The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 827 - Chapter 326 - Where It All Began

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Chapter 827: Chapter 326 – Where It All Began

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Deng deng deng. The floor shook slightly. In the distance, several security guards were das.h.i.+ng toward them with the help of night-vision goggles. They were all humanoid lethal weapons created by the game company.

Wu Youming clenched his teeth and said in a halting way, “Bring us out first. We have no time to talk about it now.”

“Good. A clever man knows when to submit to fate.” Meng Qi smiled and moved his left hand forward. A silver electric arc flashed and divided itself into two arms that grasped Wu Youming and Nangong Chong by their necks respectively. Then, he separated his body into two parts – with his left hand in place, the other part of his body rushed forward at a speed that could create afterimages. He was like a huge flash of lightning that struck toward the enemies.


The humanoid lightning, Meng Qi, flashed through the four security guards who were unable to react in time. Their hair were standing up and their skins were burned black. Tiny electric arcs were jumping on their metal-powered exoskeletons.

Thump! Four of them fell on the ground at the same time and Meng Qi’s body went back to its original place. Then, he gathered strength at the shoulder and slammed into the wall on his right.


The building shook aggressively as if it had been struck by an earthquake. The wall that was. .h.i.t by Meng Qi’s shoulder had become a center point where the cracks spread outward rapidly.

Along with the sounds of electricity, a lot of electric arcs and sparks were gus.h.i.+ng out of the contact point like a star river. The high temperature of electricity melted the outer wall and created a large hole.

The law in the current world was vastly different, so it was very difficult to mobilize the forces of the world. Therefore, without using electricity, it would be hard for Meng Qi to defend himself against the enemies’ attacks!

While carrying Wu Youming and Nangong Chong in his hand, Meng Qi went out of the building through the hole he created. Walking on the outer part of the building as if stepping on a flat ground, he moved downward floor by floor.

All of a sudden, a beautiful phoenix came into Meng Qi’s sight, followed by a powerful punch toward his face.

When the Female Monarch noticed that the building was shaking, she instantly understood the enemy’s intention. As agile as a bird, she broke through the wall and came after Meng Qi by pressing her hands and stepping her feet rapidly on the outer part of the building.

The rest of the security guards were either too slow to react to the situation, or lost the control over the security cameras. It was already too late for them to intercept Meng Qi since it took time to break the windows that were as strong as the outer wall. Furthermore, the automatic defense system installed on the outer wall could not function at all due to power outage.

Boom! With a wave of his right hand, Meng Qi blocked the punch of the Female Monarch. His right foot kicked out like a whip, which happened to crash into the silent attack of the monarch’s left foot. The collision immediately caused airbursts and destroyed a part of the black wall, leaving behind a lot of traces.

Boom boom boom! The speed of their attacks was extremely fast. Even though they could not mobilize the forces of the world and they needed to constantly maintain balance on the outer wall with one part of the body, they had launched more than twenty attacks with their fists and legs in one breath. Along with the continuous sounds of airburst, they left a lot of afterimages in the air. The outer wall was mottled, and the broken pieces of the wall were falling constantly.

As the Primordial Spirits of both of them were powerful, they were able to respond to every attack in time despite fighting in a fast pace. Their palms, fingers, fists, and legs, were able to block the enemy’s attack at the right timing. Every move of theirs was simple yet graceful, and full of confidence without any hesitations. Apparently, the abstruse principle of Da Dao could be demonstrated by the simplest moves. Their attacks were directed at each other’s weak point while making up for their own shortcomings. On top of that, with their bodies hung outside the wall, they had to maintain balance.

Attacking with a calm mind, the Female Monarch’s move were grand and skillful. She was not in a hurry to win the battle, as if she did not care about success or failure at all.

The reason was that she knew the presence of a lot of strong people at the headquarters of the Canopy Game Company. Moreover, the power supply would be restored soon. By then, there would be no way for the enemy to escape!

Bang! Their fists were crashed together, and the shock waves had left behind traces that looked like craters on the outer wall.

Suddenly, some electric arcs were flowing toward the Female Monarch – Meng Qi was taking the move to change the attack style.

In an instant, the Female Monarch’s left hand turned into a highly-condensed flame. It wrapped around the electric arcs and burned toward Meng Qi.

Similar to Meng Qi’s body that was made of electricity, the body of the Female Monarch was formed by the the energy of the flames in the reactor, thereby having superior combat power.

Bang bang bang! They were like a thunder G.o.d and a burning man. As their fists and legs crashed into each other, lightning was surging everywhere and flames were scattering around. The airbursts were as loud as a thunder that shattered a lot of windows.

The pitch black wall was burned by the flame and electricity. As some parts of the wall was already sunken and cracked, it gave people a feeling of dangerous building. The lawn on the ground was sparked by the fallen flames and electric arcs, thereby turning into a sea of fire that diffused a lot of smoke.

