The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 614 - Mark of the Devil

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Chapter 614: Mark of the Devil

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The green-robed man lifted the paper umbrella in his left hand contently as raindrops slid off the surface toward the ground like scattered pearls. His face was partially hidden behind the umbrella, exposing the white hairs on his temples that signaled the vicissitudes of life.

The man and his umbrella were the only things occupying Dark Broadsword’s vision and senses at this moment. The torrential rain abruptly diminished as if it was a water spot being wiped away. The dark clouds and the long street disappeared into the void at the same time, leaving only darkness.

Thump, thump, thump! Dark Broadsword’s heart pounded uncontrollably like a beating drum, giving rise to an indescribable sense of danger.

The green-robed man before him was too terrifying!

Unbelievably terrifying!

Such thoughts raced madly in his mind. He felt as if this man was the strongest opponent he had ever met in his entire life!

He had come across grandmasters but never once engaged in a fight with them. It led him to wonder if grandmasters would exert pressure this severe. Compared to his meeting and subsequent narrow escape from Soul-chasing Demon Monarch, the pressure that this man exerted on his spirit was far greater.

Blood rushed into and out of his heart. He could feel his limbs weaken and his mind overcome with the pessimistic notion that he would never win against this man. He could not even muster up the desire to fight.

Did the man’s imposing nature and pressure on his spirit alone force him into the verge of defeat? If nothing else, Dark Broadsword was at least an experienced Exterior master. He tried his best to pull himself away from such influence.

Suddenly, the reflection of the green-robed man in his pupils rapidly magnified until his entire vision was filled with him. It was as if the man had flown to his face in an instant. The man then stretched his right hand forward, his left hand still grasping the paper umbrella.

The man’s slender and powerful palm was spotlessly white and dazzling with l.u.s.ter. It struck Dark Broadsword at an angle like a saber.

Strangely, this strike helped Dark Broadsword recover his senses. The pitter-pattering sound of rainfall entered his ears and the mist rising from the ground clouded his vision. Pooled water flowed down the long street, was.h.i.+ng the flagstones clean and connecting both sides of the building.

However, everything unfolded so slowly that the heavy rain was like viscous honey that fell drop by drop. The fog was like an old man nearing his demise, crawling a little by little to fill his surroundings. There was a long gap between each pitter-pattering of the rainfall, making it sound like a lullaby.

The sluggish surroundings, world, body, and feeling existed in such harmony that Dark Broadsword could not tell the difference at first. But the palm came flying at him at a regular speed, making the sluggishness of his surroundings seem conspicuous and strange.

The palm strike was created through observing and emulating the movement of Qi of the Twenty-three Swords Skill!

Of course, Jiang Zhiwei had modified this version to be weaker.

Of course, this was only a superficial imitation.

What was bright was sluggish was actually an illusion. The essence was a palm stroke derived from the Seven Immortal Illusions stimulated through the core Gist of Trueness of Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmans.h.i.+p.

“How is this possible? How can there be such a palm stroke?” Dark Broadsword’s mind was sluggish as if he could only wait for death. He watched helplessly as the palm hacked the top of his head, his feelings of danger reaching its peak for the first time. The green-robed man before his eyes was like the Devil itself!

He was not an ordinary person, after all. He forcefully raised both his hands at the most perilous moment and opened his mouth like a swallowing whale. Darkness became stark and began spinning frantically.

He then took a deep breath.

Instantly, the Vital Qi in the world and the energy of the palm amid the rain flew into his mouth. It seemed as if his body and hands were returning to where they belonged, flowing ceaselessly.

The curtain of rainfall was ripped apart and the energy of the palm was destroyed. It was as if a whirlwind had swept the long street, pulling everything into it. The core and root of this whirlwind was none other than Dark Broadsword!

The illusion vanished, allowing him to regain a clear vision of the world. He could see the scattered dark clouds and heavy rain, as well as the green-robed man holding a paper umbrella at the mouth of the alley in the distance. He saw the white hairs on the man’s temples and his deeply-lined features, both exuding the elegant temperament of one who had experienced the vicissitudes of life. He stood in place quietly as if he had never once made a move.

