All For The Sake Of Great Harmony Chapter 2

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Sinan Ke sat down beside him, and handed him the chocolate with a sunny smile. Bai Lian looked at the other person expressionlessly, feeling that the embarra.s.sment he felt in his heart was not so heavy anymore, but there was still a bit of sorrow. Suddenly a golden covered chocolate was pushed into his mouth, he was pulled back to reality as he blankly said, "Thank you."

"Don’t mention it," Sinan Ke said with grat.i.tude. "I should be the one thanking you. I wouldn’t have pa.s.sed the exam otherwise. Oh, right! You... your l.u.s.t is standing up very vigorously, ah?"

Bai Lian: "..."

"Cough!" Si Nanke blocked his mouth with his fist. He narrowed his eyes mischievously, and he awkwardly said, "I completely understand... but you are outside, you should pay attention to it properly."

 Bai Lian’s face suddenly turned red.

"As the saying goes, playing one’s pipe occasionally would make you happy; playing it often would cause your body injury; and playing it too strongly would turn you to ashes.” Sinan Ke said with a grin on his face as he looked at Bai Lian’s lower body.

"No, it is not like that!" Bai Lian was speechless.

Sinan Ke looked at Bai Lian who was too emotional, and he seemed surprised.

Bai Lian however, began to think; memories of those lascivious scenes resurfaced. He bowed his head, and his hands weakly held his face as he wept.

Si Nanke looked at the poor child and recalled the 500,000 given in the information...

Five hundred thousand, not much, but it forced this ordinary single-parent child into a dead end... his mother drove him to school and injured a child. In an attempt to avoid the child, the mother crashed into a pole and immediately died, he was lucky enough to survive... ...but the other party was ruthless and asked for compensation. Bai Lian hollowed out their family property but only got a few hundred thousand...

Sinan Ke’s mouth felt bitter.

He often used this kind of background in order to facilitate the encounter of the shou and the gong, to pave the way for the next [beep] scenes, but...

Bai Lian cried until he was dizzy, he felt hopeless and wished he was dead. At this moment, a warm coat was put on him. He looked up and Sinan was looking at him with concern. "Are you okay? Why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind? In any case, the two of us have a lifelong friends.h.i.+p."

Lifelong? Bai Lian stared at him blankly.

Sinan Ke was all smiles as he said, "If I failed the exam, then I would most probably have been beaten half to death by the teacher. The family is half-life. Adding it up, is it not a full life?" ***

(T/N: I have no idea what he just said. It was 我要是挂了科, 那肯定要在老师那没半条命, 家里又是半条命, 加起来可不就是一条命了?  Someone have a whack at it and tell me what it b.l.o.o.d.y means!)

Bai Lian didn't hold back as laughed out loud, his reaction was too much and it led him to feel the thing behind him. He couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver, and his mouth couldn’t restrains his moans.

Sinan Ke: "..."

He would be a fool if he couldn’t find the problem. “That... you... something is a little, no, extremely wrong ah."

Bai Lian finally couldn't help it. He leaned on Sinan Ke's shoulder as he fell apart, crying. Sinan Ke held him and patted him on the back. The teenager who had a mental breakdown explained everything that happened to Sinan Ke.  Sinan Ke did not give him a contemptuous expression; on the contrary, he’s been gently comforting him from the beginning of his story up to the end.

Bai Lian’s heart couldn't help but warm.

"You are really strong child..." Do not blame Sinan Ke, he is 27 years old, facing the 16 year old Bai Lian in front of him, *Qi*  obviously he is this child’s elder ah! "What bad luck, how did you run into a pervert?”

Bai Lian who seemed to have something on his mind, shook his head and did not speak.

"Then... that thing behind you….should I take it out?"

Bai Lian began to tremble, "I... I don't dare..."

Sinan Ke sighed. 'System, how much money do I have in this world? '

[Basic funds of 300,000, every 10% progress in saving the protagonist has a corresponding reward of 100,000]

[Congratulations to Visitor 039 for freeing the protagonist's inner heart from the lascivious haze. Save the fallen protagonist, progress 15%, reward 100,000 yuan]

"!!" Sinan was shocked. "So fast?"

