The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 872 - The Return

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Chapter 872: The Return

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Inside the world of the ancient tombs, all the tombs, skeletons, and disciples, vanished under the influence of the Heart Saint and left no trace behind. Only the dark Corpse of Nether with white gleam, the White Mustard Ring of the Nether Emperor, the life-and-death pen trapped by Meng Qi, and the Northern Dragon and the congenital corpse of G.o.d who were still fighting their battles were left behind.

“What a terrible weapon of ma.s.s destruction…” Meng Qi thought with pity.

At this moment, Mr. Lu lifted up the lid of the coffin and closed the bronze ancient coffin the remaining slough of the Heart Saint lay in. He then lit three blue lamps of azraell and placed them respectively on the head, chest, and the soles of the feet to prevent the Heart Saint from coming back to life again.

Su Wuming turned swiftly and launched an attack on the Northern Dragon and the congenital corpse of G.o.d almost simultaneously with his sword to help priest Yun He and Xuan Bei of Shaolin end the battle as soon as possible.

Instead of partic.i.p.ating in the battle, Meng Qi stayed behind and looked at the the Corpse of Nether that gave others extreme feelings of pressure. It was pitch-black with bones of wings on its back. It had two horns on its head and all the one thousand two hundred and ninety six bones gleamed white like a ray of light in the dark or a ray of life in death. But there were four bones different from the others. They showed a shade of green in the blackness and they did not give off a feeling of sacredness or evil.

They were the right and left hand bones, a rib, and a toe bone.

“Four bones of the Nether were missing. The most important one is mine, and the other three are in the hands of the Devil Master…” the memory Meng Qi had aroused from the fragment of the Nether Emperor explained the situation. Meng Qi disdained the clumsy copy made by the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect. It seemed to be the bones of the Nether Emperor himself.

Removing the bone of the left hand, Meng Qi held his breath as he concentrated his sense around it with a clear mind and reached out the hand bone in his palm cautiously.

The hand bone had just touched the nearby skeleton when suddenly a bright light burst out. Thick yellowish blood instantly covered the surroundings. The feeling of burning destruction or cold evil pushed Meng Qi away all of a sudden.

The hand bone returned to its original position, and a trail of yellow b.l.o.o.d.y glow appeared on the huge skeleton, flowing in every direction and making Meng Qi feeling dizzy. The memory of the past and the marks of the reincarnation seemed to become blurred.

The yellowish b.l.o.o.d.y substance around the Corpse of Nether flowed and circulated like manna and blood, giving off a sacred feeling of omnipresence. The nearby void cracked, and the quietly surging yellow river of blood could be seen faintly. In the river, numerous ghosts floated with empty eyes and could never have another life.

At this time, the Devil Master Han Guang on the outside peak changed his face slightly. The White Mustard Ring on his hand mustard let out waves of b.l.o.o.d.y yellow light that shook the earth and lit up the sky.

Meng Qi felt this and turned his head abruptly. He saw Han Guang through the connection between the Corpse of Nether and the remaining bones.

The Devil Master had come! Meng Qi had initially thought of this just as a nip in the bud to prevent an unexpected situation from happening. But as he knew from the memory of the Nether Emperor that the other three bones had fallen into the hands of the Devil Master, he guessed that the Devil Master would probably wait aside for a chance to attack.

Han Guang’s eyes met with that of Meng Qi. He felt the Corpse of Nether call to the items in his mustard ring, and then he saw an invisible sword beam without phase appeared suddenly and pierced down from the top of his head. He saw Mr. Lu turned to look at him.

He Qi was in the dark! Han Guang’s eyes narrowed and his right hand clenched into a fist, letting out a light wave in the void and making the invisible sword beam slow down. At the same time, three dark bones flew out of his mustard ring and went into the world of ancient tomb.

If he got trapped by the Corpse of Nether because of them and could not escape, that would lead to a serious loss!

The yellow light of blood on the mustard ring disappeared. Before He Qi and Mr. Lu could launch their attack, Han Guang stepped back and retreated. His figure blurred and his sleeves fluttered as if he had disappeared into the long river of time.

The three bones flew into the tomb, and then onto the Corpse of Nether to each others’ places. The bones that used to take their places broke into ashes as soon as they dropped out as if the Corpse of Nether had taken away all their vitality.

Seeing this, Meng Qi smirked, “That was the price to pay for being on the sidelines!”

