The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 683 - When the Moon Rises Above the Willow Tree

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Chapter 683: When the Moon Rises Above the Willow Tree

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The Blood Teeth Arrester’s Manor.

Yuan Lihuo had just returned to his study when he saw a green-robed Meng Qi standing quietly in front of a bookshelf, admiring his book collection. An unwitting smile spread across his solemn face. He turned around to close the door and activated the protective spell.

“I thought you had already left the city,” Yuan Lihuo said as he turned to face Meng Qi.

When he saw Meng Qi leaving after arranging for Zhao Heng to join the a.s.sociates of the Immortals and comprehend World of Dao, he a.s.sumed Meng Qi had found the Ninth Heaven remnants to be a dangerous affair and wanted to avoid it as much as possible.

Putting down the book in his hand, Meng Qi replied teasingly. “How could I leave without bidding you farewell?”

Yuan Lihuo knew Meng Qi was a joker like him. Pulling a straight face, he said, “I received new information today.”

“Is it related to the Ninth Heaven remnants?” Meng Qi picked up the purple teapot on the desk and poured tea for both of them.

Yuan Lihuo did not treat him like a stranger. He sat down and took a sip of the tea after a quick inspection. “Bai Ning did not just bring half of the entrance map of the Ninth Heaven remnants; he brought the entire thing!”

“What about the other half?” Meng Qi now realized what Sun Yuexiu and her sect members were fighting for.

Yuan Lihuo nodded slightly as if admiring Meng Qi’s sharpness. “Bai Ning was worried that the Emperor and the court wouldn’t keep their promise and would have him killed in secret, so he entrusted the other half of the map to his biological brother, Bai Chong.

“Bai Chong, also a Peerless Master Pro, had once traveled the Great Jin Dynasty and is friendly with the three religious sects. He is currently hiding in the Luoyang marketplace. It will be hard to find him quickly. Only Bai Ning knows how to contact him.”

Meng Qi looked pensive as he held the cup and caressed the lid. He had heard of Bai Chong. Twenty years ago when Su Wuming was blazing through the world, Bai Chong had entered the Great Jin Dynasty and made a name for himself in places like South and Central Province. He became known for his mysterious martial arts. Moreover, he was skilled in networking and made many friends. He could be considered to be quite an outstanding character. Yet today, Su Wuming had been in the Half-step realm for many years and the top martial artist on the Terrestrial Rankings. He had walked a great distance in his path toward claiming Dharmakaya. On the other hand, Bai Chong was stuck in the second step of the Celestial Ladder. His future as a grandmaster seemed dim.

“How did Sun Yuexiu and her sect members find out about the entrance map of the Ninth Heaven remnants before the imperial court and Six Fan School in Luoyang?

“Is someone disseminating the news to certain masters on purpose?”

Meng Qi suddenly thought of Gu Xiaosang and her figure like that of an orchid hidden in an empty valley.

“I am 90% sure it is that girl’s doing!”

“What on earth are the Zhao family and the court officials playing at?” Meng Qi asked casually.

Yuan Lihuo sneered. “It would have been best to directly negotiate on behalf of the court. It wouldn’t have been too late to discuss the entrance map but the officials are all members of aristocratic families, and they have their own alliances. They would not allow other families to enjoy a ma.s.sive benefit, and neither would they want the Zhao family to take the lead. All the clever Peerless Master Pros are now pulling foolish and pointless tricks. On the surface, they hold negotiations in the name of righteousness. Underneath, they are secretly roping in each other. Since Bai Ning is benefiting from both sides, of course, he would refuse to relent.”

“Moreover, aside from the Ruan clan from Langya that is still licking their wounds, and the w.a.n.g clan from River East that is adhering to their ancestral teachings to delay their entry to the fray until the rest exhaust themselves, I believe the other top aristocratic families have arranged for masters to come to their rescue. They are equipped with divine weapons, treasures, and the like at all times,” he said. “I also don’t know if ‘n.o.ble Purple Spirit’ Cui Qinghe has secretly made his way here.”

If the top aristocratic families segregate into different factions, it will be hard for them to work together. In the Grand Formation of Luoyang, the Zhao clan clearly had the upper hand with a Half-step to Dharmakaya master and a divine weapon. Thus, Yuan Lihuo predicted that Cui Qinghe might come.

Yuan Lihuo stood up and said seriously, “I have been stuck in the second step of the Celestial Ladder for many years; death is but a step away from me. I must take advantage of every chance I get. Now that we know Bai Chong’s approximate whereabouts, please help me. When it is over, I will only take items that aid my cultivation. I will leave the rest to you.”

