All For The Sake Of Great Harmony Chapter 1

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Hoho, welcome to AFSGH! I wanted to translate this to help tide readers over when the going gets rough in CoC. Hope you like it!


The three major tortures in life are: taking an exam, applying for a job and paying the rent. 

When Sinan Ke woke up, he was a bit disoriented, but when he recovered his senses and noticed his situation, he froze in an instant. 

Because he is experiencing one of those three major tortures. 

Sinan Ke: "I must be tired, f.u.c.k! Why am I taking an exam?!!!" 


The window was open. In the midsummer morning, there is a hot breeze blowing into the cla.s.sroom. The heat wave bursts, and the wind spreads through the ceiling fan, making the people in the room feel like they are inside a sauna. The sun is vigorous, bathing the room with golden light. Outside, one can hear the loud and melodious sound of the cicadas.

The fan on the yellow-stained ceiling turns quickly, the airflow was strong, and some of the students’ papers would fly away if they don’t press them down.

The tables were specially placed, and the original rows of densely packed desks became independent ent.i.ties. Each table had s.p.a.ce between them where a person can pa.s.s through. The spa.r.s.e tables stood inside the hot air, like an island in the ocean.

Looking at the familiar scene in front of him, Sinan Ke’s heart couldn't help but feel a wave of nostalgia.

"Hey, young man..."


The proctor with a tiger face looked at him and said, "During the exam, you are not allowed to speak."

Si Nanke bowed his head: "...!!?"

At this moment, he heard a voice that made him want to vomit blood.

[Welcome, Visitor No. 039, to the virtual punishment worlds of the Great Harmony Department. You are in scene XY0358, your current status is a student currently taking an exam]

Sinanke: "!??(⊙ˍ⊙)?!!!"

"What is going on?"

Sinan Ke couldn't help but ask, then he felt that something was not right. The teacher who had been patrolling around in the vicinity looked at him coldly. "Don't talk during the exam." He rolled a book and looked like he wanted to use it on him.

Sinan Ke’s chrysanthemum tightened, thinking that this teacher is really fierce, his eyes are exactly the same as his high school teacher’s, really scary... Seeing that the teacher was still patrolling around him, he immediately shut up. Look down and lower one’s head kept repeating in his mind while he read an exam question, trying to look like a well-behaved student.

Seeing that he made no more movements, the teacher slowly walked away, shooting him a few glances before leaving. Sinan Ke breathed a sigh of relief and bowed his head to answer questions. He thought about the voice just now, and remembered the system text he had seen before. He thought in his mind: 'System, system, can you hear me?'

[The virtual punishment worlds are parallel worlds created by a mysterious organization that exists in the void outside the universe. It was created by the mysterious organization to help correct a person’s flawed ideologies. The purpose is to educate people's minds, shaping them into becoming youths who are positive, sunny, and bright while correcting their three views at the same time. The Great Harmony Department is aimed at people who have too many thoughts on [beep]. We strive to help people through special means; we have special departments to reshape their thoughts whether they are healthy or sick, young or old.]


Although this pa.s.sage is very long, but because it appeared directly in his mind, Sinan Ke understood it at once.

Sinan Ke: "..."

If this is the case……

Yes, he is guilty.

Even though he is someone who claims to be an active, courageous, healthy, kindhearted, popular, reliable, and youthful man, he can't help but recall some things that cause him to have a guilty conscience.

He is a source of evil that spreads bad influences in the minds and spirits of young people: the legendary small [beep] writer.

Moreover, the output of the work is quite high, and rich in content that covers a wide range of fields.

He was once proud of his high productivity and high popularity...

No wonder the system captured him! wuwuwuwu 〒▽〒……

Sinan Ke felt his insides turn green from regret and thinks that he is very unlucky. 

In the past, I was proud of the money that I earned. Now I have no choice but to be exiled into some kind of virtual reality labor camp, and I don’t know what will happen. Sinan Ke, who became a labor camp prisoner, regretted until his insides hurt and he felt heartrending pain. But it is useless to regret one’s past deeds... Sigh, what strange things will happen now?

[The visitor created a lot of [beep] novels, poisoned the minds and hearts of young people, and distorted their three views. Therefore, the system will punish the visitor by placing him into the virtual worlds to complete tasks for atonement until he has corrected his three views and becomes a positive and healthy person.]

Si Nanke: "(;; '༎ຶД༎ຶ`) I know it was wrong..." Begging for forgiveness and hoping for love and understanding!

[Task content: Help the protagonist of the random world to escape the tragic fate of becoming an obscene meat toilet, and re-establish a healthy personality with self-respect and self-reliance. 】

[First World: Target, Bai Lian] (Haha, his name is literally ‘white lotus’)

When Sinan Ke heard this piece of information in his mind, he heard a gasp from the table next to him. Delicate and gentle, if it weren’t for his sharp ears, he wouldn’t have been able to hear it.

Sinan Ke: "..."

Σ( ° △° )_Σ( ° △° )_Σ( ° △° )_! ! !

WTF! ! !

He covertly turned his head and saw a handsome boy sitting at the table next to him. Short, black hair that is like silk brus.h.i.+ng the top of his ears, under his bangs were a pair of slender eyebrows, his lips are a beautiful rose color, captivating and alluring. With a small aquiline nose, you can say that his facial features are exquisite and lovely. This is a boy who is even more beautiful than a girl.

