The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 717 - Sharpen the Tools

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Chapter 717: Sharpen the Tools

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At this moment, Meng Qi truly felt like a tyc.o.o.n. Sensing the “World of Dao” was worth too many Karma points. It was the foundation of top sects. If grandmasters or stronger masters in the Immortals could sense it from time to time, perhaps they could create a Dharmakaya divine skill within two decades using its theory. If they couldn’t, they could also improve their own skills and promote their sense and mastery of the full enlightenment of profound theory, which was beneficial for their breakthrough from their current realm. It was truly worth the 6,000 Karma points!

If not for the imminent death task, Meng Qi wanted to go to Huamei Heights with the Supreme-wisdom Tree and express his grat.i.tude to Master Lu for his guidance and help. He would let Master Lu sense it casually in order get close to him. Then, among orthodox Dharmakaya, there would be three who had a close relations.h.i.+p with him and were much obliged to him. The evil masters would then not provoke him regardless of their endless hatred.

When these thoughts flashed in his mind, Meng Qi said, “This time items, such as secret treasures or charms are forbidden. Our preparation is simple, with two furnaces of Immortality Elixirs of East Pole. Even if we don’t have spare weapons, we need to upgrade our weapons into exquisite ones. It is true also of defense. In a word, we must spare no effort to leave without regret.”

Boots, wristbands and so on were included in the list of protective types of equipment, sharing a quota with the Taoist robes and uniforms. When they did the task, the Meng Qi’s and Jiang Zhiwei’s shoes would all lose their function.

Jiang Zhiwei’s smile vanished and she said, “This time we won’t be exchanging for secret treasures that everybody could use. Collecting everyone’s Karma points together, exchanging and then allocating to everyone is unfair. I know, you, little monk, won’t care about this, but we will feel guilty doing that. If we are not mentally settled, then we can’t use our strength fully.”

She saw that this time the gap between everyone’s Karma points was too large, and this time they weren’t exchanging for secret treasures that the whole team could use, so she made this proposal.

“So?” Meng Qi probably guessed Jiang Zhiwei’s meaning.

“So we will borrow Karma points for now and will return them after completing the task.” Jiang Zhiwei looked at Ruan Yushu and Zhao Heng.

They nodded, indicating that this proposal was right.

“No problem.” Meng Qi did not refuse when he saw the team agreed with it. “At present, we still need to figure out how many Karma points we need to exchange for two furnaces of Immortality Elixir of East Pole.”

He possessed the elixir description, but he did not know how many Qinghua Fruits and auxiliary herbal jellies his companions had prepared.

His friends took out whatever they had collected, which were not much when counted. Ruan Yushu’s collection accounted for half of the total as those things were truly too difficult to find.

After asking the Six Taoist, Meng Qi and others found that, in addition to two pieces of Qinghua Fruit that were alive for more than 500 years, some herbal jellies, and the cost for cultivating them through the Six Taoist, the total Karma points needed for two furnaces were 20,000.

Jiang Zhiwei gave a suggestion. “Everyone pays 4,000 Karma points. Since the little monk didn’t collect anything, he will pay 6,000. Sister Yushu pays only 2,000 since her collection exceeds ours.”

Everyone agreed with her. Meng Qi smiled at Ruan Yushu and said, “I’ll lend you another 2,000 Karma points. You owe me 3,100 in total.”

Ruan Yushu nodded earnestly. “This task will reward 4,500 Karma points.”

“The prerequisite is that we finish it…” Meng Qi did not say such unlucky words out loud.

The team quickly gathered 20,000 Karma points. With the elixir prescription, the beam of light spread with fragrant perfume wafting. Then two furnaces and six pills of Immortality Elixir of East Pole appeared, verdantly surrounded by clouds of magic strength, cozy and transparent inside.

Jiang Zhiwei and the others took out their prepared jade bottles. Each of them took one pill, and one was left with Meng Qi as backup.

With the Guanghan Jade Robe and the Zither of Seven Deities, there was no need for Ruan Yushu to exchange for other things. She stood aside and looked at Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei.

Jiang Zhiwei didn’t seem to be affected by the pressure of the death task. She cheerfully said, “I just need to upgrade the Seamless Robes of Heaven into an exquisite item.”

The Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow was already an exquisite weapon. If its power was completely exerted, the strength it released would be equivalent to a Half-step master. However, unlike the main ingredients of divine weapons, it depended on the realm and strength of its holder. With Jiang Zhiwei’s current situation and her compatibility with it, its complete operation should be like the strength of an ordinary grandmaster. Together with her own Dharmakaya movements, she could arrive at the peak state of the exterior master. Of course for those grandmasters, who didn’t have a good command of Dharmakaya killing movement?

Moreover, Jiang Zhiwei could only use it seven or eight times, and could not use it twice in a row, otherwise, she would run out of her energy like Meng Qi when he operated his main ingredients of divine weapons.

