The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 763 - Sudden Malice

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Chapter 763: Sudden Malice

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“Immortal Luya?” Qu Jiuniang, who stood beside him, was both suspicious and surprised.

She had heard someone mention the name “Immortal Luya” after completing the Samsara task in the Apotheosized World but regarded it as a character that only appeared in stories. She did not know his definite realm or abilities, only that he had made a reputation for himself in the Apotheosis War. He was one of the well-known figures second only to the great powers.

Jiuniang could not accept the fact that such a character was none other than the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms. To her, the Dominator was an omnipotent existence with great magical power. He ought to be a great figure similar to the Taoist Trinity, Buddhas, and Heaven Sovereign, not some random character who had appeared out of nowhere.

The Big Green Root shook its branches and leaves as it seriously nodded. “Who among those that managed to survive from the past era could be easily trifled with? Furthermore, Immortal Luya is the son of the Supreme Deity of pre-ancient times. His mortal soul was born out of the true fire. He knows many secrets and hidden techniques. He’s a formidable character, second only to the several Masters of the Palm Sect. Besides, so many years have pa.s.sed. We don’t know what realm has he achieved now. Perhaps he’s close to the ‘Unknowable and Undiscussable’ threshold of the Full Enlightenment? This lowly one is really afraid; I dare not go against such a big shot like him. That’s why I had concealed it for so long.”

“Now that Master has entered the Jade Virtual Palace and obtained the Yuan-xin Seal. You’re obviously carrying the shadow of the Master of the Palm Sect on your back. That’s why this lowly one dared to reveal it.”

The root appeared to be happily claiming credit, seeking a reward for it. He was not feeling guilty at all over continuously deceiving others and concealing the truth. Its shamelessness awed Meng Qi.

“‘Unknowable and Undiscussable’ threshold of the Full Enlightenment?” Meng Qi asked, raising an eyebrow. That phrase stood out most in the root’s entire dialogue.

The Big Green Root entered a state that was apparently considered “solemn” as it said, “I’m not too sure myself. I would sometimes hear the immortals bringing it up. It’s apparently the realm that the Taoist Primogenitor and Buddha are in—the realm where one’s truly removed from mortal affairs. It’s a realm that can’t be guessed, described, or discussed. You will be wrong even just talking about it; you will be confused even by thinking about it. You can speculate about the Big Bang Technique, imagine the destruction of layers of the universe, turn back the time, reverse cause and karma, think in vain, but not do anything against them. Thus, no matter how much effort you put into it, you won’t be able to comprehend or injure them. Neither will you be able to see their true appearances…”

“Either way, based on this lowly one’s understanding, they’re omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. They can make whatever contradictions feasible…”

The Big Green Root seemed to have become agitated and emotional. It spoke pa.s.sionately, yet the more it explained, the more incomprehensible it became. The corner of Meng Qi’s mouth twitched as he listened. He felt like he was listening to a taxi driver from Beijing blabbering…

Qu Jiuniang listened with her eyes wide, bewildered.

“Is the Master of the Palm Sect close to achieving this realm?” Meng Qi made a fist with his right hand and pressed it against his mouth.

“Of course!” The Big Green Root acted as if he was being protective of the master. “However, the Master of the Palm Sect bears the variety of immense karma that exists in the Devaloka. You can still probe and discuss regarding him.”

Meng Qi’s face was suddenly full of smiles. “Since the Master of the Palm Sect is close to achieving an omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent state, then why do you fear the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms? Do you think he will dare provoke those of the Jade Virtual Palace?”

The Big Green Root was rendered speechless. It hemmed and hawed for a long time before saying, “I’m only an insignificant gra.s.s outside of the Jade Virtual Palace. Why would the Master of the Palm Sect care about me…?”

“Are you sure it is Immortal Luya? If you’re revealed to be lying in the future, I won’t be the one teaching you a lesson but this.” Meng Qi patted the thunderbolt mark on the back of his hand and it turned into a glistening purple sphere. Subsequently, a demonic, b.l.o.o.d.y peach popped out of the mark, showing half of its body. With “bright eyes”, the peach looked at the Big Green Root as if it was determining just how much medicinal value the latter had.

The Big Green Root rapidly backpedaled, sticking close to the wall. It curled up in a corner and howled. “This lowly one used to watch over the mountain for Kunlun and guard the entrance of the Jade Virtual Palace! I have always been loyal and devoted! Master, you must not threaten me with such an evil thing! It’s really Immortal Luya! I can’t be wrong!”

While it was grappling with fear, Meng Qi’s eyes turned dark. Dim lights drifted in his pupils, making him look like an evil spirit.

“The root really looks frightened; there’s no sign of it being dishonest. There are no other thoughts crossing its mind…” Meng Qi nodded subtly. Even so, he could not be sure that the Big Green Root didn’t have ways of deceiving his rudimentary grasp of the “Yuan-xin Seal”.

“I will trust you for now. Off you go.” Meng Qi returned the peach back to the thunderbolt mark.

The Big Green Root swiftly moved, all while sticking close to the wall. In a flash, it dashed out of the secret chamber.

Qu Jiuniang waited for the door of the secret chamber to be shut before asking, “It’s really the so-called Immortal Luya?”

“Just a possibility,” Meng Qi said hesitatingly. “The Seven Blades of is one of his signature magical artifacts.”

