The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 666 - Southern Heavenly Door

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Chapter 666: Southern Heavenly Door

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Few clouds lingered in the clear blue sky as Meng Qi and his friends stared down at Five Pillars Mountain, trying to sense any abnormalities nearby. They did not talk much as they carefully ventured forward, flying near the mountaintop while evading any big monsters nearby.

After looking at a few places, they finally found the shard of Celestial Court that the Dominator was talking about at a cave in one of the side mountains.

It was two feet in size and had an irregular shape. The interior was a blur that couldn’t even be noticed with Meng Qi’s eyes. It was as if a vast world were hidden inside.

After using his mental abilities to sense the surroundings, Meng Qi frowned. “Monsters are coming, but not many.”

There was a slight Demon Odor lingering in the cave. It was a mixture of all types of monsters and thus the strength was difficult to judge.

“Either there are monsters nearby or they are the recon team of some bandit king.” Zhao Heng guessed. “Regardless, we seem to be ahead.”

“We are ahead of most monsters in entering the shard of Celestial Court!”

Getting the key object was necessary regardless of how the mission developed.

The mission would be smoother if they were ahead of the monsters.

Jiang Zhiwei’s face turned solemn. “We shall not wait. Let us enter immediately.”

After inspection, the gang was sure that no traps or ambushes lay among the debris.

Some ideas appeared in Meng Qi’s mind but they were not completely formed yet. He followed half a step behind Jiang Zhiwei and entered the chaotic shard.

If he could not concentrate, he should not be leading the team.

As he entered the shard, a piercing cold feeling covered Meng Qi’s skin and he became slightly dizzy. It was as if he had suddenly flown up a thousand miles into the sky.

The sea of Vital Qi between heaven and earth mixed and combined with the chaos and it appeared as if it was a solid object. Being inside it can make one feel as if one’s Vital Spirit and physical body are cleansed, making one feel immensely relaxed.

After losing sight for a brief period of time, the group saw a broken gate in front of them.

It was made from white jade that was condensed by the chaotic celestial scent. It looked strong and hard upon sight. However, one of the side pillars was broken and tilted to the left. Scorch marks were all over it, and orange flames still seemed to burn slowly in some places. It had gone through a war.

The horizontal board in the middle of the gate was slanted. It was crystallized and golden ancient seal scripts were written on it. Meng Qi recognized the words on it immediately.

“Southern Heavenly Door!”

It was truly the ancient Celestial Court! Even though the Dominator had already informed them about this, the group still gasped in shock. “How many immortals and legendary figures have pa.s.sed through this door to see the Heaven Sovereign?”

“He was the figure representing a generation, striking fear, and respect in all three realms. A thousand fairies came to wors.h.i.+p him! G.o.ds and Buddhas bowed their head in respect! But all these are gone now because they destroyed themselves with the demons, turning everything into nothing! What a cruel twist of fate!”

Ten thousand years had pa.s.sed and only ruins were left in the Celestial Court that had reigned above all. One can only stop and exclaim at the power and ruthlessness of time.

“Let’s go in.”Jiang Zhiwei looked behind the Southern Heavenly Door but only saw tumbling mist with deadly silence. None of the mystical and heavenly aura of the Celestial Court or Immortal Realm was observed.

Everyone shuddered when they saw that. “What has the ancient Celestial Court been through?”

“Will there be anything sinister inside?”

“Will it be like the Holy Mountain of today?’

Suddenly, Meng Qi felt a flash of brilliance as all his previous thoughts finally strung together. He pa.s.sed down the idea to his teammates. “Since we are earlier than most monsters, we can set up a formation to scare the monsters after us, making them frightful and suspicious, slowing them down as well. This way we can gain more time.”

“Scare them?” Jiang Zhiwei knew Meng Qi well and she understood his thoughts immediately.

“Yes, there are bound to be many dangers inside the shard of Celestial Court. Its fall is also a mystery. No one knows what one could encounter inside, causing one to be frightened and careful here. All we need to do is to amplify this feeling…” Meng Qi explained the general idea to the group.

There was no time left to discuss. Seeing that Meng Qi’s plan made sense, the group concurred and flew toward the Southern Heavenly Door together.

As they pa.s.sed through the Southern Heavenly Door, Qi Zhengyan suddenly turned around and looked to the west. His eyes were sentimental and mysterious.

“Are you thinking of the past?” Meng Qi felt touched.

In the Journey to the West world, one would definitely remember Zhang Yuanshan and the others who had died in the west as well as the scariness of Holy Mountain.

Meng Qi sighed as he flew over the ruins of Southern Heavenly Door.

Just as he flew past the gate, Meng Qi sank down and landed on the clouds.

“Why?” Meng Qi sensed that his Interior powers were unchanged and that he can still pull the Force of Heaven and Earth, however, he could no longer fly.

“One shall not fly when seeing the Heaven Sovereign!” They had all heard such legends before, but Meng Qi thought there must be more to it.

The Plain Lady’s Paradise must have been adjusted by Mystic Fairy of the Nine Heavens before.

As he was thinking about this, he turned around and put his hands on the ruins of the Southern Heavenly Door, attempting to lift it up.

