The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 784 - Siege attack on the Sword-Enshrining Tower

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Chapter 784: Siege attack on the Sword-Enshrining Tower

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Sir Lu’s eyes were half closed, as he sensed the electric blue thunder that threatened him in the distance. His heart was clear of distraction, as he entered a state of extreme self-focus.

At that moment, he forgot whether Gao Lan would intercept the Wizard King of the Void. He forgot that no one was there to keep the Devil Master Hang Guang occupied. All that was in his eyes was gra.s.sland warrior Gu Erduo and the Scorpio Axe in his hands.

Immortal Chonghem, who was stuck in a tight situation, was jealous of Mister Luda for this: even though his body was in tip-top condition and was ready to strike, he would still be able to worry about other details on the battlefield.

The strategy this time was to concentrate all the powerful forces to create an advantage and fight like lightning. If Kong Wen, Cui Qinghe, and Yun He, could kill off the Blood Sea Rakshasa quickly, they could definitely rush back in time to prevent the Devil Master from inflicting excessive damage or to ruin any plans he could have. Even if the Demon Clan decided to intervene and concentrate their forces, at least we would not suffer utter defeat. Additionally, if the conditions in the battle went as planned, it would be advantageous for the elite families and clans of the Great Jin Dynasty to mobilize their gurus to help in the fight so as to ensure balance in the battlefield. There could be a chance that the advantage would even lean towards them. However, there were two hidden risks involved. The first risk was the unpredictable nature of the way Gao Lan thinks, and whether he would interfere with the battle. The second risk was whether Devil Master Han Guang prioritizes the battle first, or the Time Blade first.

Chonghe sighed heavily. No one could predict the future with perfect accuracy. Just like at the Sword-Enshrining tower, once it was breached, all the elite families and clans were inclined towards the gra.s.slands as they joined to form a giant alliance. They sent in heavenly troops and other dharmakaya to aid in the battle. There would be a great ripple effect when the number of ally forces decreases, while the number of enemy forces increases.

“Did we not agree earlier… we will do our best, and leave the rest to fate,” Immortal Chonghe said as he exhaled. He calmed down and pushed the remaining thoughts to the back of his head.

The overall situation would not be negatively affected!

Dark clouds gathered overhead, as though the heavens drooped and brought forth a wave of dignity. This made everyone feel small and weak compared to the almighty heaven and earth.

Trillions of bolts of purple lightning converged into a cl.u.s.ter as it wound itself around a huge axe that had a long handle. As the wind blew, the axe grew rapidly in size. It travelled tens of thousands of miles as it was aimed for Mister Luda. As it flew, it covered up the heavens and blocked out the sun.


Thunder rumbled, as the electric bolts were separated from one another. This lit up the sky and made it as bright as day. Every single dark cloud and every detail on the huge axe shown clearly. The axe was made of a material that resembled bronze. There were nine inscriptions on the axe, such as flame and thunder. They were manifestations of Dao.


At the front of the axe, thunder lightning destroyed all life. The void was torn apart before it was restored. Once the slash connects, it would destroy the flesh and bones of the person and scatter the primordial spirit. The power of heavenly punishment could be clearly seen here!

Mister Luda opened both of his eyes. There was an image of the giant axe in his iris. However, this image was even more complicated and detailed, as though it saw through the basic structure of the lighting, and saw through the basic changes these lightning bolts could undergo.

To him, the axe no longer had any secrets.

The Single-Hearted Sword was unsheathed. The sword seemed normal, initially. But upon closer inspection, fine changes and adjustments could be observed in the middle of the void. Instantaneously, the structure made up of the trillions of bolts of lightning crumbled and collapsed. It turned into an ocean of electricity. This ocean did not harm the two of them but dashed towards Gu Erduo. The dark clouds cleared and the rays of the morning sun fell onto the people, as we could see patches of golden light on them.

Gu Erduo had a slight doubt in his heart. In the previous short encounter, he felt that there was something off about Mister Luda. However, he did not go into the details and check it out. From the looks of it, Mister Luda was not the conventional Earth fairy. His delicate grasp of the Heaven, Earth, and the Qi, as well as his deep level of understanding of things and changes around him, were at the level of a Sky Fairy. All he lacks now was his power level.

The stronger his enemies were, the more excited Gu Erduo got. His fighting spirit was at an all-time high, as he threw out his axe as well. This axe was extremely fast, and there were numerous adjustments and changes as it travelled.

For a moment, the air flow was ignited. Different types of flame fused and mutated to form a sea of flame. This sea of flame gushed towards Mister Luda and gave off a sense that it would burn everything in its path.

