The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 770 - Secret Task from Han Guang

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Chapter 770: Secret Task from Han Guang

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After watching Gu Xiaosang leave, Han Guang held up Cao Xianzhi’s head and stared directly into his unsatisfied eyes. He shook his head while smiling wryly and stepped towards the edge of the Golden Tent.

The inside of the tent was luxuriously decorated. All the materials and even many exotic minerals and products were used to make it look brilliant as possible. For instance, a few Divine Sun Stones were hanged at the top of the tent, making the tent look resplendent and magnificent with its golden glow.

Han Guang gently opened the curtains to the tent without reporting. He stepped onto the soft and thick woolen carpet and took a deep breath, saying leisurely, “Were Vermins and Luo Hou here?”

Many majestic precious weapons of all types hung in the camp, s.h.i.+ning brilliantly, making one look at them involuntarily. However, the most prominent sight here was the bronze burly man who sat leisurely, leaning on a beautiful female Bodhisattva. He was like half a mountain, towering over all others in the camp.

He had profound features and his crazy eyes showed his bold and reckless character. His nose was slightly hooked, which made him look somewhat evil. He seemed to be just over forty years of age. The female Bodhisattva behind him had huge bright eyes and thick brows. Her skin seemed to be made of paper, white and delicate. Other than her temperament, her whole body seemed to invoke the evil desire of l.u.s.t.

The huge man with the bronze complexion laughed and welcomed Han Guang. “After seeing the head of Cao Xianzhi and knowing the outcome to Cao Family, how dare they not come? After seeing other evidence, Meng Nan bowed down to us and agreed.”

He was Great Khan Gu Erduo of the Gra.s.slands who claimed the “Form of the Heaven’s Judgement”!

Facing Gu Erduo, Han Guang didn’t show much reverence. He spread his robe and walked slowly to the left of the man before sitting down and playing with a wine gla.s.s, with an affectionate yet ruthless look in his eyes. “Everything is ready. We’re just waiting for an opportunity.”

Gu Erduo waved his hand to signal the female Bodhisattva to leave. Then, only Han Guang and him were left in the tent.

Han Guang calmly put down the cup. His eyes were full of vicissitudes of life as if he was a G.o.d staring indifferently at the mortals. “Xieyu is more attractive now after all these years.”

“She is indeed good.” Gu Erduo drank a bowl of wine as if recalling past memories of pleasure.

Han Guang slowly poured himself a cup of wine and said casually, “Many warriors are worried that you are addicted to l.u.s.t and have become weak due to her charms.”

Gu Erduo slammed the table gently and replied nonchalantly, “One must seek enjoyment in life. What is the difference between me and a eunuch if I can’t drink and have s.e.x? Even if there is danger involved, why would I be scared? Tell them to come and challenge me! If these women can weaken me, I will applaud them for their capability!”

How many in the world could still be alright after having s.e.x with the current Bliss Bodhisattva?

Han Guang merely smiled, with profundity still lingering in his eyes. “I have already leaked out the Cao family’s affairs.”

“Once everyone knows of it, they will know that they are in danger and suspect one another. Those thugs down south can only protect themselves, making it easier for me to crush them.” Gu Erduo laughed out loud.

As it was unclear which forces had secretly joined the Golden Camp, sects and aristocratic families would naturally suspect one another and prefer to not form alliances. Perhaps only Pure Sun Sect and Huamei Heights could be trusted!

“We can also find out those spies.” Han Guang took another sip of his wine. The wooden pin on his head was pure black, reflecting not even a glimmer of light. “But the Cao family would be in danger.”

Gu Erduo leaned back on the head of a large dragon. He narrowed his eyes, staring into the distance as if looking at someone far away. His axe that suppressed the world was nowhere to be seen.

“Since the last meeting, I have been sensing Lu Da and Chong He. Even though we are millions of miles apart, we can still vaguely sense each other’s presence. Thus, none of us dare to move or show any flaws. If they move, I will move. If they attack Cao family, war will break out.” Gu Erduo suddenly raised his voice as if he was speaking to not only Han Guang but the two Earth Immortals millions of miles away.

Han Guang was elegant and handsome, emitting a vague demonic sense of attraction. His smile at this moment could charm even demons and G.o.ds. “No wonder Great Khan did not deal with Wolf-slaying League and Hao Yue Clan. Nevertheless, they are just losers with only a few grandmasters that pose no threat whatsoever. There is no need for you to be distracted.”

“I would still need to take care of minor ailments. Also, I got some good news,” Gu Erduo replied calmly, with no changes in his expression.

Han Guang seemed to have understood what had to say Great Khan and flew away without saying another word.

A hawk flew in mid-air. After circling the camp once, it flew towards the west of the Golden Camp before heading down south.

At Qingming Festival, in a small town near the edge of the Gra.s.sland, a hawk landed in front of a doctor who was packing up his medical supplies.

Thump, thump, thump! Thump, thump, thump! He heard strange heartbeats and became alert. His own heart seemed to beat faster in response.

Suddenly, a voice appeared in the mind of the doctor.

“Cao family killed the opposing Cao Xianzhi and betrayed Gao Lan for the Gra.s.slands. Many other forces did the same. We need to investigate and verify each of them, and must not jump to conclusions for now.”

“Luo Denomination and Destruction Sect are sincere in their cooperation with Gu Erduo.”

“Ashura Temple was uncertain and only set their mind after coercion. We don’t need to send Dharmakayas to the Western regions and instead allow Quasi-Dharmakaya forces from sects and aristocratic families to fight with their divine weapons. Meng Nan will not sacrifice his life for Gu Erduo.”

“Blood-robed Cult had made their decision long ago. Either Blood Sea Rakshasa knew about Gu Erduo and Han Guang’s other methods, or he has some sort of plan.”

