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Chapter 861: What’s Next

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The Sect of Six-Fans’ Zhu Yi Pavilion screens isolated the inside from the outside.

Chief Sima stood in front of the screen and looked at the slightly embarra.s.sed Deputy of Golden-Stamped Detective, Zu Cunshen.

Zu Cunshen was tall. His hands drooped low, clinging to his clothes. In one of his hands held a stack of white paper. This wsa the latest information selected out to report immediately to the chief of detectives.

But he did not hand them in right away, instead, he asked in a low voice, “Chief, should I continue to do the mission Chief Su a.s.signed to me?”

By which he meant to eliminate the rampant evil cults.

The doc.u.ments had been a.s.signed before, thus he was worried that Chief Sima might give him other orders.

Chief Sima stood with a single hand to his back and said righteously, “The evil cults are a threat to our country and are the key to the survival of the Great Jin Dynasty. Chief Su made the right decision and you shall continue to do as he told you. The promise is still valid.”

Zu Cunshen breathed a sigh of relief quietly and handed over the information to him, “Chief, here are some messages spread out by the Luo Sect and the Plain Girl Sect.”

“What messages?” Chief Sima took the papers and read them carefully while he asked casually.

Zu Cunshen’s voice sounded strange and shocked, “The Plain Girl Sect said Chief Su possesses a Heavenly Weapon which is an orange fire blade. Messages from the Luo Sect verified this information. They also said Chief Su had hidden a magic weapon of the time cla.s.s. The Head of the Tower of Malevolence was killed by this weapon…”

Su Meng had a Heavenly Weapon; he also had a magic weapon of the time cla.s.s and he killed the Head of the Tower of Malevolence who had a Heavenly Weapon. Each of the three messages shook him more than the former.

Chief Su was not human!

When one reached the level of guru, apart from inheriting the Heavenly Weapon of their own sect, one often could only possess a high-quality Precious Weapon. Ice Fairy Ye Yuqi getting a Heavenly Weapon was already surprising enough, but after all, she had Mr. Lu as brother-in-law and could go to many relic sites. Su Meng had attained a Heavenly Weapon and an extremely rare magic weapon of the time cla.s.s unknowingly. How envious all the gurus and Great Gurus must be!

Most importantly, a Great Guru was very difficult to kill even with a Heavenly Weapon and a magic weapon. Most of them had Heavenly Weapons and it is extremely difficult to kill a great master. Most of them have a magic weapon, and the Head of the Tower of Malevolence was generally acknowledged to be the most difficult one to kill for he would immediately retreat when he did not bring down his target at one shot. But, but… he died at the hands of Su Meng!

Either his time cla.s.s magic weapon is extremely powerful, or his power and skill was magnificent, or both!

“So that is what it is…” Chief Sima sighed.

After Zu Cunshen left the pavilion, another saying, “So that is what it is…” came out from behind the screen.

A figure walked out of the screen. It was Zhao Jings.h.i.+. He sighed, “No wonder why Su Meng defied the Guardian Formation of Shen Du and me.”

He said he would kill him like squas.h.i.+ng an ant even if he was protected by the Guardian Formation of Shen Du and millions of powerhouses. Now he knew it was because he had a time cla.s.s magic weapon. This type of magic weapon was the hardest type to deal with. If one had not reached a certain level, then only a magic weapon of the same type could fight it.

Chief Sima’s expression changed into calmness, “He was not a man who would go back on his words. As long as we don’t frustrate him, we don’t need to worry about him attacking us. However, it is time we change his ranking on the Terrestrial Rankings.”

“What’s the ranking?” Zhao Jings.h.i.+ asked.

“Among the top ten, who dare to say he could kill the Master of Tower of Malevolence?” Sima s.h.i.+ asked back.

Zhao Jings.h.i.+ recounted the names one by one and answered uncertainly at last, “The Xuan Tian Sect could do this with the Time Blade.”

