The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 830 - Done And Dusted

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Chapter 830: Done And Dusted

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There was not enough time to buy over all factions and all media companies. The news has been circulated continuously in the capital. Top executives in the Canopy Game Company felt panicked and turned to the Female Monarch who stayed calm for help, “What should we do now?”

“The matter is of great importance. The local government in the capital surely will not leave it alone. If they send out an army, we will not be able to rival with them now. So be careful. We need to prepare for the worst to come.”

“I will go back to the world inside fragmentation with others. You will go ruin the special device and save fragmentation and data-related to somewhere safe. Hide it away until everything quiets down. We can easily remake that special device without being noticed since there is no need to collect data anymore. And then we will come back to this world and secretly control the top,” the Female Monarch said calmly.

She inherited the throne when she was still a child. Growing up in a place where people would jump at the chance to take the throne anytime, she managed to keep her throne and become a Great Guru. Her fort.i.tude and calm character were forged on an anvil of a harsh environment.

The head of the Canopy Game Company thought for a few seconds. He grit his teeth and finally said, “Sure!”

At this moment, onlookers near to the ruined building came again to look for themselves. They looked at the dusty air with either a scared look or excitement. But as the new generation, they basically all went to the internet to express emotion.

In a very short time, posts with similar t.i.tles appeared in different websites and online forums:

“Am I effin’ dreaming? A boss from a video game transported to real life. The Female Monarch is real!”

“Truth! The Guru of the Sect of Ether descended and tore down a building!”

“Fact-check the video. A Great Guru came into our world for real!”

“Are we living in the real world?”

“I saw the Guru of the Sect of Ether! Satellite monitors can prove it.”

“Cool! Beauty surpa.s.sing the human body’s limits!”

“I can not believe this. Please, everyone help me to see whether this is true or not.”

Shock, confusion, fear, and excitement, all these emotions were shared by posts on the Internet. Everyone has uploaded their own videos taken by their mobile devices from different angles: the Guru of the Sect of Ether bent his knee on the floor and hit it with his right fist. Electric lightning flashed across and the building started to crack. The windows exploded into small round blocks, then the whole building collapsed into a cloud of dust.

Without a sound of explosion, blast wave or dazzling lights, the building’s framework seemed to decay completely and could not support itself anymore.

Users were all shocked at the video. Some pretended to be calm and said, ” Trigger all bots at the same time to make it look real. Nice move.” Some commented, “No traces of any technology manipulations, seems like the Canopy Game Company has made a great breakthrough in its technological development.”

Some were still hesitating whose words to believe. They watched videos in different posts and commented, “Is it true?”… “If you lie, you’ll be dead”… “Do you dare to swear to G.o.d?” etc.

Users like NingCaichen_so_cute, Love_NieXiaoqian_the_most, and Brave_the_wind_and_dew, who have read many posts from Nangong Chong since yesterday stared at their own computer screen. They were too confused to make any comments.

Could it be true?

Things were clear. And satellite monitors should have filmed everything of the collapsed building. If it really happened, then it’s true.

If the Canopy Game Company said that this was only for promotion, it would certainly antagonize the and cause huge loss.

Really? The boss from a video game walked out of the game and stepped into the real world?

This is even more magical than magic itself!

Be careful not to laugh at users who asked for help on the Internet again!

n.o.body could find Meng Qi in the dusty air. A dragon moves with wizardly elusiveness.

“Dong Yuan,” the serious man on the video phone came again to himself.

Dong Yuan cringed and asked with a scared look, “Yes sir, how can I help?”

“I’ve asked my secretary to check the satellite monitor videos and prove what you said. Now I will show the video to the senate and ask for permission to use the army. And you should work with departments related to blocking the news on the Internet and define the whole matter as demagogy of the Canopy Game Company. Remember to avoid causing public panic and do not let other countries know about this. And the Canopy Game Company will be punished for what this promotion video has done.” He then added, “As for the two civilians who came together with the Guru of the Sect of Ether, treat them well and do not use force. Later, the confidentiality department will come and ask for information.”

“Yes, sir,” Dong Yuan answered and stood straight.

Outside of the Canopy Game Company, a few metal wars.h.i.+ps of one hundred meters high moved out by Xiang Wei movement art. The s.h.i.+ps equipped with antimatter cannons circled around the company building. If there is any slight stir from the building, it would be destroyed instantly.

Soldiers riding in Biomorphic Mantises came out from the bottom of wars.h.i.+ps and landed on the ground. They entered into the building in an attack formation carefully, destroying all kinds of devices on the way and cut off several main electric lines. And the employees that were still inside the company all stood by with blank eyes and got caught with no actions.

When a team of soldiers were walking into an elevator, suddenly a transparent figure came out and flung itself upon one of them. It was Meng Qi!