“Seven Blades of The same one that harmed Lord Xuantan?” Qu Jiuniang took a sharp intake of breath. “It’s a strange artifact that is hard to guard against. It’s the most dreadful way of cursing someone that I have seen. If that is the artifact that Dominator uses to obliterate the Samsara travelers, we’re indeed helpless against it…”

“If we get the chance, let’s find the hidden Taoism sect and test it on them. Perhaps we will be able to learn more.” Meng Qi could not help thinking about the grandmaster duo that he met in the Jade Virtual Palace. Those two used the skills of the Jade Virtual lineage. However, the lady had once shot white awns out of her eyes. It was as if she could paralyze the changes in his Vital Spirit and physical body. It was very similar to Immortal Luya’s Flying Blade of Carnage…

He didn’t think much about it. Judging from the testimony of the Big Green Root, which had proven itself untrustworthy time and time again, they were still far from the truth. Changing the topic, he asked, “Jiuniang, do you know of a way of bringing a Dharmakaya master from the Apotheosized World to our current location for temporary aid?”

Qu Jiuniang was silent for a long while before finally replying, “It’s impossible. If it was some other World of Samsara, a world that a Dharmakaya master would be able to enter, we would have been able to detect a Dharmakaya master’s presence and bring him over. However, we don’t know where places like the Apotheosized and the Journey to the West worlds are. There’s an inexplicable barrier between our worlds that makes it impossible for us to pinpoint exact locations. We can only enter and leave those worlds with the use of Reincarnation Charms, which non-Samsara travelers can’t use. The only exception is if the Dharmakaya master has signed a Covenant of the Samsara that states his willingness to be your minion. That’s the only way you can bring him with you when you leave those worlds. Or perhaps, you can turn him into a Samsara traveler.”

Meng Qi gnashed his teeth. It was impossible for him to make any of the Dharmakaya masters into his minion. Just the suggestion of the idea would cause Duke Huan to pummel him to death. The other option must receive the approval of the Dominator. Furthermore, Duke Huan did not have such an absolute trust in Meng Qi that he would allow the Dominator to control his life and earth.

“I once encountered a Dharmakaya master from the Apotheosized World who sent me flying to another universe with a single punch. Despite that he won’t be able to detect our world?” Meng Qi asked, concisely explaining the matter of King Zhuang of Chu.

“That, I’m not sure of. You can make him try.” Qu Jiuniang spread her hand, looking as if she was unable to help despite her desire to do so.

“But the one who possesses the Fists of the s.h.i.+fting Planes is King Zhuang of Chu, not Duke Huan. The latter relies on the unique soul lamp as a ‘lighthouse’ to return to the Apotheosized World from other universes. It doesn’t seem possible for him to leave in the same manner. Must he go and battle it out with King Zhuang of Chu again?” Meng Qi racked his brain.

Qu Jiuniang rolled her eyes at Meng Qi. “You can ask the Dominator these questions using Karma points. There’s no need to fantasize the answers here.”

“You’re right…” The option did not occur to Meng Qi as he rarely made use of the inquiry function of the Six Realms.

He had mortgaged several items in exchange for 55,000 Karma points. Coupled with 5,000 points that he borrowed on the basis of his reputation, he managed to gather 60,000 points. Originally, he was supposed to exchange the 315 Karma points he had for information.

“This information costs 300 Karma points.”

“The Apotheosized World is unique in that it possesses a multi-faceted universe as well as heaven and earth. One cannot leave the world without using a Reincarnation Charm or drawing support from the river of time.”

The voice of Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms was tranquil and calm.

“So the thing that is being s.h.i.+fted is cla.s.sified as a universe of the Apotheosized World…” Meng Qi sighed. From the look of things, they would not be able to seek Duke Huan for help. He would have to pay a visit into the Plenitude Gate and check if Immortal Yunhe had achieved a breakthrough.

Then, Meng Qi paid the Dominator 60,000 Karma points and waited for him to issue the task for forging a divine weapon.

“The specific task of forging a divine weapon: Gu Erduo’s breakthrough meant that the Heaven-killing Axe is one step closer to its awakening. The Nine Evil Paths are beginning to stir, signaling a reversal in the dynamics of the orthodox and heretical forces. Help the orthodox path stabilize the situation. Within at least a year, make sure that both sides are locked in a stalemate without losing or winning. If you succeed, a divine weapon with a complete shape and name will be forged. If you fail, twice the amount of Karma points will be deducted.”

Meng Qi stood at the jade pillar, stupefied. He could feel that the Dominator was being malicious as well as poking fun at him!

He was taking a risk by trying to forge a divine weapon right after stabilizing his grandmaster realm. Wasn’t that because it would help him hide among the evil spirits and get more a.s.surance in helping the orthodox path in stabilizing the situation? However, now he had to hide among the evil spirits and help the orthodox path stabilize the situation in order to forge the divine weapon. Thus, he had put himself into a loop!

“Then what am I forging the divine weapon for?”

“Can I give up the task now?” Meng Qi asked with a deadpan expression.

“Yes. Since you’re giving up as soon as you exchanged for the task, all your Karma points will be deducted. You will be prohibited from exchanging for items or getting others to help you make exchanges for a year,” the Dominator said apathetically.

“There’s a rule like that?” Beside Meng Qi, Qu Jiuniang looked stunned. She had never heard of such a prohibition before.

The Dominator said emotionlessly, “It’s a new rule.”

“Just like that…?” Qu Jiuniang could also clearly feel the “malice” of the Dominator.

“The Dominator had never set any new rules… I came across it as soon as I came out of the Jade Virtual Palace… Is there any connection between the two?” Meng Qi’s inner turmoil suddenly turned serene. He asked calmly, “If I accept the task, can I continue using the two main ingredients for forging a divine weapon, the Fiery Core of the Grand Sun and the Oceanic Dominion Pearl?”

“Yes, but the quality of your divine weapon will decline accordingly,” the Dominator answered.

“Alright then.” Meng Qi accepted the task and turned to leave without another word.

There was no use disputing. He would have to depend on himself for this task.

He must escape the Samsara as soon as possible!

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 763 - Sudden Malice

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