Just then, four or five floors away from the ground, Meng Qi flung Wu Youming and Nangong Chong out with his left hand. As they were thrown into the thick smoke, the security guards could not target them anymore. The other people who attempted to launch a sneak attack had also lost their targets. It was hard for them to locate Wu Youming and Nangong Chong again as their vision was blocked by the smoke.

The reason of Meng Qi changing his attack style was to create smoke! With a deep look in his eyes, Meng Qi raised his right hand that was wrapped by electric arcs and blocked the attack of the Female Monarch’s right foot that was made of flame.

When Nangong Chong was thrown out, he was almost scared to death. Shortly after that, he was surprised by his steady landing on the ground. Apparently, the force of being thrown out had offset the impact of falling to the ground, which resulted in a smooth landing.

Boom! Meng Qi and the Female Monarch attacked each other with all their might. After their right feet were crashed together, their actions seemed to be frozen. The ma.s.sive airbursts had made the surrounding wall sunken and eventually created a big hole.

The Female Monarch had ignited flames around her body and created a sea of fire in the surrounding. Meng Qi, on the other hand, was wrapped in electric arc and his body was shrouded by a lot of thunder. Each of them had suffered minor injuries.

Just then, Meng Qi opened his mouth and emitted a terrifying thunder sound that seemed to come from the void. At the same time, the Female Monarch had let out a howl that offset Meng Qi’s sound attack. Both of them had thought of the same idea to attack with sound wave, and ended up feeling a little dizzy.

Shortly after that, the Female Monarch swept her right hand toward Meng Qi in a motion that was similar to playing the pipa. It was as though she was manipulating many invisible silk threads that could tie up and pull over the Primordial Spirit of Meng Qi. On the other hand, Meng Qi launched an attack by making a patting movement with his left palm. The pat was carefree and unpredictable, thereby difficult to be blocked.

Without making any loud noises, the left palm and the right hand crashed into each other. Involuntarily, their movements paused for a second, and their eyes appeared to be dull.

Meng Qi recovered quicker than the Female Monarch. His body suddenly collapsed and turned into silvery white electric currents. At a rapid speed, the currents flowed down the pitch black outer wall like a wave of water.

The Female Monarch wanted to go after him but she had lost the target. Only some residual electric currents were left in front of her, and they were flowing in all directions.

The lower floors began to be shrouded by thick smoke.

“His Primordial Spirit isn’t as powerful as mine, but he has a better grasp of the minor details in battle and a better control of the mind and spirit than I am…” The Female Monarch a.n.a.lyzed the enemy’s combat capability while floating in the air beside the sunken outer wall, with her dress fluttering in the wind.

She did not go after the enemy rashly. It would be risky to leave the area of the Canopy Game Company because she might be noticed by the surveillant in the sky, which in turn attracted the attention of the country leaders. It was better for her to abide by the law.

At the moment, the Canopy Game Company would need to mobilize the resources in the political, commercial and police circles!

Nangong Chong and Wu Youming had not recovered from the recent fright yet when they saw several streams of electric currents converge and form a familiar body.

“Go back to the city first,” Meng Qi pointed to the skycar that was parked nearby.

Feeling muddle-headed, Nangong Chong drove his skycar back to the city. Meng Qi and Wu Youming were sitting in the back row and looking at each other.

“Mister Wu, you can tell me what you know now,” said Meng Qi unhurriedly.

Wu Youming showed a mixed facial expression and heaved a deep sigh. “The Witch of the Black Mountain is a game based on a real world. But it’s a world different from our world here which is part of the universe structure that consists of planets, stars, and galaxies.”

“You gave me the same feeling as the Female Monarch, so I suppose you’re coming from the world of The Witch of the Black Mountain too, right? I didn’t expect this… I didn’t expect someone could have came to this world without our help…”

His eyes were full of speculation and disbelief, and a sense of frustration and dispiritedness that Meng Qi could not understand.

“The game is based on a real world?” Nangong Chong was shocked.

There was not a change in Meng Qi’s facial expression. “How did it get started?”

“It all started with a strange piece of fragment that was found by the boss somewhere. It is a beautiful, dreamy, crystal-like fragment that glitters with rainbow-colored lights. But the inside of the fragment is always blurry, as if it’s covered with layers of mist. When we hold it in our hands, we can’t feel its weight at all.” Wu Youming recalled the details of the fragment. “Then, we discovered that those who had touched the fragment would dream of the stories in the world of The Witch of the Black Mountain. This is where everything begins.”

“After several years of attempts, we’ve formed a stable connection with the fragment. By using virtual reality technology, we created virtual scenes that simulated the world of The Witch of the Black Mountain, but the scenes were incomplete. Therefore, we packaged it into a game, publicized it, and let the players explore the world to refine the scenes for us. After ten years, with the help of acc.u.mulated information and data, we have finally discovered the secret of the fragment. By using a specially-manufactured virtual reality device as the medium, we have sent human souls into the world of the fragment, and they are able to form a body there.”