Bai Lian looked at him, his eyes seemed to be clearer than before, and his face was devoid of the humiliated expression he had before, bringing a little bit of vigor and vitality befitting a youth of his age.

Sinan Ke carefully looked at Bai Lian’s face and realized something. He estimates that this □□ played a part in Bai Lian's psychological change. It is likely the direct cause that distorted this simple child. Now Bai Lian has solved the knot in his heart by himself. The course of development that his heart should have taken was changed. His having a twisted mind might not happen in the future.

Bai Lian looked at Sinan Ke with wet eyes; inside him was a fading tide of emotions, and a sense of dependency that he did not understand.

Sinan Ke scratched his head. "As your cla.s.smate, it is absolutely impossible for me to see you like this…... That’s why…. I have 400,000 here; I will give it to you first. You tell that... You go talk to your boss, see if you can redeem yourself." Why does saying these words make him sound like a gold master?

Bai Lian remembered the cold and overbearing man and shuddered.

Sinan Ke saw his reaction. "I will accompany you!"

What a lovable child ah! A person wouldn’t have the heart to see him suffering from this kind of bad luck!

Bai Lian looked at Sinan Ke, "Wh- what?"

Sinan Ke revealed a bright and sunny smile. "I am going with you. That man is actually like this you... he is certainly not a good person. I will go with you and give you some confidence."

Bai Lian felt as if he was warmed by this smile.

"En, okay."

Bai Lian unknowingly agreed.

Perhaps it was because Sinan Ke’s expression was too fearless, or perhaps it was the other party’s sunlit smile, but it made him forget how selfish and ruthless a person can be.

But now, he extremely regrets his decision. At least if Sinan Ke did not follow him, he wouldn’t have had to suffer insults.

A man in a haute couture suit was holding a lit cigarette in his hand. At his side, a beautiful man and woman were laughing; one was in his arms and the other was behind him, ma.s.saging his shoulders.

"So, you should be aware of how much money you need pay back, it’s not half a million, but double that." The man revealed a vile smile, making his handsome face extraordinarily demonic and unrestrained. "And you only have 400,000 that’s not even halfway, ah~"

He smiled and took a sip of wine from the cup that the beauty on his side held for him. His movements were elegant and charming.

Sinan Ke wished he could spit on his face.

f.u.c.k your mother! What ghost-type male, what gangster emperor, inside a novel this kind of small [beep] person may make people scream for him, but if he were put in reality--- I’m afraid that people wouldn’t be able to keep themselves from hacking him with a knife. From head to toe, this person was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the temperament of a nouveau riche. Why isn’t this pretentious b.a.s.t.a.r.d going to the heavens yet?!

Sinan Ke hated this kind of person the most.

"We will slowly save money, please give us the opportunity to slowly pay it back." As he spoke, Sinan Ke took a deep bow. Although he hates this kind of person, he is not a child after all...

He struggled in various companies before finally settling in the company where he currently is. His sleek and cheerful temper had also been smoothed out of all the edges and corners. Nowadays, Sinan Ke has become a sly and suave adult. He was no longer a hot-blooded youngster. Based on his many years of experience in flattering the boss, this kind of man is typically self-centered; simply show a respectful att.i.tude and the other party would be happy, making it easier to discuss things.

Bai Lian watched as Sinan Ke bowed, and he gasped as he covered his mouth.

In fact, Zheng Nan, the underworld emperor, has no actual interest in Bai Lian, he was just young, fresh and delicious, and he wanted to have a taste. This time, he humiliated two people but he was also annoyed by having to spend money on a thing that is not obedient. It already wants to run even though I haven’t eaten it yet. Currently, the att.i.tude of the young man in front of him was sufficient, it was enough to lower his anger.

"That's all right..." Zheng Nan dismissed him and glanced at Bai Lian, quite regrettable. "Let's go according to what you said before, 300,000 every three months."

Sinan Ke straightened up and showed a brilliant smile. "Thank you for this boss!"

