The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: The Blade

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At the light pillar in the center, Fu Zhenzhen was the first one to exchange. She got the Chapter of Medicine King , one Heavenly Pill, and one bottle of Ganoderma Qi Replenish Pills. Zhang Yuanshan and Jiang Zhiwei really only respectively exchanged for the Bone Conditioning Chapter of the Yijin Scriptureand the Wuqing part of the Scripture Sacred Spirit Sword Art (Swords Skills 19 to Swords Skills 22).

Qi Zhengyan thought for a while and only exchanged for two bottles of Hiding And Healing Elixir, for he decided to choose others after he picked up other weapons.

Worth 50 Karma points for each bottle, “Hiding and Healing Elixir” was a common elixir used in the Enlightenment period.

After they finished their exchanges, Meng Qi slowly put the Pearflower Storm Needles into the cloudy light pillar.

“To collect all of the poisonous needles of the Pearfower Storm Needles costs 50 Karma points. Attention please: Pearflower Storm Needles could only be used once again.”

“The Chapter of Sinew Changing and Bone Forging of the Nine Yin Divine Scripturecosts 300 Karma points.

“‘Wind Arresting and Shadow Catching’, the entry-level essentials of the Moves of Wind-G.o.d’s Legs, costs 90 Karma points.”

“One ‘Heavenly Pill’ costs 110 Karma points.”

When Meng Qi took out his hands from the light, the black canister of Pearflower Storm Needles glittered with a silver glow again. Then, two quaint scripts and a waxed elixir appeared in his hands.

Scanning through them, Meng Qi was quite pleased and put them away. The most important among them was the Chapter of Sinew Changing and Bone Forging .

Aside from his good comprehension, he knew that his body potentials were not excellent and only better than ordinary people, similar to Qi Zhengyan. Even with Heavenly Pills, it was not guaranteed that he could get Enlightened—Qi Zhengyan could succeed in one try, fortunately, but he might not. Therefore, before taking Heavenly Pills to get Enlightened, he should continue to concentrate the three related Aperture acupoints and theBone Conditioning Chapter of the Yijin Scripture to improve his body potentials to ensure success.

Meanwhile, the practice of Chapter of Sinew Changing and Bone Forging could notably increase his inner force and strength. The display of “Arhat Fists” would not be normal and crude anymore, but simple, unadorned and profound.

“I could select the Refined Weapon now.” Meng Qi grinned, showing his eight white teeth.

“You’re having a happy smile.” Jiang Zhiwei could not bear to banter him when she saw Meng Qi was so happy.

Meng Qi approached them and scanned through the jade-slip scroll. He quickly skipped the front part of Magical Arms, Precious Weapons, and expensive Refined Weapons in fear of being sad for lacking Karma points.

Therefore, Meng Qi just ignored weapons such as “Tiger Soul”, “King Yama”, “Crying Heaven”, “Snow Drinking”, “Dragon Killing Blade”, and so on. He stopped at the chapter of the “Refined Weapons”, where the weapons cost less than 300 Karma points.

He hesitated to exchange the first four scripts of Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld with the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms because Master was so nice to him. If he did so, he was going against his principles and could only get 80 or 90-110 Karma points. He could not even exchange Kung Fu, like Sky Demon Butchering Mighty Art. Even though he added his remaining 140 Karma points, he still had less than 300 Karma points.

Thus, he directly read from Refined Weapons that were less than 200 Karma points. If there was something appropriate, he would not violate his principles.

“The Refined Weapon: Oath Sapphires Blade, worth 130 Karma points, could purify one’s heart and resist delusion and **.”

Meng Qi attentively looked and a green Buddhist Commandment Blade with a soft glow appeared above the jade-slip scroll like a real one.

“It’s good…” Because he had suffered a lot from sensual illusions in the task, Meng Qi liked this Oath Sapphires Blade, which could reduce delusion and ** very much.

Jiang Zhiwei said frankly and unkindly, “If you can open your Eye Acupores before the next task, you must acquire the ability to overcome illusions, which equals the effects of the Oath Sapphires Blade.”

“You are right.” Meng Qi nodded softly.

Mentioning Enlightenment now and not at the moment that he exchanged Moves of Wind-G.o.d’s Legs was because Meng Qi thought that it still took a year or so to be Enlightened. After that, he could read super skills in the Sutras Depository and study Lightness Skills. It would be a waste of time if he did not learn anything. Unlike the ability to detect illusions which he could get directly, he needed to cultivate super skills again after Enlightenment. Therefore, in case of a short interval between Samsara tasks, which could be around the time of Enlightenment, it would be necessary to exchange a Lightness Skill to stay safe.

He continued to read through. Soon, he found another appropriate Buddhist Commandment Blade at the right price.

“The Refined Weapon: Cicada’s Wings Icy Blade, costs 180 Karma points. Made of ice and cold iron from the extreme north, it is transparent and almost invisible. It is also extremely cold. After being hurt, the enemy’s wounds would be frigid and frozen, which would enc.u.mber his movements.

“It’s a killing blade without spilling blood.”

Another short blade appeared above the jade-slip scroll. It was transparent and thin as a cicada’s wings. One’s first sight might not discern it. Only by careful observation could one feel coldness from it.

“It’s a good blade, but…” Zhang Yuanshan did not finish his words, but looked at Meng Qi.

Meng Qi sighed and said, “It’s a short blade.”