Meng Qi and the others looked for a while before they settled on a plan, exchanging for Silk of the Weaving Fairy and upgrading the Seamless Robes of Heaven, which cost 2,000 Karma points in total together with cultivation and materials.

“Seamless Robes of Heaven, a precious defense weapon (exquisite). It is said that during the ancient times, every thousand years, a Seamless Robe of Heaven would emerge at the celestial court at the level of divine weapons. It could demonstrate the form of golden armor and light gown which was possessed by every soldier there. After the ancient time, there were always some descendants who replicated this clothes. Those added materials, such as the Silk of the Weaving Fairy and the water of the Milky Way, were among the top of the list, close to divine weapons. It is water and fire resistant, allowing the wearer to roam in the celestial river, and it is close to the body defense of the ninth consummation of the golden bell s.h.i.+eld even without a trigger. If it is operated, its strength depends on the realm, which could range from the tenth consummation to the eleventh consummation of the golden bell s.h.i.+eld. It has three weak points, however, that are in a dynamic state. It is degraded under the vital spirit defense or its equivalent. It is worth 9,700 Karma points.”

The ninth consummation of golden bell s.h.i.+eld was a sign of stepping over the first Celestial Ladder, the tenth was the second Celestial Ladder, the eleventh was the third Celestial Ladder, and the twelfth consummation could freeze the Dharmakaya. Therefore, during the stage of lacking essential gap between the body defense and the Eight Nine Mysteries, the ninth consummation was approximately equivalent to the fourfold heaven of Eight Nine Mysteries, the tenth was the sevenfold heaven and the eleventh consummation was not that strong, only equal to the ninefold heaven rather than the half-step Dharmakaya of Eight Nine Mysteries.

This was only the body defense. The vital spirit defense was weaker than the Eight Nine Mysteries.

“Plus, with the a.s.sistance of Nine Revolving Mystic Kung Fu, the defense power of Zhiwei could be tremendous…” Meng Qi was very pleased.

Qi Zhengyan came forward without saying a word as if he had already thought it through. He spent 9,500 Karma points on a “Heaven Crystal Gown,” which was renowned for its hardness. Its defensive power was half stronger than the Seamless Robes of Heaven and the Guanghan Jade Robe during a fight, but it was a little bit weaker in the face of a gently penetrating attack and lacked the function of roaming in Celestial River and attacking its enemy.

“For the successor of Devil Lord, gentle penetration is its strength…” Meng Qi silently sighed.

After that, Qi Zhengyan exchanged for the broken scales of the Arctic True Dragon and upgraded his Golden Dragon Stripe Sword to an exquisite weapon, costing him 4,000 Karma points in total. Its strength was approximate to Jiang Zhiwei’s Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow, but unlike Jiang Zhiwei who intertwined her life with the sword, his concealed strength was weaker, so his operation was a little bit worse and seldom operated it.

Watching them finish their exchanges, Zhao Heng said to Meng Qi sincerely, “You go first, I only have 1,000 Karma points left and need to borrow the rest from you.”

He was slightly embarra.s.sed and his face went pale. He had never thought he would be reduced to borrowing as he used to be the one rich in Karma points in the team.

Meng Qi said little out of fear of further agitating him. He took out Heaven Inflicted Pain and exchanged for the Amethyst Lightning Ore which could upgrade his sword into an exquisite weapon. After one year’s precipitation, it could be upgraded again.

It took 4,000 Karma points. Heaven Inflicted Pain became heavier as if it could shake vanity itself.

“Heaven Inflicted Pain, a Precious Weapon of the Exquisite Grade, with a blade made out of Sky Thunder Gold and a handle carved out of Thunder Wood that was coagulated with purple crystal, Bluish Stone, and other precious materials… It is exceptionally heavy, weighing more than 900kg… It has definite control over various kinds of lighting and is extremely powerful. If it is fully operated, it can achieve the strength of an ordinary grandmaster and Half-step to Dharmakaya depending on its holder’s realm and strength. The weapon is worth 9,700 Karma points.”

Meng Qi shook the Heaven Inflicted Pain and felt that it could kill the enemy with its speed and weight alone. The heavier, the better.

After a year of cultivation and training, Flowing Fire had already become an exquisite weapon, while the Mystic Turtle was already one. Now Meng Qi was only lacking an Exquisite blade.

Jiang Zhiwei suddenly suggested something. “With your unique nature of The Big Bang Technique, you’d better find a sharp blade without any specialty.”

“Only a sharp one? How much more terrifying would it be if he put all his promotions on this blade and used it with The Big Bang Technique?” Meng Qi was immediately persuaded, and after a moment of thinking, he made up his mind and chose a precious weapon called “Saber of the Shattered Jade.”

