The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 846 - The Uninvited Guest

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Chapter 846: The Uninvited Guest

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The current Great Jin Dynasty Emperor was obsessed with the Witchcraft of Yin Absorption, and there was nothing strange about his sudden death. But Meng Qi was surprised to hear that Si Mas.h.i.+ disappeared. Si Mas.h.i.+ was a Dharmakaya of Half-Step and was ranked one of the top kung fu masters in the world. He controlled part of the Shen Du formation. And Zhu Yi Pavilion, headquarter of Sect of Six-Fans was guarded heavily. It would be at least Man Fairy level Dharmakaya to be able to get him disappear without being noticed.

No matter how he disappeared, it was rather shocking!

Different ideas crossed Meng Qi’s mind and lines close to his eyes and eyebrows smoothed out. Meng Qi smiled and said, “In case anything bad happens in Shen Du, I want to go back home and check on my family.”

He knew that his master was worried about Su Ziyue, the only descendent of the Tang family. He could go and check his safety and then meet with Zhao Laowu and congratulate him for his stroke of luck!

He did nothing at all!

“Fabulous,” Xuan Bei felt relieved.


Meng Qi rode on the wind and arrived at Shen Du at early time.

It took about 2 or 3 days for Shao Lin to receive the news after the incident happened in Shen Du. Now Shen Du changed a level lower than half activated status. There existed certain delay.

Meng Qi walked along the street slowly and arrived at the old garden where the headquarters of the Sect of Six-Fans was located.

Inside stood big trees and simple and cla.s.sic black or red houses. Detectives were running between different houses in panic. They sometimes talked in small voice.

Their chief disappeared suddenly and it never happened before in the Sect of Six-Fans. How come they can stay calm?

Since the establishment of the Sect of Six-Fans, detectives had always felt proud to be part of it. The Sect was supported by Zhao Family of Shen Du and the chief role had always been held by strong and talented kung fu players. Its branches reached all over the place and seized important secret information. It was regarded as one of the cornerstones for the Imperial Court.

The detectives were not this panicked when the royalties joined hands with the Luo Sect last time to try to cripple the Sect of Six-Fans. Because the chief was there and aristocratic families did not have real power therefore the position of Sect of Six-Fans did not change at all. But now the chief disappeared suddenly without giving a notice. There must be something…

The whole Sect of Six was under great pressure as they lost the backbone. There might existed very scary enemies who took down their chief first and then planned to destroy the Sect completely. Now the Great Jin Dynasty had ended. Can the eggs remain unbroken when the nest is totally ruined?

Detectives running here and there, making so much noise. Meng Qi felt it was so different from the last time he saw it when everything was arranged in good order.

“What a change…” Meng Qi exclaimed. Vital Essence was completely ruined this time.

A golden stamp appeared at his waist. Meng Qi’s hands hung freely and walked to the garden with composure.

Two detectives with black silk ribbons stood guard at the entrance. In a small building not far away, several detectives with purple ribbons and silver medals stood guard. They looked at the central area once in a while with a worried look.

Two detectives heard the sound of footsteps and they instantly turned around and looked in front of them.

Then they saw a masculine young man with a pretty face in a black robe walk in in a reserved manner. A golden stamp hung at his waist.

“Golden stamp…” they saluted subconsciously. Both were a bit scared and tried to hide away.

Then they soon realized that the young man was the well-known master.

“Young Hero Su…” they blurted out at the same time.

Frenzied Blade Su Meng was the The Golden-Stamped Detective?

Though there were scandals about Su Meng’s close relations.h.i.+p with the Sect of Six-Fans and that Su Meng held a part time position of detective, it was still rather shocking to see him coming in real life.

The golden stamp, was it not robbed from someone else?

Meng Qi seemed to know what detectives were thinking and took out the golden stamp and gave it to them for a check.

He did not need to cover or hide anything this time in Shen Du.

Reaching the current level with Seven-Kill Tablet and the Blade of Lingbao in hand, he had the courage and strong will to bring everything above board.

He had never been an, killer, or those who were used to hiding in the gutter. Now he’s confident to take the responsibility for everything he has done!

Including entrapment.

One of the detectives took the golden stamp and checked it over carefully. Then he returned it back to Meng Qi with both hands and saluted again in surprise:

“Welcome Golden Stamp Su!”

The other detective followed and said in a loud voice:


They never expected to have another Great Guru in the Sect, a Kung Fu Master who is not any worse than the chief, who was able to take down enemies with a Heavenly Weapon in hand in the Exterior Realm at Seven or Eight Levels of Sky!