Meng Qi was envious of Gu Xiaosang’s abilities after she obtained the Boundary Marker of the Celestial Court. Thus, he tried to do the same with the Southern Heavenly Door.

Meng Qi’s muscles bulged but it didn’t even move a little.

Seeing that, Meng Qi increased his strength but the Southern Heavenly Door still remained unmoved.

Meng Qi thought about the situation and decided that it would be useless even if he used Law Phenomenon. He decided to stop wasting time and smiled at the group while walking toward the center of the mist.

Palaces lay on top of neverending clouds as if they were the home of the fairies. However, all the palaces were rundown and were in ruins. Some were completely destroyed while others were merely damaged, but none of them had a rotten breath or seemed ancient. It was as if time froze the moment the Celestial Court was destroyed.

Dozens of monsters galloped in under the lead of a snake-headed monster.

The small monsters looked around and found everything in ruins. Silence reigned as even wind disappeared. Fright naturally appeared in their hearts as images of their death started appearing in their mind.

This was the Celestial Court that had fallen inexplicably! Even if they ware ignorant, they knew that it was powerful.

The most timid Bluish Snake Monster and Black Snake Monster were already s.h.i.+vering. They stuck close to Vanguard Python.

Vanguard Python was a little afraid as well but the responsibility toward his mission gave him strength. He commanded. “Spread out! Form teams of two and search for the treasures. Know the surroundings well! Our king will come once you report your findings!”

A strange glow had erupted a month ago, drawing the attention of many monster kings. Once their search proved futile, they sent out their men to find treasures.

“Spread? Spread apart!” Bluish Snake Monster and Black Snake Monster were petrified but they dared not object.

The two monsters teamed up and ventured into a completely destroyed garden. Just as they left the sight of the others, they hid in a secluded place and dared not go on.

“Tell them we found nothing!” Bluish Snake Monster reminded his partner.

Black Snake Monster smirked. “I’m not stupid. If I speak nonsense, it will be found out easily!”

Who knew what kind of monsters lay in wait in the shard of Celestial Court!

The two monsters stopped speaking as they waited for their companions to return.

Suddenly, Bluish Snake Monster whispered, “They are back.”

Two monsters came from the other direction. They seemed to have rushed back after searching.

“We shall wait for a while first.” Black Snake Monster was more careful.

They glanced secretly and saw a snake monster and a fish monster calmly approaching them.

“There seems to be no danger.” Bluish Snake Monster mumbled to himself.

As soon as he spoke, the world became silent and the two monsters in front of them fell. Their breath instantly disappeared.

“Dead, dead…” The two snake monsters were stupefied and frightened to their core. If not for the fact that they were cold-blooded, they would have been drenched in cold sweat!

Their two companions had just mysteriously died!

Furthermore, they had no external injuries. It was as if evil ghosts had simply taken their spirits away!

In this nightmare, they saw a few other teams returning.

Plop! Plop!

The monsters fell one by one, dead. Some of them were still smiling!

Such a sight almost made the two snake monsters faint. “Such a horrifying place!”

“You two!” The furious voice of Vanguard Python rang above their head. It was apparent that it had just returned and was oblivious to the situation, focused only on the two lazy monsters!

The two monsters were not frightened by the vanguard but were instead delighted. It was as if they had found a spring during a drought, a savior in a crisis.

Vanguard Python was a master that cultivated its Monster Core and Initial Blood!

They rose immediately, rus.h.i.+ng toward Vanguard Python.

At this time, a gust of wind blew past their necks. In front of them, electricity struck out of the eyes and mouth of Vanguard Python. It fell onto the ground and then dissipated into a pile of nothing!


The two monsters shrieked and lost their minds, rus.h.i.+ng out of the gate.

Outside Five Pillars Mountain, a few hundred monsters traveled on a group of dark clouds toward the shard of Celestial Court.

White Fox Demon was part of the group. He had profound reverence and admiration for his king.

“Our great king is deep and horrifying. He was the lone champion of AparaG.o.daniya and had endured the crisis of Holy Mountain. In the world today, few Monster Kings can match up to him.” He turned his head subconsciously toward the king as he spoke.

A black throne lay in the middle of the monsters, forming dark clouds around it. A man in a black cloak sat on it. He had light green skin and a hooked nose but otherwise looked exactly like a human.

He was calm and composed. With a single glance, one would know that he was a strong monster.

The dark clouds fell toward the shard of Celestial Court.

The demon king calmly said, “They should have information by now. Let’s enter.”

“Great King, shall we not wait for Monster King of the Seven Caves?” A small monster asked.

“Monster King of the Seven Caves? How dare he call himself a monster king?” Black-robed Monster King sneered.

“Yes, Great King!” The small monster replied hurriedly in fear of offending the king.

The king then waved his hand, signaling for the monsters to sing in unison.

“The king asked me to come to the mountain…”

While singing, they carried the black throne into the shard of Celestial Court.

Just as they regained their sight, they saw the ruins of the Southern Heavenly Door and the two monsters running out of it. They were mumbling.

“All dead, all dead…”

Black-robed Monster King turned solemn instantly.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 666 - Southern Heavenly Door

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