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Chapter 773: Chapter Internecine Team

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If the Zombies of the Life-changing Sect lost control so easily, they would have destroyed themselves early… This was the first thought that came to Tao Gesi’s mind. In his perception, although Evil Desire Bodhisattva was always on guard against changes, she obviously did not have a premonition. “Fei Lian” was the least likely to be affected by internal strife and kill anyone, but he self-exploded. It happened suddenly and she didn’t expect that, so she could only respond to it hastily.

A red-and-white Seventh Order Lotus Terrace appeared under the feet of Evil Desire Bodhisattva. The white was pure and fresh. The red was strong and showed a deep desire. The feeling it gave off was evil and depraved, but also clear and peaceful. It radiated endless light. A huge lotus bloomed, and the petals blossomed one by one.

At the same time, her hands set a seal and her footsteps were dense. She seemed to reverse Yin and Yang and change the chance of the world. She folded the distant s.p.a.ce, and then quickly escaped from the core zone where the Zombie had self-exploded.

In her perception, whether they were Gu Xiaosang, Tao Gesi, Buddha of Desires, Enormity Demon, or Ordained Shamaness, no one came to help. Either they had no time to react, or they were a little stunned and chose to step back, showing a faint smile and a look while watching her die.

“I will not give you the satisfaction!” Evil Desire Bodhisattva clearly knew that the investigation group remained friendly in appearance but estranged at heart. They were all seemingly polite, but they all couldn’t wait to let others die a violent death. Nevertheless, when she actually encountered this kind of indifference, she was still very angry. However, anyone who could become a grandmaster was very experienced, so even though she was angry, her mood was calm as she prepared to escape.

At this point, she changed color. Her shadowy body seemed to be stuck in place, unable to leave as she wished.

In the eyes of “Fei Lian,” there was a kind of feeling of relief. Every drop of blood, every inch of skin and every muscle was expanding. There seemed to be a big river running past, and the self-explosion was already unstoppable. He was not wise, but his body was Half-step to Dharmakaya!


Tao Gesi first saw the white light and the rolling waves and then heard the deafening explosion. His mind ran swiftly and his body moved directly to the outside of the leader’s tent to avoid the explosion.

He saw that Buddha of Desires, Devil of Malice, Big Luo G.o.ddess and the others all used their own ways to withstand the explosion. There was someone who had a huge body and was sitting on the high Lotus Terraces with a huge golden hand that strongly hit. There was someone who took a black flag, shaking out layers of waves. There was someone whose surrounding was peaceful and white lotus fell around him, calming the fire and the storm, the visional s.p.a.ce seemed real. There was also someone who sent forth a vertical eye between his eyebrows as the spirit behind him loomed, dividing and calming the waves using one finger.

With their intervention, the horrific self-explosion was contained in a very small area. Only a strong wind rolled out and blew over a lot of tents.

The light disappeared and Tao Gesi’s vision and sensation recovered. He saw that the original leader’s tent had been razed to the ground, pieces of broken lotus Terraces were scattered, and contaminated blood was steamed dry, there was only a little trace. A bit of light gold clothing drifted with the residual wind, and two cracked dirks were strewn on the ground, both of them valuable weapons. Evil Desire Bodhisattva’s body and everything else on her body was fragmented and difficult to see.

The power of a Half-step to Dharmakaya’s self-explosion was really horrible… Sensing Evil Desire Bodhisattva’s remaining unwilling resentment, the corner of Tao Gesi’s eyes pulsated as he thought. If he were in the face of “Fei Lian” and he could not get out of the core area in time, he may have also died.

A grandmaster of Evil Ways rolled in her grave like this.

“Devil of Malice, you were closest to the Zombie before. His loss of control may not have been accidental.” Suddenly, a silvery sound like spring came into Tao Gesi’s ears. This was mysterious “Big Luo G.o.ddess” Gu Xiaosang’s voice.

Right! Zombie losing control was absolutely not accidental! There was someone who wanted to use this excuse to kill people and swallow the final secret! Tao Gesi recovered from the shock, and then his eyes looked at Devil of Malice whose face was pale and had a wooden hairpin in his hair.

Devil of Malice’s eyes changed and he smiled faintly. “Whoever has a mind to beat his dog will easily find his stick. G.o.ddess Gu’s act of leaving just before Fei Lian’s self-explosion was too deliberate. Did you know about it beforehand?”

At this moment, Buddha of Desires sighed with regret and said, “Evil Desire Bodhisattva’s good body unexpectedly disappeared like this. As a grandmaster with a bright mind, I should have felt the imminent danger, but I didn’t sense it and I only saw that when Fei Lian’s self-explosion was unstoppable, Evil Desire Bodhisattva was still at a loss. Perhaps there was someone who messed with the G.o.d’s secret and blinded her intelligence.

Tao Gesi suddenly recalled a scene in his mind: someone’s fingers moving quickly and a graceful posture.

“It was you!” Tao Gesi glared at Gu Xiaosang.

