The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1016 - Let’s Discuss the Conditions

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Chapter 1016: Let’s Discuss the Conditions

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The Supreme Elders present were infuriated upon hearing such a threatening tone, and they couldn’t help but think inwardly, You are just a trifling Star Venerable, yet it seems like you think that you are already invincible.

However, as they noticed Jiang Chen’s young age, they all felt like they had just understood something.

The Deputy Sect Master lost his patience, and he said, “Why don’t you ask your backer to come out, and let’s see how amazing you are.”

“I’m just by myself today,” Jiang Chen said.

“You have intruded into our All Saints Sect all by yourself, and you still want to take someone out with you?” The Deputy Sect Master questioned him, while speaking quickly.

“You will release her by yourselves,” Jiang Chen said.

The Supreme Elders couldn’t help but shake their heads, while controlling their impulse to laugh out loud. If Chan Qing hadn’t died, they might even have been amused by such a joke, and they could have started laughing without restraints.

“You should at least show off your power to scare us. If you want us to fulfill your wish, you must demonstrate a power great enough to make us tremble with fear,” a Supreme Elder with a youthful appearance spoke while mocking Jiang Chen.

The disciples couldn’t help but snicker when they witnessed the expression he wore while speaking. Since the Deputy Sect Master and the Supreme Elders had arrived, this farce would soon come to an end.

“I will fulfill your wish,” Jiang Chen said.

“If you want to depend upon that cauldron, then I must inform you in advance that our All Saints Sect also has a supreme treasure,” the Deputy Sect Master spoke confidently.

As his voice echoed, he raised a great bell. It had a conical shape, and its lower part was small. It was unknown from what material it was made, but it was as heavy as a mountain, and people had a stifling feeling when it started floating in the air.

“The Saint King Bell!”

The All Saints Sect’s disciples became spirited, and pride became apparent on their faces. A divine sect didn’t just possess countless experts, it also had supreme treasures, which were coveted by all people.

This bell could put down even a Martial Emperor and was a powerful offensive artifact.

Jiang Chen was still unmoved, and he didn’t take out the All Beginnings Cauldron as they wished. He started waving his hands and making strange moves, while blazing heat emanated from him. The expressions of the people in the vicinity changed drastically, and all people beneath the Star Venerable Realm couldn’t bear the heat and moved back.

“All disciples must quickly leave,” the Deputy Sect Master made a prompt decision and pa.s.sed down an order.

“Activate the formation, and seal this area.” The second order was shortly pa.s.sed down.

After a short while had pa.s.sed, the temperature became quite high and was able to melt even iron, and the vegetation and stones started combusting.

Jiang Chen’s hair suddenly started dancing in the wind, and the Sky-burning Evil Flame soared into the sky.

“Everyone besides the Supreme Elders should quickly leave.”

“He wants to kill us along with him. He wants to let the Sky-burning Evil Flame go out of control at the Tenth Transformation.”

“Impossible! There isn’t anyone this crazy. He’s surely just putting on an act to trick us. I don’t believe that he dares to do it.”

“But that is the Sky-burning Evil Flame!”

All the people here were experienced and knowledgeable, and they immediately recognized the Alien Flame, and discerned Jiang Chen’s motives. At first, they didn’t believe that he was really such a daredevil. But, as the alien flame started going out of control, they weren’t as sure as before.

“Raise!” The Deputy Sect Master stretched out his right arm to the sky, and the Saint King Bell in his hands started s.h.i.+ning brightly. The bell started revolving around, and with every revolution, it would release a divine might, which seemed able to quell all living beings in this land.


The Sky-burning Evil Flame went out of control completely, and Jiang Chen turned into a ball of flames, while the destructive Alien Fire started wreaking havoc.

“He’s a madman!” The Supreme Elders were frightened, and they all flew away.

The formation alone wouldn’t be enough to resist the evil flame, which went out of control. However, it was still fortunate that when the evil flame was just about to erupt, the Saint King Bell fell down on Jiang Chen and knocked him out.

