The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 543 - Looking For Qu Jiuniang

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Chapter 543: Looking For Qu Jiuniang

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Primogenitor Lingbao then said in a solemn tone, “As a member of The Immortals, we should be concerned about Bluecloud Progenitor’s sudden disappearance. I would be grateful if the two of you would use the soul lamp to search for her.”

He proposed the request first, then followed with an explanation, “There’s something weird about Bluecloud Progenitor’s disappearance. There were no traces of a struggle inside the ‘Immensity Sea Hotel No.1 ‘. And until present, the opposition did not show any signs of an attempt to hide the soul lamp. It’s as though they had no idea that we and Jiu Niang were members of The Immortals.”

The sould lamp is composed of a secret recipe, whose ingredients include its owner’s Blood Essence, Vital Spirit and breath. The lamp would go out when one’s life ends. Though the lamp is hard to create, most respected families would create one for their offspring or their experts of the Exterior. so that if they were in danger, their families would know right away.

Thus, we could use the soul lamp to find out their owner’s trace. Albeit there would be quite a bit of noise in the signals.

Having procured the “Eyes of the Primeval”, Meng Qi had become and official member. So he too had left a soul lamp with The Immortals. But since Progenitor Doumu and Primogenitor Lingbao had already created soul lamps with their Families, and that only one soul lamp could be made, they did not leave theirs with The Immortals.

“Or they could be pretending not to know anything and set a trap waiting for us to go to their aid.” Yan Wuwo was arrogant, but also a careful person.

Primogenitor Lingbao nodded in agreement, “I have the same concern, which is why I’m not searching for them myself. Plus, I have to go and pay my Taoist friend Shou Jing a visit. I am sending out Su Meng to help you though, he is adept in transformations concealing himself. With his help you should be able to avoid any potential traps.”

“Alright.” Gongyang Hao agreed.

Primogenitor Lingbao looked toward Meng Qi, “This is a dangerous task, but I can’t provide you with any divine weapons. The only thing I can give you is this strategy map, it should be enough to rival any attacks made by exterior level masters. Of course you still have the Reincarnation Talisman, unless you encounter Dharmakaya, otherwise you should be able to get away unscathed.”

He pulled out the Reincarnation Talisman and the strategy book, which is marked with four colors, cyan, white, red and black, with each representing one of the four directions. If you concentrate , there is a sense of danger that Vital Spirit is being penetrated by a thousand swords. It was as though the whole body was shattered.

It couldn’t be a fake Jade Dynasty strategy book could it?… Meng Qi took the strategy book, but he was fully aware of the scary power that the swordwill inside possed. He couldn’t stop speculating.

A sense of sadness hovered over him as he made his wild speculations about the book’s power. Since this strategy book was borrowed must be returned after the task, or it could be used up in moments of danger. In short, it was not his to keep.

For someone as stingy as him, how could he not feel pain at the loss of such a treasure!

After getting the strategy book and Reincarnation Talisman, he suddenly remembered something. So he took out the mysterious sheepskin and Prayer Beads from Amour Monk and described the origin and his own a.s.sumption.

Everyone’s sights were focused on Matriarch Lishan and Abbess Mingfa. She was well read in the Teachings of Buddhism, and far better than monk Su Meng, Which was why she could see the clues.

“Apart from this one, is there another bead without any power?” Asked Abbess Mingfa as she stared at the sheepskin.

Meng Qi nodded firmly, “Yes, and Blessing-endowed Heavenly Official Zhou Qiushan has the other one.”

Abbess Mingfa then said in a thoughtful tone, “It seems like the Twelves Signs of Correlation, this vague Prayer Bead represents ‘ignorance’, which is ‘not seeing’, the beginning of trouble. The other one should be the sign of ‘dying naturally’.”

“The Reminicent Bead of The Twelves Signs of Correlation Prayer Beads, could there be a place for the twelve Buddha Aura? They might have formed a Buddhism spiritual barrier, where the ‘G.o.d’s palm Primary Instruction’ is the formation key. Amour Monk in the Merriment Temple predicted the next place where the Buddha Aura would be in advance by figuring out the spiritual barrier. Unfortunatly he died, otherwise the stratagy key would no longer be a mystery…” It seemed that Abbess Mingfa was mumbling to herself, but she was in giving the others clues.

Meng Qi said with some expectation, “Can abbess figure out which spiritual barrier this is?”

Abbess Mingfa nodded and said, “There are many Buddhism spiritual barriers, and many have been lost through the chaos of the demons and monsters. I can’t pinpoint anything yet.”

Suddenly she stood up and added, “I’ll see if the six realms of existence can help.”

She disappeared in the blink of an eye, but then returned just as quickly, though without any hint of a smile.

Meng Qi was not surprised by the result, the thrifty nature of the six realms of existence meant that you had to pay thousands of Karma points to even get a look at the Primary Instruction of the “The Buddha’s Palm”.

“As Amour Monk had figured out the spiritual barrier, the other monks in Merriment Temple might be able to as well. We only need to catch a few of them…” Meng Qi said in a low voice, putting forward his thoughts.

He did not have an ounce of patience to face such notorious delinqents. It would be disrespectful for women if they continued living in this world!

“I’m In.” Primogenitor Lingbao agreed without hesitation.

Violent winds blew, the Immensity Sea was totally deserted. Then within a half-renovated dusty temple,

two monks were busy restoring the wall with Gobi desert rocks. One was in grey robes and the other wore in white. Although they were in pain with such strong a wind blong viciously in their faces, they looked nice, especially the monk in white, who gave off a spotless feeling.