Even before the flame descended upon Immortal Chonghe, he felt the burn. He felt that his body and primordial spirit would be burnt to nothing if he contacted the fire, as this fire could not be extinguished.

Mister Luda was focused on the fire. Suddenly, he slashed out with the sword in hand. The light of the slash diverged, as each strand of light was even thinner than a strand of silk. There was no way for someone to sense these strands. There were so many strands of such light emitted from his sword that it covered the sky.

Pew Pew Pew. There were different origins of the slash, but they layered into one. The sea of flames that covered the sky immediately dissipated. The tip of the sword collided into the axe and sent it flying back.

“Nice move!” Gu Erduo shouted. He knew Mister Luda was different, hence he used his Body of the heavens, which stretched out hundreds of feet. The body was made of bronze and was full of strange traces that overwhelmed with the intent of destruction. Standing there overlooking everything, the surrounding area was completely dark. The atmosphere was heavy, sparks of lightning could be seen as the ground fire burned steadily. It was as though it was punis.h.i.+ng the evil in place of the heavens, quietly awaiting the arrival of the heavenly punishment.

“Take this axe!” Gu Erduo held the axe with both of his hands, as he slashed down heavily like a G.o.d of war. The unimaginable weight and the immense attraction appeared simultaneously.

This slash struck the air just like it struck the surface of a lake. Ripples of void travelled into the distance, as the dense void collapsed swiftly. A dark vortex that spun quickly was formed in mid-air, as it sucked in all light and heat.

The trees and rocks below defied all laws of physics as they surged up. The fortress resisted for a moment before it too was sucked as a whole and flew towards the vortex, together with every human being present.

This slash incorporated the brute force of Gu Erduo and the natural force found in Scorpio Axe. Even though Sir Luda saw the minute changes of the slash, he was unable to use it to his advantage. He thrust his long sword forward as his sword remained st.u.r.dy and hit right at the core of the dark vortex.

His skin was glowing with a metallic colour. It seemed to be indestructible. As compared to the dharmakaya of others, the Indestructible Body of Gengjin was considered normal.

Right then, red, green, black, and white – four strikes of the sword flew off in different directions as they distorted the void. It cut off the attraction by the void. Time was fluid and at that moment, there was delicate chaos. There was no way of telling whether the four strikes of the sword existed first or the fairy slaying sword formation existed first.

All matter was converted into thick, condensed energy. It filled the dark void and filled it up.

The four Immortals Chonghe did not rest, as they each brandished their swords. Blade colours of red, green, black, and white, flew towards Gu Erduo simultaneously, without giving him any chance to take a breather. Sir Luda used the situation to his advantage and attacked Gu Erduo. He planned to drag him along into the formation!

“Excellent!” Gu Erduo became more and more excited. He swung his axe in a barely discernible way. It seemed to be water at first, before turning into mist in the next moment. This attack aimed to kill all G.o.ds.

The four strikes of the sword were struck, as they turned normal immediately. The Earth Fairy aura was gone.

Xuan Tian Sect

Immortal Shou Jing sat in front of the Time Blade. He was calm and breathed deeply, as though he was waiting patiently for someone.

Somewhere deep in the mountain in Jiang Dong, a young child whined, “No, I don’t want this secret technique no matter what!”


His eyes were long and narrow, just like those of a snake. He words were mildly vague.

颧骨较高,右眉下有黑痣的金离无奈看向夫人: “慈父多败儿,你来说.”

Jin Li, who had a slightly higher cheekbone and a mole below his right eyebrow, looked at his wife helplessly as he said, “A kind father will result in a naughty son. Can you please tell him what to do.”


Shen Nuoxuan walked over gracefully. Her waist and limbs looked as though they were boneless. She smiled, “Be a good boy. If you do not want to practice, then let’s not practice. In the past, we had to rely on this secret technique recorded in the Demon King Book to outsmart the strong and infiltrate mankind. In the future, we do not need to go into hiding anymore.”

In front of the door of the Sword-Enshrining Tower.

Meng Qi kept his nameless fire. He would not speak anymore. He had already done his part to warn everyone. Even if Qiu Wansheng and friends were still suspicious of his ident.i.ty or intentions, they would definitely be more aware of the Faceless Heavenly Demon. If he decided to attack, at least they would be prepared and be at a loss of what to do.

Time was tight, and Meng Qi could only do so much!

Right as Meng Qi was about to leave, he turned and frowned as he looked not too far off into the distance. He had the Talisman of the Great upside down expansion and Yuan Xin Seal for the guerrilla warfare. This was to hara.s.s the gurus from the gra.s.sland so as to contribute to the righteous side.