He could even use the Time Blade to confront a Dharmakaya!

Chief Sima nodded, “The Time Blade was said to be the best of all time cla.s.s magic weapons and can restrain all the other ones of the same cla.s.s. Although it is not fully awakened now, if another time cla.s.s magic weapon dares to charge it, it can surely teach the enemy a good lesson.”

This was the pride of the Time Blade.

“So Su Meng will rank No. 2,” Chief Sima concluded.

Right now the time was different from before. Back then the world was quite peaceful so gurus usually left their Heavenly Weapons in their sects to ensure their safety. Thus the ranking did not include Heavenly Weapons unless they were privately owned by gurus. But now, more and more incidents needed to use Heavenly Weapons and Terrestrial Rankings now evaluated this factor more.

“No. 2 on the Terrestrial Rankings…” Zhao Jings.h.i.+ was lost in thought for a while before letting out a sigh, “Su Meng is not yet 25 and has just reached the Eight Levels of Sky but now he already ranked No. 2 on the Terrestrial Rankings. I’m already old enough to be his grandfather and have long pa.s.sed the Nine Levels of Heaven. Yet a great guru like me is no match for him and he can look down upon me. That is really depressing.”

Before, there was Han Guang. Now, there was Su Meng. He had merely crawled out of one shadow, and now he seemed to have sunk into another shadow!

Chief Sima looked at him coolly and said, “Don’t worry. You will no longer be depressed in two or three years.”

“And that is because?” Zhao Jings.h.i.+’s eyes brightened.

Did Sima foresee something, or come up with a good idea?

Chief Sima turned and walked to the table, picked up his calligraphy brush pen and answered casually, “Judging by his speed of progress, he will surely pa.s.s the third level of Heavenly Stairs and become a Great Guru. By then you two will be on the same level and you are just slightly weaker than him. In that way you may feel better and no longer have to be depressed.”

Zhao Jings.h.i.+ half-opened his mouth and was dull for a long time before saying, “Well, Sima, I didn’t know you could be so humorous…”

Chief Sima ignored him and started writing Meng Qi’s data on the Terrestrial Rankings,

“Name, Su Meng.”

“Age, below 25.”

“Nickname, Frenzied Blade, the King of Blade.”

“Skills, unknown, similar to King-Kong Body Defending Divine Skill, his modus of using the blade is very honest towards himself and Taoism. He punishes the evil and has the invincible technique of the Karma Transfer Blade. He possesses a Heavenly Weapon fire blade and time cla.s.s magic weapon.”

“Combat Record, killed Elderly Ku with a single strike of the Karma Transfer Blade; Killed Hasula who had a Heavenly Weapon and two other gurus from the front; Killed the Head of the Tower of Malevolence when he was ambushed by the Bodhisattva of Joy and Oracle Feng Dian holding the token of Dharmaraja, the Siren of Daluo, and the Head of the Tower of Malevolence and scared off the other three.”

“Rank, No. 2.”

“Evaluation, can kill anyone below Dharmakaya without time cla.s.s magic weapon.”


Xi Liang, the mansion of the Sima family.

Sima Yin gently stroked the Whip of Arts Destruction, feeling the mystery it carried wholeheartedly without caring about anything else.

To be engraved by the Heavenly Weapon meant that one can reflect himself or herself through the weapon to experience the wonderful mystery of Dharmakaya.

The sound of rapid footsteps came. Sima Yin opened his eyes and taunted with a smile, “Being a lady, you shouldn’t be so flighty and not sedated!”

The door opened and in came a young girl in her twenties. She dressed plainly and delicately and she had a beautiful face. If she did not speak and just stand quietly, she would be considered as tranquil and pleasant. But now her delicate eyebrows were raised and her cheeks were red. She was short of breath like a wild child running around and cried, “Dad, big news! Big news!”

She was the youngest and most loved daughter, Sima Fang.

