The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 650 - Tales of the Ancient Times

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Chapter 650: Tales of the Ancient Times

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Meng Qi remained alert while keeping the Primeval Golden Lotus geared up and the Eight Nine Mysteries at ready. He continued asking, “Didn’t Thunder G.o.d die from the fall of the Celestial Court?”

Currently, various legends existed and the common part of them was that after the Celestial Court fell, only Immortals such as Mystic Fairy of the Nine Heavens remained and were active afterward. Moreover, they never talked about the fall of the Ninth Heaven. As for the ancient Thunder G.o.d, some said he survived until the last years of the Myths, while others said he had died from the Celestial Court’s fall. Meng Qi believed the latter speculation because the Thunder G.o.d was not involved in most of the tales of the last years of the Myths.

After all, the ancient Thunder G.o.d was among the A-team warriors, second only to the Heaven Sovereign. He could not have survived such a big event. Even the Heaven Sovereign disappeared and perished, how could he manage to escape?

However, according to the account of the Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu, after the fall of the Celestial Court, the ancient Thunder G.o.d dodged the bullet and reappeared in this decoy tomb!

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu was wearing a crown and possessed an air of royalty. He even smiled in a dignified way. “The Thunderclap might be wild and ferocious, but the Thunder G.o.d was not a reckless man. Even among those Inborn Spirits, he was one of the smartest bunch. You could tell that when he survived the fall of the Celestial Court.”

These words shocked Meng Qi as in his opinion, the Thunder G.o.d was supposed to be a reckless and forthright man. So how could he be that careful and thoughtful?

Zhenwu Great Emperor was also born in the ancient times. Though not a G.o.d, Zhenwu Great Emperor resembled the Thunder G.o.d a lot. Besides, they had fought shoulder to shoulder. Zhenwu Great Emperor must have known the Thunder G.o.d well, thus stories told by his Evil Spirit were highly credible unless the Evil Spirit deliberately deceived Meng Qi.

Nevetherless, what good would it do to deceive him in such matters?

In the midst of his thoughts, Meng Qi decided to change the topic. “The Celestial Court fell and Ninth Heaven vanished, what happened then? Why didn’t Thunder G.o.d try to stage a comeback?”

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu faintly smiled in a majestic manner. “The Thunder G.o.d didn’t bother to tell someone humble like me. That being said, if they can s.n.a.t.c.h the Celestial Court from the overwhelming master like Heaven Sovereign, they must be the experts who had disappeared for an era. They might have even collaborated, after all, a few of them were inferior to the Heaven Sovereign.”

An era was what people called a time period in ancient times.

“Who are those experts?” Upon hearing the ancient anecdotes, Meng Qi was all ears.

On one hand, he was curious; on the other hand, those anecdotes could help him discover the truth and find the opportunity to get rid of Ananda and others’ suppresion.

The face of the Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu became sullen, his smile was gone. It seemed that as both one of the Five Ancient Emperors, and one of the Nine Primogenitors of Taoism, he still bore indescribable awe of those experts.

“Three Pure Ones, Amitabha, the sacred Buddha, Bodhi, Monster Emperor, Taoists, Buddhas, and demons. Those experts must have been one or several of them.”

“Well, it can only be them…” Meng Qi had guessed that before, he slightly exhaled. “Why did they topple the Celestial Court and wipe out the Ninth Heaven?”

For some strange reason, this shock had suddenly made Meng Qi think of the Apotheosis War.

“How would I know? I was trapped here long before the Celestial Court fell.” The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu snorted and lowered his voice. “To invoke experts who have been hiding for an era, there could only be a few reasons. The opportunity of enlightenment, or the way of immorality…”

He did not finish his words as if he already had an answer in his heart.

However, Meng Qi wanted to know the answer. He cautiously asked in another way. “Why were there only Taoists, Buddhas, and demons? What about the devils and G.o.ds?”

“The devil emperor died by Taoist Primogenitor’s hands, and Heaven Sovereign was the counterpart among the G.o.ds. What other devils and G.o.ds do you want?” The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu stood in the black mist, and it was getting damper.

