The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 796 - Strict Loyalty To One’s Duty

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Chapter 796: Strict Loyalty To One’s Duty

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In Guang Ling, Meng Qi was staying temporarily at the guest yard of the w.a.n.g Family while waiting for a reply from the Plain Girl Sect.

Meng Qi had been waiting for two months. The season had changed from spring to summer. However, Meng Qi was not feeling impatient at all. He was so calm about it as though he had already forgotten about the unresolved issues. The reason was that he did not count on only learning the Tyrant’s Invincible Blade. At the moment, he had many other things to learn: the Seal of the Dao, the General Principle of Dharmakaya – the Premier Golden Stamp, The Dharmakaya Section of the Arts of Eight-Nine, Fan Tian Seal, and the Seal of the Fifth and Sixth of the Ten Heavenly Stems. Since he actually did not have sufficient time to apprehend all of them, he had never felt bored of waiting as he could put the time to good use.

More importantly, in the fight with Hasula, Meng Qi realized that the Tyrant’s Six Decapitations that he learned had influenced the Creation of the World in a bad way. Therefore, he would need to look into the moves that he had previously mastered to find out the defects.

In the past, Meng Qi did not find any problem in the moves. However, with the knowledge and experience that he had now, he might have a different thought on that.

The people who practiced martial arts would always progress in an ascending spiral way. If they were satisfied with the understanding they had in the past, they would be stuck with the current progress which resulted in no improvements.

When w.a.n.g Siyuan who wore a turban stepped into the guest yard, he saw Meng Qi that was being surrounded by an illusory atmosphere. It was as though everything in the yard was interconnected with Meng Qi, and they would all vanish if he left this place.

w.a.n.g Siyuan stood under a Bodhi tree in the yard and said without any intonation in his voice, “The Plain Girl Sect has replied to you. You will not be allowed to learn the Tyrant’s Invincible Blade unless you join the division of Miss Mystery and have Twin Practice with her Nirmanakaya that is fated to be manifested. However, if you fulfill the conditions mentioned above, you’ll be granted not only the permission to learn the Tyrant’s Invincible Blade, cough cough… but also the power to be in control of it.”

w.a.n.g Siyuan was good in searching for the cardinal point. It seemed like he wanted to enter the guru domain earlier through this practice.

Meng Qi frowned. “The conditions are too hard to fulfill.”

It was almost binding him together with the division of Miss Mystery!

Even if Meng Qi put aside his personal preference, the Twin Practice itself still posed some hidden risks. Not only would he be harmed psychologically, but joining the division of Miss Mystery was also never as easy as it might seem. After he signed a contract with them, there would be no way for him to rebel against the Plain Girl Sect.

“But the Plain Girl Sect seemed to be firm. There’s no room for compromise anymore. Well, at least from what we heard, it sounded like this.” As an experienced trickster, w.a.n.g Siyuan would never make definite statements.

Meng Qi had a few of quick thoughts before he burst out laughing suddenly. “Please send my words to them – the Tyrant’s Invincible Blade isn’t that important to me after all. No matter how powerful the Tyrant and his Invincible Blade were, the Tyrant still died tragically of self-destruction. Also, none of his lovers or followers died in peace. Why do I even bother to get it?”

This was a tactic of taking a step back in order to get more advantages!

Several significant events that happened recently seemed to be an indication of an impending Great Trial. Although the Plain Girl Sect possessed a peerless heavenly weapon like the Tyrant’s Invincible Blade, they could not find a way to use it. They were definitely feeling anxious.

w.a.n.g Siyuan did not mention a thing about the Fifth Strike of the Tyrant’s Six Decapitations: Letting Go of the Past, as though he had forgotten about what he had reminded Meng Qi last time. He coughed as he turned and left the guest yard.

This time around, the Plain Girl Sect did not keep Meng Qi waiting for too long. They replied to him in just half a month. The message was phrased in a genteel and long-winded way. Meng Qi summed it up with just a simple point: Take it or leave it.

“The Plain Girl Sect shouldn’t behave in such an uncompromising way. Perhaps they are relying on some other powerful forces,” the trickster w.a.n.g Siyuan looked seemingly thoughtless when he said that.

