The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 873 - The Eight Evil Sects

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Chapter 873: The Eight Evil Sects

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Inside the dark hall that was carved with grotesque deities and demons, the vaguely disillusioned demons were guarding the palace before the patriarch returned.

The dark mist that pervaded this palace suddenly separated like the ebb tide, revealing the gate and Han Guang who was standing outside. His hair was tied with a wooden hairpin and he wore a long robe with big sleeve. His eyes were deep, as if he was thinking about the mysteries of heaven and earth and the universe and did not care about the outside world.

The Demon of Disillusionment was surprised for a second, then he immediately saluted, “Welcome back, patriarch. How was your trip?”

Han Guang paced leisurely with his hands behind him and his gaze swept across the embossment and fresco on the wall. He then sighed slightly, “Send my words, all disciples of the Annihilation Sect, regardless of the Celestial Devil, or Man Devil, must keep a low profile in recent ten years. Do not get involved in heresy matters as far as possible just like when I pretended to be Kong Wen in Shaolin.”

“Patriarch, has anything happened?” the Demon of Disillusionment was so cunning and alert that he immediately sensed something had gone wrong.

Han Guang went forward step by step. The black mist condensed and turned into a lotus stand as if it was carved out of precious stones. He did not turn his head and said casually,

“The Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect had been destroyed.”

“What?” even the calm Demon of Disillusionment could not help being shocked.

Though Han Guang said that the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect had been destroyed indifferently in a very casual way, his words were enough to make people wonder about the b.l.o.o.d.y and fierce battle as well as the fall of the powerhouses and the shake-up of Jiang Hu.

As one of the nine evil sects and one of the top forces, the destruction of the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect was far more shocking and unexpected even than the fall of the several Dharmakayas in the past!

The fall of the Dharmakayas was common, but the destruction of top forces was rare. Especially when this force had descended for tens of thousands of years and had invaluable connotations!

Han Guang crossed his legs and sat down on the lotus stand, “Su Meng had the Nether Palm Bones as bait and gathered Mr. Lu, Su Wuming, He Qi, Yun He, and the Shaolin monks. They tricked open the Restrictive Spell in the ancient tomb realm and then destroyed the sect completely.”

Su Meng had the Nether Palm Bones as bait and gathered Mr. Lu, Su Wuming, He Qi, Yun He, and the Shaolin monks… destroyed the sect completely… the Demon of Disillusionment felt like listening to a story that was subtly illusionary.

Despite Gao Lan, they had gathered almost all the top forces of justice and demonstrated their strength perfectly by destroying the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect. This was also a warning to the evil heresy that would make every evil sect panic.

“The Frenzied Blade was really sociable, he had friends everywhere…” the Demon of Disillusionment sighed.

Sitting with his hands in Mudra on his knees, Han Guang laughed, “And he has ascended to the Nine Levels of Heaven with a Fire Blade of Lingbao and a time cla.s.s magic weapon. He had already reached such height that we cannot stop him now.”

“Su Meng has reached the peak of the Exterior Realm…” the Demon of Disillusionment let out a sigh rather than asking rhetorically. “From the power he had exhibited, even the time cla.s.s magic weapon is not weaker than any guru. Plus he has a wide social network, even a Dharmakaya would be afraid of him.”

“Regrettably, I did not see him use the time cla.s.s magic weapon. But news from the Luo Sect said that this weapon was not an ordinary one. An ordinary Dharmakaya may not be a match for him if they encounter him,” Han Guang added regretfully, further elevating the level of threat of Meng Qi.

The Demon of Disillusionment thought for a while and said, “Patriarch, with what Meng Qi had shown now, he would become another powerful Dharmakaya in ten or fifteen years. Even if he does not have the luck to reach the legendary realm, he would at least be as powerful as an Earth Fairy. Why not kill him now when he was still not strong enough?”

The Demon of Disillusionment was shocked by the destruction of the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect and he feared that the Annihilation Sect might become the same someday. For the first time, the Demon of Disillusionment started to think about killing Meng Qi at any cost.

He said in a low voice, “In the world nowadays, very few people have the ability to restrain a time cla.s.s magic weapon. Patriarch, you are one of these few people and your strength, level, and wisdom, are all superior to the Frenzied Blade. If you are determined to kill him, he is sure to be doomed!”

Han Guang shook his head and said, “No. Not for the time being. I had just said that he had already reached such height that we cannot stop him now.”

The Demon of Disillusionment looked at Han Guang in bewilderment. Meng Qi was not even a Dharmakaya of Half-Step. Those mighty people who came to help him cannot follow him around all day. Why was he unstoppable?

Han Guang smiled, “Remember the compa.s.s or p.a.w.n of mighty people I once told you about?”

“Yes, I remember,” the Demon of Disillusionment had a sudden enlightenment, “You mean the Frenzied Blade was so lucky and talented because he is a p.a.w.n of Da Dao?”

Han Guang’s smile was unchanged and said casually, “Normally speaking, mighty people will not have only one p.a.w.n or a compa.s.s. If they do so, they will tie themselves to one tree so they lack of ability to withstand failure. Therefore, they tend to set out a lot of p.a.w.ns and give them different adventures or care nothing about them according to their condition of growth. Su Meng was the best among these p.a.w.ns. Now he has reached peak of the Exterior Realm and is close to Dharmakaya. His luck has been granted because he has been paid a lot of attention to.I do not want to offend some reclusive mighty person by killing him.”

“Then he is doomed,” instead of being shocked, the Demon of Disillusionment felt relieved.

An illusory river emerged in Han Guang’s eyes as he looked into the void, “When the time comes, if he can get rid of the control of a mighty person and jump out of the chessboard, it wouldn’t be bad to have a second big brother…”

A black fog began to fill the air, Han Guang’s figure gradually turned illusory as if he had stepped into the inexplicable river, leaving only two sentences behind,

“Contact with the Luo Sect and the Blood Cloak Cult more. The force of justice is growing stronger so we must unit together.”

