The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 665 - Five Pillars Mountain

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Chapter 665: Five Pillars Mountain

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Under the light pillar, the familiar Samsara Square appeared in front of Meng Qi once more. He touched his storage bag to ensure that all his weapons and treasures, including the “World of Dao” impartation, or Supreme-wisdom Tree as referred to by the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms, were still there. He found out that he had to complete this mission one year ago today, so he took the tree out of the headquarters of The Immortals on the way to Shaolin Temple. However, he was unsure of the exact timing and was unable to enter Shaolin Temple in time.

“The Dominator didn’t dare to make me disappear in front of a Dharmakaya…” Meng Qi was happy at the increasing “cowardliness” of the Dominator. It increased his chances of getting rid of the Dominator in the future.

However, considering that Taoist Chonghe, a man who was almost an immortal himself, was still stuck in Samsara, he was unsure if his estimation of the Dominator’s strength was accurate.

“What is the Dominator concerned about?”

Another light column appeared and a yellow figure was slightly revealed in the light. Jiang Zhiwei, holding a long sword, stepped out as if she were a morning glow.

“How are you feeling?” She asked, smiling.

Meng Qi laughed. “Not bad.”

He remembered Jiang Zhiwei’s question four months ago and wanted to answer her. “If G.o.ds and Bhuddas use us as p.a.w.ns and control our lives, we will butcher them with our swords and sabers!”

However, having calmed down, he was embarra.s.sed to say this and thus remained quiet.

He identified Jiang Zhiwei’s breath as he looked at her. He asked, “Had a breakthrough?”

Seeing that Meng Qi’s mood had improved, Jiang Zhiwei was no longer worried and she honestly replied. “It wouldn’t have been so fast without comprehending “World of Dao” and part of the Primary Instruction that you provided.”

Speaking of this, her cheeks turned slightly red. “I spent most of this year realizing and examining my Sword Principles and Sword Art in preparation for the breakthrough. Thus, I did not have much harvest. Fortunately, I dismembered Celestial-river Sword and used its main materials to upgrade my Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow. I used the remaining parts to exchange for 4,100 karma points. I have 4,280 karma points now.”

In fear that she might not be in time for this mission, she had chosen the easiest method to earn karma points. As for the sword of Immortal Yuding, she would only consider it after completing the mission.

Meng Qi laughed upon hearing the remark. “Why would you feel embarra.s.sed with more than 4,000 karma points. Even though I have many objects, most of them are useful and I would rather use them than exchange them for karma points. Must I die of embarra.s.sment now with only 80 karma points?”

“You don’t care, you have thick skin.” Jiang Zhiwei knew that Meng Qi was teasing, so she replied mockingly.

“Thick skin…” Meng Qi grinned and coughed. “What’s the current standard of your sword?”

“Similar to your Flowing Fire. It is near Exquisite and worth around 8,000 karma points. For me, it is the most convenient one and is as strong as an Exquisite sword.” Her eyes seemed to light up in excitement as she talked about her precious sword.

The main material of Celestial-river Sword could be used to cultivate divine weapons. Even though failure would reduce its grade, it was still of a higher standard than most other materials, making it the ideal choice for Jiang Zhiwei.

Another three light pillars emerged. Ruan Yushu, Qi Zhengyan and Zhao Heng appeared in Samsara Square.

“Senior Brother Qi, I went to visit you the other day, but you were rus.h.i.+ng off. Did you find something good?” Meng Qi went forward and smiled inquiringly.

He was worried that Qi Zhengyan needed help and thus asked directly.

Qi Zhengyan still wore his plain green clothes. He looked ordinary but had a mysterious breath that was indecipherable by Meng Qi, making him seem unusual. However, anyone who was an Exterior master would have a unique charm regardless of their looks.

“Nothing exceptional.” He explained calmly. “While adventuring last time, I discovered a hidden residence of an Exterior master. I was too weak then and it was troublesome to communicate with you all. Thus, I went back to stabilize before rus.h.i.+ng over. However, there weren’t many items there—only a few skills, precious weapons, elixirs, and two exotic minerals and produce…”

Meng Qi nodded. “There is no need to explain so much. You can just say that you had an adventure and tell us how many karma points you can exchange.”

