The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 649 - The Evil Spirit Emerges

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Chapter 649: The Evil Spirit Emerges

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The black mist dissipated, revealing an olden mausoleum. From the outside, it looked like a great place to seal evil things. Now that the land had been slightly s.h.i.+fted, the mausoleum appeared a little out of place.

One Evil Spirit of the Five Ancient Emperors would soon reveal itself. Meng Qi was confident, but he was still inferior to the Evil Spirit in the realm. He decided to not lower his guard in the slightest. He held the Heaven Inflicted Pain in his right hand and a black flag in his left hand. The black flag was emitting breaths to cover Meng Qi.

All of a sudden, both Buddhist Monk Silence and He Canshang felt a magnificent breath arise. The breath left them s.h.i.+vering to their very bones, the breath was something they had never felt or even imagined!

In an instant, red mist permeated everything within a few hundred miles, creating a damp atmosphere. The water droplet seemed to cover their skins. The senses of the experts of the Exterior failed to penetrate the mist. They could only make out the entrance of the mausoleum in the mist.

Meng Qi’s breaths had made them vigilant. How horrible! Star-picking Immortal and others felt as if they had met a real immortal, holding their breaths in awe.

The breaths rushed out like sea waves. Master Xiyue goggled, feeling out of breath, he had only one thought.

“Horrible! This is horrible!”

A while ago, Meng Qi’s blow had made him flinch and he believed that even 10 times of his own strength could not match Meng Qi’s strength. Now, Meng Qi’s breath had become even more intense. Facing the breath, he felt like an ant in front of the Grand Sun. Even a single move from Meng Qi could send him to h.e.l.l.

Regardless of whether it was emitted by him or his weapon, Qingyuan was truly capable!

Thinking that Qingyuan would seek revenge on him, Master Xiyue felt helpless. He even started to imagine his tragic fate and the fall of the Moon Village.

In midst of the illusions, he felt pain in his heart as if it was on fire. In the meantime, he was struck by a backache. He was being tortured and torn apart by the pain.

“The Qi-deviancy Derangement?” Master Xiyue felt everything in front of him go dark. He stopped struggling and let himself fall.

Star-picking Immortal noticed his fall in time and flew to catch him, otherwise, he would have been shattered into pieces after hitting the ground.

“What’s wrong?” Star-picking Immortal’s brows furrowed.

Master Xiyue looked up. In the pupils of Star-picking Immortal, he saw his own pathetic state. His hair was scattered while his cheeks palpitated between blood-red and pale-white. His eyes were dim and his breath shaky.

Covered by the breaths of the Devil-rinsing Flag, Meng Qi entered the mausoleum. Every mark including the Boundary between the Living and the Dead had disappeared. Broken walls and ruins could be seen everywhere while rotten things were scattered about. Only the Dragon-subduing Stand remained high above, towering and desolate.

The entire mausoleum seemed to suppress everything inside it. Meng Qi felt heavy and was having difficulty flying. He had no choice but to descend to the ground and walk.

Black fog shrouded the way in front of Meng Qi, he could not make out a thing. At that instant, a man slowly emerged from the fog. He was clad in a robe and held a long spear with thundering lights surrounding him. Despite how young as he looked, he was actually in his middle ages. He was none other than the former heightslord of the G.o.d-gathering Heights, “Emperor of Tengen” Huangfu Tao!

He was turned into a zombie in his middle ages. His body had not declined and the energy still lingered on him. Thus, apart from the Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu, he was among the strongest in the mausoleum and had nearly pa.s.sed the first Celestial Ladder. Since Meng Qi had received his guidance, gaining the karma of the Black Tortoise Jade Pendant, he wanted to save him. Thus, he suppressed his power so as not to injure Huangfu Tao accidentally.

Meng Qi suddenly quickened his pace in a calm manner as usual. He stormed toward Huangfu Tao like a chariot dragging a mountain.

Huangfu Tao was indifferent, he lifted up the spear as if he was carrying the world and the mountains while brandis.h.i.+ng it slowly.


s.p.a.ce seemed to have collapsed as Black Thunderclaps swarmed toward Meng Qi. The scattered lights of the Thunderclaps. .h.i.t the ground and the walls. The Thunderclap attack was indeed rather dangerous.

Meng Qi stomped forward holding his saber and warded off all the Thunderclaps which vanished without any trace.

All the lights gathered around the blade tip and were condensed into the size of a needle.

Meng Qi turned around while bracing himself his waist, and hurled himself at Huangfu Tao’s long spear. His chest hit the spear.

