The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 738 - Completion of the Interior

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Chapter 738: Completion of the Interior

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“Being extreme in love is being extreme in sword art, with only one dedication in one’s entire life.” Mumbling this phrase over and over subconsciously, Meng Qi’s eyes suddenly lit up. He realized that he was a fish to be fished, part of External Personality. In order to get off the hook and become a legend, he cannot follow the normal path. However, the path of Master Lu, which emphasizes the separation from External Personality that rids of exterior influences to reinforce oneself, suited him perfectly!

At present, he could not sense his numerous External Personalities and could only sense his original self. As long as he followed this original path, he would eventually be able to separate from the fisherman and tear off the fis.h.i.+ng line. In that case, even though his unusual luck and numerous adventures would come to a halt, he would be able to see his true self, jump out of the pond and be no longer be a fish. At that moment, he would be extremely close to being a legend!

“But how do I emphasize my unique self?” Questions popped up in Meng Qi’s mind as he became more and more excited.

However, this problem did not seem difficult to solve as a template laid right in front of him!

Master Lu withdrew his gaze from the strange greenery and said calmly to Meng Qi with a restrained expression, “Do you want to follow my path as well?”

“Er…” That was precisely what Meng Qi had in mind, but he frowned upon hearing the sentence.

“As well?”

Master Lu shook his head and replied, “We have different personalities and experiences. As the old saying goes: those who learn from me live but those who imitate me die.”

Meng Qi understood and cupped his hands over each other in respect. “Thank you for your guidance.”

Indeed, he might have been able to possess extreme love had been unsure of his aura of luck and Karma infused by the ancient big powers like he was in the past. However, even though he would not abuse his love, he was unable to possess extreme love despite his sincerity in love as he was unable to devote all his emotions and efforts into it.

Of course, there were other factors to consider as well. In his previous life, there was a catchphrase: First, one must have a girlfriend.

That was the sad reality.

As for Gu Xiaosang, they were more like helpers rather than lovers, even though Meng Qi did feel strange about this relations.h.i.+p.

Master Lu did not mention the Dominator and Meng Qi kept silent on the issue as tacit understanding. He saw Master Lu put his hand on the Supreme-wisdom tree as closed his eyes to focus on sensing the tree and knew that the “guidance” session was over.

Under the setting sun, the afterglow fell on the mountain peaks. Some lit up like gold while others were crimson-red. Master Lu finally opened his eyes and nodded to Meng Qi. He then slowly walked to the tomb and sat down cross-legged, smiling as tenderness filled his wrinkles and white spots.

“Yuyan, I’ve taken another step forward and need not be afraid of interference from predecessors…” His voice was soft and sincere as if it was really his wife, instead of the tombstone, in front of him.

The cold wind blew, sending flowers flying in all directions. As the soft voice entered Meng Qi’s ears, he felt calm and peaceful.

Meng Qi stood in front of the thatched cottage and silently watched Master Lu’s back for a while before walking off the path to leave the mountain.

The moon shone brightly while stars were rare in the cold and damp night. Meng Qi ventured ahead in face of the chilly wind.

“With a strike from Master Lu, the karma of wrath from demons and G.o.ds had ended. Where should I go now considering that the next Mission is one year later?” Meng Qi knew that he had to improve fast. Once he crossed the second level of the Celestial Ladder, he would become a grandmaster and his circ.u.mstances would change a lot. He would be able to negotiate with the Sect of the Plain Lady and find Jade Virtual Palace. Even though the world was huge, those that would be able to threaten his life would be greatly reduced. However, he was unsure of where he should go now.

“Should I return to Pure Sun Sect to seek teachings from Senior Chong He? Should I teach ‘Tao Te Ching’ for a few months?” Ideas tumbled in Meng Qi’s mind as he recalled the places he had been to.

“Changle? But I don’t know if elder brother is in his approachable state or not!”

“Luoyang? But staying further away from the Su family means protecting them.”

“Sword Was.h.i.+ng Pavilion? Well, I can go there. Zhiwei can introduce me to her master, Su Wuming, who had been to Everlasting Valley and killed Patriarch of the East. He would know a lot and perhaps could even complete the description of legend by Master Lu.”

Meng Qi had almost made up his mind when he suddenly had an idea. “North Zhou Dynasty, Huang Liang, Snowy Jade Mountan!”

“Why would I suddenly think of him?” Meng Qi was confused when words from Huang Liang suddenly echoed in his ears.

“There is a Realm of Truth in every world; at the heart of it, it cannot be explained or described by our logic. In that realm, there is no concept of time, s.p.a.ce, cause and effect, or life and death. Simply put, everything that can be felt or understood by us does not belong to that realm, because they are not real, but only what our different minds have put together.”

“In Taoism, it is called ‘Dao’; in Buddhism, it is called ‘Buddha’ or ‘Bodhi’; while in Brahmanism, it is called ‘The Realm of Param Brahman’.”

“There is a realm full of change and flux outside its core, where different laws combine with theories. This realm is unaltered by external influences. In Taoism, it is called the Big Luo; in Buddhism, it is called the pure land; while in Brahmanism, it is called the ‘Realm of Aparam Brahman’. In my sect, this realm and core together are called the Realm of Reality. It contains the truth that will remain forever unchanged…”

“Outside the Realm of Truth, different types of energy derive different Dharma and Logos. They combine with all natural elements to create different worlds. In any world, it is possible for a master to become an immortal. However, if the energy of the Realm of Truth changes, so do the Dharma and Logos of Heaven and Earth. When that happens, even immortals will lose all their power.”