As the Dark Emperor of Water, he seemed to manipulate water in a natural way.

Thinking of the origin of Claw of the Demon Emperor, Meng Qi suddenly exclaimed “Eureka” in his heart. But he continued to ask, “What about other evil spirits?”

“Other evil spirits? Devil Lord and Sky-killing Taoist were trapped in the sea of woes like me. Heaven Sovereign had gotten out of the sea of woes and realized half of the Full Enlightenment, he was not lesser than Bodhi or Monster Emperor, who had the support from the Nine Serenities and the Demonic World. They might not flinch in front of Heaven Sovereign, but they did not dare to attack the Celestial Court. They dread going against the aforementioned experts.” The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu let out a chuckle, making him look less serious.

“Full Enlightenment?” Meng Qi had heard the word for the first time. He had never read it in any ancient book or record.

“A new realm?”

Meng Qi frowned. “However, long before the fall of the Celestial Court, Devil Lord had raided the Celestial Court, only to be knocked off by Heaven Sovereign with his Heaven Path Seal in the end. Devil Lord’s Demonic World was shattered into pieces as well. Rumor had it that in the fall of the Celestial Court, Heaven Sovereign failed to stop it because of the injury from his fight with Devil Lord.”

Zhenwu Great Emperor had mysteriously disappeared before the fight between Heaven Sovereign and Devil Lord. He had built a tomb here and buried his Evil Spirit here. Thus, the Evil Spirit was not aware of the following events.

“Was he crazy?” Unlike the Zhenwu Great Emperor, his Evil Spirit let out a cry of shock. He was obviously startled. “Has he voyaged over the sea of woes and ‘landed ash.o.r.e’?”

He thought that the Devil Lord must have broken through to a high realm, as such, thought highly of himself. Thus, he dared to raid the Celestial Court. In the end, he died by Heaven Sovereign’s swords.

Meng Qi shook his head blankly. “I haven’t heard of a single realm you said.”

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu failed to contain himself just now, it was a great chance to raid him. However, Meng Qi refrained from the thoughts, in fact, he would rather hear more ancient secrets than complete the mission.

Otherwise, he feared that as w.a.n.g the fraud had predicted, he might be best among his peers, but someday he might die by other experts’ hands!

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu did not expect Meng Qi to answer his question either. He collected himself and wore a complex expression. “No, he couldn’t have broken through so quickly. He must have an ulterior reason…”

Zhen Wu’s Evil Spirit was confident in that Devil Lord could not have broken through because even he himself had failed to do so!

They had fought several times and knew each other’s strength and realm too well.

“Well, it looks like Devil Lord wasn’t that innocent…” Meng Qi slightly exhaled, thinking that tales in the late ancient times were full of mysteries.

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu become silent, he seemed to be absorbed in thinking. Curious for more ancient stories, Meng Qi asked him again. “Did Thunder G.o.d come here to look for Devil-rinsing Primogenitor?”

“To look for Devil-rinsing Primogenitor?” The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu regained his dignified expression. His surrounding breath was vast like an overwhelming sea. “He came here to figure out how I became immortal.”

“For the way of immortality?” Meng Qi originally thought Thunder G.o.d was looking for his “comrade” in this decoy tomb. When he found Zhenwu Great Emperor had left, Thunder G.o.d decided to mark this place with traces of his breath. When someone ran into the breath, it would dissipate and would later subside when everything quieted down.

Zhen Wu’s Evil Spirit sneered. “Cultivating to a realm like ours, you wouldn’t want to spend all your years and just die. Thunder G.o.d was no exception. However, I found his breath a little bit out of control after he headed to Carefree Valley.”

“Did Thunder G.o.d know of the Carefree Valley too?” Meng Qi was more than puzzled.

Meng Qi thought that only Zhenwu Great Emperor himself knew that the Netherworld was trapped in Carefree Valley.

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu glanced at Meng Qi. “Though the Netherworld was only an ordinary Buddha, he could temporarily reach my strength level with the help of the Nine Serenities. How could I have trapped him without Thunder G.o.d’s a.s.sistance?”