Meng Qi had the same thought. The Tyrant’s Invincible Blade was nothing different from a useless piece of metal if people did not make use of it. If the Plain Girl Sect handed it to him, they would be getting his help in return, which was still better than nothing. Given the fact that they were not aware of the importance of the Fifth Strike of the Tyrant’s Six Decapitations: Letting Go of the Past to him, why were they so a.s.sured that he would comply with their request?

Could it be true that they were really connected with some powerful forces, and hence they had found some other ways to be in control of the Tyrant’s Invincible Blade?

Was this the reason of them being so uncompromising?

Meng Qi pondered for some moments before he came out with a brief idea. He decided to investigate and look for more information regarding this issue so that he would have strong grounds to negotiate with the Plain Girl Sect.

Meng Qi already had someone in mind to ask for the information – Liu Shuyu, the descendant of Miss Mystery.

Liu Shuyu was coerced by Gu Xiaosang into doing things that were harmful to the Plain Girl Sect, which was yet to be found out by the sect. This could be used by Meng Qi to threaten her if she refused to comply. As long as he didn’t go overboard, it was unlikely that she would drag him into the mess. Hence, just asking for some information from her should not be a problem.

Apparently, the first thing Meng Qi needed to do was to find her out.

“Since Liu Shuyu is the descendant of Miss Mystery, the Purple Roc Great Detective, Liu Shengming, certainly has some connections with the Plain Girl Sect. Let’s get started with him…” Meng Qi came up with a plan in a short period of time.

In the past, the Purple Roc Great Detective was terribly strong and seemed unbeatable in the eyes of Meng Qi; however, in just a few years’ time, he could deal with the Purple Roc Great Detective with ease, as if he was just an ordinary person. Apparently, he had gone through a great deal of growth and improvements.

To put thoughts into action, Meng Qi stood up right away.

In the eyes of w.a.n.g Siyuan, the mysterious connection between Meng Qi and the guest yard was broken. The yard resumed to normal as it did not disappear after Meng Qi left.

The mansion of the Purple Roc Great Detective at Shen Du.

A good-looking middle-aged man with a flabby stomach clasped his hands behind his back while walking to his bedroom in a relaxed manner. He was enjoying the fresh breeze which was very rare in the mid-summer night.

The servants along the way nodded to their Old Master respectfully. As he seemed to be deeply trusted by the emperor recently, his position as the Great Detective had been more secure than ever.

Liu Shengming let out his senses to make sure it was safe before he opened the bedroom door. With a creaking sound of the door, he entered the room.

Liu Shengming closed the door and snapped his finger. The silver candle was lit and it s.h.i.+ned upon the cold-looking painted folding screen.

“Let’s see, who should be the one who serves me in bed tonight…” On Liu Shengming’s waist, a purple roc accessory was hung on his weapon in which its wings were shaped like a blade and a sword. While touching the purple roc, he thought about all his beautiful concubines who were the targets to be absorbed using the Witchcraft of Yin Absorption.

All of a sudden, Liu Shengming’s eyes were startled and cold sweats were all over his forehead. He saw a young, handsome man with a green robe sitting cross-legged across from the silver candle. There was a smirk on the man’s face.

It seemed as though the man had always been there, without anyone noticing. Even after Liu Shengming lit the silver candle, he did not find out that the man was there. In fact, Liu Shengming would not have noticed the man if he did not lift up the teacup and take a sip.

How terrifying!

Was it true that the gap between their powers had become so huge?

“It’s been a while since we last met. Uncle Liu is getting more vigorous with age.” Meng Qi shook the teacup slightly with an amused gaze.

Liu Shengming had been a Great Detective for many years. With extensive experience dealing with the brutal criminals, he calmed down quickly. He wiped off the sweats on his forehead and showed Meng Qi a light-hearted smile. “Welcome, dear Su. It’s my pleasure to have you here.”

Liu Shengming crossed his legs at the other side of the square table and sighed purposely, “It takes you only three or four years to turn from a talented youngster into a guru. Twenty-seven years in my life just rolled by, but I still can’t make it to the second level of Heavenly Stairs.”


Meng Qi did not pick up the thread of conversation. “Uncle Liu, aren’t you curious about why I’m here?”

“I’d like to listen to it.” Liu Shengming looked calm, as things could not be worse.

