The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 748 - The Return of Juzi

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Chapter 748: The Return of Juzi

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Ye Yuqi was a Samsara traveler, the “Progenitor Doumu” of The Immortals. Meanwhile, Master Lu had long been aware of Samsara, and later, with the help of the wooden sculpture, he totally confirmed his speculations about the world of Samsara. They understood what Meng Qi’s words meant, and what they didn’t know they, could make an educated guess. After a moment of silence, they no longer spoke but just watched Meng Qi walk out of the room and leave Huamei Heights.

There were very few people in the world who could elevate their realms as long as they so desired… Ye Yuqi heaved a sigh and stopped staring. “I came from a respectable family and I’m somewhat gifted, not to mention I have my brother-in-law’s help. Now that I have Samsara in my body, my realm and strength could rival anyone in my generation. I’ve long become a grandmaster, but even I could not say that I could break through a realm every year with just one Reincarnation Charm unless I was already close to breaking through, to begin with.”

Seeing Su Meng in this state, she couldn’t help comparing him to herself. Seeing Su Meng in this state, she couldn’t help comparing him to herself. Though her t.i.tle was ‘Ice Fairy,’ it was hard for her emotions not to flutter. Dharmakaya was the most crucial stage of the path of Kung Fu. It was normal for someone to spend a decade at this stage. One cannot fight against fate. Take Su Wuming for example, how long had he been planning for this level? One or two Reincarnation Charms were a drop in the ocean to her. She could not rush things.

She was lost in her thoughts when Master Lu heaved a sigh and said, “Our world is in peril with evil spirits trying to create chaos. It’s good that we have young brave men on our side, but I must prepare to head north.”

“My dear Brother-in-law, you’re headed up north?” Asked Ye Yuqi, who suddenly gathered herself.

Master Lu smiled answer with a smile. “Gu Erduo has become an Earth Immortal, and using his strength and power, he managed to command that the Nine Evil Paths temporarily stop fighting among themselves. I’m heading up north to test out the so-called Heaven-killing Axe and let people know that Earth Immortals do exist. Hopefully, this would shake the heretics’ confidence and create hatred among them. I would also be able to know just how much the Heaven-killing Axe remembers, which would be beneficial for my plan.”

“I must take action, especially knowing that the situation with the ally of the Nine Evil Paths, the Golden Tent, remains undecided!”

“If the Heaven-killing Axe can remember up to the Divine Immortal level, then it would be quite dangerous…” Ye Yuqi said as she frowned, “Brother-in-law, I think you should ask Taoist Chonghe to go up north with you. I saw him before I returned to the village and I saw that he had already become an Earth Immortal.”

“That’s a great idea.” Master Lu did not object at all for this was a battle between good and evil and had nothing to do with challenging someone to a Kung Fu match. Otherwise, he would challenge Gu Erduo and fight him to the death deep in the East Sea.

The Immortals.

The “Bluecloud Progenitor,” Qu Jiuniang, reluctantly handed over 6,000 karma points to Meng Qi and greedily grabbed the “Supreme-wisdom Tree.” She then said, “How did you manage to collect such precious gems, and not just one…”

When she got past the first level of the Celestial Ladder, her strength increased exponentially. She especially gained a lot from the “World of Dao,” which was why she was willing to give up 6,000 points to exchange for a similar script.

“It’s just Chance.” Meng Qi replied modestly, albeit he was putting on an act.

Qu Jiuniang lifted her head up and glanced back, “The Primogenitor said you have a lot of luck on your side, just a shame that…”

It was as though she was jealous that luck was not on her side, not something she could share.

As she said those words, she looked at Meng Qi with a fake smile, “We go back such a long way. Remember it was I who led you to The Immortals. Don’t I get a discount?”

Meng Qi flipped his hand and revealed a black charm, then he laughed. “Your six thousand karma points have turned into this, so even if I wanted to, I can’t give you a discount.”

It was a s.p.a.ce Piercing Charm that later generations cultivated after copying the Ancient s.p.a.ce-breaching Talisman. It could be used once to escape and was worth 7,300 karma points.

Meng Qi was not a fool, he had to bring something that would allow him to make a getaway knowing he was about to challenge the apotheosis realm.

He possessed the Eight-Nine mysteries so he was not afraid of being stuck, and he had other secret treasures, not to mention his Kunlun Taoist Robe, so there was no need to exchange for other things. He used Qu Jiuniang’s 6,000 karma points and the 4,000 he got from the Shadow-blending Sword and exchanged for the s.p.a.ce Piercing Charm along with another year’s time.

Qu Jiuniang froze for a moment and then snorted. She was bleeding inside. She then sat down and began to sense.

After some time, Meng Qi took back the Supreme-wisdom Tree and activated the Reincarnation Charm.