“Saber of the Shattered Jade, a precious weapon of the exquisite grade, is made out of the strength of the white tiger after nine times without any specialty. It cannot trigger changes of climate. It is extremely sharp and can destroy precious weapons of the low grade. If it is fully operated, it can destroy mid-grade precious weapons or even cut a top grade one depending on its holder’s realm and strength. The weapon is worth 9,800 Karma points.”

“Great.” Meng Qi nodded to indicate his satisfaction. As someone who was newly rich, he could spend a lot on a single transaction.

He was already equipped with weapons and blades and now only lacked defensive equipment. Meng Qi’s Qingyuan Taoist Robes were destroyed in the Ninth Heaven, so he looked over the series of Taoist robes and picked the “Kunlun Taoist Robe” which was similar to the Seamless Robes of Heaven in all aspects except it couldn’t travel through the Celestial River. However, it had the function of following and changing. It was worth 9,700 Karma points.

For Meng Qi, the Kunlun Taoist Robe without operation wasn’t comparable to his own body at all, and it was purely for use in case of emergency.

“As the Heavenly Primogenitor, should I need to wear the Kunlun Taoist Robe!” Meng Qi enjoyed adversity.

Zhao Heng walked to the central jade pillar when all the exchanges were completed, and then he said calmly, “Actually, I’ve already exchanged all my protection secret treasures, extra precious weapons, useless elixirs, and remaining exotic minerals and produce for an exquisite grade metaphysical yellowish robe for the emperor.”

During the conversation, the robe he wore turned to the metaphysical yellowish robe, full of the breath of divine merits.

Because he was worried about disclosing the matters of The Immortals, he had not mentioned it before, but then, he saw Meng Qi bring out the Supreme-wisdom Tree. It seemed Jiang Zhiwei and Ruan Yushu already knew about it, and he knew immediately in his heart that he no longer had to conceal it.

He cleared all his equipment except for the True Emperor Seal and left the precious weapon Fish Dragon Sword, an Immortality Elixir of East Pole, and the metaphysical yellowish robe.

As for how to account to the Political Affairs Hall, he would finish the death task first before thinking about it. He couldn’t think too much at this time!

“So, I just need to improve the Fish Dragon Sword to the exquisite grade.” Zhao Heng said in a gentle tone, but his inside determination was quite firm.

The step-by-step upgrade may cause irreversible damage to the Fish Dragon Sword and there was no way to achieve the following promotion, but for Zhao Heng, if he couldn’t become a Dharmakaya, it would be fine as he could draw enough power from Fish Dragon Sword. However, if he could claim his emperor ident.i.ty, he could get the Emperor Sword!

Seeing that Zhao Heng had made up his mind, Meng Qi and the others didn’t persuade him. They helped him find a way to get a promotion. The method needed 6,700 Karma points.

Meng Qi lent him 6,000 Karma points and watched him get a promotion. For him, the remaining 6,390 Karma points did not have to be exchanged as he was strong enough with his Exterior movements and skills!

The brilliant rays scattered and turned into thousands of lights. The warm vibe spread as the glory of human nature s.h.i.+ned. The Fish Dragon Sword made some noise and flew into Zhao Heng’s arms.

After another discussion about the task, the time limit came upon them, and a light began to s.h.i.+ne. The five people disappeared from Samsara Square and the indifferent voice of Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms was heard in their ears.

“For this death task, you will be forbidden from using your Secret Treasures and other artifacts. You will rely only on your own skills, your weapons, your raiments, and other protective gears as well as only one elixir or concoction with healing properties.”

“‘Peacekeeping Heavenly King’ Du Huaishang, the leader of the Red Coat Army, has become the supreme commander of the Eighteen Revolutionary Alliance. With unstoppable force, the army has swept through the entire southwestern region, barreling straight for the seat of the imperial court. The imperial court is ama.s.sing legions of warriors to defend the empire. Both armies have now met at the banks of Nu River.”

“Your main task is to join the revolutionary army and help Du Huaishang against the main force of the imperial army and cross the river to take the capital. Upon completion of the mission, 4,000 Karma points along with greater privileges will be awarded. Failure shall result in your execution!

“Your side task: a Group-rivaling Mission. Annihilate any Samsara traveler who is aligned with the imperial court. For each annihilation of a traveler at the level of the top cla.s.s master pro, your company will receive 1,000 Karma points. Otherwise, the same amount shall be deducted from your company. For each annihilation of any Samsara traveler of the Peerless Master Pro, your company will receive 3,000 Karma points. Otherwise, the same amount shall be deducted from your company. For each annihilation of any Samsara traveler of the grandmaster level, your company shall be rewarded 6,000 Karma points. Otherwise, 6,000 points shall be deducted from your surplus. The winners of this battle shall each receive Karma Points in addition to one Reincarnation Charm. Members of your company without enough points for deductions and forfeitures shall be obliterated!”

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