They felt much more relieved in a short time as if they’ve found another backbone.

Their voice was heard by other detectives and they all turned around to see what happened at the entrance.

Meng Qi hung the golden stamp on the waist again and asked, “Did anything happen at Zhu Yi Pavilion since you all looked at it just now?”

He chose the Sect of Six-Fans as his first stop as he wanted to find out more information before going anywhere else, just in case he would be cheated later.

Two detectives thought for a while and answered, “Such sharp eyes you have. Prime Minister Huang Taidi and Prime Minister Zheng s.h.i.+tang both gathered at Zhu Yi Pavilion with other detectives to elect new chief.”

There was not enough time for Zhao Hengshang to ascend the throne.

“I see,” Meng Qi nodded and walked through the entrance and went toward Zhu Yi Pavillion.

It’s not a bad choice to meet Zhao Laowu right now!

On his way, the detectives saluted to him with a surprised look one by one and said, “Welcome Golden Stamp Su,” in a loud voice.


At Zhu Yi pavilion, Flying Dragon Condor Zhao Mingche, Dragon Claw Condor Ke Yuzhang and other eight condors all gathered together. Those who went on an inspection tour all returned within 3 days to find a way out after the chief disappeared.

Their top Zhao Heng was dressed in a bright yellow robe imprinted with golden dragons. He sat in the middle self-composed. Imperial Secretariats, Cui Yan from Cui Family of Pingjin, Song Shouren from Song Family from Lu Yang sat on both sides. They all represented the government hall.

The Government hall side soon reached an agreement this morning on the issue of election of new chief after several days’ discussion.

For those top aristocratic families, though they loosened the control of Zhao Family for the overall interest, they all hoped to become the new Dharmakaya family. Now it’s a good chance for them to work together and steal the chief position from Zhao Family!

“The Sect of Six-Fans is the cornerstone for our country and now our priority task is to find a new chief…” Cui Yan gave a long speech and said at last, “Please elect the new chief, your majesty.”

Hearing this, eight condors reacted very differently. Liu Shengming, Su Yue, and Yuan Lihuo acted in a relaxed and casual manner as if the whole matter did not concern them at all. Zhao Jinyue and Zhao Mingche from Family Zhao looked down on the floor with a sad look. Ming Bikong, Ke Yuzhang, and Li Dong clenched their fists secretly and were a bit nervous.

They were all from skillful Kung Fu masters from powerful backgrounds. Each one of them hoped to become the chief but it all depends on the results of the Families negotiation. Some of them with a worried look had just arrived about one hour ago and knew nothing about the results.

Zhao Heng held his armrest tight and closed his eyes. He tried to memorize what happened this morning.

He did not get any chance to say a word at the Government Hall, but just stand by and see those families reaching an agreement on the chief candidate. Before he felt nothing much as a prince or an emperor’s brother. But today he finally understood that feeling of shame and grievance!

After the discussion ended this morning, Zhao Heng talked to The King of Qin, Zhao Jins.h.i.+ in an angry tone, “Cui Qinghe do not have that power anymore and we the Zhao Family are the strongest among all families. Why are you being so reserved?”

Zhao Jins.h.i.+ looked at him and said, ” But there is no way we can fight against all families. Our priority is to manifest Dharmakaya before all other families. Before that we need to take the whole picture into consideration and act accordingly.”

Take the whole picture into the consideration and act accordingly… Zhao Heng thought to himself and then opened his eyes and read out loud:

“Sliver Hand Condor Ming Bikong enjoyed a great reputation for his exploits and he’s a master of kung fu. I elect him to be our new chief.”

Ming Bikong, a lively, tall, and slim elder with gray hair stepped forward and kneeled down on the floor to show appreciation. Ke Yuzhang and Li Dong were both disappointed to hear it. If they could have had more time to talk to those families, one of them could have the chance to become the chief.

Right at this moment, people at the guru level all felt a jolt and they turned around facing the door. Meng Qi walked in. And they found it out just now!

“Frenzied Blade Su Meng!” some blurted out.

Cui Yan and Song Shouren were very surprised at first and then turned calm. Cui Yan stepped toward the door and asked, ” We did not expect you to come.”

Meng Qi looked around and saw Zhao Heng still holding his armrest tight. He suddenly smiled and said:

“I volunteer to become the chief.”

“n.o.body else suits this position better than me!”

His words astonished everyone in the room. Cui Yan and Song Shenren breathed deeply and blurted out:

“How dare you!”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 846 - The Uninvited Guest

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