The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 854 - The Preparation Of Meng Qi

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Chapter 854: The Preparation Of Meng Qi

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The bedding was slightly wrinkled. It seemed that someone had sitten on it or lied on it. The elegant fragrance that remained on the bedding made people imagine a beautiful scene of a lady lying on it.

With the ability of Gu Xiaosang, it’s impossible for her to leave behind such obvious traces unless she did it intentionally…

This thought came to Meng Qi’s mind. He activated the Arts of Eight-Nine fully to inspect the surrounding, and to make sure that there was neither an ambush nor a trap.

Is she playing tricks on me as usual to cover up her real intention? Or is she warning me not to act rashly because she can enter the mansion of Su anytime and kill anyone at will?

Or is she trying to remind me of something?

Meng Qi had made a lot of guesses. Most importantly, the occurrence of Gu Xiaosang had proved that the Luo Sect was indeed involved in the drama of Shen Du, and the person who gave instructions to the Imperial Consort Hua behind the scenes was most probably Gu Xiaosang. As a person who possessed the most important seal among the Premier Nine Seals, Gu Xiaosang certainly had a good understanding about the Yuan Xin Seal that belonged to Meng Qi. Therefore, she knew clearly how to defend against it, how to deal with it, and how to deceive it. Apparently, the calm and peaceful expression of the Imperial Consort Hua when she hanged herself was just like another manifestation of the void hometown of the Death Mother.

However, as a person behind the scenes, if Gu Xiaosang suddenly exposed herself just for the sake of warning the enemy, it surely was not a good decision as she would be losing advantage of hiding in the dark. This action would be contradicting her original purpose unless she had showed up for some other reasons that were more important…

With a calm mind, Meng Qi recalled the scenes and conversations when he last saw Gu Xiaosang. Several guesses had came to his mind.

The fight between Yu Longzi and Gu Xiaosang for body and consciousness has spread to the outside world, which is then manifested in the changing moods and unpredictable actions of the Siren of Daluo. It is also manifested in a contradiction between wanting to kill me and wanting to save me. Hence, it could be possible that Gu Xiaosang has temporarily regained control, and thus she has tried to remind me through her habitual flirty actions. She aims to destroy the plans of the Luo Sect and Yulong Zi so as to return to an advantageous position in the fight… all kinds of thoughts were running through Meng Qi’s mind. The details of the incident were flas.h.i.+ng in his mind like lightning, and slowly, he had gotten a general idea.

On the second of February, I’ve returned to Shaolin without hiding my traces. On the night of the fifth of February, the emperor died suddenly and Si Mas.h.i.+ disappeared mysteriously. On the seventh of February, Shaolin had received the news, so I’ve came to Shen Du… standing in front of the bed, Meng Qi’s eyes seemed to be glittering with lightning.

Suddenly, he turned around and went out of the courtyard through the door that had not been closed. His pace was firm, and his action was decisive without a single sign of hesitation.

“Second elder brother,” Su Ziyue’s voice of joy and surprise came from the courtyard.

Noticing her presence long ago, Meng Qi had been slowing down his walking pace. He looked up and saw Su Ziyue who had become a little taller. As her facial features were fully-developed, her face was no longer childlike. Apparently, she had already grown into a beautiful young lady.

“It’s true that a girl will be having big changes in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood. You’ve become such a beautiful lady,” sighed Meng Qi with a smile, as though he was looking at his own daughter. The Tang Family was really pa.s.sing on nice genes – Meng Qi and his uncle were good-looking, too.

Su Ziyue was shy at first, and then she spat jokingly. “Second elder brother, you’re getting more thick-skinned. How can a chief of detectives of the Sect of Six-Fans say something like that?”

Although both of them had not met each other for several years, the small joke of Su Ziyue had removed the feelings of distance and estrangement between them. In addition, thinking about the letters that they wrote to each other regularly, Si Ziyue felt a sense of intimacy with her second elder brother.

“Not bad, you took only four years to move up from the Qi Storage stage to the Six Orifices stage,” praised Meng Qi to change the subject.

Instantly, Su Ziyue beamed with delight at Meng Qi’s compliment. However, since she felt a little shy and embarra.s.sed to show her feeling, she lowered her head and muttered, “But I’m still not as good as Brother Changqing. He already has a connection between Man and Nature.”

“Changqing is a person who has been through a lot of hard times, so he will surely work hard in practicing martial arts. In contrast, your life experience is not as much as his, so you’re incomparable with him in this respect.” Meng Qi was having a mixed feeling.

When Meng Qi mentioned about Gu Changqing, he thought of the past memories when he was at the vast ocean and desert. Without knowing it, many years had pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. Life was unpredictable like a smoke. Gu Changqing could never return to the old times when he was still pure-hearted. Moreover, the gap between Gu Changqing and Meng Qi had become wider, and eventually they became a stranger to each other.

Just then, Su Ziyue had recovered from the joy and excitement of meeting her second elder brother. She looked at him curiously and said, “Second elder brother, you’ve just come back. Are you going out again?”