“I had seen the Heart Saint ask for Dao and I had some enlightenment. From today I shall start my Isolated Cultivation. This may take 3 to 5 years, or over 10 years. I shall not come out until I’ve reached Earth Fairy.”

The lotus stand rotated, Han Guang’s figure floated in the dark mist and turned his back to the Demon of Disillusionment and the palace gate.


In the western regions, in some secret territory of the G.o.d Burial Desert.

The fair and handsome contemporary Buddha of Joy who was like the son of a wealthy family held the news from the central plains and he failed to maintain his calmness in front of his disciple samanera. He cried, “The Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect was destroyed? The Frenzied Blade gathered the majority of forces of justice and he had advanced to Nine Levels of Heaven!”

Around him lay a lot of attractive women covered with gauze, but at this moment, gurus from the Temple of Bodhisattva of Joy gathered here were all shocked by the news as if they were dreaming.

Speaking of connotations and power, the Temple of Bodhisattva of Joy was no match for the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect. But now the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect was destroyed by the Frenzied Blade and his mighty helpers!

The Contemporary Buddha of Joy looked at the slip of paper in his hand and fell silent for a long time. After the Frenzied Blade killed the master of Tower of Malevolence and became No. 2 on the Terrestrial Rankings, he had given up the thought of taking his revenge. Unless he could lure Su Meng into a secret world in his sect, otherwise he could not escape death even with a heavenly weapon at hand. But now it was not only the problem of taking revenge, he prayed that the Frenzied Blade would not come after him. Once he stepped into the trap and found their secret world, they would be just like the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect. The Temple of Bodhisattva of Joy was a lot weaker than the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect and did not need to gather all those mighty people to destroy.

Whew, he let out a long sigh and ordered, “In the future, anywhere the Frenzied Blade appears, we will leave that place faraway immediately no matter what urgent things we need to do at that time.”

They cannot afford to encounter with Su Meng so they can only hide!


Near the endless ocean, a strong wind dust blew past where the Asura Temple used to be. Such a large temple had disappeared completely and unexpectedly.

The endless ocean was filled with the smell of an evil death and shrouded in a black mist that never dissipated. At this moment, a long sigh came from within,

“Fortunately, we had already retreated with the temple into the endless ocean.”

Ever since the Great Asura died under the sword of Su Wuming, the Asura Temple retreated into the endless ocean as a whole.

As one of the nine evil sects, they had already lost the protection of Dharmakaya. If they were to stay at the same place unlike the other sects that had hidden themselves up, they would surely be destroyed by the force of justice.

Now even the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect had been destroyed, if they had not retreated in advance, they would be just the same!

Fortunately, they had occupied the endless ocean for many years and had found a lot of secret places here!


On the gra.s.sland, shamans hid from the world, struggling to survive. When they heard the destruction of Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect, they all had a feeling of powerlessness. It seemed useless no matter how hard they struggle. This would be the destined future of Immortal Sect.

A solemn male shaman was suddenly in tears and sang a sad ballad,

“The Guna River dies and we lose our supplement. The Chang Sheng Mountain is lost and we lose our parents…”

In the palace full of ghosts and devils, the new master of the Tower of Malevolence looked at the smoke clouds of obsessiveness and said in a low voice,

“Fortunately, I followed the rules of the tower and did not retaliate.”

Otherwise the Tower of Malevolence would be another Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect today.

The first rule in the seven commandments of of Tower of Malevolence was, “Do not get revenge for the loser.” had success and failure. If they get revenge after the failure, they would get caught easily by stepping into the trap that would lead to disaster.

So the real were such ruthless killers that gave up immediately after three failures and never got revenge if companions were killed in the mission.

Somewhere in Nanban, the Rakshasa of b.l.o.o.d.y Sea cried in regret for not killing Su Meng in advance in the past because he sensed the Hao Tian Mirror.

He turned his head and looked coldly at the Insect Lord, “Summon all the disciples, do not rule over the tribe openly and turn into the darkness just like the time when we first came to Nanban.”

“Those who are above the Exterior Realm shall go into the blood sea realm in the heavenly weapon.”

The heavenly weapon was hidden in the void mustard.

In the Women’s Boundary, the Bodhisattva of Joy sat opposite to Ms. Mystery.

“Su Meng is now like a dragon flying in the sky. It is dangerous to go after him now,” the Bodhisattva of Joy had a rare solemn expression on his face.

“Then we just wait and see what happens to him.” Standing behind Ms Mystery was Liu Luo, who wore an indifferent face.

The Bodhisattva of Joy smiled suddenly, “But such tough man most charming. Many of our female bodhisattvas go red in the face on mentioning him.”

In the void hometown, the destruction of the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect also caused a sensation.

Surrounded by countless hazy holy points of light while constantly expanding and shrinking, Gu Xiaosang quietly looked at the oracle Zhang Deng and others with indifferent eyes that showed no emotion,

“When catastrophe strikes, the destruction of the top power is a constant occurrence.”

Her calm tone and motionless posture quickly subsided the fear in the Luo Sect.

In every part of the world, in every place of evil heresy, news of the destruction of the Life-and-Death Fugacity Sect swept over like a storm, leaving them frozen or trembling. Everyone felt that danger was near them.

The Frenzied Blade Su Meng was indeed invincible opponent of evil!

Pitapat, Meng Qi sat beside the window and listened to the sound of spring rain. The alley was deep and quiet, making his mind rest in peace.

His eyes closed and felt the change of time and s.p.a.ce.

It was another mission of Samsara.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 873 - The Eight Evil Sects

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