He was accustomed to his Buddhist Commandment Blade, long blades, so he was not good at using short blades. Although this extremely strange “Cicada’s Wings Icy Blade” was well compatible to Blood Bladesmans.h.i.+p and had the effects of approaching without a shadow and leaving without a trace, his strength and plan was Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmans.h.i.+p and the skills that evolved from it. So it was not appropriate for him since he was unable to use any kind of blades casually.

“Actually, you should take special enemies into account.” Qi Zhengyan interrupted suddenly.

Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei looked at him, waiting for his explanation.

Qi Zhengyan said with a somber face, “I said just now that I encountered many demons with a strong Demon Odor and terrible breath. They were very hard to defeat so I suffered a lot. Thus, I plan to choose a long blade which can repress demons.

“They were demons this time but it could be ghosts, evils, or masters of an evil cult next time. So, besides sharpness, why not consider that aspect, since you decided to choose a Buddhist Commandment Blade?”

“It makes sense.” Meng Qi nodded in agreement.

Jiang Zhiwei nodded and said, “Although some Kung Fu and skills are powerful and unyielding enough to defeat demons or evils, similar weapons are also great choices. Just don’t overlook the requirements of sharpness and st.u.r.diness. After all, we will encounter normal enemies in most cases.”

“Well,” With special needs, it was easier for Meng Qi to find and screen out unwanted weapons. He found an appropriate Buddhist Commandment Blade quickly.

“The Refined Weapon: Red Sun Evil Blade, worth 150 Karma points, is made of subsidiary iron from the edge of lava of Sun Essentials. Later, eminent monks of the Half-step Exterior Scenery chanted and prayed for 81 days to eliminate its violence and ferocity. It can well repress all evils and filth.

“It’s a burning blade that causes great pain for both oneself and your enemies.”

“Red Sun Evil Blade” was a normal-shaped Buddhist Commandment Blade, but it had a light-red glow, decorated with patterns like sutras.

“I want this!” Its introduction turned Meng Qi on, and he decided to choose this Buddhist Commandment Blade.

As for the burning, why should I care since I have accomplished the fourth level ofGolden Bell s.h.i.+eld ?

Since Meng Qi made his decision and this blade was not so bad, Zhang Yuanshan and the others did not have any objections. Jiang Zhiwei lent him 10 Karma points to help him exchange “Red Sun Evil Blade”.

It was burning as if it had just come out of a fire. When Meng Qi clenched it, he felt very hot even with the fourth level of Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld, but luckily he could protect himself from being hurt.

“No wonder it only costs 150 Karma points.” Meng Qi was too fond of it to put it down. Without Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld, he might have needed to use a lot of inner force to wrap his right hand to protect himself from being hurt by that “Red Sun Evil Blade”. In that case, he would lose almost half of his strength.

“Without this flaw, ‘Red Sun Evil Blade’ might cost at least 200 Karma points.”

Later, Meng Qi and the others began to help Qi Zhengyan find a long blade to repress demons. Finally, they found a dark red sword with patterns on it.

“The Refined Weapon: Golden Dragon Stripe Sword, worth 250 Karma points, is made of a red gold that was rolled by a dragon. It vaguely has the power of the G.o.d of demons, which can not only repress demons but also affects most of its enemies.

“It is a sword of authority.”

Qi Zhengyan was quite satisfied with “Golden Dragon Stripe Sword”. His Karma points were enough, so he exchanged it without hesitation.

When the long sword was taken out from the light pillar surrounded by immortal air, Meng Qi, Jiang Zhiwei, and Fu Zhenzhen all felt a royal and dignified, but terrible, light air. It seemed that they were all shocked by it.


“Winged Snake Sword” at Zhang Yuanshan’s waist, roaring like a dragon, seemed to dash out of the sheath to compete with “Golden Dragon Stripe Sword”.

“Good sword! Good sword!” Seeing such a good sword, Jiang Zhiwei was delighted and her eyes brightened up. With a clear voice, she could not help but praise it.

Qi Zhengyan touched the long sword with two fingers and showed a kind of joy on his face which did not have any expression before. As a swordsman, a good sword belonging to him was like a second life.

Of course, after he turned to cultivate Book of the Chaos , he was not a pure swordsman anymore.

Suddenly, the grand, cold voice of the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms reverberated:

“Exchange completed. Put away your items and return to your own world.”

Hearing this, it occurred to Meng Qi that he was “isolated” because of Zhen Yong’s stealing incident, and he would be considered as his accomplice if he had lots of scrolls of mystery with him. But if he left them in this world, he did not have to remember them. How could he practice then?

Therefore, he asked the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms whether he could ask for permission in advance for entering this world again during the midpoint.

The voice of the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms was still cold:

“You cannot enter Samsara World in the intervals between two tasks of Samsara unless you exchange Karma points for cultivation time and decide on the date you plan to enter this world.

“But when you return to your world, you can send an inanimate and specified object to a specified place once.”

Hearing the latter sentence, Meng Qi was relieved. He put “Red Sun Evil Blade”, Pearflower Storm Needles, and his white frock in his room, changed into a gray frock and took another Buddhist Commandment Blade—not taken by others, his package was transmitted back at the same time. There were green normal clothes, gray frocks, bamboo hats, and a spare Buddhist Commandment Blade in it, so he did not need to exchange anything with Karma points.

Then, he asked the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms to put things like theChapter of Sinew Changing and Bone Forging and Heavenly Pills into the tree hole of the Bodhi tree in Xuan Bei’s yard.

A white light flashed. Meng Qi seemed to sleep for a while, but soon opened his eyes. He was already back in his meditation room.

“President Wu Jing, Zhen Ding and Zhen Hui are inside.”

At the moment, the voice of Zhen Miao reverberated in the yard.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 81

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