The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 812 - Last Words Of Taishang Demon

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Chapter 812: Last Words Of Taishang Demon

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If Meng Qi was given a chance to choose from the top ten heavenly weapons of the Genealogy of Peerless Heavenly Weapons, the Master of Six Dao of Samsara, the last ones he wanted were Devil Claws or Deep Sea Sword, which were weapons of the demons and devils of the highest realm and would foul their users, change their characters and minds, and degrade them into a replica of the Devil Monarch and the Cruel Priest. Just a thought of that made Meng Qi shudder, who would give a safe berth.

So, at this moment, instead of expecting and yearning for it, Meng Qi became more alert. Heavenly weapons of diabolism always triggered accidents.

Meng Qi bypa.s.sed the Devil Emperor and walked forward. As he climbed up, within expectation, he saw the dark mists roll and separate again, and a figure turned up, who was standing on the side of the road with his hands on his back and looking down at the haze below. His face was chiseled, eyebrows were short and thick, eyes were slightly sunken and filled with something indestructible and extreme. He was dressed like a medieval man, but in an elegant style.

He turned his head slightly, and a dark devil mark revealed itself between his eyebrows. One of his hands behind his back was weirdly thick, fraught with blood, slaughter, and degeneration, with dazzling and uncanny patterns on it.

“Devil Claws… the Taishang Demon Wu Daoming…” according to the previous examples, Meng Qi matched the figure to the records in the history books effortlessly.

In the Earlier Saints Era, men were unprecedentedly prosperous: they had implements to harness, and even ordinary people would fly into the sky or dive to the earth. Among the various debates of thinking, another saint, Wu Daoming, was born. He grew in a time when saints’ words and education levels were spreading everywhere. He first followed benevolent saints and knowledgeable scholars, but fell into a loss later, and then he secretly listened to another saint of Confucianism, the Heart Saint.

After that, he studied Buddhism and Taoism, but his confusions were never solved. Gradually, he became more and more deviant and not accepted by the world.

Just when everybody thought he would go crazy, Wu Daoming gained the Devil Claws and became the fifth generation of its descendant. He devoted his life-long study, ruined his body, remade the dark trial and was said to be equal with the Devil Emperor Xie Tianshu. He called himself the Taishang Demon and unified the demon world which had been split for years. He was such a brilliant star at that time.

Many sages at that time left records and thought if the Taishang Demon was given a thousand years to grow, he was likely to have the charm of the Hentian Emperor and might regain the power of the Demon Monarch and the Demonic Lord.

Pitifully, he grew in an improper time with demon lords, and thus became a mere stepping stone for a new legendary figure, leaving only a few words:

“A tyrant defeated and killed the Taishang Demon at Donghai Sacred Mountain.”

“It was a tragedy to live in the same era with the real hero,” Meng Qi said in an emotional way, “but it’s a pity that the tyrant didn’t end well.”

As of today, Meng Qi had experienced many things and no more believed the recordings of the tyrant’s falling. On top of the Divine Emperor Qi and the Hentian Emperor, who were born in the late ancient times and grew up in the early medieval years, the Pharmacist Buddha since ancient times and the mysterious Devil Buddha, the tyrant should be the one during medieval years who proved his Legendary Realm, while earlier saints, according to recordings, reached at most the Divine Fairy Realm.

With Ms. Mystery as a bail, arranging a legendary formation, it was still impractical for earlier saints to jointly crack down on the tyrant. Their strength disparity was too large! Even the Peerless Ancient Book of Heavenly Weapon of the w.a.n.g Family woke up, Tyrant’s Invincible Blade, ranking top ten of heavenly weapons, was threatening and would be given full play at such a critical moment.

There were numerous plots in that battle!

Meng Qi let out a sigh, glanced at the Taishang Demon who was slightly melancholy while aggressive, pa.s.sed by him, and continued to go for the summit.

“It is of no use. Only completely ruining and ending the era, can peace come back.” The Taishang Demon suddenly spoke, and his tone was full of unwillingness and sighing.

Meng Qi stopped and frowned. Who was he talking to?

The previous Hentian Emperor of the third generation and the Devil Emperor of the fourth generation should be their remnants before being killed. In that case, were the words from the Taishang Demon spoken to the tyrant?

How could he contain a feeling of sympathy?

Others might not be aware of it, but when hearing the words of the Taishang Demon, Meng Qi felt abnormal from its slight changes in tone. What Gu Xiaosang once said arose in his mind spontaneously, “We are the same.”

He was not overwhelmed by unvented hatred, nor totally changed in personalities, as the two generations of descendants of Devil Claws.