Dark Broadsword then saw Meng Qi take a leisurely step forward. He gave rise to a mystical feeling as he walked, as if he had exceeded the sea of suffering and would reach the other sh.o.r.e in one step. He appeared before Dark Broadsword in an instant and sent a light-as-feather palm stroke flying at him, completely ignoring the swallowing-whale posture and the force of attraction of the expanding ‘gloom’.

This palm stroke brought no wind nor energy. It was not even connected with heaven and earth. It floated down softly like a stray leaf.

Dark Broadsword’s pupils shrunk rapidly. He felt incapable of restraining himself, even more so than his sluggish senses earlier. That was because he was incapable of grasping the rhythm of the seemingly simple palm stroke. The palm seemed to be everywhere yet nowhere. He had no idea where to even begin block or dodge this attack!

“In the Heavens and on Earth, I, the Unique and Righteous, am everywhere and nowhere!”

Even if Dark Broadsword was not a Buddhist, he could taste the profound Zen Philosophies contained in the palm as well as the dreadful, depraved filthiness that sank all living things into desolation. Both mystically merged into one above the Zen Philosophies; one could not exist without the other.

The palm and the man was as one!

When the thought came to him, Dark Broadsword was already in despair. The danger he felt was even deeper than before. There was no way he could block this palm even if he tried to raise his spirits and forcefully retaliate!

It was impossible to block it!

Malice suddenly clouded his expression. Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, he let go of all his restrains. In fact, he dared not to restrain himself any longer. A pitch-black mark, full of the smell of depravity, ma.s.sacre, and blood, emerged between his midbrows. The mark instantly washed away the Zen Philosophies and gathered Devil Qi.


The spotlessly white and powerful palm vanished before reappearing behind the many layers of defenses. Using the power to surpa.s.s all external forces and the form of I, the Unique and Righteous as the core, it struck Dark Broadsword on the forehead so hard that he started bleeding. He felt his head becoming dizzy and his Vital Spirit swaying.

If the pitch-black Mark of the Devil did not explode with power to protect him, the outcome would be inconceivable.

The Mark of the Devil fell and turned into a radiance the color of ink. It amalgamated with the overflowing Devil Qi emerging from within Dark Broadsword. It rose steeply from the ground and dashed toward the seaport.

“Uh…” Something unexpected had occurred. Dark Broadsword’s Plan B had exceeded Meng Qi’s expectations, causing him to transform into the rainbow sword light just a beat slower. He pushed his way through the curtain-like rainfall to chase after Dark Broadsword.

The pooled water on the long street washed the flagstones clean. Rain fell once again, returning everything to its initial state. The battle between two Exterior experts unexpectedly caused no signs of destruction. Their restraint of strength and the uniqueness of the battle were evident!

The ink-colored radiance threw itself into the sea quietly, rapidly diving in and disappearing far away. Dark Broadsword felt no safer, feeling as if the Devil-like man was a mere step behind and would soon catch up. He was on complete pins and needles!

Danger was getting closer and he could feel it intensifying. Just as he could no longer suppress his crus.h.i.+ng despair and fear, his body lightened and such feelings inexplicably disappeared.

He probed his surroundings in astonishment and discovered a tower s.h.i.+p reflected on the water not far from him. The magnificent seven-story s.h.i.+p towered majestically over him. Banners decorated the head and tail of the s.h.i.+p, both bearing different words:

‘Eastsea Sword Village’!


“The s.h.i.+p of He family of the East Sea! Life always finds a way indeed!” Dark Broadsword exhaled, feeling gladness wash over him. “No wonder the terrifying green-robed man dared not continue the chase!”

Suddenly, a silk thread with a hook fell before his eyes. He looked up and saw an old man with spa.r.s.e, yellowish hair standing on the s.h.i.+p. The old man’s breath was introverted without fluctuations. He looked as if he did not see Dark Broadsword and unaware that he was even here.

Dark Broadsword dared not run, not when this old man had instantly discovered him and when he had a terrifying opponent hunting him down behind. Obediently, he climbed up and flew to the deck.