“The emperor died suddenly, and Chief Sima has disappeared. So, the Sect of Six-Fans is in a stormy situation. As the chief of detectives, there are so many things that I need to take care of,” Meng Qi bragged about himself shamelessly. “I was about to sit in meditation just now when I suddenly realized something very important in the case. So, I need to go back to the Zhu Yi Pavilion to take a look at the dossiers.”

As a person living in Shen Du, Su Ziyue knew what was happening recently. She looked at Meng Qi admiringly and said, “You’ve worked so hard, second elder brother.”

All her friends of the same generation were so complacent about their positions as an unimportant officer. They were showing off around despite the fact that they could never be an officer without the help of their ancestors. In contrast, her second elder brother was already the chief of detectives of the Sect of Six-Fans before he turned twenty-five years old. As one of the most powerful figures in the Great Jin Dynasty, he was preserving peace of Shen Du and the other states. Apparently, the friends of Su Ziyue were incomparable to Meng Qi!

“Why did you suddenly come to my courtyard? They shouldn’t have leaked the news of me coming home,” Walking along the road, Meng Qi went out of the mansion. Su Ziyue followed him to see him off.

Su Ziyue said with a cheeky grin, “I come here every night after knowing that you’ve came back to Shen Du.”

Meng Qi, having a warm feeling in his heart, smiled and said nothing until he came to the gate. “Ziyue, you and I both have the Tang Family bloodline. Now that the Tang Family has no descendants, we can’t turn a blind eye to that. However, as I’m already a well-known person, I’m afraid that I’ll hurt father’s feelings if I change my surname. What about you change your surname to Tang in the future? Of course, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you to do so. It’s not a big deal. In the future, I can change the surname of my children to Tang.”

First of all, I need to have a wife.

Meng Qi did not want to expose the real ident.i.ty of Su Ziyue because that would make her feel doubtful about her past memories and experiences. Since she actually had no ties of blood with her current family members, she would definitely feel lost and depressed if she knew the truth. Anyway, she was the daughter of the Tang Family, so she was supposed to have her mother’s bloodline.

Su Ziyue was not surprised at all. She said with a smile, “That means I’ll be the head of the Tang Family from today on!”

No one was going to fight with her for this position.

“In the future when you’re travelling to the Jiang Hu, you can make a visit to Shaolin,” feeling glad to hear that, Meng Qi advised.

After leaving the mansion of Su, Meng Qi returned to the headquarters of the Sect of Six-Fans and entered the Zhu Yi Pavillion. He saw more dossiers on his table, which included the interrogation reports of the death of the Imperial Consort Hua, and the reports of the secret agents near the Zhang Family of Long Nan.

The Sect of Six-Fans was quite efficient!

Nevertheless, Meng Qi did not even lay his eyes on the dossiers. Instead, he went straight into another room to look for some cla.s.sified dossiers.

As the cla.s.sified dossiers were arranged into different categories, Meng Qi had found the information he wanted in just a short while. The dossiers contained information of the Dharmakaya who were among the top twenty on the Heavenly List and Ground List, the Dharmakaya of Half-Step who were not on the Ground List, and some outstanding gurus such as Gu Xiaosang.

The information in the cla.s.sified dossiers were much more detailed than the published information. It recorded the people’s life experiences from childhood to adulthood, with most of them being supported by evidences and known by many people. A smart part of it was actually secrets, therefore only a few people in the world knew about it.

Meng Qi first looked at the cla.s.sified dossier of the Wizard King of this World, which contained all kinds of battle records ever since he made the first public appearance. For example,

“The dead person: The Enemy of Yama, Li Pingchuan.”

“Cause of death: Being hit by the Death Finger in the hindbrain.”

“The condition of the corpse: Withered, like a mummy.”

“Killer: The World Saver, Chang Huan from the Luo Sect.”

“Note one: The eighth year of Tian Le, the Afterwind Ferry.”

“Note two: The World Saver, Chang Huan has become the Wizard King of this World and the head of the Luo Sect.”

This was a battle record of the Wizard King of this World decades ago when he was at the peak of the Orifices-Point Activation Stage.

Looking through the pages, Meng Qi had confirmed one thing – even a Dharmakaya was growing from weak to strong step by step. In other words, they all had their own vulnerable times.

After knowing the time and location, Meng Qi could use the Seven-Kill Tablet to return to that particular scene!

The time-reversal ability of the Seven-Kill Tablet could not be targeted on a person. The reason was that it was an ability that defied the laws of nature and thereby messing up causality. Therefore, only a person who had attained the Legendary Realm could have a good grasp of it. When using the time-reversal ability, the scenes formed by specific time and location would be shown one by one. Last time, the Witch of Black Mountain had chosen the time when Liang Wuji had not finished his apprentices.h.i.+p and the location of the Sect of the Ether. Given the accurate time and location, it was not difficult to find Liang Wuji.

Meng Qi looked at the cla.s.sified dossiers with full attention to remember the battle records of every powerful person.

With the Seven-Kill Tablet and the Blade of Lingbao, he could even kill a Dharmakaya!

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 854 - The Preparation Of Meng Qi

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