Qi Zhengyan felt suffocated. He rarely spoke this much…

Taking a light breath, he walked to the central light column and took out all the items that he intended to exchange.

“I got 9,600 karma points, for a total of 9,880,” he reported.

Meng Qi solemnly said, “Brother Qi, I have to depend on you this time as I only obtained 80 points.”

The joke was a continuation of the chat with Jiang Zhiwei. The others were confused while Jiang Zhiwei almost laughed.

Meng Qi did not mention the Zhen Wu Chain Mission and the impartation of Seven Strokes of Heaven Interception as it was useless to mention now. He wanted to wait for the correct opportunity to discuss it together with his invitation to join The Immortals.

Zhao Heng was wearing his yellow robe. He took out his items and said while exchanging, “Around half a year ago, I made a breakthrough to the 2-fold Heaven, and I am now still quite some distance away from 3-fold Heaven.”

With the True Emperor Seal and the position of emperor’s younger brother, he had plenty of items to use for his cultivation. If not for the fact that the strictness of the Political Affairs Hall had resulted in few excess materials and objects, he should have achieved 3-fold Heaven already.

Listening to Zhao Heng’s disappointed words, Meng Qi laughed. “The situation is different now. We are all Exteriors now and we will improve together as long as we cooperate. Second Heaven or Third Heaven makes no difference.”

Zhao Heng nodded slightly. “I have a total of 4,880 karma points.”

Once he was done, Ruan Yushu stepped forward. She coldly said, “I have cultivated Bells in Three Realms in the past few weeks.”

“Bells in Three Realms? Not bad!” Meng Qi knew that the skill was extraordinary in Heavenly Sounds of Langhuan and was known as a G.o.dly support skill.

Ruan Yushu bit her lips gently as a slight smile appeared on her face. She did not disguise her delight as if her good deed needed to be praised.

She had a total of 6,780 karma points after exchanging her excess exotic minerals and produce.

Even though Meng Qi said that he only had 80 points, he searched his s.p.a.ce Ring and exchanged the Pearl of the Fortune Purple Qi—an object that had been rendered useless after cultivating Tri-gem Wish Fist—for 1,300 karma points.

They had 27,200 karma points altogether.

“What should we exchange for?” Meng Qi looked at his companions.

Even though he had contributed the least, frankly, he felt no inferiority. He would just contribute more to make up for his lack of points.

This time, Qi Zhengyan spoke first, showing initiative for the first time. “We should leave 3,500 karma points in preparation for failure.”

“Journey to the West is dangerous. We need to be careful.” Ruan Yushu agreed.

Looking at how everyone was discussing failure, Meng Qi realized that their previous Death Task in the Journey to the West world had left a profound impression on everyone.

Qi Zhengyan spoke again. “We have secret treasures such as Baroque PaG.o.da of Nature’s Hues and Five-colored Stone from the previous mission, so we need not exchange for similar objects. We only need a specific high-tier object.”

“That’s true…” Meng Qi remembered the secret treasures from the Apotheosis Mission. Even though he had none of those, he knew that Ancient s.p.a.ce-breaching Talisman and Fiery Core of the Grand Sun were of equal standard as the other secret treasures.

“My family gave me a treasure to protect myself after I became an Exterior master.” The Phoenix-perching Zither in Ruan Yushu’s hand looked ancient yet clean.

“Me too.” Huanhua Swords Sect had done the same for Qi Zhengyan.

Zhao Heng thought about it for a moment and then indicated that he had no opinion.

Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei exchanged glances.

The two of them had pa.s.sed the first level of the Celestial Ladder and could win against most Peerless Master Pros without using secret treasures. With support from the other three, it would be impossible not to win if they faced Peerless Master Pros. However, grandmasters would prove to be a challenge.