Creak, the finally completed Corpse of Nether shuddered. White bones with dark gleam popped out from the joints. Each bone extended into the void as if connected with all the universes. Then, a sense of ancient, majestic holiness surged up unstoppably, making the nearby Meng Qi shudder even under the protection of the Fire Blade of Lingbao.

It was like the Corpse of Nether was everywhere, like the rules of heaven and earth, like deep subtleness, like constant division and like immortality. The breath of legend came right in his face!

A sound of a rumble came!

In the Nine Levels of the Underground, a yellow river of blood water went through every layer of secret realms and flowed quietly eternally, sinking everything inside. Suddenly, the water of the Nether boiled, setting off waves a few hundred meters high like a crazy b.l.o.o.d.y yellow dragon.

The ghosts and spirits in the river looked up at the sky and let out a shrill cry that shocked everywhere along the river.

“Our master is about to return!”

In a universe somewhere, an ancient city built of livid stone stood on the wasteland and attracted many priests to come and explore.

It was said that this was once the ghost city of the Yama who was in charge of the death of every living being. Then the Yama mysteriously disappeared suddenly and the place gradually became dilapidated. People could no longer see the ghost king and ghost judge nor millions of ghost soldiers paving the way. Only secrets and treasures left.

Right now, a few priests arrived at the front gate of the ghost city and were about to enter. Suddenly, they felt the earth shake violently, the livid stone wall shook off its grey dust, and the huge locust tree opposite the gate started to burn like a giant candle.

The ground cracked countless cracks and numerous pairs of green or red eyes emerged in the depths that made people feel extremely creepy.

They laughed wildly and shouted in unison,

“Your majesty is about to return!”

Dark clouds gathered and blotted out the day.


For tens of thousands of years, an ancient and huge pyramid had silently gazed at the sparkling river that had kept the soil on both sides fertile. It was like the incarnation of a demon, who ruled the world in their place.

All of a sudden, the pyramid collapsed. The stones turned to mud, and the whole building fell apart. The priests inside were not hurt, they were just covered with mud.

They looked at each other in bewilderment. Then they heard a dull, sharp crack, and they saw that the base of the original pyramid had broken apart, revealing another pyramid inside. A dark pyramid with its spire pointed downwardly.

As the black air drifted from the crack, beetles crawled out in a dense ma.s.s. The priests were shocked at first, but then they fell on their knees in great joy and exclaimed,

“The great immortal is about to wake up!”


In a quiet, lifeless secret realm, stood two men in black body armor. They let out a feeling of holy G.o.ds. One was deathly and the other was like in a deep sleep that never wakes.

They looked at the palace in the distance and felt the restlessness in the void. Then they knelt down on one knee at the same time and touched their b.r.e.a.s.t.s with their right hands and said as if chanting,

“Hades is about to wake up.”

When the Corpse of Nether was completed, the breaths short surged that made Meng Qi frozen and could hardly think with his Primordial Spirit. When he came to his senses, the huge black skeleton was already still and flowed with light blood yellow gleam, indicating that the owner had been dead for a long time.

Mr. Lu had come to Meng Qi’s side. He put his long sword back in its sheath and looked at the Corpse of Nether thoughtfully.

Su Wuming helped Priest Yun He to capture the Northern Dragon and helped Xuan Bei and other monks to seal the congenital corpse of G.o.d; He Qi had just entered the ancient tomb realm; Jiang Zhiwei was coming from a distance. She had stayed far away in order to observe the overall changes in the sky and earth cardinal to prevent the Nether Emperor from escaping.

The Corpse of Nether was right in front of his eyes. Meng Qi had a very evil feeling by just looking at the skeleton. His body turned cold, as if the skeleton was something high beyond the reach of ordinary people. Once a person touched it, a disaster was sure to happen. It was completely different from the hand bone or the remaining slough.

Meng Qi took a breath and withdrew his gaze. He took the mustard ring of the Nether Emperor and broke the seal by force. The items inside of it tilted out into a pile that was as tall as a person. Colorful light glittered on the treasures that almost blinded his eyes.

These are good treasures with materials, elixirs, and rare weapons, that were almost equivalent to 20 to 30 percent of acc.u.mulation of the normal top force.

Meng Qi let out a sigh. The Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect was indeed rich in background. Even a suzerain could carry so much treasure with him. It was a pity that there was no heavenly weapon. After all, heavenly weapons were mostly transferred to juniors instead of bodies. Those who could have a heavenly weapon to bury with them were mighty characters. Only the lucky ones could find their heavenly weapons instead of grave robbers.