“You also know the Netherworld was trapped?” Meng Qi was quite surprised. Initially, he thought before seeking for the immorality, Zhenwu Great Emperor suddenly found Carefree Valley strange and therefore discovered the Netherworld. In the end, Zhenwu Great Emperor trapped the Netherworld in Carefree Valley.

After he had successfully trapped the Netherworld, Zhenwu Great Emperor glimpsed the secret of immortality. He left in a hurry and disappeared from the world.

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu sneered again. “Being the Evil G.o.d of the Nine Serenities, the Netherworld dominated the life and death affairs. If you want immortality, you’ll turn to him in the end. Thunder G.o.d and I secretly visited Carefree Valley and trapped the Netherworld there, in search of the profound knowledge of life and death.

“Burying the Evil Spirit in place of the owner was created by ‘him’. However, something dawned on ‘him’, prompting him to visit the Netherworld before he settled himself in the coffin.

“By the way, what’s going on inside Carefree Valley now?”

Without a doubt, the Evil Spirit was extremely concerned about the Zhenwu Great Emperor’s whereabouts.

Meng Qi reviewed the situation in Carefree Valley for him. The countenance of the Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu turned grave, and he murmured, “He took the Netherworld. Where is he? In the Nine Serenities, or…”

“Did the Zhenwu Great Emperor take Evil Avatar ‘the Netherworld’? Didn’t the Netherworld escape by himself?” Meng Qi’s perceptions had been proved wrong again and again, he could not help feeling anxious now.

“The Netherworld’s corpse has been unearthed again and was obtained by the Life-changing Sect and me. Then what about ‘Zhenwu Great Emperor’ who was supposed to be with him?”

All of a sudden, the expression of the Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu turned from serious to ferocious. “He must have found the way of immortality!”

“Even he’s immortal, he still wants me dead!”

The black mist swirled and water sloshed.

“Maybe Zhenwu Great Emperor has already pa.s.sed away…” Meng Qi deliberately said.

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu burst out laughing. “If he had died, I would have ceased to exist eventually but not the reverse. What do you think?”

“Zhenwu Great Emperor survived!” Meng Qi thought and gaped at Zhen Wu’s Evil Spirit.

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu had a crazy idea. “Why can he not die and I survive instead?”

“I have my own plans. I don’t want to listen to him and wait here until he returns!”

He suddenly glared at Meng Qi and requested in a deep tone. “You get me out of here, I’ll tell you the places he has set up for his ‘resurrection’. There are many weapons and scattered impartations of the Seven Strokes of Heaven Interception.”

“Has the Zhenwu Sect been to one of those places?” Something crossed Meng Qi’s mind and then he smirked. “After Devil-rinsing Primogenitor kills you, we’ll know everything. I suppose everything is in the mausoleum to be unearthed, right?”

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu snorted and suddenly said, “Last time I took one of you people’s bodies, I ran into an old friend and then was rubbed out by him. Do you want to know who that was?”

“Who?” Meng Qi heart was thumping. ” Last time when ‘the possessed spirit’ was rubbed out by the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms, ‘the possessed spirit’ did blurt out something.

“Was he trying to say ‘it’s you’?” Meng Qi recalled.

The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu chuckled. “It’s…”

In the middle of the sentence, he thrust his left hand and the water around him surged as if it was going to drown the world.

Meng Qi had been distracted and responded slowly. Immediately, he lost control of his Devil-rinsing Flag and it slowly flew in the direction of Zhen Wu’s Evil Spirit!

“Why would I be afraid of my own weapon?” The Evil Spirit of Zhen Wu sneered. He clenched his right fist around the hilt and drew out his sword.

Bright sword lights shone over the blade, the world felt unreal, the bodies, genuine Qi, and the Dharma Form felt unreal as well. Only the Vital Spirit remained to face the extremely pure sword light!

Cutting Tao And Seeking True-self!

Seven Strokes of Heaven Interception!

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 650 - Tales of the Ancient Times

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