Zheng Nan glanced at his face and said, "You can go."

Bai Lian was so excited that his whole person was shaking, his face was red and tears were flowing out. He did not expect that this matter would be settled so soon!

Sinan Ke took Bai Lian out of the study room and watched as the other person kept shaking. He held the person in his arms and whispered comfort, but did not notice that Zheng Nan’s eyes had been chasing them till they got out the door.

When the two left the villa, they also met a man who was going into the house, a white sports suit, a dark red striped bow tie; the man had a chic and elegant appearance. ( T/N: correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think sports suit + red bow tie = chic and elegant… meh) He had a parcel in his hand and saw the two people, Sinan Ke and Bai Lian, come out. Astonished, he threw a few glances at Sinan Ke who was embracing Bai Lian. When he finally walked into the villa, he saw the person who has been continuously watching the two people.

Bai Lian knew nothing, but Sinan Ke was scared enough to get cold sweat.

If he didn't guess wrong, that was the second gong showed in the data, the dressed up animal SM?

Bai Lian’s body was developed by him, afterwards he was pa.s.sed to the hospital dean who gave him secret medicine, and then to a foreign mixed-race overbearing president...

These were the four main gongs. In the middle, for the sake of Bai Lian, there were still many cannon fodders or pa.s.sers-by gongs...

Sinan Ke drew the slim and soft white lotus into his arms. When he thought that this child would be [censored] by so many people, that he finally became an obscene ** shou, he felt a burst of fear.

Fortunately, fortunately...

He took a look at Bai Lian. Otherwise, such a good boy would have been ruined ah...

Bai Lian also happened to be looking up at him. Both of his eyes were moist and as clear as water, and something in his eyes seemed to be fluctuating.

Sinan Ke’s heart was moved; he couldn't help but raise his hand... and wipe his saliva!

Again, ao! Paralyzed oh! The beauty actually saw him drooling! He lost face!

This is Sinan Ke’s flaw: lasciviousness. Sinan Ke loves beautiful people the most, regardless of gender, no matter how old or young, as long as the countenance is good, he couldn’t help but drool hua la la. However, he is not a pervert, although he likes to watch all kinds of beautiful people, but he has no interest in actual combat.

At most, he looked at some small [beep] stories and m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.ed, but I’m afraid that even the small [beep] films have not been seen...

Bai Lian saw his reaction, but only for a moment.

"Eye candy ah..." Sinan Ke awkwardly wiped his drool, but he was all smiles as he complimented Bai Lian.

Bai Lian couldn't help but smile. He was half a head shorter than Sinan Ke, and he looked up at his dazzling cla.s.smate who was like the sun, his expression grateful. "Thank you very much...I will try to return the money you gave me. I really don't know how to thank you..."

The creditor can turn from a cold-blooded man who is ill-intentioned to a kind and enthusiastic cla.s.smate, and Bai Lian felt the burden on his back lighten.

He looked at Sinan Ke, who was looking at the sun, and felt that the fears he had hidden in his heart had disappeared.

Sinan Ke beat his chest, "Thank me for what! To see what is right and act courageously, this is a man’s inherent qualities!" f.u.c.k your mother, ah! That was 300,000... He hasn’t had that much money in his life......forget it. It wasn’t really his money anyway.

He calculated the rewards he would get from completely saving Bai Lian, that is, ten hundred thousands, one million, plus the first three hundred thousand, not only can he pay for Bai Lian, but it would also leave some living expenses for him... This child is still a high school student! There is no means to make a living. If he does not give him some money, he does not know how the child will live.

Just then, the system prompt appears.

[Congratulations to Visitor 039 for drastically changing the protagonist's tragic fate, progress 45%, rewarding 300,000 yuan] 


Playing one’s pipe… - masturbation, ‘nuff said
□□ – literally blank, think it has something to do with the whole situation where protag had something in his backside
dressed up animal – immoral and despicable person
to see what is right and act courageously- idiom from a.n.a.lects meaning ‘to stand up bravely for the truth; acting heroically in a just cause’


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All For The Sake Of Great Harmony Chapter 2

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