“Outside the Realm of Truth, different types of energy derive different Dharma and Logos. They combine with all natural elements to create different worlds. In any world, it is possible for a master to become an immortal. However, if the energy of the Realm of Truth changes, so do the Dharma and Logos of Heaven and Earth. When that happens, even immortals will lose all their power.” Meng Qi repeated the sentences and suddenly burst out laughing.

The truth of the matter had always been in front of his eyes, but he had always turned a blind eye to it!

“Hahahaha!” Meng Qi squatted down in laughter as if he was having a stomach ache. He was mocking himself in joy.

Wasn’t the strike by Master Lu, a scene that showed changes in Dharma and Logos, where immortals fell from heaven, rid of all their power?

What Master Lu said proved his argument as well as he could only achieve this feat in the world of G.o.ds and demons, but not in Ninth Heaven or here, proving that the nature of that world was special.

However, he had been swindled by Huang Liang’s incomplete and inaccurate theory, where he thought of Ninth Heaven as the Immortal Realm and Big Luo, pure land, the Realm of Aparam Brahman, and the source of pith of the Immortal Realm as the Realm of Reality. However, numerous observations told him that the world he was living in was a special one, with many skills imparted from the ancient times. It also had the most complete history, most specifically represented by the line of Azure Emperor — Bhaisajyaguru Buddha — Candraprabha Bodhisattva — Candramurni Bodhisattva .

Furthermore, the Plenitude Sect entered the Grotto from this world, and Plenitude Immortal Venerable was a true legend of historic times. Whatever trapped beneath his tomb further proved the unique nature of this world.

Perhaps the Realm of Reality included the way of the source of pith, the Immortal Realm, or the source of Dharma and Logos, and his own world. Other worlds that were not from his own were divided from the Shards of Cosmic Glow, and were part of the “Ten Thousand Worlds” or “Worlds from Everywhere” according to Huang Liang. Once the breath of the Realm of Reality changes, their Dharma and Logos change as well, making masters fall from Heaven. The only way out of this was to ascend before that happened and adapt to the Dharma and Logos of the Realm of Reality, like Huang Liang himself!

Which is to say that one would need legendary characteristics to alter the exposed breath of the Realm of Reality.

Meng Qi returned to his initial state of excitement as he had understood the ident.i.ty of fishes and fishermen!

All those born from the Realm of Reality are fishermen and the individual souls corresponding to their ident.i.ty all over the other worlds are fishes. He came from earth, and thus saw different scenes compared to the local Everlasting Tribe as he was a fish instead of a fisherman. In that case, the universe that earth belonged to was created by Immortal Realm or Realm of Reality, and there existed an infinite number of such universes!

“Wait.” Meng Qi suddenly stopped laughing. “Oh my! Isn’t this almost entirely consistent with the construct of my Interior Realm and my worldview?”

The different worlds and universes represented by the different aperture acupoints were united on The Celestial, also known as the Immortal Realm or the Realm of Reality, which was of a higher level. The “higher” here was not a comparison of strength but that of essence. The Celestial originated from Tao, from a singularity, and from the Heavenly Primogenitor. The only difference was that he did not treat the world that he was in as an unique one, causing him to be confused and oblivious to many strange conditions!

The immortality of legends should refer to the renewal of External Personalities in new universes and Shards of Cosmic Glow that replaced the old ones in the infinite universes. Thus, as long as one reflection of legend exists in any one of the universes, the legend itself will not die.

Meng Qi finally understood and his whole body relaxed. Having a realization that allowed for a deeper deduction of Heaven and Earth was as beneficial to his health as eating a Ginseng fruit, as he felt every single one of his pores open!

He closed his eyes and activated his Internal, moving his physical body and his bones slowly. Outside his internal organs, which represented the Celestial, and beyond the different universes formed by his aperture acupoints, he formed his own world where blood vessels were the bridges between the Celestial and the different worlds…

The heart thumped loudly and blood rushed throughout his body, representing a strong vitality. Heaven and Earth formed the universes. He formed his own universe. At this moment, Meng Qi felt as if he was about to be merge with Heaven and Earth!

Meng Qi opened his deep dark eyes. If one examined them closely, one could see ever changing scenes repeating endlessly inside them, making one feel dazzled.

The corners of his mouth curved up as he could no longer hide his delight, laughing out loud. He wanted to imitate Ananda in saying.

“So that’s why!”

With the way of Master Lu, the Fruits of Karma, the Seed of All Karma, the Beginning of All, and “Let Bygones be Bygones ” to be learned after becoming a grandmaster, he now knew the possibilities of jumping out of his predicament of being a fish, of being a chess piece played by the big powers. Even though the route to success was going to be difficult and the chances slim, now, he at least had something to work towards!

Of course, numerous other questions appeared in Meng Qi’s heart. “Is the relations.h.i.+p of the true me and the External Personalities related to Su Ziyuan? The world of Journey to the West and the Apotheosized World are obviously different from the other worlds, and are not purely inside the Celestial either, where can they be placed at? What relations.h.i.+ps do they have with the significance of my own world?”

However, none of these concerns affected Meng Qi’s mood. After adjusting his interior, he realized that he was near a breakthrough and could become a grandmaster much faster than expected!

“Ha!” The laughter reached far away and Meng Qi did a bad thing by spoiling someone else’s sweet dreams.

“Who is so wicked as to wake up this old beggar?” An old hoa.r.s.e voice rang nearby.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 738 - Completion of the Interior

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