It was she who concealed the signs of danger!

Problems occurred with the important task commissioned by Khan, it was normal for him to be angry and emotional.

Gu Xiaosang was still holy and there seemed to be vast starry sky hidden in her eyes. She smiled faintly and said, “Buddhism is good at releasing souls from purgatory. In addition, Buddha of Desires has the Mind Connection Bead with him. Although he is a heretic, waking up several Zombies is not difficult for him. I simply found an opportunity and added fuel to the fire.”

Buddha of Desires couldn’t help looking at Gu Xiaosang’s beautiful posture, laughed and said, “If I did that, how could you find out about it? Can this kind of perfect covering up the danger be explained by acting according to circ.u.mstances? Vacuum Hometown is called the homeland and ultimate destination of all living creatures, it is not difficult to release the Zombies.”

There were previous events as proof, Tao Gesi preferred to believe what Buddha of Desires said. He coldly said, “Grandmaster, is there any harvest with the Mind Connection Bead?”

Tao Gesi had saved up the strength to start out. Even if he was afraid of offending the Luo Denomination and wouldn’t kill people, he had to take control of Gu Xiaosang to prevent her from continuing to provoke and kill people!

Buddha of Desires laughed and said, “Devil of Malice is broad-minded. On one hand, you think it’s very likely that Miss Gu did it, on the other hand, you are determined to unite all of us to take control of Miss Gu as if she actually did it whether she really did it or not. She is mysterious and has a lot of foul means, so you first ‘exclude’ her the moment you have a chance.”

Tao Gesi saw that Devil of Malice’s pale face had slightly changed color as if he had not thought that Buddha of Desires’s Mind Connection Bead was so horrible that it could capture real thoughts among many miscellaneous ideas.

Buddha of Desires just showed off his Mind Connection Bead to him before. He just knew that Buddha of Desires could do that, but he didn’t know the actual effect.

Gu Xiaosang’s eyebrows stretched, then she smiled faintly and gave Devil of Malice a look and said, “You are worthy of being called Devil of Malice. Whether I did it or not, I did it.”

Her tone held a hint of a smile, but the strong desire to kill could be heard.

Buddha of Desires said, “Donor Gu, your thought is folded and your mind is closed, so I can’t hear from your mind. However, if you did not have evil thoughts in your mind, how could it happen?”

“You are so eloquent that you can distort the truth.” Gu Xiaosang was still stubborn.

“Hmph! Are you still being stubborn? I will beat you and force you to admit!” said “Ordained Shamaness” Tuo Ya coldly.

Buddha of Desires s.h.i.+fted his gaze slightly and looked Tuo Ya up and down, from her dignified face to her plump figure. Tuo Ya became emotional and angry under his gaze, feeling as if the lewd monk was touching her.

“Donor Tuo Ya, you are rejoicing and laughing at us. You rejoice that we didn’t discover that you did it and laugh at us that we didn’t find out.” Buddha of Desires grinned.

Tuo Ya’s face changed suddenly as she said, “You, you, you…”

She could not even say the complete words.

Buddha of Desires said with a smile, “At the last minute, there was 50% to 60% chance for Evil Desire Bodhisattva to escape from the core area. However, she did not do it and stayed in place instead. This was definitely not fate.”

“You depend on the fact that you have a secret talisman that can resist my Mind Connection Bead, so you despise me?”

“The Grand Enchantment of Desire!” Tao Gesi suddenly realized that this was the weird magic of the “Matriarch Deity of Desire,” and it could turn something satisfied into something unsatisfied, and the unsatisfied into the satisfied. He had seen it before, but he was eager to escape from the tent at that time and did not find it.

Tuo Ya’s face darkened suddenly, “You covet my body and talk rubbish. We don’t have the Mind Connection Bead, how do we know you are not lying?”

“What I said is just a supplement. It is important to judge according to the previous situation and I believe that donor Tao Gesi, you know the truth and you can make a decision.” Buddha of Desires’s smile disappeared, and his appearance was like a good monk. However, His next words destroyed this good image. “Donor Tao Gesi, I dare not dally with Ajati Matriarch, however, could you please capture donor Tuo Ya alive to let me dally with her? I will repay you.”

He didn’t feel ashamed at all, saying it boldly and directly.

Tao Gesi nodded slightly and then suddenly disappeared, appearing behind Tuo Ya and hitting her with a machete. He moved very fast and there were no other anomalies.

He was best at sudden attacks, especially when he was very angry, and he wanted to seriously hurt her.

The shaman of the Changsheng Denomination had made trouble for the Golden Tent on this matter several times. Tao Gesi had resented them for a long time. When he found out it was them again, it was natural that all the old and recent grudges came to his mind. He couldn’t control himself and was the first to attack.

On the other side, he felt Buddha of Desires and Devil of Malice attack “Big Luo G.o.ddess” Gu Xiaosang at the same time.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 773 - Chapter Internecine Team

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