Even if he obtained only half of the entrance map and was unable to enter the Ninth Heaven, he could hike up the price for the map!

Meng Qi dropped his relaxed, playful manner and stared into Yuan Lihuo’s eyes.

“Senior, this is a trap.”

On one hand, Bai Ning had demonstrated the authenticity of half of the entrance map to the world in order to attract the attention of the aristocratic families. On the other hand, Bai Chong secretly hid with the other half and attracted the pursuit of sect members, heretics, and rogue cultivators. Meng Qi could tell something was strange without having to think about it!

“A trap…” Yuan Lihuo was obviously stunned.

While his knowledge might not be on par with Meng Qi’s these days, he was certainly more experienced. He had crossed bridges more times than Meng Qi had eaten rice. The only reason he would be blind to the trap was his deep involvement in the matter. His greed had blinded him.

Meng Qi briefed him about what had happened with Sun Yuexiu and the others. Finally, he said, “If it is true that they are hunting Bai Chong, where did their news come from?”

Now that he had calmed down, Yuan Lihuo was finally able to see the strangeness in the affair. “Someone is orchestrating the whole thing to incite chaos and ma.s.sacre?”

“If I could guess the Demoness’ thoughts and objectives, do you think I would be here chatting with you?” Meng Qi retorted in his mind. He instead smiled and said, “Senior, we can only wait and see for now.”

He could not say much due to the contract.

“Hm?” Yuan Lihuo furrowed his brows.

Wayfarers became intoxicated by the scent of the warm breeze. The night always brought forth temptations.

The long street was paved with bluestone, and a tall, straight tree stood on the sh.o.r.e of the calmly-flowing Golden River. The lights coming off the lavish buildings on the street made the city appear to be ablaze.

Meng Qi disguised himself and donned a green robe while strolling on the street along the river. He walked toward the Golden River Bridge that stood in the distance. It was incredibly crowded. Some pedestrians were chatting and giggling in gentle voices, while others were energetic and lively. Some were hurrying along their way. Then there were those frequenting the stores and stalls that lined both sides of the street, choosing between things like ornaments, silk fabric, and sugar figurines. What a bustling scene! It was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the taste of the mortal world.

When the bridge came within sight, Meng Qi raised his guard. He did not dare to relax around the Demoness.

Suddenly, he stopped in the middle of the street. The hustle and bustle in front surfaced on his mind and rapidly magnified, focusing on the seemingly ordinary figures in the middle of the crowd.

The old woman who was peddling handmade jewelry, the candied hawthorn seller who was so old that he could barely stand, a desolate-looking middle-aged scholar who was painting, a dark-faced Taoist who was holding a banner with the words ‘Precise predictions guaranteed’, the girl wearing a red s.h.i.+rt and a green skirt who was turning an embroidered item in her hand…

“What a ‘bustling’ place indeed…” Meng Qi let his hands fall naturally and pretended to be relaxed.

“Wooden-hairpin Taoist, Sun Yuexiu, Ren Jingxiu…” Their commoner’s disguise might be able to fool others but not his sharp senses, and certainly not an expert like him!

“Is Bai Chong going to walk down this street tonight?

“Looks like Demoness Gu had something in mind when she asked to meet at the Golden River Bridge!”

At that moment, Ren Jingxiu and Sun Yuexiu discovered Meng Qi in the crowd. The two ladies appeared surprised but were unable to question him while in disguise. Left without a choice, they relayed their voices telepathically to warn him of danger.

“Young Master, I am Sun Yuexiu! There will be conflict on this street tonight. Please leave immediately!”

Momentarily stunned, Meng Qi adopted a grateful expression and nodded. He turned toward another street and decided to make a long detour before going to the Golden River Bridge.

The two ladies heaved sighs of relief after seeing that Meng Qi had heeded their warning.

Meng Qi once again saw the bridge after walking through the Square Street, Prosperity Road, and Richness Lane.

Though this bridge had received its name from the river, it was rather cold and deserted due to its distance from the bustling streets. Few people used this bridge.

Meng Qi had just neared the sh.o.r.e when he saw a small boat emerging from under the bridge. The girl sitting on the boat was a picturesque beauty in a dress as white as snow. It set off her delicate and exceptionally lovely face. Truly, she was a contradicting beauty of both simplicity and splendidness.

Gu Xiaosang was seated on the side of the boat as if she was weightless. She sailed along with the flow of the river like an ethereal fairy with a pair of mellow eyes. Her pink lips were partially open, making her look like she was torn between happiness and annoyance.

With her hands placed on both sides of the s.h.i.+p, she leaned backward slightly as she gently swept her whitefish-like bare feet across the waves. It made for a rather curious sight.

