The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 831 - Laolao

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Chapter 831: Laolao

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Since the special device placed inside the Canopy Game Company was destroyed, Meng Qi missed a few things after his Primordial Spirit went back to his body. Ning Caichen managed to pa.s.s water and meet Nie Xiaoqian. His kindness has touched Nie Xiaoqian so deeply that Nie Xiaoqian told him everything about herself.

Yan Chixia again lost his perception toward Ning Caichen and was looking around for him. He did not use brute force just in case he might be bogged down deeper and deeper into the world of illusion.

Nangong Chong was killed by a demon just like the first time. He was gone completely and nothing like turning back time happened again. Du Qinqin was left alone heartbroken. She decided to end her life together with the demon but could not find a good chance yet.

Meng Qi had always been standing aloof. The Envoy of the Left did not find anything wrong with him. Instead he admired his master for being so calm and peaceful in such a dangerous situation. When he himself was much disturbed by the chilly wind and illusions, his master sat still without any emotion on his face and his eyes were still half-closed.

With a deep breath, Meng Qi’s Primordial Spirit came back. He grew more interested in finis.h.i.+ng his main task now.

From his current situation, Meng Qi a.s.sumed that the Canopy Game Company was very close to the Witch of the Black Mountain otherwise it would not use her name as the t.i.tle of the game. n.o.body knew where the mysterious fragmentation came from. It could be related to the Witch of the Black Mountain and maybe the boss in the game was him!

Which world did the Witch of the Black Mountain belong to? If it’s A Chinese Ghost Story world, how could he break the barrier and enter Nangong Chong’s world?

If he could go in and out freely, why would he take the risk to make the game using virtual technology combined with a mysterious fragmentation and collect data?

If he was an outsider, the Witch of the Black Mountain has existed for more than 10 years. Small scale time control could not make up the time gap!

Where did this fragmentation come from? What has he been looking for? Was it related with the Seven-Kill Tablet?

All these questions were bothering Nangong Chong and aroused a strong interest in him to complete the mainline task and find the Witch of the Black Mountain. Then he would understand the whole matter and the part that he was most interested in. Maybe he might even obtain that mysterious fragmentation!

To get the Witch of the Black Mountain, Laolao was an important clue and the Female Monarch was the other clue. They might be working together as partners.

Meng Qi opened his eyes suddenly. His eyes were deep and dark and everything turned dark, too.

“Master, is it time?” The Envoy of the Left was surprised at the change and asked.

At this moment, Ning Caichen ran back to the hall with Nie Xiaoqian. They could not find Yan Chixia and got disappointed.

Meng Qi patted his robe and stood up slowly like a mountain slowly rising up. He said calmly, “I have understood everything. We don’t need to wait any longer.”

Game strategy had its value!

The Envoy of the Left put a strong confidence in his master. All demons were frightened to fight against his master. He answered, “Understood, master.”

Ning Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian felt at a loss. They had no idea what they were talking about.

Meng Qi cast a glance at them and then walked away. He disappeared in the hall, leaving a message, “Find the white polar with a bird’s nest at the top and take out the cinerary urn, right?”

“Yes,” Ning Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian blurted out and then looked at each other with a surprised look.

How, how could he know?

Who is he?

With one stride, Meng Qi appeared in front of a dry well. He looked into the well and saw black smoke swirling around, ghosts and shadows pa.s.sing by. He could hear their scream.

This is where the demons come from in LanHe Temple. A crack of the Nine Nether appeared and n.o.body even knew when.

Meng Qi did not take any efforts to find it since he read the strategy guide on the forum and arrived here directly before Yin time!

His whole body grew heavy and stood like great mountains of thousand miles height. His feet touched on the ground as if they grew roots that can reach anywhere.

He raised his right leg and stepped forward.


His right foot stepped in the dust and the ground started to shake fiercely as if something underground was detonated and became an earthquake source.


The ground kept shaking. All stone buildings and houses collapsed, bricks falling down to the ground. The gate to crack the Nine Nether closed.


Meng Qi stepped out his left leg. The dry well cracked up. Bricks and stones filled in the well, driving away the black smoke. The crack disappeared on the ground.

The Seal of the Fifth and Sixth of the Ten Heavenly Stems!

Although it could not close the crack completely, the crack may still appear in future, it would be closed in a short time at least during Yin time.

After closing it up, Meng Qi folded both hands on his back and walked into the forest. He stopped at the white poplar with a bird’s nest on top.

Seeing this, Laolao stretched out branches like hands, encircling Meng Qi. His tree branches could not be burned by fire, would neither be cut off by metals. If anyone got caught, their Primordial Spirit would be frozen and would not be able to get rid of the branches.

Meng Qi raised his right hand, dark clouds gathering in mid-air, thunders came together and formed a column as wide as bucket falling down on Meng Qi’s palm one by one. One, two, three… five in total came together on his palm and formed a hand knife of electric lightning.