After giving his proof, he shook off the electrical power and hid himself near to the Canopy Game Company in the form of a Primordial Spirit. He prepared to possess someone and then join the government army to search for the mysterious fragmentation. In this way, he would be able to find out more things and avoid risks.

They searched each floor one by one and the higher they went, the fewer people they found. Many devices were already destroyed on purpose and could not be restored anymore. It’s either empty on each floor or full of dead bodies.

Soldiers moved very fast and they soon arrived on the last floor.

Everything was ruined completely as if it was bombarded with high-strength explosives. According to Wu Youming, the last floor was where the company placed their special device and mysterious fragmentation. But now it’s all empty.

“They’ve already left…” Wu Youming sighed quietly and was surprised at how fast his enemies could clean up everything.

Soldiers reported results to the top and then continued to search the place. Suddenly a soldier found a secret door.

They managed to open the door after making a careful attempt. They saw a room with burning ashes and one line was written on the wall with blood:

“Save your head and wait for me to come back and cut it off!”

Meng Qi smelled something evil, b.l.o.o.d.y, and filthy. And he soon realized:

“It’s the Witch of the Black Mountain!”

Since he knew the game called the Witch of the Black Mountain, he had thought about it.

And this line was addressed to him like a gauntlet!

Two days later, Nangong Chong finally walked out of the Mystic Corporation. He was in a trance with a sad but relieved look.

He was sad because his uncle died since he reached his limit. Meanwhile he was relieved because he could finally get rid of this whole matter and would no longer be a slave to the boss from the game. There was no need for him to worry about the government’s hunt, too.

After asking Nangong Chong a series of questions, intelligence agents concluded that Nangong Chong was a victim. The game of collector’s edition of 10 years belonged to his uncle. The boss transported to the real world from the game was something he never thought about and he has never helped it either. Later he was threatened to do something but did not know much. Therefore, they asked Nangong Chong to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and let him go.

Walking in the street, Nangong Chong was still in a trance. What he has experienced these two days could not even be described with words. He felt scared, excited, and nervous all the time. This experience was something he would never forget and something he would always be scared of.

“He should have been back to the Witch of the Black Mountain world…” Nangong Chong pondered.

After being interrogated for several days, he felt extremely tired. He found an open-air cafe, walked in, and ordered a cup of coffee.

“Can I sit here?” Somebody asked.

Nangong Chong replied in a low spirit, “Aren’t there many available seats on that side?”

He suddenly recalled that he has heard this voice before!

He looked up and saw a familiar face smiling, young and beautiful but slightly weathered. He was in white T-s.h.i.+rt and jeans.

“Guru, guru, you, you are still here…” Nangong Chong felt like he was back in the worst nightmare again.

Meng Qi smiled and said, “I should have gone back to my world but I remember that I promised you something. So I’ll wait for a few days.”

What was it? Nangong Chong could not even remember himself.

Meng Qi said, “Watch closely.”

He sat straight in his chair. Suddenly different shadows came out from his body at different angles, displaying different movements. One was a great hawk spreading its wings, another was a lotus bloom in palm, etc. At last, all shadows came into one buddha-shaped figure and hit his palm on Nangong Chong’s forehead.

Many words dove into his head. Nangong Chong was confused and asked, “Kung fu?”

Meng Qi nodded slightly, “This can help you open nine orifices. And even if the rules for Heaven and Earth are different, the basic point that human bodies share the same Tai Chi with Heaven and Earth stays the same. Adjust interior views and understand their rules. You might be able to enter the exterior realm in the future.”

His own dark trial was done and nothing he could do to adjust the Interior Realm on a large scale. Meng Qi could only expect to go back to simplicity and nature in the future and touch Da Dao, and then never be restricted by the rules.

Nangong Chong thought over the movements and words he saw just now and got excited. He asked with a slightly confused look, ” Sir, why does this kung gu give me a feeling of Buddhism?”

“You are a bit fickle-minded. This kung fu can help you calm down and have a peaceful mind. It’s made for you,” Meng Qi nodded.

Castration or becoming a monk… Nangong Chong’s one corner of his mouth twitched.

“Well, I need to go back now,” Meng Qi sat in his chair and the electric lightning went away.

With a long inspiration, Nangong Chong thought, a source said the device in the Canopy Game Company was destroyed. Seems like the guru will not be able to come back again. I will not be worried or scared anymore.

Right at this moment, a voice cried out, “Help me to search for the clues of the mysterious fragmentation.”

“What?” Nangong Chong froze.

“I’ll be back,” Meng Qi said slowly.

Different from the Female Monarch and her group, Meng Qi could come back anytime as he wished by reflecting his Primordial Spirit with the help of the Seal of the Dao.

Nangong Chong’s mouth half-opened with blank eyes, “You will come again…”

“Yes. And when I come back, I shall be your big uncle since I do not want people to notice my real ident.i.ty.”

“Big uncle…” Nangong Chong cried out.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 830 - Done And Dusted

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