The spear was warded off, whereas Meng Qi was unscathed. Then, Meng Qi wielded his saber from below.

Huangfu Tao hurled his spear to block the blow. The saber and spear clattered, producing a sea of Thunderclaps which engulfed the lower-half of the mausoleum.

At that moment, Meng Qi grew another pair of arms from his back. The arms were as white as jade with yellow and purple sunset rays surrounding them. Then, he clenched one hand!

“Gee…” A sound rang out in the black fog.

Meng Qi’s fist penetrated Huangfu Tao’s protective Thunder Light and hit the latter directly on his head.

At this moment, Meng Qi unclenched his fist and turned his hand into a dragon claw. The breaths of Merit, Bliss, and Morality permeated inside Huangfu Tao’s Mud-pill Palace, cleansing his body and getting rid of the evil things within him.

In the instant, golden lights shone on Meng Qi’s glabella. Inside his Vital Spirit, a lotus bloomed. Meng Qi’s eyes appeared unfathomable like that of Buddha looking down on the world.

Strike the heaven and earth!

Huangfu Tao’s sea of consciousness emerged. It was enveloped by black fog, and golden waves of the sea of consciousness were trapped beneath the fog. With help of the “Primeval Golden Lotus”, Meng Qi tried to collect Huangfu Tao’s memories.

The waves started to surge as the black fog gathered and transformed into the figure of Zhenwu Great Emperor in a ceremonial black robe. Meng Qi felt an indescribable majesty bearing down on him. Now, even his thought process started to slow down. However, the Primeval Golden Lotus produced millions of rays and managed to temporarily block Zhenwu Great Emperor’s attack.

However, Meng Qi was like a wavering boat on the sea, it could capsize at any moment.

Seizing the opportunity, Meng Qi injected the Devil-rinsing Flag’s breaths into Huangfu Tao’s sea of consciousness.


Huangfu Tao’s sea of consciousness heaved another wave and finally broke out of the black fog.

Thanks to Meng Qi and his Devil-rinsing Flag, Zhenwu Great Emperor’s thin and serious face faded away while Huangfu Tao regained his consciousness.

Meng Qi unfastened his grasp and hurled Huangfu Tao. Immediately, the latter flew out of the mausoleum, straight towards He Canshang.

“Master!” He Canshang could not imagine what had happened inside the mausoleum. Thus, seeing his master flying to him, he was both alarmed and excited.

Finally, Huangfu Tao started to see things clearly. He nodded and looked down, murmuring, “He’s grown into such a man…”

At the same time, inside the mausoleum, the black fog kept rolling, eventually turning into a human figure that wore black robes and a crown. He had a thin face with serious eyes.

In front of the Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu, Meng Qi was extremely vigilant. Even if the Evil Spirit didn’t have Zhen Wu Great Emperor’s realm and strength, he still had vision, knowledge, and experiences of the latter. Despite possessing divine weapons, Meng Qi did not dare to underestimate the Evil Spirit.

The Evil Spirit’s breath was obscure, Meng Qi could not detect his remaining strength.

The Evil Spirit had put up a hard fight and nearly escaped from the mausoleum. How much of his strength was left over?

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu did not attack, instead, he stared at the Devil-rinsing Flag and slowly said, “He won’t let me leave.”

The “he” was naturally Zhenwu Great Emperor, the Devil-rinsing Primogenitor.

Just when Meng Qi was about to inquire about Zhenwu Great Emperor’s whereabouts, the Evil Spirit continued, “The bladesmans.h.i.+p you applied outside the mausoleum is based on the ‘Divine Nine-Annihilation’, I a.s.sume that you can’t produce such bladesmans.h.i.+p in your current realm. Are you the last Thunder G.o.d’s successor?”

“Yes, I am.” Meng Qi replied shortly despite not understanding why the Evil Spirit had asked that.

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu chuckled. “After the fall of the Celestial Court, Thunder G.o.d had been here.”

“Did the ancient Thunder G.o.d come to this place right after the fall of the Celestial Court? Did he try to track down Zhen Wu and as such ended up here?” Meng Qi was shocked and cast an uncertain look at the Evil Spirit.

He knew that the Evil Spirit was trying to distract him by these stories, so as to create a good timing to attack. However, at the same time, he also knew that the Evil Spirit was aware that he would listen.

To know more of these things was more beneficial than acquiring any stroke of the Seven Strokes of Heaven Interception!

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 649 - The Evil Spirit Emerges

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