The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 837 - The Prison

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Chapter 837: The Prison

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

When they saw the “Kill”, Qin Shuanglian, s.h.i.+ Tiangao, and the others almost fainted with buzzing heads. Even the Taoist Master’s mansion could not be exempted? Even the great guru cannot stop this?

They are far different from the four. Even the immortals were killed, let alone mortals?

All who had pa.s.sed through the crack and went into the ghost village would die soon in the order of ranking of power as the “Kill” darkens?

Despair shrouded their hearts.

The Taoist Master looked at them solemnly and asked about the ghost village in detail. Then he called his Taoist disciple,

“Go and tell the Foolish Monk to come here.”

He has the Ksitigarbha Transgression Script written by Maha Bodhisatva. That would be the thing that could restrain evil spirits the most!

Dong Yuan’s face was pale. He trembled uncontrollably and backed off until his legs touched the edge of sofa. He lost his balance and stumbled down onto the sofa, “Wh… what do you want to talk about?”

“The places the government has investigated should not be a secret,” Meng Qi stood before Dong Yuan with his hands behind his back. His cool eyes dispelled Dong Yuan’s urge to call the guards.

Making an inch-by-inch investigation would surely influence a great number of ordinary people and had no way to cover up the news except using the search for terrorists and dangerous wanted criminals as excuses. To a high-level senior pressman like Dong Yuan, such things were not secrets at all. He just did not know the detailed results of the investigations.

Dong Yuan was short of breath, his heart beat rapidly and sweat poured like raindrops. He knew that he was facing an overmatch that treated life indifferently. If he refused to cooperate, he would receive a horrible result. He was silent for a while. After he calmed down a bit, he did not dare to make requirements anymore and told everything he knew honestly.

Meng Qi listened in silence. The Indestructible Statue of Yuan s.h.i.+ in his spirit deducted rapidly like electric sparks flas.h.i.+ng past. After Dong Yuan finished talking, he had already initially located three places. Some were investigated by the government, some were not.

Among them, the most suspicious place to Meng Qi was the An Nan Felon Prison!

It was attached to the Demilitarized Zone and was a partner in both the government and military’s eyes. Yet it was aimed only at vicious criminals, its guard was not that high-tech so it was not strongly fortified. It was a perfect example of darkness lurking under the light.

Meng Qi nodded to himself and put his right hand to the video telephone. His figure disappeared into thin air and was nowhere to be found.

Dong Yuan stayed motionless on the sofa for a long time. His face was as sullen as ever and he finally made a phone call after a long time,

“Tell the agent squad monitoring Nangong Chong to watch out. The Guru of the Sect of Ether appears again!”

“Also, tell all the hidden areas not to pick up unfamiliar calls.”

Skewers, beer, potato chips, lobster… Nangong Chong gobbled down the food like he was facing death unflinchingly.

These were seen as hazardous substances in today’s world. They were harmful towards health and were only used to fulfill one’s appet.i.te. Nangong Chong loved these but he controlled himself not to eat these too often. Yet now he must eat them early in the morning, how could he be not frightened?

He finished his meal uneasily and belched. Then he asked in concern, “Sir, are these foods necessary for practicing martial arts? Must I eat this much?”

He had heard at the world of the Witch of the Black Mountain that when a person first started to practice martial arts, he must consume a lot of energy that must be replenished by food.

“No. It is just that you must eat them less from now on so you can eat as much as you like for now,” Meng Qi answered coolly for he had just tasted these delicious foods satisfactorily.

Nangong Chong’s face twitched. He felt he had been fooled again so he quickly changed the topic, “Sir, what should I do next?”

It seemed that he became useless again after he made that phone call.

Meng Qi smiled, “You just go to cla.s.s and go home to meditate as usual. All in all, the more casual you act the better.”

“Yes?” Nangong Chong did not understand.

He was full of pa.s.sion right now and he just wanted to help.

Meng Qi sighed, “Do you really think the government would not send agents to monitor you after what happened in the last two days? What’s more, the phone call you made could be traced back to this campus. It would be easy for people to connect these incidents with you. So you just do what you should do, forget about their existence and attract their attention.”

“So we just sell the dummy?” Nangong Chong understood his meaning.

“That is right. You are worth teaching,” Meng Qi made an ordinary compliment.

The reason why he planned the things before was to get Nangong Chong motivated and full of subjective initiative. He could not control him once they acted separately. If he was still numbly rejecting, it would easily cause big trouble!

The thought of being monitored and being caught up in the troublesome situation made Nangong Chong’s heart sink. But what he had experienced just now cheered him up for the time being. Only by experiencing the hardest hards.h.i.+ps can one rise above the ordinary. If he could not pa.s.s such a small test, how could he cultivate martial arts in the future and become immortal?

“With the monitoring device broken, all evidence had been gone. When he does something magnificent somewhere else, they would believe that I was only used as disguise and stop monitoring me!” Nangong Chong consoled himself.

Then he tried to recite the mental cultivation method lection attached to the martial arts he learned yesterday. The repet.i.tive and rhythmic words calmed him down like nothing had happened. He went to cla.s.s, chatted and idled as usual. Then went home, took a shower, played games, and surfed on forums as usual.

Agents monitoring him got the hint and changed their alert level to the highest. They focused attentively on every move Nangong Chong made to search for any signs of clues.

Meanwhile, Meng Qi had already possessed the body of other people. He changed the person he selected according to the map and route. Finally, he reached a place near the An Nan Felon Prison.

The place was open with nowhere to hide all around. Devices like searchlight scanned the outside of walls. There were soldiers everywhere that formed solid defense, each one of them was strong and heavily armed with a doughty look. They would shoot at once if any stranger comes near.

If it was others, they would make Herculean efforts to sneak in and check if the mysterious fragment was there or not. But Meng Qi did not need to do that. He just stood far away as if appreciating the boundless land. Threads of stars shone in his eyes and reflected all threads of causes and effects in this prison. Again, the threads were twined together thickly and hard to distinguish. Yet he did not need to distinguish them, he just needed to look at the borders and see if there were any threads that connected with another world.

Other felons could not have any connection with the world of the Witch of the Black Mountain!

There he saw several threads of causes and effects vaguely that matched the features of those he saw at the castle of the Female Monarch. Meng Qi narrowed his eyes and raised the corner of his mouth, he then sighed,

“Those who are destined to meet would come across each other even at thousands of miles away.”

They really were hiding in this An Nan Felon Prison and the mysterious fragment was here!

Meng Qi retreated silently, found a public telephone and dialed the number of the An Nan Felon Prison.

“h.e.l.lo. This is An Nan Felon Prison,” a solemn voice answered.

“h.e.l.lo. I would like to know what procedure I need to go through if I want to visit criminals,” Meng Qi asked casually as his figure gradually became transparent and went through the vice tube to combine into the electric current.

Sometimes, it would be more convenient to have no mortal body. Of course, when one reached the realm of Dharmakaya, one would be able to possess the features of their Primordial Spirit, mortal body, and form at the same time.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 837 - The Prison

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