“Destruction Sect and Luo Denomination have full confidence and don’t care even if Gao Lan returned to the Orthodox Side. Perhaps the demonic cult was indeed involved.”

“Life-changing Sect have not appeared and remain hidden in the tent of Changsheng Denomination. They seemed to be secretly preparing something…”

“Alliances from the inside haven’t been decided upon yet.”

“I’m Primordial Devil.”

The doctor was stunned by the news as it was all critical information, especially the first one. If they don’t remain vigilant, forces might betray each other in the final battle and many top forces will fall and be destroyed as a result!

The last four words showed the ident.i.ty of the spy and improved the credibility of the intelligence.

He stared at the hawk but found it to be a normal one. After the voices disappeared, the hawk spread its wings and flew off.

Before long, Master Lu of Huamei Heights and Taoist Chonghe of Pure Sun Sect obtained the news respectively.

“The unity is gone…” Taoist Chonghe sighed after hearing the first information.

As soon as the news spread, all forces went on full alert as it was impossible to have a full investigation in such a short amount of time.

As for blocking the spread of news, Chong He believed that other forces had spies in the Gra.s.slands as well and he could not stop the deliberate disclosure of such news by the Golden Camp. Furthermore, the most important news from Primordial Devil was actually the latter few, especially his deduction on the att.i.tudes, emotions, behaviors, and words of the Venerable of Vermins and the rest.

Staring intensely at the note in his hand, Master Lu commanded softly.

“Find Gao Lan.”

Gao Lan might have betrayed and that could offset many things.

Changle, Imperial City.

“Tai Shang Elder” Ren Kui from Taiyue Sect stepped into an abandoned palace as he had gotten news that Gao Lan appeared here.

The palace was big and made of special materials. Every single step sent the clear sound of footsteps echoing down the chamber. Be it an Exterior expert or one who had just enlightened the Apertures, no one could avoid it if one chose not to fly.

All the windows were nailed and not a glimmer of light penetrated in, making the insides look dark and eerie.

Ren Kui abruptly stopped and saw a handsome man sitting on a broken throne. He had a thin pair of lips and an indifferent gaze looking down at him. It was indeed “Mad King” Gao Lan.

“How can you still pretend to be an Emperor when most of your forces betrayed you for the Gra.s.slands…” Ren Kui lamented silently and thought that Gao Lan was a little pitiful.

Before he could speak, Gao Lan opened his mouth calmly.

“I knew you would come.”

“Your majesty knows what choice to make, right?” Even while facing a Dharmakaya, Ren Kui maintained his own bearings as the Tai Shang Elder of a top-tier sect.

Now that he was forced to make a decision, he would choose the party that needed him more so as to gain more benefits. Furthermore, he would need not worry about being afterwards.

Gao Lan stared ahead and casually said, “I want the throne.”

“Who even needs the lone throne?” Ren Kui silently but said solemnly, “There is no problem if it is just the throne of North Zhou Dynasty.”

This was one of the conditions agreed by the few top-tier forces. They would agree even if Gao Lan asked for more ridiculous conditions.

Gao Lan waved his hand. “Get out. I will strike when I’m needed. If you have any contract, show it.”

Ren Kui seemed to be seen through as he reluctantly took out the secret contract given by Chong He to prevent Gao Lan from betraying. The contracts stipulated that Gao Lan could not support the Gra.s.sland and the heretical path in this war.

After Gao Lan signed the contract, Ren Kui left the palace. Gao Lan sat straight still engulfed in shadows as a faint sarcastic smile came upon his lips.

In his tent, Meng Qi meditated to harmonize Qi-circulation, calming himself from the shock and grief caused by Cao Xianzhi’s death.

This Lord of Purity and Magic had too many burdens upon him. He had a really strong sense of responsibility, and chose to live conscientiously and peacefully but still could not escape from the sudden disaster. In face of such a thing, one could not easily escape from it and might easily die without being able to do anything!

The only solution was to take the initiative and resolve the disaster!

“I hope that Gu Xiaosang was lying and Cao Xianzhi didn’t really die.” Meng Qi silently prayed before pondering over the possible forces that pledged their allegiance to Gu Erduo.

The grandmasters should not know much about it. But the main decision-makers are either Dharmakayas or Half-steps or those as low-key as Life-changing Sect, making it almost impossible for Meng Qi to find out any information.

“From the ‘liaison officer’?”

The Venerable of Vermins and Luo Hou had left at night to prepare their forces, with only Buddha of Desires left. However, that guy was a top-tier Exterior master with no contact with himself.

“Oh yes, there is another person who I can handle!”

“‘Demoness of Grand Luo’ Gu Xiaosang!”

However, Meng Qi decided that the most suitable target was also the one that he least wanted to meet. The demoness was clever and cunning, full of tricks down her sleeves. He would rather deal with Buddha of Desires than to provoke her.

All of a sudden, Meng Qi saw Han Guang flash in front of him.

“Master?” Meng Qi went tense once more as he wasn’t really prepared.

“You are going to investigate the matter concerning Wolf-slaying League. I have another secret mission for you,” Han Guang said calmly, facing the moonlight.

“What mission?” Meng Qi asked doubtfully.

“With war imminent, Guo Erduo is still concerned about matters concerning Hao Yue Clan and Wolf-slaying League. This is peculiar and huge secrets could be hidden within. I want you to kill all those that follow you in this investigation, er, asides from G.o.ddess of Big Luo as she probably has the same motive as you. Anyways, you will need to grasp the secret of Hao Yue Clan.” Han Guang spoke with a profound and mysterious emotion hidden in his eyes.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 770 - Secret Task from Han Guang

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