“Young Heightslord invites you inside,” the old man said placidly as he continued fis.h.i.+ng.

Dark Broadsword entered the cabin as instructed and saw someone sitting by the window.

Even seated, the person was half a head taller than the average person. He had straight, sword-like brows and eyes that resembled deep pools. He exuded utmost self-confidence as if nothing in the world could trouble him and no enemy could make him uneasy.

“Honored to meet you, Young Heightslord.” Dark Broadsword recognized the person to be ‘Shapeless Sword’ He Jiu.

“Just what has happened in Linhai that prompted you to run?” He Jiu asked straightforwardly.

With a jolt in his heart, Dark Broadsword told He Jiu the whole story from the beginning: from how he had found the late Master of Yun family to how a mysterious and terrifying green-robed master trying to murder him. He did not mention that the green-robed man might be trying to shut him up, but the idea inevitably occurred to He Jiu.

He Jiu lightly tapped the file in front of him, muttering, “The green-robed man’s two palm strokes each have their own abstrusity and are difficult to measure too. The first resembled Dharma Form of Xuan Tian Sect while I’ve not seen anything similar to the second and thus can’t tell its origin. What clues do you have?”

Dark Broadsword shook his head. “I’ve never heard of such a master either.”

He Jiu took out a jade bamboo script engraved with seal script and imbued it with the essence of what Dark Broadsword had seen earlier. He would be able to identify the man through his breath and appearance.

Otherwise, the description of the man – a green robe and a wide belt, deeply-etched features, white hair on the temples, elegant temperament, eyes filled with the vicissitudes of life, a paper umbrella in hand – would match countless men in the world!

Dark Broadsword was curious about his attacker as well. After a quick inspection, he brought the jade bamboo script to his forehead and imbued it with his experience.

He Jiu’s expression remained unchanged as he looked at the script. He then tossed it out the window, where a fishhook s.n.a.t.c.hed it.

A brief moment later, an aged voice came drifting to their ears. “Judging from the man’s breath and appearance, it seems to be Merciless Tyrant of the yesteryears.”

“Him? To think his strength would improve this much. He’s not one to be underestimated,” He Jiu said, sounding intrigued. He seemed tempted to immediately test Merciless Tyrant’s current strength.

“Never mind not underestimating him, he’s like the Devil itself!” Dark Broadsword thought. He then said, “I’ve been hunted ever since I left the heterodox path and always been stealthy in moving around. I’m confident I’m not someone so easily killed. For Merciless Tyrant to be able to intercept me, I’m sure he has someone who informed him of my whereabouts!”

“Do you have a suspect in mind?” He Jiu asked, smiling.

Dark Broadsword thought it over before replying, “These past few days, I’ve been meeting the elders of Zhu, Tie, and Yun families. They’re the most likely suspects but with how vigilant I am, they wouldn’t know unless they have a tracking secret skill…”

“Then who knows about your hideout?” He Jiu looked as calm and confident as usual.

“Thirteen Childe and Seventh Lady of Yun family. There’s also the Chief of a local s.h.i.+p, a close friend of mine. He’s the one who prepared my hideout.” Dark Broadsword honestly told him about everyone who knew his hideout.

He Jiu slowly questioned him, helping him to arrange his thoughts.

Meng Qi held a paper umbrella under the torrential rain at the sh.o.r.e by the port, looking at the tower s.h.i.+p on the sea.

“Interesting,” he mumbled. Turning around, he slowly stepped into the curtain-like rain and disappeared into the mist.

The final pitch-black Mark of the Devil of Dark Broadsword was similar to the Devil Lord’s one that he had once seen.

Though it was of an entirely different type, both could be traced to the same origin.

Did the tomb raiders who entered the Devil Tomb before he and Gu Xiaosang disseminate it or were there something else?

In the beginning, Meng Qi cared little for the outcome. He wanted to quickly gain the women’s trust and get closer to Method of Mistress Su. Yet, something related to Devil Lord had unexpectedly cropped up and made things more interesting!

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 614 - Mark of the Devil

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