The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 590 - The Unexpected Oral Confession

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Chapter 590: The Unexpected Oral Confession

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White clouds floated serenely across a backdrop of clear blue skies. The vast sea of Vital Qi between heaven and earth undulated slightly as it entered the bodies of Meng Qi and the others. It allowed them to connect with Nature Force, healing their Vital Qi as they flew at high speed. They felt no exhaustion even as they carried Qi Zhengyan and Ruan Yushu.

What a lovely moment this was – bright sun overhead, blue skies, cool breeze – one could not help but want to linger in this place, experiencing the sensation of soaring freedom. Oddly, however, Meng Qi was felt rather gloomy. He did not feel as carefree as he did when they turned northeast earlier.

“Could it be that we’re not out of danger yet? Is there an ambush waiting for us?” He who cultivated Eight Nine Mysteries would never ignore his gut instincts. He was on high alert as he carefully sensed his surroundings, even secretly using his Jade Virtual Divination.

Everything in their surroundings was normal, be it the Five Elements and Four Divisions of the Constellations, the sun, moon, and stars, or the different kinds of Dharma and Logos. Nothing was off. Neither was there any concealed killing intent. This made Meng Qi wonder if he was being paranoid.

However, the results of his Jade Virtual Divination indicated that the Chaos was in a chaotic, fuzzy condition. This was an indication that the Secrets of Heaven were being purposefully concealed or cut off!

“This is bad! There’s danger ahead!” Meng Qi was just about to soundlessly relay this piece of information to his friends when he heard a slight tremor running through Jiang Zhiwei’s Sword of Sun-Penetrating Rainbow before it emitted a dragon-like cry.

“Danger is lurking…” Jiang Zhiwei was a little slower than Meng Qi in realizing this but she was the first to voice it out.

Those who honestly wield their swords would have a sincere heart; before the autumn breeze even sweeps, the cicada already knows!

Their eyes met, confirming their hunch that there was danger awaiting. However, whether it was Meng Qi’s gut instinct or Jiang Zhiwei’s sword cry, neither was considered a strong sign. It seemed that it was not a danger that const.i.tuted unexpected attacks but an ambush that would allow for them to adjust. There was no need to panic yet.

Unlike Meng Qi’s friends who had exchanged looks, Zhao Bai, Bai Song, and Wai Qing wore looks of disbelief after hearing Jiang Zhiwei’s soundless message. They were entirely oblivious to any danger lying in wait within the range of nearly 30 miles.

“Let’s change our direction,” Meng Qi said straightforwardly. He had no time to give them any explanation.

It was just at this moment that their surroundings suddenly turned dim and faint. The blue sky shrank rapidly. Darkness fell over the world in just seconds – so quickly that none of them had the time to react.

“Yin-Yang Separation Handkerchief? Or is it a similar s.p.a.ce Treasure?” Meng Qi’s heart jolted in surprise.

A large-headed Junior Brother was holding onto both ends of a painting scroll as he serenely stepped out of the void. He smiled at his Senior Brother who was hiding in the distance. “You worry too much, Senior Brother. They’re all people who have never seen much of the world; how would they be able to sense the Map of Mountains and Rivers replica? There’s no need for you to use your Mind-bending Clock as a precaution.”

The brown-robed Senior Brother’s plan was made in the manner of an experienced strategist. It was to use his Junior Brother’s Map of Mountains and Rivers to prevent Meng Qi’s group from noticing that something was amiss so they would not have the chance to escape. To this end, he had prepared his Mind-bending Clock. With a strike of the clock, he would plunge them into a state of confusion and strip them of the ability to grasp what was happening. Yet who could have expected things to progress this smoothly? It made his preparation seem superfluous and his Junior Brother even laughed at him. For a moment, his aged face looked dull and expressionless. “That’s good news as well. It’s better than the Mind-bending Clock turning out to be lacking in the face of an accident.”

The big-headed Junior Brother appeared rather pleased with himself. “Let’s hurry and lay down the killing formation!”

This Map of Mountains and Rivers replica only possessed the ability to entrap, not to kill. However, that was enough to give them an opening to kill.

Zhao Bai, Bai Song, and w.a.n.g Qi were frantic when they found themselves plunged into darkness. Nevertheless, they were people who had climbed from the lowest rungs of society to make a name for themselves. Their mental states were quite decent and they regained their composure soon enough.

They did notice, however, that Meng Qi and his companions had no change in their expressions. In fact, they were already discussing countermeasures among themselves.

“To have no change in expression in the face of such disaster! Mr. Su and his companions have such great self-restraint despite their young ages!” Bai Song and the others secretly lamented.

Actually, Meng Qi and his friends, who had undergone Samsara tasks, had far more life-and-death experiences than these three!

By the time they calmed down, the four had already finished their discussion. Bai Song asked, “Mr. Su, have you thought of a good countermeasure?”

Meng Qi, who was wearing an ancient hat and a wide robe, smiled. “There’s no need to worry. We’ll handle it as it comes.”

“Handle it as it comes?” Zhao Bai asked in surprise. How could they take such a lax att.i.tude when the enemy had already trapped them?

