Heavy Armoured Truck In Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 1

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On April 21, 2000, Shen Cong was born in Anhui, and his parents worked for half a lifetime. They bought six large trucks and opened a transportation company.

Later, the efficiency of the transportation company began to be poor, and the house prices rose. His parents sold five large trucks and purchased seven houses.

Just after the Spring Festival in 2015, a car accident took away the lives of his parents and Shen Cong, who witnessed the car accident,
his personality went through earth-shaking changes.

No longer humorous and cheerful, no longer positive and optimistic, no longer making friends, no longer going out, he even stopped studying, all day he was doubtful, He felt that someone wants to harm him.

Shen Cong, who was once called a "Key University Seeded Talent" by a teacher and knew how to repair a car at the age of seven, became a patient of paranoia.

Relying on the large truck bought by the parents, and the seven-family rental fee, as well as the 800,000 yuan compensation for the car accident, he lived his life in the abandoned house.

One day in 2016, a post on the Internet changed the life track of Shen Cong again.

“Humans are too greedy for natural resources. Sooner or later, the end of the world will arrive. It is a testimony that the weather has changed suddenly in the past two years!”

The author of the post is obviously an environmentalist, and may even be a common science expert. In the post, he listed in detail a lot of data on climate anomalies, magnetic pole changes, melting glaciers, frequent earthquakes, etc., and it is not known if it is justified. Conclusion, if humans didn’t protect the environment, sooner or later, Apocalypse will arrive.

“I foresee that 2022 is the deadline for the end of the world! Human beings, if you don’t stop destroying the environment, you really have to regret it!”

This kind of post, might be useful in startling a newbie, but its not enough to deal with an old internet expert.

On the contrary, the old expert is still actively planning below. Once Doomsday arrives, how can we help ourselves, what to bring with us, and the discussion moves forward happily.

However, Shen Cong, who was immersed in the inner world of "there are always people who want to harm", immediately believed the author’s statement - perhaps he wanted to find a soul similar to himself - Shen Cong decided to prepare now. Prepare to meet the end of the world, in the hope of surviving at the end.

He searched the Internet for an Outdoor survival Discussion website and began to pay attention to how to get rid of the dependence on current technology and survive better outside.

A month later, Shen Cong became a senior member and also had a complete doomsday plan in mind.

It took him a week to organize the plan into a 90,000-word plan.

Looking at the results of his own knockout, Shen Cong’s innermost feelings are of faint excitement.

Perhaps when his parents left him, his life became illusory, and he set his goal in life to the endless existence.

If there is a doomsday.

Then let this apocalypse destroy the dark world in front of him, strip all the pain, and re-find a new self in the new world.



Shen Cong, a patient and victim of paranoia, made the second decision in the middle of the second year. He wanted to convert his truck into a doomsday vehicle and drive the vehicle to survive in the Post-apocalyptic world.

Re-starting the car repair talent, from 2016 to 2022, in six years, Shen Cong little by little, realized his dream of having his own doomsday vehicle.

Creating a vehicle and let him find a way to no longer decadent.

Meet the end of the world, let him want to use it every day and arm himself.

No one knows what happens on apocalypse, but making yourself stronger is the most basic response.

Push-ups, sit-ups, squatting, running, swimming, single parallel bars, taekwondo, nunchakus.

Even Shen Cong contacted a dealer selling homemade firearms from the Internet. After several changes, he bought three high-pressure air guns and two similar pistols from each other.

And he personally went to the nearby county towns, towns.h.i.+ps and villages, police stations and armed police detachments around the point, choose the route, draw a map, and wait for the end of the world to hurry to grab the firearms.

If he is caught, it will be jail time, but Shen Cong is not a social danger. He bought it after he bought it and has never used it.
To practice shooting, they are all going to a shooting club in the provincial capital.

Usually, the parents used to drive a transportation company, rent an abandoned warehouse, rebuild trucks, exercise, and learn to shoot, shoot, and shoot slingshots.

The level of bowmans.h.i.+p is not worse than that of professionals, especially the slingshot. Within 20 meters, it means that even if it is a soybean, it can be shot.

Bows and slingshots are definitely powerful weapons in the doomsday world, and ammunition can be made anywhere.


The weather is fine.

In 2022, China, under the vigorous control of pollution, the sky has returned to the blue.
This is exactly the same story that Shen Cong saw six years ago.

Shen Cong's belief in the doomsday has also been shaken, but he has been obsessed for several years. He does not want to quit halfway, and he continues to transform large trucks.

Work and more work.

Electric welding melts the steel together,
Shen Cong is standing on top of the big truck and mounting a small radar on the lift.
This small radar, the military battlefield reconnaissance radar AN/PPS-15A, Shen Cong spent nearly 400,000 from the radio city clubs in the provincial capital, the people who rushed to sc.r.a.p.

Those who have a relations.h.i.+p with the club can get some waste products from the army and then sell them to others at a high price.