“Shoo,” Meng Qi let out a sigh. He recalled the life experience of the Taishang Demon, but couldn’t find out any problems. He was a total example of degeneration.

If descendants of Devil Claws were also fish, then the standard of fish would be terrifying. Demonic lords, with Half-Step in the Realm of Dao Fruit, have been one of the tops before being killed, and the Demonic Monarch was at an equivalent level with the Qing Emperor and the Golden Emperor, and the Hentian Emperor was even higher than the Legendary Realm, and only the Devil Emperor and the Taishang Demon were at the Realm of Divine Fairy.

How could it be possible for someone to treat them as fish?

Just a thought, Meng Qi ruled out the possibility. As competent as the Demonic Lord, the Demonic Monarch, and the Hentian Emperor were, they couldn’t be fish.

Was only the Taishang Demon a fish?

Containing his confusion, Meng Qi pa.s.sed by the Taishang Demon Wu Daoming, the fifth generation descendent of Devil Claws, and advanced cautiously. The closer to the peak, the more dangerous it was.

Walking for a long time, not until Meng Qi was near the peak did he see the sixth, as well as the last, generation of the master of Devil Claws, Wu Liang Devil Master Yang Tongtian.

He was a grim-faced, middle-aged man, wearing a ceremonial robe and a crown, with his right hand in Devil Claw. His eyes were cruel and filled with intents to kill and ruin.

Ten thousand years after the Devil Buddha Chaos, the creatures still suffered from its damages, and Dharma changes were underway.

Martial arts were in dest.i.tution and could not be compared with the previous eras. At this time, Wu Liang Devil Master Yang Tongtian gained Devil Claws through his special experience, and thus became the strongest man then, who could be resisted only by others’ joint efforts.

In order to break the Formation of Cosmic Stars made by the w.a.n.g Family from Jiangdong and becloud the Peerless Ancient Book of Heavenly Weapon, Yang Tiantong searched some ruins for one treasure, but he was encountered with a mighty person who lingered from ancient times. They both died in their fight, hereafter no one knew the traces of Devil Claws.

This was the news coming from the w.a.n.g Family from Jiangdong, and some figures from Zuo Dao confirmed the death of Yang Tongtian indirectly. As for the specific circ.u.mstances, Meng Qi hardly drew out the truth from the recordings.

“Even Wu Liang Devil Master had his projection of remnants here, is that a manifestation to that Devil Claws once came back here?”

Judging the situation, Meng Qi found the peak around corner.

Meng Qi stopped about seven steps from the peak and saw a black coniferous pine tree standing beside the cliff, under which lay an ancient bronze coffin with traces of decay, giving out a serious feeling.

And sighs were heard all round:

“One solved the final question, disregarded life and death, and pa.s.sed away here.”

The third, fourth, fifth and sixth generation of descendants had all appeared, and the first generation’s inheritance was gained by Brother Qi, so this was the second generation of descendant, the Starter of Diabolism, the Unparalleled Demonic Monarch? Meng Qi was thinking.

Ye Yuqi saw no one but Meng Po when she was walking the path. At this moment, she stood in front of the entrance of the peak. No one was around. She stared at the black pine tree and the ancient bronze coffin.

The Nether Emperor gazed at the bronze coffin, with his huge body occupying the s.p.a.ce several hundred paces before the entrance, and he whispered,

“Slough of the Demonic Monarch?”

Chen Zhao and Liu Zejun also walked to the end of the Frozen Path of Perseverance, each gaining improvement. They thought their flaws were all revealed, and could be corrected and upgraded in the future, and finally they could realize self-actualization.

“An ancient bronze coffin?” Chen Zhao blurted out as he saw the coffin under the dark pine tree.

There was also a mottled ancient bronze coffin in the core of the Palace of Frost. Someone saw it but couldn’t walk close. So it was estimated that the person inside could be the master of the Palace of Frost, who was at least at the level of Divine Fairy Realm.

To his surprise, there was an almost identical coffin here!

His brows furrowed, and he felt he was no longer far from the mystery of the Palace of Frost.

Meanwhile, Hasula and others were still walking on the path. Those who had been together and not enemies remained together and could see each other.

With the voice echoing, Meng Qi didn’t discover any restrictive spells or traps after scrutiny, so he took steady steps and climbed on the peak.

Beneath the dark pine, the ancient bronze coffin was more outstanding, with its patina of verdigris much more conspicuous.

“Where have they all gone?” The puzzle emerging in Meng Qi’s mind was the whereabouts of Ye Yuqi and the others.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 812 - Last Words Of Taishang Demon

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