Bai Song was as confused as Zhao Bai but he trusted that Meng Qi and his companions were not ignorant fools. “The people who are coming are not our allies. Even if Lord Bo’Le doesn’t send his own men to protect his reputation, he can dispatch men from the secret sects that back him up. It’ll be nearly impossible to escape if we get ourselves captured and brought back to the mountain gate!” he said in a low voice.

Jiang Zhiwei had long unsheathed a white sword of rainbow hues. Pointing to their surroundings, she said, “It’s been several minutes since we fell into their trap but there are no signs of the killing formation activating. This proves that this formation only has the ability to entrap. We still have a chance.”

Even if this secret treasure could trigger the formation to kill, it still wasn’t a dead end for them. Their Baroque PaG.o.da of Nature’s Hues and Yuxu Apricot Flag were not mere decorations. If they could endure until their enemies opened their secret treasure, they would get the chance to ambush them.

Bai Song nodded. While she was right, what did it have to do with ‘handling it as it comes’? Their enemies could very well just drag them back to the mountain gate!

When he saw that Bai Song still remained clueless, Meng Qi, whose hands were clenched around his sword, put on the mask of a master who remained calm in the face of adversity. He chuckled and said, “If they didn’t find it troublesome to haul us back to the mountain gate, they would’ve killed us with the formation instead of entrapping us. This means they still have use for us, and as long as we’re useful there’s room for negotiation.”

“If they’re not planning to bring us back to the mountain gate and lay down the formation at once, it will not e a difficult problem to solve considering our strength. We only have to handle it well. There are no grandmasters awaiting us outside, after all.”

Even if there were indeed grandmasters outside, they could still use their Soul-stirring Bell to run interference and give themselves an opportunity to escape!

Bai Song and the other two could not comprehend where Meng Qi’s confidence and calm stemmed from, but that confidence was nevertheless infectious. While listening to him a.n.a.lyze all possible scenarios, they began to feel that their situation had become less impossible. It was as if everything could be solved just by raising their hands.

The anxiety and panic hidden deep in their hearts were gradually relieved.

Meng Qi felt smug deep inside upon seeing their change in demeanor. It was worth it putting up such a front. Coupled with his experience preaching his doctrine, he might very well turn out to be one of the ‘children’ of the world. How could he neglect his style and make himself a laughing stock?

Even as he was feeling good about himself, he remained vigilant about his surroundings and maintained control over his body to the highest degree. He was prepared to revolt the second a chance presented itself!

The big-headed Junior Brother, carrying the Map of Mountains and Rivers, stole occasional glances at his Senior Brother who was keeping himself busy. His Senior Brother would step in every now and then to lend him a hand. Thus, their killing formation was finally completed. The Junior Brother believed that their realm, strength, secret treasures, and the killing formation were enough to annihilate the eight people trapped inside!

“Senior Brother, are you ready?” the big-headed Junior Brother asked.

The brown-robed Senior Brother was holding his ‘Mind-bending Clock’ with a solemn expression. He nodded. “I’m ready!”

The big-headed Junior Brother put away his carefree expression. He used his left hand to unfasten a red sign while his right unfolded the Map of Mountains and Rivers, all toward the core of the formation.

Suddenly, Meng Qi’s group came flying out.

It was right then that the killing formation was fully unleashed, sending a dense Demon Odor swirling in the air. The killing intent was now evident. The brown-robed Senior Brother knocked on his ‘Mind-bending Clock’.


The sound was as gentle as a whisper, plunging the listener’s Vital Spirit into a state of dizzy confusion. Zhao Bai, w.a.n.g Qi, and Bai Song began swaying from side to side.

Out of the blue, a solemn and divine 13-story golden paG.o.da with distinct ledges materialized above Ruan Yushu’s head. Ribbons of blackish-yellow Qi emerged from the paG.o.da and hung down to protect everyone. The Qi prevented the fire, waters, and wind that the formation had conjured from entering. It also prevented damage from the Mind-bending Clock.

The Baroque PaG.o.da of Nature’s Hues was capable of preventing tens of thousands of infiltrations and defilements!

“What thieves! Too bad you didn’t conjure the paG.o.da first!” the big-headed Junior Brother quietly cried to himself. He was grateful for this as the Mind-bending Clock would not be able to affect them otherwise. Fortunately for them, their prime target, Mr. Su, was still beyond the protection range of the paG.o.da.

“Look at the sign!” he yelled. Smoke began rising from the sign in the palm of his hand. He then struck Meng Qi with unfailing precision.

Puff! Meng Qi vanished like smoke.

The Living Propagation! It was an Embodiment formed out of his hair!

“No!” The Junior Brother’s pupils shrunk in fear.

Opposite him, the brown-robed Senior Brother was gawking. That was because a thirteen-meter-tall giant with two heads and four arms had materialized behind his Junior Brother. The giant wore a solemn expression as it intertwined with the Dharma and Logos in their surroundings, exuding an indomitable air.

In one hand the giant carried a purple thunder saber, a long crimson jade sword in a hand with a huge scar, and a white lotus seat on another hand. He towered high above with apathetic eyes fixed on the big-headed Junior Brother.