“Older Brother Su, aren’t you coming over?” Like an innocent girl falling in love for the first time, Gu Xiaosang sounded so incredibly tender and naive. Her mellow voice held a hint of audacity.

Meng Qi knew Demoness Gu and the word “innocence” had long gone their separate ways. He took a deep breath before taking a step forward to fly and land on the boat.

Without removing her feet from the water, Gu Xiaosang turned sideways to take a good look at Meng Qi. “I am surprised you boarded the boat without hesitation, my husband.”

“Since we have signed a contract, what should be done must be done.” Meng Qi replied calmly, his expression serene.

Gu Xiaosang suddenly chuckled. “You resemble a senior monk now more than ever, my husband.”

She propped herself up with her hands to abruptly move her body closer to Meng Qi. Her feet were still in the water. With an elegant air like that of an orchid, she appeared a little feverish. “Hubby, I would like to ask for your help.”

“Regarding the Ninth Heaven?” Meng Qi subconsciously moved away from her.

Gu Xiaosang’s gaze turned as mellow as wine as a terrifying shade of red surfaced on her orchid-like face. “I was. .h.i.t by a Yin and Yang Harmony palm stroke in a battle earlier. If I can’t merge Yin and Yang and enjoy mutual bliss, this l.u.s.tful fire will instantly burn my spirit and dissipate my soul.”

She once again leaned backward, allowing her white dress to slip off her body. Her chest heaved along with her movement. It was a beautiful sight.

Meng Qi’s mouth twitched. He looked away and said seriously, “Don’t speak nonsense.”

Gu Xiaosang instantly recovered and let out a bell-like laugh. She rested her chin on a hand and said, “Hubby, this uncomfortable look of yours is my favorite.”

“Humph! Be careful in case it turns into reality!” Meng Qi could not help retorting. He could tell that she was laughing at him.

Gu Xiaosang blinked her clear and bright eyes. Grinning widely, she then said, “Hubby, if you want to turn it into reality, do you think I will resist you or accept your offer?”

“Sure enough, I shouldn’t be competing with the Demoness in terms of shamelessness…” Meng Qi coughed once. “Just why exactly are you looking for me?”

With a wide smile, she looked away and removed her feet from the water. Water droplets slowly slid off her feet, leaving no traces of water on her skin. She slowly pulled on silk stockings and put on a pair of white boots. She then began leisurely drawing her eyebrows. She did not treat Meng Qi like a stranger.

When she was done, she sat with her legs placed sideways and smiled sweetly at him. “I am the one pulling Bai Ning and Bai Chong’s strings.”

“I know.” An expressionless Meng Qi replied placidly.

Gu Xiaosang stared at him, looking nothing like a cunning, heretical Demoness. “The entrance map of the Ninth Heaven is also my handiwork. I can’t make it look any more genuine even if I tried.”

“What are you trying to do?” Meng Qi’s heart lurched. He met Gu Xiaosang’s eyes.

She caressed his palm tenderly as she said, “We truly share the same mind and heart, my husband. The Myths have been dominating the shard of the Ninth Heaven entrance and made it home to their roots. I will be fine without luring Han Guang away. I can still use the Reincarnation Charm to cross the entrance and enter. But hubby, it won’t work for you.”

Meng Qi was stunned. “Are you” saying that the shard of the Ninth Heaven entrance leads to the roots of the Myths?”

“Yes. The reason I arranged for Bai Ning to appear is to show the Myths that the map is real and that their only choice is to erase at least half of the map. Otherwise, they would be forced to seek help from the Dominator and pay an unimaginable price for it.” The elegant and ethereal Gu Xiaosang brought up such an important matter in an incredibly matter-of-fact way.

“Why not contact all parties to besiege the Myths?” Meng Qi looked at her in confusion.

Gu Xiaosang chuckled. “Han Guang is no fool. He would definitely have something up his sleeve. I don’t want to bother and put myself in danger. Besides, things will be more interesting with the Myths joining the fray.”

She pointed to the street by the Golden River. “Destruction Sect and the Myths will dispatch their masters there. They even invited the Green Stair and Blue Stair a.s.sasins from the Unrelenting Tower to ensure Bai Chong’s death and the destruction of the map. Under the watchful eye of the Grand Formation of Luoyang and in a situation wherein the Force of Heaven and Earth couldn’t be invoked, how many in this world, aside from my husband, could rely on their strength, skills, and self-created styles alone to fend them off?

“You mustn’t let anyone else succeed so we can draw Han Guang out.

“As soon as we see him, we will leave and enter the Ninth Heaven.”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 683 - When the Moon Rises Above the Willow Tree

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