It is just that his eyes are indifferent and estranged, and his clothes are plain and simple, but he has an elegant temperament that no one else has. The whole person seems like a white lotus on the snow.

At this point, this snow lotus’ eyes are half-closed, his featherlike eyelashes trembling, the face is flushed, and his expression is peculiar.


Sinan Ke: ( ﹁ ﹁ ) ~→

Turning around and looking at the surrounding high school students secretly.

Sinan Ke: (๑•̀ᄇ•́)و✧

OK, needless to say, this is the protagonist.

[Task details: Help the protagonist to achieve a normal life, carry out normal interactions, [beep] love, cannot become an obscene plaything that is out of touch with reality.]

Sinan Ke thought that this system is quite humane, maintaining the basic integrity and physiological needs of others. As long as the protagonist does not become the legendary meat toilet, it is estimated that there is no problem.

Thinking so, he bit the end of his pen and quietly looked at the protagonist next door.

The protagonist is obviously not in a good condition. The cheeks are flushed, the hands are clenched, the body is shaking, and his lower lip was bitten till it turned white...

After a.s.sessing the situation, Sinan Ke couldn't help but mourn.

Has the story progressed to this point?

From the plot he just got, he knows that the protagonist of this world is superior to ordinary high school students, and his grades are excellent. However, because his mother had a car accident and he was in debt, he had to sell himself to an underground boss and finally became the plaything of several men...

This is obviously the most important part of the story – to sell his body! It has already been sold, but this is only the beginning!

Your mother! How can I save him? Rob the underworld boss of his man?

Sinan Ke can't help but think that the system wants him to die...

He thought about committing suicide to directly go to the next world. The system showed him the repercussions of skipping the task... he saw the protagonist suffering and he couldn’t help but cry out. Looking at the people around me, there was a bit of embarra.s.sment on my face.

Sinan Ke: "..."

He picked up an eraser and threw it on the protagonist’s table, catching the other party's attention.

The protagonist was surprised by the sight of the eraser appearing on his desk. He turned to look and saw a das.h.i.+ng, elegant, handsome boy looking at him. (T/N: he’s extremely handsome apparently -_-)

The boy picked up the blank test paper and pointed his finger at the one in his hands and winked.


Does he mean……

Bai Lian clenched his fists and tried to keep his hands from trembling. The teacher didn't pay attention and he handed the paper over.

The boy immediately looked excited and happy, his smile like suns.h.i.+ne.

Looking at this brilliant smile, Bai Lian was distracted, and the shame he felt before was reduced a lot.

After the exam, Bai Lian looked embarra.s.sed. He was the last one who stood up and left. Before leaving, he carried his school bag in front to block his slightly soaked crotch.

Along the way, Bai Lian felt as if everyone was secretly watching him. People behind him were whispering. Those students who seemed to be discussing exam questions did not know what to say after he pa.s.sed. Bai Lian suddenly went crazy and ran out of the school building. He ran out of the gate and sat himself down on a bench by the side of the road.

The surroundings were quiet...

Most of the students went back to the dormitory and shared their thoughts about the exam. He sat on the bench feeling embarra.s.sed. The beautiful face was full of humiliation, making him look extremely fragile, but it also makes a person want to bully him...

"h.e.l.lo... cla.s.smate?"

Bai Lian suddenly recovered his senses, and looked at him with horror, then he saw the boy who had copied his paper in the examination room.

Bai Lian quickly grabbed his bag to block his lower body, trying to hold back the feelings in his heart, saying "You...what is it?"

He didn't feel good when he spoke, but he could only hope that the other party did not notice the tremor in his voice.

Bai Lian didn't seem to have much words to say, and he seemed a bit cold, but Sinan Ke knew the reason... He barely has any strength in his body after being tossed around as a plaything by men.

Like a little deer caught in the headlights, his black eyes appeared scared and wet, his bangs and forehead soaked with sweat, the flushed cheeks looked like peaches, and the small mouth was taking soft, small breaths... No matter which man – cough! Recalling the brutal scenario, all Sinan Ke could think about was...


When I was writing small YY [beep] novels, I felt that this kind of □ is very fragrant and very exciting, but in reality... Ah! This is too hateful and shameless! A good person is forced into that kind of thing in front of a large audience, endures physical discomfort, fearful that others might know about it...

This is a great insult to a healthy personality!

In the heart of Sinan Ke, an angry fire was lit, and he couldn't wait to rush to the gang leader to slap him silly.

After getting the information of Bai Lian in particular, he clearly knows that this pure and kind child will end up a mess...

When the novel becomes a reality, when YY becomes true, and it appears in front of us...

Sinan Ke felt that he was a beast.

There was a deep feeling of guilt in his heart, which made him feel that he was really evil. Looking at the muddled white lotus, Sinan Ke could not help but swear in his heart: he will never write this kind of humiliating [beep] novel again in the future! It’s just too insulting to a person’s integrity, and it annihilates their humanity!

Sinan Ke clenched his fist in his heart, then pretending to be ignorant, he said, "That...sorry, you see...I am here to give you this." He took out a box of chocolates from his bag. It had a beautiful packaging and was a big brand that is commonly seen on TV.

"If it wasn’t for you, I would have failed this exam, so I want to thank you!"

Sinan Ke thanked him.

This chocolate was bought at the school canteen. I didn't expect to have a lot of money on my body. This is really a surprise.

Bai Lian looked at the box of chocolates, a little embarra.s.sed.

All For The Sake Of Great Harmony Chapter 1

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