Meng Qi had been through this many times, the World of Samsara flashed before him and he chose the Apotheosized World.

“Returning to the Apotheosized World, you have fourteen months. You can select a few friends to be transmitted to the regions nearby.”

The voice of the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms filled his ears.

Shangying City of Chen state.

Tian Kuo was wearing loose robes that flapped in the wind. He traveled along the mountainous winding path lined with trees. Birds were chirping merrily. What a sight to behold.

This was the royal tomb of the Chen state. The King of Chen “Yu Ci” was buried here. In fact, half the mountain was gouged out for his grave.

“He was frugal his whole life, but had an opulent death. How ironic,” said Tian Kuo as he looked up the mountain as if he was mocking the dead king.

Even more ironic was the fact that the aristocrats who paid for that opulent funeral were the very same ones who betrayed him. There were afraid that they would carry a reputation for regicide, so they gave him the funeral of all funerals, but people knew the truth.

As the night breeze came through with the heady aroma of flowers, Tian Kuo reached the flat land and saw the King of Chen’s mausoleum.

In front of the mausoleum stood a dark-robed man who was wearing a coronet. He had a long sword hanging on his waist, and he carried a goblet of wine that he slowly poured over the grave.

The chirping noises of the birds could no longer be heard, nor could the sound of the wind. There were only soft whispers.

“I told you I’d come back.”

Tian Kuo’s pupils contracted as he was both shocked and surprised. Then he yelled. “Juzi!”

Meng Qi tossed the goblet and turned slowly with his hand behind his back. He said, “How have you been?”

As his warm greeting entered Tian Kuo’s ears, all the danger and pain that Tian Kuo experienced for the past two years flashed before him. For someone who had already reached the Exterior, he was suddenly like a nervous child who stammered, “I’m… I’m fine, but the School of Mo has lost quite a few members.”

The rulers of Chen Di were extremely afraid of the School of Mo. They tried to take it down every chance they had. If it weren’t for the fact that the School of Mo was extremely discreet and had the protection of Tian Kuo and other aristocrats, they would long have been uprooted. Still, many of their members had been caught with the help of traitors.

“They are true followers of the School of Mo who would sacrifice their lives for the better good.” Meng Qi walked toward Tian Kuo and asked warmly, “Let’s walk and talk. How’s the situation in Chen Di at the moment?”

Tian Kuo took a deep breath, trying to suppress his anger. “The Transit Dues have been dropped, so trades are up. Real estate, restaurants, and inns are all flouris.h.i.+ng. But power still lies in the hands of a few aristocrats. When selecting talent, they look at background first, which is why many smart people have fled to other places. These pride-swollen aristocrats would rather have dumb people than to cultivate Li Shu.

“Using your strategy, Chen state temporarily became strong, but greed has taken over them once again. They often attack the surrounding states, and Tang state is already unhappy.

“This past year, other states have copied Chen state and also dropped the Transit Dues, so the economy has come to a halt.”

As Meng Qi walked, he heaved a sigh, “I gave the King of Chen three suggestions: don’t be weak, be loyal and earn profit. But they only cared about profit and ignored the other two, hence it’s difficult to keep up. Just like I’ve never heard of a child able to carry a thousand-pound weight for a long time.”

“As the other states dropped the Transit Dues, the profit has become thin.” Tian Kuo had been through quite a lot, so he laughed bitterly and continued to speak. “So the rulers set up a complete governing system just to see Chen state fall?”

Meng Qi nodded slightly as he answered. “Loyalty and profit are supposed to buy some time so that they would not be so weak, but they did not listen. Alas, too short-sighted.”

He pointed toward the field in the distance and said, “If time allowed, the School of Mo would’ve spent more time on studying mechanisms and herbal medicine to help Li Shu gain more riches. They would then have more money to learn Kung Fu and cultivate more Martial Artists. In addition to the encouragement of the government, they’d have more smart and powerful men. This whole process would take 20, 30 or even 100 years, but they could not see that far.”

Meng Qi heaved a sigh and added: “Those who do not plan for everything will not plan for anything.”

“Those who do not plan for everything will not plan for anything…” Tian Kuo thought about these words and then suddenly took out a pen and paper and jotted them down.

“What are you doing?” Meng Qi asked in surprise.

Tian Kuo answered zealously. “Juzi’s words contain such wisdom, how could I not write it down and pa.s.s it on to other followers of the School of Mo?”

A sudden sense of pain rushed to Meng Qi’s heart. His mouth twitched as he spoke.

“Do you want to save Chen state?”

“If you have suggestions to save Chen state, I’m all ears!” Tian Kuo answered with hands shaking, almost dropping his pen.

Meng Qi smiled and answered. “Top priority: the Tian family must take the reins and get rid of all opposition!”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 748 - The Return of Juzi

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