They would be able to exchange for at most three targetted items with their karma points. Having secret treasures such as Fiery Core of the Grand Sun meant that it would be better for them to keep their karma points for emergency return in case of danger. Otherwise, the “discounted price” that the Dominator gave would cause Meng Qi heartache.

The shadow of Journey to the West still remained in Meng Qi’s heart. He thought for a while and then breathed in. “I would be embarra.s.sed if I said I exchanged just 1,300 karma points. I actually exchanged for 3,500 karma points.”

Meng Qi would not be embarra.s.sed if the points were exchanged for secret treasures because everyone would benefit from them. However, he did feel that he was robbing his friends as he was exchanging less.

Zhang Heng smiled. “We didn’t say anything when you contributed more, right?”

What he meant was that there was no need to be embarra.s.sed and to just keep the points.

“Little monk, since when were you so melodramatic?” Jiang Zhiwei chided Meng Qi jokingly.

Qi Zhengyan and Ruan Yushu thought the same.

Meng Qi snorted in agreement and kept the karma points. He then turned around to select the secret treasures.

He didn’t hesitate and chose the familiar Demon-revealing Mirror. Of course, it was of a higher quality.

“Everyone who has used it compliments it!” Meng Qi ground his teeth as he thought of his adventures in the Journey to the West world.

“Demon-revealing Mirror, a Top Grade Precious Weapon. It is an imitation of the ancient divine weapon, Demon-revealing Mirror. Any monster that is not Monster Venerable will return to its original form and faint instantly when it is reflected on the mirror. Monster Venerables with the same power as a Top Cla.s.s Master Pro of the Human tribe will turn back to original form and lose all its strength. If it has the same power as Peerless Master Pros, it will be unable to move and be vulnerable to slaughter. If it has the same power as grandmasters, it will freeze between a period of a second to three hours, depending on its strength, and its strength will be reduced by half. This weapon can be used twice and is worth 9,400 karma points.”

Ruan Yushu kept this object. After distributing 3,500 karma points to all, only 300 remained.

As there was still time remaining, the group started discussing their mission.

How to successfully prevent the demonic cult?

Do we use force to dispell them or grab the key item and hide from their pursuit?

After a while, a light column appeared together with the cold voice of the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms.

“Main task in the Realm of the Journey to the West: On topof the Five Pillars Mountain, a Shard of the Celestial Court has appeared. Your task shall be to defend the item that rests in the central core of the Celestial Court from the demons that will be coming for it. The prize for success shall be 3,500 Karma points. Failure will result in the forfeiture of the same amount of points.”

The scenery in front of Meng Qi changed and he saw a giant mountain in front. There were five peaks shaped like five fingers!

Looking at the peaks, Meng Qi thought of Friar Jiedu. He had wanted to test his waters and agree to his demands, leaving the Talisman of the Six Runes behind. However, in the battle for the Zither of Limbo, Friar Jiedu had been frightened away by the Oracle of the Covenant. Perhaps because he needed to heal his injury due to the Blood Divine Bead, he had not appeared again.

Five Pillars Mountain and Six True Words Charm. What would happen now that he hadn’t taken care of that issue?

Meng Qi exhaled slowly.

Thirty-three days later, at the land of Immortals.

An old man in a Taoist attire was looking at the furnace of Eight Diagrams in the ordinary Tusita Palace.

Two boys, one wearing golden robes and the other wearing silver robes, stood next to the elder, staring outside from time to time.

The old man opened his eyes slowly and nonchalantly said, “Give him a Buddhist verse.”

“Yes, master.” The boy in golden robes bowed and left the room.

The old man pointed at the furnace and it opened. Gas rushed out and filled the night sky.

It dragged a dark vortex-like object down, twisting all light around it toward the vortex. Wherever it pa.s.sed, the “stars” that shone like the Grand Sun were torn apart and sucked into the vortex without it destroying itself.

When the object that swallowed even light fell into the furnace, the old man pointed at the furnace once more, closing it. There were no more movements afterward.

He closed his eyes again as if what he did just now was a daily routine.

The wind flew past, bringing silence.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 665 - Five Pillars Mountain

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