There, dark clouds gather. Different colours penetrate the heavens, giving a sense that groups of demons were dancing wildly there.

“Oh no, they are attacking the Sword-Enshrining Tower first! There was a problem!” Meng Qi immediately flew up high so as to prevent himself from being trapped at the entrance of the Sword-Enshrining Tower by the gra.s.slands and Zuo Dao forces. He would not be able to go in, nor get out.

He bypa.s.sed the layers of white clouds. He only stopped when the wind in the upper atmosphere blew in his face. He entered stealth mode, before opening his Third Eye to check out the battlefield.

He saw outside the Imperfect, Fallen Formation, many strong fighters had already gathered and started to attack the formation fiercely in an attempt to break the formation.

There was an austere and green fiend, another fairy that had cold air wounding around him. Lastly, there was a shaman that was decorated with human skeletons.

There were two other blood yellow coffins that contained corpses. There were Huan Xi buddhas that sat on the nine stars lotus platform. Their presence mixed up Yin and Yang. There were monks that were like the rich. They held metal sticks in their hands. Their faces were hideous, as they bore their chest and embraced their concubines.

Meng Qi took a breath of cool air. Those three gave him a sense that they were dharmakaya. They were probably the half dharmakaya that elite forces had, while Ice Spirit Fairy, from the Cao family, was likely evolved from an Earth Fairy.

The Cao family had such a strong resolution… Meng Qi sighed secretly. The Nether Emperor, Huan Xi Bodhisattva, current Huan Xi Buddha, three of the top four on the Black List came. Each of them had an army of heavenly troops of their disposal. Furthermore, there were other gurus, mainly consisting of the Golden Tent Warrior and the Longevity Sect Shaman. This included the leader of the Golden Tent Warriors, Hasula.

What a luxurious lineup… Meng Qi breathed out. If there was no spy in the Sword-Enshrining Tower, there was a chance in them fending off the heavenly troops, half-step dharmakaya, and then some other last resorts. But now, one would worry.

Once the Sword-Enshrining Tower suffers defeat, the other families and clans who were simply observing would join in the gra.s.slands. They would then be unstoppable!

Meng Qi did not fly away. He hid high in the air, and use his “Third Eye” to observe and search for a chance to help out.

There were no old scores or feelings between the good and evil in this fight!

“Patriarch, please bless us,” Blazing Fire Qiu Wansheng held his Lifeless Sword and bowed respectfully.

Instantaneously, there was a slight change in the formation. The Lifeless Sword fired a misty, dark light which rushed into the sword grave.

The sword grave began rumbling, as strikes of remaining sword intent boiled.

After a few short moments, a red sword that contained little impression of that of a dharmakaya flew out and joined in the sword formation. Anything that came in contact with the sword was burnt to cinders right on the spot.

Soon after, many swords flew out from other parts of the sword grave. They seemed real, but fake at the same time. Some stopped time, some blew up gales of wind, while others were very heavy. One trait that they shared in common was that they all had a very strong killing intent.

When the four swords that the dharmakaya patriarchs of the Sword-Enshrining Tower left behind was added to to the formation, its power increased greatly. It was in a much better condition as compared to how it seemed to topple before the four swords joined.

Qiu Wansheng held the Lifeless Sword in his hand, as he was prepared to join in the sword formation to bring out the power of the heavenly troops.

Right then, a silent sword, that was like a poisonous snake ambushed him from the side. It was hiding the intent to kill!

Qiu Wansheng was well prepared for this. He sidestepped and dodged this strike.

“It’s you!” Qiu Wansheng said as he looked angrily at his attacker.

Although he was overprotective, he knew what he was doing, hence he was always vigilant. Su Meng was right, there were gurus that had fallen and became Faceless Heavenly Demons.

Right then, all that Qiu w.a.n.gsheng was looking at was Heaven-Piercing Sword Nangong Hen. From the start, he felt that if there were to be Faceless Heavenly Demons, it would be this senior. He had hate in his heart, he did not improve at all and had too many reasons to fall.

Before Qiu Wansheng could finish, he stopped as a dark green sword came piercing out form his mouth!

Standing behind him was his personal disciple Solitary Pigeon Yu Wujiu! He used the specially made long sword to penetrate Qiu Wansheng’s armour into his head.

“Fiend!” Qiu Wansheng’s eyes burned with fury.

Nangong Hen’s power climbed as he stopped the angered Ma You and Li Sinong as he smiled coldly,

“I am not the faceless heavenly demon. It is your disciple.”

I am the legendary Polaris G.o.d!

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 784 - Siege attack on the Sword-Enshrining Tower

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