However, the All Saints Sect’s members could see the evil flame’s light through the cracks on the bell. As expected of an evil flame, they all felt like their eyes would be shortly melted by it.

The Saint King Bell became thoroughly red as it was burned, and its former l.u.s.ter disappeared. Moreover, it wasn’t limited to just this because the bell was still sinking on the ground as the land beneath it was dissolved. In just several seconds, the Saint King Bell sank completely, and all they could now see was its topmost part. The evil flame’s might had already reached a critical point.

A rumbling sound as loud as thunder echoed suddenly and caught people off guard. Everyone in Heaven Divine City could hear this noise.

Qing Xian, who was in the Sword Cottage, looked toward the All Saints Sect’s direction.


The All Saints Sect had already descended into chaos. Even though the Saint King Bell prevented the evil flame from destroying the mountain, it still seemed like they had underestimated the evil flame’s might. Many cracks appeared on the Saint King Bell and were spreading from its center, while flames erupted out through them and came out from the ground. It seemed like an erupting volcano! In just the blink of an eye, flames soared into the sky, and they could be clearly seen even though this was daytime.

Many majestic and grand palaces were being destroyed by the evil flames, while the All Saints Sect used all its means to try to extinguish the evil flames to no avail, and they discovered that this was an inextinguishable flame. After 15 minutes had pa.s.sed, the evil flame finally exhausted its power. The majestic and imposing All Saints Sect was in a complete mess, and many of the sect’s Elders and disciples were covered in dirt.

“Hateful!” The Deputy Sect Master shouted, before trying to lift the Saint King Bell, but he was only scalded by the flames. It was only after a while that he was able to collect the Saint King Bell, which had already exhausted its energy completely.

The Saint King Bell had made a deep pit on the ground, which was as big as the bell. However, an underground plaza had formed beneath the pit.

As for Jiang Chen, he should have been annihilated completely, and there shouldn’t have been anything left of him. Everyone was sure of this.

“From now on, please don’t provoke madmen!” The Deputy Sect Master was infuriated greatly. He had lived for more than 100 years, yet he still hadn’t witnessed such a daredevil, who didn’t care about his life at all. He tried to destroy the All Saints Sect just because of a little disagreement.

“However, he’s already dead.”

Such an outcome was to everyone’s satisfaction, and Li Yujian noticed that even though the sect’s members next to her were cursing, delight could be seen in their eyes due to such a victory. The All Saints Sect’s foundation wasn’t destroyed, and the Heavenly Mountain would recover to its peak state in less than half a month. It was only Chang Qing’s death that was a pity.

“Is it limited to just this?” Li Yujian couldn’t believe it, and, while hesitating, she recalled something and ran to that pothole at full speed. This place’s temperature was still high, and the Supreme Elders were keeping watch over it to prevent the alien flame from erupting again.

“The corpse! Did you see any corpses?” Li Yujian spoke incoherently, while facing many confused gazes.

“Even the Saint King Bell was turned into such a state. So how can there be any corpses? Why are you this fl.u.s.tered and alarmed? It’s disgraceful!” A Supreme Elder rebuked her angrily.

Li Yujian still wanted to continue speaking. But, as she noticed that the Elders all wore gloomy expressions, she could only shut her mouth.

“The Alien Fire is in his body, and a clone or an incarnation wouldn’t be able to achieve this,” Li Yujian comforted herself, but she was still as restless as before.

In the evening, a commotion was still happening in Heaven Divine City, and everyone was discussing the affair that had occurred on this day. A Star Venerable Realm lad had run amok in the All Saints Sect and left great havoc. The All Saints Sect a.s.serted that this was a great victory because they managed to kill a great genius possessing an Alien Flame.

While the crowd respected Jiang Chen for his bravery, they all found it a pity because a future Sacred Lord ended up dying. People had also unearthed this affair’s details and realized that Jiang Chen had done it out of love. They all couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

“However, it’s really stupid for him to sacrifice himself like that.” There were also some people who said such words.

The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1016 - Let’s Discuss the Conditions

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