More importantly, the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect had lost some of their heavenly weapons in the several catastrophes that destroyed the sect. Whether the weapons were robbed away or sacrificed and devoured by the remaining slough of the Heart Saint was still unknown.

“Seniors, thank you very much for all of your help. We have destroyed the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect and one of the nine evil sects,” Meng Qi gestured a salute with his hands to express sincere grat.i.tude, and then said directly, “Now it is time we share the rich harvest. Please go ahead and pick what you like first.”

Although he gathered so many powerful helpers relying on his social network, Meng Qi did not want to offend anyone. The right way to keep friends.h.i.+p was to give and take.

This way to split treasures was the best. Everyone knew what the leader wanted the most so they would deliberately not select that item. Meanwhile, there was a generally-approved order of who to select first.

For a moment, all eyes were on Mr. Lu.

Mr. Lu smiled and said, “I am an old man and I only need my sword. But I must take some treasure for my disciples as the master of Huamei Heights.”

He pointed to the pile of items, “30% of these would be enough for me.”

“That was too little! Senior should take at least 50%,” Meng Qi shook his head, this man was the main force of this team! And what he picked was the least valuable part!

Mr. Lu’s expression was calm, “Then I will take 40%. If I want to test the sword on the Corpse of Nether in the future, you must give me the chance.”

What he implied was that the Corpse of Nether would belong to Meng Qi.

“I am happy to do so,” Meng Qi smiled.

Looking at the bronze coffin of remaining slough of the Heart Saint, Mr. Lu thought for a moment and said, “The remains of a saint cannot be desecrated. We should choose another place to bury him again.”

“The tomb may be robbed again if buried in other places. It would be best to bury it near Huamei Heights. With Mr. Lu there, no one would disturb the Heart Saint and the people from Changle School could come to wors.h.i.+p openly,” Priest Yun He suggested. He was not unfamiliar to the Heart Saint not only because of the medieval history brought from Mo palace, but also because he had taken time to fully understand the current state of the Main World.

Meng Qi and others did not oppose. Because if they were to guard the remaining slough of Heart Saint, once the corpse came back to life, it would be a deathly disaster for them. Plus Su Wuming can be everywhere at the time of an emergency, it would be much faster for him to go from Xi Jian Pavilion to Huamei Heights than it was for Huamei Heights to come to Xi Jian Pavilion.

After they made the deal, Mr. Lu took 40% of the Nether Emperor’s treasures. Next Su Wuming said indifferently, “I will also have 40%.”

He was not interested in the corpses.

No one objected and then it was Priest Yun He’s turn. He looked around with bright eyes as if he wanted all. He finally made up his mind after a struggle and said, “I will take the corpse of the Northern Dragon.”

It could be refined into many treasures!

“Ok!” Before he could speak again, Meng Qi agreed and blocked what he was about to say next. Then Meng Qi turned to Xuan Bei and said, “Master, the congenital corpse of G.o.d equals to a false Nether evil G.o.d. It had the power of life and death that can help with the cultivation of the Mo-Ke Exorcism Punch. Plus it is full of rage and obsessiveness that needs Buddhism to release its soul from purgatory.”

Xuan Bei knew what Meng Qi was thinking about. He nodded with amitabha and said, “That is a good idea.”

After Shaolin monks put away the sealed congenital corpse of G.o.d, He Qi looked around gratefully because he knew Mr. Lu, Su Wuming, and Xuan Bei were all giving him a favor.

Donghai Sword Village did not have much background. What He Qi had cultivated was the Formless Sword. Besides the talisman of sword formed by Dharmakaya and the formation of sword that protected the village, he did not have any heavenly weapon. Thus they had hid themselves in Donghai all this time. Mr. Lu, Su Wuming, and Xuan Bei knew this so they obviously left the life-and-death pen to He Qi.

After He Qi had put away the life-and-death pen, Meng Qi smiled at Jiang Zhiwei, “It’s your turn.”

They were the back hand and each had their own function.

Jiang Zhiwei took a glance at him and put away the other 20% tacitly. After all, they could use whatever that could be used and they could borrow good deeds from each other.

After he divided the harvest, Meng Qi turned to look at the huge Corpse of Nether that was black with white gleam and revealed the feeling of evil and holiness.

The remaining slough of a legendary mighty person! This could become the material to refine a top heavenly weapon!

Putting away the skeleton, they left the ancient tomb realm and the place fell truly silent and vacant.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 872 - The Return

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