In order to fix this radar, Shen Cong didn’t spend little time learning this knowledge. He also lost his braincells even when he had experience in maintenance. It took him almost a year to fix the radar today.

Because this radar is very precious, Shen Cong specially designed a lifting platform.
When you need it, you can raise it up and drop it in the car when you don’t need it.
After half an hour, it was installed.
Shen Cong satisfactorily looked at the 15A radar, decided to take sandpaper and tweezers, polished the welding parts, and then sprayed the camouflage paint, then it was perfect.


Shen Cong jumped directly from the top of the car, which was nearly four meters high, and took out the electronic car key at the waist, aiming at the large truck wrapped in steel armor.

Two bangs, the armor wrapped in the front of the car opened, and Shen Cong jumped up.

The truck is a Volvo new FH heavy truck with 16.1L displacement, maximum horsepower of 750 horsepower, 12 forward gears, 4 reverse gears and a top speed of 120km/h.

This is the previous data. Now it has been completely modified by Shen Cong. Shen Cong has installed two 6-cylinder engines in the rear wheel position of the truck head.
The nine-meter-long container behind the car was also heightened and widened. It is now three meters wide and three meters wide.

They are wrapped with steel plates welded with steel thorns. Unfortunately, considering the load-bearing limit, Shen Cong can only install 16mm steel plates, so that a steel plate wrapped around it can barely affect the speed.

At the front of the truck, the front of a bulldozer was installed. A four-meter-wide bulldozer front can sweep almost all obstacles.

Intensification of the appearance, in fact, not much effort, the real cost of Shen Cong six years to build, is the transformation of the interior of the truck.

It can be said that this Volvo heavy truck, except the name is the previous one, the other parts are replaced by Shen Cong.

In order to block the weak part of the winds.h.i.+eld, Shen Cong thought about installing bullet-proof gla.s.s, but finally gave up the plan and changed it to a full-plate armor wrap. As for the outside, it was realized with a camera and a periscope.

Therefore, the truck has been converted into an automatic driving system.

There are eight computer screens hanging in large and small sizes, which control every part of the truck.

Shen Cong skillfully pressed the b.u.t.ton on the console, opened one of the screens, entered a string of codes, and quickly showed the radar search start progress bar.
After about a minute, the search was completed, the top radar was turned on, and a scan was displayed on the screen.
The battlefield detection radar can detect vehicles, people and other targets within a kilometer range.

The reason why the radar was installed is that Shen Cong has been imagining, perhaps in the Apocalypse to encounter, and to detect the enemy in advance, so it is easy to escape.

In addition, an infrared camera is installed at the rear of the vehicle, which can be used with radar to more accurately observe the surrounding environment.


When the ignition started and the three engines roared at the same time, Shen Cong immediately drove the heavy truck in the square of the warehouse and felt the wild impact of the vehicle.

If it's not a heavy truck that's too shocking, he really wants to go out and try to run on the road. Now he can only circle in the small square.

The warehouse is large in size and is located in a remote location. The surrounding area is surrounded by a wall that is nearly four or five meters high, blocking all the inside.
Because it is surrounded by farmland and there are no tall buildings, you can peep into the interior.

Only the farmers who occasionally work in the fields will hear the roar of the walls.

If you walk into the wall, you will find that the large abandoned warehouse plaza, the walls are full of various sc.r.a.p and rusted steel parts, and the broken tires are piled up in one corner, like a city wall.

However, although there are many sc.r.a.ps, the yards are very neat.

A small forklift parked in the corner, apparently used to store waste.

Crossing the full-fledged waste, it is a waste warehouse of steel structure. The warehouse is obviously some years old, and many places are damaged, but it is roughened with various steel plates.
Wrapped in a can of tin sc.r.a.p.

In the past six years, Shen Cong has given up the city’s excellent life and lives alone here.

Pa.s.sing the driving addiction, parked the vehicle in the center of the square and opened the armor of the front of the car. Shen Cong jumped.

Looking at the sun, s.h.i.+ning, sparkling silver and white, you can see the dense traces of electric welding, and the overbearing steel vehicle, Shen Cong’s heart, finally have a sense of security.

Then he checked the supplies in the car and didn’t know the exact time of Doomsday. Therefore, the materials stored in Shen Cong are always placed in the car just in case, and then the load capacity of King Kong under full load is detected. .

“Materials are complete.”

Thinking, Shen Cong pulled a bottle of paint from his pocket.

On the heavy armor’s armor, the name he gave to the steel vehicle, King Kong, was sprayed. It was as powerful as the King Kong, and it was more fierce than the OptimusPrime truck.

“King Kong, if you doomsday ever arrives, I will be with you all the way!”

Just at this time, the sky came with thunderous thunder.

Shen Cong looked up at the sky and saw the sky in the original sunny day. He didn’t know when the meteor shower started.

One of the meteors dragging the tail of the dragonfly, even during the day, is still clearly visible.

Suddenly, there was a meteor that seemed to be dragging it’s tail toward the warehouse.

Heavy Armoured Truck In Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 1

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