Nangong Chong suddenly realized something. “Uncle, the Ten Years’ Collection version of the game can make people really enter the world of The Witch of the Black Mountain?”

“Yes, the simulation device of this version directly connects to the core device of the company,” Wu Youming affirmed. “You are not the first person to try the version. The core group members have already gone in for many times. In the world, there’s no way for us to be killed as we can be resurrected for unlimited times, and we can even turn back time within certain limits. We’re just like… just like a supreme being in that world. We’re the Yuan s.h.i.+ G.o.d Master, Buddha, or G.o.d!”

Speaking of this, Wu Youming took a doubtful and confused glance at Meng Qi. How could one pa.s.s through the barrier in reverse and come to their world without the help of G.o.d?

Meng Qi nodded slightly as he thought, It turns out that Wu Youming is feeling frustrated and dispirited because of my sudden appearance in this world that has destroyed his wonderful fantasy as a G.o.d…

Wu Youming continued, “In this process, someone suddenly came up with a wild idea to let the powerful figure in the world of The Witch of the Black Mountain pa.s.s through the barrier in reverse, and come to our world. After continuous attempts, the Female Monarch who have signed a cooperation agreement with us was the first one to succeed. Her Primordial Spirit arrived to our world by using the device, then she absorbed energy and rea.s.sembled her body. After that, things went much smoother. We’ve learned to construct a new body directly from the substances that make up the human body.”

“A batch of strong people have came to our world. Since they are nearly invincible in close combats, they will be useful in carrying out The company executives have gradually become more ambitious to conquer our world.”

After listening silently until the end, Meng Qi raised three fingers. “I have three questions.”

“Firstly, when you all enter the world of The Witch of the Black Mountain, who will make the decision to turn back time? If everyone turns back time as they please, the time reversal will end up in a mess, right? Or is there a geographical limitation?”

“There are limitations geographically, and we can’t be too close to each other. Otherwise, there will be signs of body instability on either side,” Wu Youming answered thoughtfully. “There are other limitations, but we haven’t discovered the pattern yet.”

“Secondly, who is the one who developed the technology of entering the world of The Witch of the Black Mountain using the connection and constructing a body out of the void?” Meng Qi was concerned with this issue because even a Dharmakaya did not have the ability to create things out of the void.

Wu Youming showed a puzzled look. “Didn’t the technology advance naturally?”

“Thirdly, where is your boss who found the fragment?” Meng Qi frowned slightly.

Wu Youming was even more puzzled. “He… he has gone missing after entering the world of The Witch of the Black Mountain.”

Meng Qi tapped his right hand on the back of his left hand and asked suddenly,

“Do you know you’re dead?”

“I… I…” Wu Youming showed a terrified look. He put his hands on his head and groaned with pain. “I know.”

“Uncle!” Nangong Chong wanted to help his uncle, but Meng Qi stopped him and signaled him to give Wu Youming some time to calm down.

“The Canopy Game Company is hiding a lot of secrets; therefore, for the time being, they dare not chase after us. But we can’t let our guard down because they may use the power of other channels,” Meng Qi reminded him. “We need to make a move first in order to be in an advantageous position.”

“How do we make a move?” Nangong Chong asked curiously.

“By leaking their secrets.” Meng Qi already had a plan in mind.

“But… but without any evidence, who would believe in such a mythical story?” Nangong Chong thought of his past experience of asking a question desperately in the forum, but ended up getting scornful and ridiculous answers from the others.

“Of course there is.” Meng Qi smiled. He took out a mini video recorder and played the recorded video. It was a recording of everything they had seen after entering the Canopy Game Company. Even the battle between him and the Female Monarch was recorded, in which they fought against each other outside the building that was dozens of meters away from the ground. It had also recorded the unusual scenes of lightning striking and flames igniting everywhere.

It was as though the scenes were coming from a blockbuster film. Looking at it, Nangong Chong opened his mouth wide. “Wh-where did this video recorder come from?”

“I took it from your house,” said Meng Qi casually.

“Ah? But why didn’t I see you recording these scenes?” Nangong Chong was surprised but puzzled.

Meng Qi turned off the video recorder and answered, “My eyes have an electromagnetic recording function, so I can record everything I see.”

Actually, the video recorder was placed on top of the skycar, so the magnificent fight was the part it recorded. The scenes that happened before the fight were inserted by Meng Qi a few moments ago.

Hearing the nouns that only occurred in the current world such as video recording and electromagnetism from a video game boss, and watching the boss holding the recording device skillfully, Nangong Chong felt a sense of absurdity once again. It felt just like a dream.

Was there anything that the boss could not do?

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 827 - Chapter 326 - Where It All Began

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