Meng Qi strode out and hacked down the branch that came first.

Black thunder spread toward trees and branches everywhere in the forest and destroyed them. Black smoke rose above the ground.

After a loud sad scream, the whole forest was laid flat except for the white poplar standing in front of Meng Qi.

“Become the yellow sky and punish evil with a thunder weapon… master has mastered the magic arts…” Sun Junlin exclaimed.

Though I cannot perish together with you but I can choose to kill myself and let you know nothing!” Laolao screamed it out like saying a curse.

Meng Qi pointed to the air with his hand in a leisurely manner. Mist came together in mid-air, displaying a film. This video was about a touching love story in the LanHe temple and was released by user Laow.a.n.g_next_door after forum users requested it many times.

Laolao had a dark ugly face full of tree knots. Not knowing much about shape s.h.i.+fting, She put on heavy make-up to cover her ugly face, a typical example of shocking beauty. And Laow.a.n.g_next_door changed his look without any doubts and became a very handsome man. He stared at Laolao with deep love and said,”A one night romance with a gorgeous girl, equals a happy death thus deserved. If I can die in your hands, I’ll be a happy ghost…”

Sun Junlin gagged.

First time Meng Qi saw this video, Meng Qi could not even finish it with his master level of spirituality. He gave Laow.a.n.g_next_door a thumbs-up.

The screaming sound gradually went away. Laolao who was going to die soon watched the video attentively. She never had such love experience.

Later a crying sound came out from the tree and said: ” Life is dear, love is dearer… That dream is real? w.a.n.g! My w.a.n.g!”

Meng Qi tried to keep a straight face and said, “This is your memory and it was erased by the Witch of the Black Mountain. Do you want to meet your w.a.n.g again?”

“Dream? An experience in a simulated game world of illusions made by virtual technology could be reflected in Noumenon. But simply a vague dream?”

Laolao lied there for a while and said, “You are a Great Guru and you should not lie to me.”

She stopped calling herself Laosheng (an old woman referring to herself) because she wanted to match with w.a.n.g.

“You are a ghost and he is a human. Only by reincarnation you would be able to see him again. But I know nothing about reincarnation art,” Meng Qi sighed on purpose.

Laolao sniffed and said, “The black tree controls living and the Nine Nether controls death. I have learned how to reincarnate for once over all these years combining my own skills and the inheritance from the Nine Nether of the Witch of the Black Mountain. If you like, I’ll teach you this occult, only if you could help me, a poor little girl to meet my w.a.n.g.”

Only dryad could use it!

Laolao just called herself a little girl… Sun Junlin gagged again.

Even if he would not be able to use the occult, he could at least use it as a reference. Meng Qi nodded slightly generously and said:

“If you can reincarnate by your own skill, I don’t mind helping you out.”

“Thank you so much master!” Laolao exclaimed and then explained, “The Witch of the Black Mountain entered into the crack of the Nine Nether because she was looking for a treasure called the Seven-Kill Tablet. According to him, it relates to his destiny and a scary guy called the Master of the Six Dao of Samsara was involved in this too.”

The Master of the Six Dao of Samsara? Meng Qi was shocked at the news. He raised his eyebrows. Immortal Luya has something to do with the Nine Nether? Or Da Qinggen has been lying to him?

If he lied, it meant that he had outsmarted the Yuan Xin Seal, The Best in the World and Heart Reflects Heart power. He might have other secrets…

Meng Qi felt quite satisfied with Laolao’s answer and said agreeably, “The Witch of the Black Mountain has come out from the crack of the Nine Nether. I’m afraid that only the Female Monarch knows where he is right now. Never mind. Let me send you to reincarnate.”

He stretched his white right hand and bent two fingers pointing to the white poplar.

The poplar soon disappeared quietly. Meng Qi grasped with his fingers, taking out a transparent shadow out of the poplar.

His eyes were sparkling with star lights and the lights came back to the center where the immortal sat cross-legged. Such an abstruse and occultic practice.

“Reincarnation!” Meng Qi shouted in a small voice and waved his hand. A crack opened in mid-air seemly devouring all things and the ghost shadow disappeared.

“Thank you, master…” Laolao’s voice echoed.

“Sending someone else to reincarnate… this is a power only possessed by G.o.ds and demons! Master has already achieved this level?” Sun Junlin looked with him stunned.

At a children’s hospital in Nangong Chong’s world, a woman gave birth to a smiling girl baby with dark skin. The doctors were surprised.

In a bit dirty room someone sneezed.

The Envoy of the Left looked at his master walk a few steps. He stood at the pivot of Heaven and Earth, folding his hands behind his back. He looked up at the starry sky with a solemn look, pondering on something very serious and important as if he was thinking about the ultimate question of the universe.

“Master, what is it?” The Envoy of the Left asked.

“The monk will soon arrive,” Meng Qi said in a calm voice.

Time for him to get prepared!

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 831 - Laolao

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