“Ziyue has always been asking about Shuyu’s whereabouts, so I came here for that.” Meng Qi put the teacup close to his mouth.

Liu Shengming sighed, “My daughter, Shuyu, is not born with talent, and therefore her achievement in martial arts has been very limited. She was so upset about that. However, there’s always a way out. She met a wandering Great Nun who could help her to attain nirvana, but with one condition – to stay away from wealth and glory and practice Zen meditation for twenty years. Ziyue should’ve known about this. Is Ziyue asking about whether Shuyu should send letters home?”

“I’ve met Sister Shuyu lately,” Meng Qi smiled as he said.

Liu Shengming’s pupils constricted a little, but he still appeared to be calm as he said, “May I know where you met her? As a father, I’ve been missing her so badly. I’ve always wondered whether she can withstand the hards.h.i.+ps in Zen practice.”

“I met her at the Women’s Boundary.” Meng Qi put down the teacup and stroked his clothes.

Liu Shengming smiled wryly and said, “What’s Women’s Boundary…”

Before Liu Shengming finished what he said, he leaped into the air like a giant roc. Quietly, several rays of Conveyance Light tried to go underneath the ground.

Liu Shengming’s vision went dark with a sound of Bang! Banging his head on the ground, he felt as though it had turned into steel. With his head broken and bleeding, he stood up shakily and realized that everything was still in place – the silver candle, the painted folding screen and Su Meng never moved an inch.

Realizing the gap between them thoroughly, Liu Shengming put on a crooked smile that looked worse than a cry. He said, “What do you want?”

“Since Sister Shuyu is the descendant of Miss Mystery, is it true that Uncle Liu is also a member of the Plain Girl Sect?” Meng Qi said without a change of countenance.

Liu Shengming heaved a deep sigh and returned to his seat. “I used to be. However, it was found out by the ex-emperor and the chief of detectives. Ever since then, I’ve made a clean break with the Plain Girl Sect and devoted myself to the imperial court. You can ask the chief of detectives about this.”

Meng Qi channelled the Yuan Xin Seal silently and realized that Liu Shengming was not lying. After frowning a little, he asked with a smile, “Alright then. Does Uncle Liu know a way to reach out to Sister Shuyu?”

“She is the descendant of Miss Mystery. How would she contact a traitor like me?” Liu Shengming had always been clever and crafty. After realizing the purpose of Meng Qi coming to his place, he pondered and said, “If you want to look for the Plain Girl Sect, I actually know a way to do so.”

“I’d like to listen to it.” Meng Qi smiled while he cupped his hands together.

Liu Shengming said, “Wu Jizhen, the master of the Three-Fairies Island of Donghai who is known as the Frenzied Wanderer of the Six Seas, has a deep connection with the Plain Girl Sect. His wife who pa.s.sed away was probably one of the most fated manifestations of the Nirmanakaya of Miss Mystery. It’s very likely that he is aware of this as he had been protecting the Miss Mystery of his generation.”

“The Frenzied Wanderer of the Six Seas?” Meng Qi asked in a serious tone.

This person was not just a usual person from the Exterior Realm. He was a great Guru who was ranked ninth on the Ground List!

Liu Shengming nodded and said, “Yes.”

He didn’t lie… Meng Qi thought.

Just then, a servant came in and reported that the emperor had just called in Liu Shengming to see him at the palace.

“The emperor seemed to have high regards for you, Uncle Liu,” Meng Qi said.

Liu Shengming showed a bitter smile and said, “He wants to refine the Forces of Living Beings using the Witchcraft of Yin Absorption. I just happened to be good at it.”

Meng Qi watched as Liu Shengming left his mansion. He sat idly for a while before he disappeared from the mansion of Liu.

Strolling down the street at midnight, Meng Qi was thinking of meeting up with Zhao Laowu, Su Ziyue, and Gu Changqing. Since Elderly Ku was killed, he could actually go home. Nevertheless, Gu Xiaosang’s words suddenly came to his mind: As a fish, if he was not obedient enough, his friends and relatives would eventually lose their lives. In an instant, he lost interest in meeting up with the people. All he wanted to do was to stay away from them so that they could get rid of the troubles.

After heaving a sigh, Meng Qi left Shen Du using the conveyance technique and headed to Dong Hai.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 796 - Strict Loyalty To One’s Duty

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