“Senior Brother Hong Neng, this is the last temple for you, isn’t it?” The monk with white robes moved his hand and of rocks came down, then turned into big bricks.

He was a handsome monk who was no older then twenty. He looked clumsy but wore a smile that screamed he was in a good mood.

The monk from Lanke Temple Hong Neng laughed and answered, “The temple is in the heart, restoration can never be compelete. I need to pray in front of the Buddha after I go back.”

Hong Neng looked toward the monk’s ignorant and innocent eyes, changing topic, “Junior Brother Zhen Hui, how did you end up back in Immensity Sea? This place is dangerous.”

Zhen Hui laughed and answered, “Senior Brother told me to find him and enjoy the good life, but he’s always on the move. Now, he is in Immensity Sea, so I followed him here.”

He never considered himself a monk, so naturally he didn’t follow the diciplines.

Speaking of which, Zhen Hui scratched his head and said, “I also heard Fish Sea and Tan Han are dangerous, so I hope to stay with you, Brother Hong Neng until this blows over and then find Senior Brother.”

He looked at sands and stones in mid-air, and thought silently, “I wonder if the story that Senior Brother told before will come true. Where The Buddha’s Palm drops from the sky and land in my arms…”

Zhen Hui thought for a moment and left the issue behind, and continued to help Hong Neng restore the temple.

The sandstorm provided a good cover, so Meng Qi and Yan Wuwo roamed inside without anyone noticing.

‘Flying Yaksha’ Yan Wuwo didn’t wear the mask so his scary, gray and marron face was exposed. He was holding a gla.s.s lamp with a flickering flame, emanating Qu Jiuniang’s Vital Spirit breath.

After calculating secretly with ‘Taiyi numbers’, Yan Wuwo changed directions and headed towards the Fish Sea of the Bogda Shan mountain range.

Meng Qi followed without words.

After flying for more than an hour, Yan Wuwo stopped at the desolated Gobi Desert, between Tan Han and Fish Sea.Then he said in a low voice, “It’s roughly here, but I can’t pinpoint the exact spot. We should split up and checkout anything unusual. If you find something strange, don’t linger and explore on your own. We will meet back here in two hours and figure out what to do together.”

Meng Qi nodded, then he suddenly changed his clothes and ident.i.ty. He was now an exterior level stranger, he packed up all swords and flew in mid-air. Every so often he would meet the powerful strangers also looking for The Buddha’s Palm. But he didn’t find anything abnormal.

Two hours later, Meng Qi and Yan Wuwo met each other at the appointed place.

“Something is unusual in the area where Jiu Niang’s breath is the strongest.” Yan Wuwo said directly before Meng Qi could talk.

“What do you mean?” Meng Qi was shocked.

Yan Wuwo turned his body toward the direction and said secretly, “I found a magic array which covered a downward ravine. If it weren’t for my prodigious skill which is very sensitive to moisture, I would not have been able to detect it.”

The whole of Immensity Sea was connected to underground rivers, by which Meng Qi avoided the trace from An Guoxie, but it was all for nothing.

“Now, the place is full of Exteriors, so it’s normal that someone searching the underground rivers would set up a magic array.” Meng Qi said casually.

Yan Wuwo added briefly and strongly, “This is not the place for Buddha Aura.”

That’s weird, unless the monk was from Merriment Temple… Meng Qi concealed his facial expressions and flew with Yan Wuwo to the edge of magic array. There were grits everywhere, but no ravines.

Meng Qi took a deep breath, and opened all his senses, which interated with heaven and Earth. His Inner World slightly influenced the outer world.

This had caused the outer world to subtly change, which now seemed gloomy, but there was a place that did not change.

It really was a magic array!

Meng Qi and Yan Wuwo exchanged a few words. In an attempt not to act rashly and fall into a trap, he planned to explore by himself.

With the light glittering, Dharma and Logos of Heaven and Earth amalgamated, and Meng Qi disappeared. There was a fat gerbil on the ground where Meng Qi vanished.

The Gerbil dug a hole three meters deep, then headed to the ravine.

The deeper he dug, the more moist it got. Fifteen minutes later, Meng Qi felt relaxed. He had already penetrated through, the babbling sound of water echoed in this open place.

He touched rocks, smelled the breath, looking for traces. A few moments later, he found there were several places which had leftover breath.

Meng Qi jumped over there quietly, he was afraid that the opponent left nothing off, not even a gerbil. Or there could be grandmasters on the alert.

Meng Qi pa.s.sed several bottom rocks and suddenly stopped because he felt Qu Jiuniang’s breath.

Meng Qi didn’t dare to get any closer, he looked around and suddenly walked along the rocks then looked back.

He then saw the edge of underground river, two men and a woman sat where the water scoured. The woman was wearing a black dress, her spirit appeared weak. She was Qu Jiuniang!

The two men, one had a red face and the other had a black face, were all strangers to Meng Qi. But they both had the breath of exterior level masters because they were invoking changes to their surroundings!

“Who could these Exteriors be?”

“How come I’ve never seen them?”

“What do they want with Qu Jiuniang?”

With so many questions in his head, Meng Qi gripped the rocks hard to try and observe for a while.

The red-faced man was unable to sit still, he kept on roaming as thought waiting for someone.

As Meng Qi peered over Qu Jiuniang, he was shocked. Because he had missed an important detail earlier.

He realized that apart from her spirit, Qu Jiuniang was not hurt at all!

Coupled with the fact that there were no signs of a struggle, Meng Qi instantly felt that he was in danger!

How strong could these two be if they could easily capture a Peerless Master Pro of the four-fold Heaven?

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 543 - Looking For Qu Jiuniang

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