“What big news? You should maintain your sedateness even in the face of the most amazing and incredible things. You shouldn’t change the color of your face even if a mountain collapses in front of you and that would be the right way,” Sima Yin taught her out of a fatherly heart.

Sima Fang waved the stack of thin paper in her hands with her head raised high, “The contemporary Head of the Tower of Malevolence failed his and died on the spot.”

“Which Dharmakaya did he plan to kill?” Though Sima Yin was surprised, his facial expression and tone was still calm.

“It was Frenzied Blade Su Meng!” Sima Fang’s eyes lit up and twinkled as if containing numerous stars with wors.h.i.+p and admiration.

Sima Yin was astonished, “Who?”

Which Dharmakaya was named Su Meng?

Wait, the Frenzied Blade Su Meng?

He could kill the Head of the Tower of Malevolence!

As his face changed, he heard Sima Fang say proudly, “Mr. Su killed the Head of the Tower of Malevolence easily under the siege of two Dharmakaya of Half-Step holding Heavenly Weapons and one peak of the Exterior Realm with the token of Dharmaraja using fire blade and time cla.s.s magic weapon! He is now ranked No. 2 on the Terrestrial Rankings!”

Siege, easily killed, No. 2… Sima Yin was speechless like a wooden dummy.

Sima Fang looked at her father and giggled, “Dad, sedate. You shouldn’t change the color of your face even if a mountain collapses in front of you!”

At Lulong, Langya, Island of Three Immortals, Huamei Heights, a mighty person saw the latest Terrestrial Rankings and knew the great siege that had not appeared in a hundred years.

Xia Houyan, who had the nickname great great grandmother, touched her name in the list with her index finger and sighed deeply, “He was even more s.h.i.+ning than Su Wuming back then…”

Ice Fairy Ye Yuqi stood beside Mr. Lu and her mind raced to the first time she saw the immature Su Meng at the fairy site. She then remembered the second time she saw him at Shen Du, he was already calm and responsible with a vigorous spirit. Only a few years had pa.s.sed and now he was already a real mighty person. If they met on the battlefield, she would stand no chance in front of him.

“If you meet him in the future, remind him that before he reached the Legendary Realm, he should never indulge and rely on time cla.s.s magic weapon otherwise it will harm himself,” Mr. Lu looked at the thin paper in his hand and said peacefully.

Old Master Ruan read the Terrestrial Rankings, got up and started pacing with his hands to his back. He then muttered, “What a pity…”

Frenzied Wanderer of the Six Seas Wu Jizhen was the last to get the news. After being informed by his butler, his face twitched and muttered, “You must be joking…”

Last time he saw Su Meng, it seemed to be only half a year ago?

And he despised him back then…

The amazing Meng Qi was now down in the south. He forgot to change his nickname, he forgot to change his nickname and he forgot to change his nickname. The important thing must be repeated three times!

He was too dutiful that he forgot his original purpose!

By this time, he was back at the fairy site to put away materials needed to refine the Eye of Ice Crystal and the Ghost Gate of Nether that were worth around twenty thousand good deeds. He then put the others on Fairy Lane for sale. After all, he still had one year and he was in no hurry to get a sword cla.s.s Heavenly Weapon. He had no intention to give the Six Dao the bargain. If he sold these materials to members of Fairy Lane, he could at least get sixty thousand goods deed, but the Six Dao would only give him thirty five thousand at most. The choice was easy to make!

Of course, Meng Qi exchanged a small part of these items for one thousand and six hundred good deeds. He then exchanged ten years time with this plus the remaining 22,420 good deeds left. With this time, he could let the power of the Seven-Kill Tablet recover.

After he finished his work, Meng Qi returned to the Aquamarine Palace and found a quiet room to sit in. He collected his Primordial Spirit and felt the connections.

His clone on earth went into Luo Yi in Zhou Dynasty and needed close manipulation for a period of time.

The first thing he must do was to go to the treasure chamber and see if there was a librarian called Li Dan!

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 861 - What's Next

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