned as they watched the unfolding battle.

“Riches move hearts, even more so with precious treasures. Buddha’s Palm has yet to emerge in the world but battles are happening in all corners of Immensity Sea,” Zhao Qian remarked emotionally.

“You have deep roots in Buddhism, my Lord. Buddha’s Palm would naturally fall into your hands,” Wei Gao replied, trying to flatter him. “Things will be much easier once Pure Land Sect and the rest of Buddhist sects arrive.”

“Don’t forget those Dharmakaya masters.” No happiness surfaced in Zhao Qian’s expression.

“But the divine monk Kong Wen will be here.” Wei Gao deliberately demonstrated his confidence in Zhao Qian’s success.

Zhao Qian’s gaze remained far away, fixed on the raging flames. Changing the topic, he said, “Do you know who’s the one fighting Ji Shan of Jin Gang Temple?”

His voice had barely faded when he saw a gleaming Grand Sun emerging amid the sea of flames.

“N-No… It’s not the real Grand Sun. It’s an illusion created from the change in the Qi movement in the world!”

“It’s sword light – an endless, boundless sword light that is surging from all directions!”

“The endless light illuminated the infinite world!”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 540 - Being Difficult or Being Covetous

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