Without any warning, it slashed at the Junior Brother with the purple thunder saber, clearly prioritizing attacking him. It commanded the dark clouds and spurred on the lightning, so imposing that the elements of nature obeyed it.

Boom! Green lightning as thick as buckets rained down like sabers.

The giant had Heaven Inflicted Pain and Flowing Fire clasped in its other pair of hands. The saber carried a weight so immense that it bent the void. The sword radiated rays of light that illuminated everything and exuded a terrifying heat.

The moment the Sky Thunder fell, a sword intent abruptly crashed into it!



The collision caused an unimaginably terrifying explosion. The brown-robed Senior Brother had no time to react. His entire vision went white as the aftershock sent him flying.

Law Phenomenon, a two-headed and four-armed giant, the fall of a Grand Sun, the five sounds of thunder – all of these occurred simultaneously!

When divine punishment in the form of green lightning emerged from the vast expanse of whiteness, the brown-robed Senior Brother knew that he was in trouble. He was about to ring the clock once again when a long sword came charging toward him. Time seemed to slow down around him.

Under the protection of the Baroque PaG.o.da of Nature’s Hues, Jiang Zhiwei rushed out of the formation!

Ever since reaching the Third Heaven of the Exterior realm and being able to make a slight connection to the Dharma and Logos, Jiang Zhiwei had relied on her Sword Principles cultivation to resolve the Twenty-three Swords Skill a little. Even though it’s effect was not that powerful, at least there would be no terrifying countercharge.

The brown-robed Senior Brother’s movements became somewhat sluggish. He did not manage to hit the Mind-bending Clock. He saw a golden rope flying toward him, unraveling into multiple strands. The print of charms on it became evident as they fastened around the Senior Brother, restricting his mana.

“How could they have so many secret treasures at hand?” The brown-robed Senior Brother was stunned as Jiang Zhiwei carried him in her hand.

At this moment, the boundless white light that had spread to a radius of 20 miles and the immense ripple of shock disappeared. Meng Qi had returned to his original self. The chunk of plant roots lying in front of him rapidly turned into ash, leaving behind only a painting of mountains and rivers floating in imbalance.

Meng Qi’s Law Phenomenon had gained the ability to fight Peerless Master Pros of the Four-fold Heaven ever since he reached the Third Heaven of the Exterior realm. Coupled with his two heads and four arms earlier and the activation of his tricks, the big-headed Junior Brother was naturally unable to put up a resistance.

The Law Phenomenon of Eight Nine Mysteries, as a Peerless G.o.dly Kung Fu, had always been a weapon that could effectively surpa.s.s realms. In the past, Lord of Purity and Magic, while in the realm of Peerless Master Pro, was able to use Law Phenomenon to withstand one strike from a Half-step to Dharmakaya master!

“Plant demon…” Meng Qi frowned. “It’s a replica of the Map of Mountains and Rivers?”

“Map of Mountains and Rivers, a monster… Did we incur the wrath of the orthodox school of G.o.ddess Nvywa?”

Meng Qi’s group was generous in using their secret treasures and methods earlier because they did not know their enemies’ strength. They went all-in from the very beginning, leaving no room for restraint. For instance, Meng Qi had used his White Lotus Seat of the Seventh Order to obstruct any attacks on the mind. He even conjured an Embodiment out of his hair while going into hiding to deceive their enemies. He then launched a violent attack on them without holding anything back.

“It’s a good thing we didn’t waste our secret treasures. There’s something to be gained from this…” Meng Qi’s mind instantly turned in this direction. Shamelessly and bluntly, he put away the ‘Map of Mountains and Rivers’ that seemed as if it still had two good uses in it. Jiang Zhiwei also took the brown-robed Senior Brother’s clock and s.p.a.ce Ring.

Meng Qi then unleashed Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmans.h.i.+p, One Heart Affecting Another, as well as Supernatural Power of Shaking Heaven and Hitting Earth to ‘interrogate’ the brown-robed Senior Brother.

Images began to flash, prompting Meng Qi to let out a soft sound of surprise. He appeared rather stunned.

“Small Heaven Cave of Yuxu Mountain?”

“It’s the demonic cult that guards the Monster Emperor Palace?”

“No wonder Lexicon of Demon Emperor and Flaming Phoenix Manual are considered Peerless G.o.dly Kung Fu even if they aren’t!”

“Could the t.i.tle of Monster Emperor be referring to G.o.ddess Nvywa?”

“To think that the Monster Emperor Palace truly exists! The gossip in the back mountain of Shaolin Temple wasn’t just speaking nonsense…”

Meng Qi calmed his mind as he began to probe the Senior Brother’s mind even more carefully. Suddenly, he spotted a familiar person – no, a familiar demon!

The little fox from Heavenly Sea Source!

He saw her paying a visit to the Small Heaven Cave along with a man with a head of multi-colored hair. Together, the two entered the Monster Emperor Palace.

They had entered the Monster Emperor Palace which had been left unused for many, many years, the same palace that not even the demonic cult that guarded it could enter.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 590 - The Unexpected Oral Confession

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