The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1052 - Tian Hu Hostel

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Chapter 1052: Tian Hu Hostel

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

A pair of lovers met again after a long period of separation, and they both enjoyed each other’s sweet company in a desolate and secluded part of the mountain.

“The Spirit Clan’s most important Spirit Skills are possessed by humans, and this why I set out on a journey after I got the academy’s invitation.”

“It doesn’t matter.” When Jiang Chen came back from the Forbidden Land, he heard that his senior sister had already gone to the Seventh Realm, and he got quite jealous. But after he heard why she had done it, he didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about it.

“Xue’er got the Future Sword Emperor’s t.i.tle, and she also had a special body. She’s the true Emperor,” Ye Xue said. Jiang Chen could clearly discern that Ye Xue still felt indebted to Xue’er.

“I want to find the Ice Soul Stone as soon as possible,” Ye Xue said.

“I will start looking for it.”

Even though they were discussing a serious issue, the ambiance wasn’t affected. When Ye Xue learned that Jiang Chen didn’t plan to join the academy, she had a calm response. “It’s good for you to not join it as you will get too many restrictions. There are many outstanding inst.i.tutes in Sky Reaching City, and you don’t need to join an academy.”

Jiang Chen suddenly recalled that horrid female student, and he asked his senior sister whether she got into trouble.

“There are several annoying flies, and I will deal with them by myself.”

“It’s only after slapping to death the flies that they wouldn’t annoy you any longer,” Jiang Chen said, sneering coldly. As a man, his sore spot was his own relatives and women. As Jiang Chen looked at his senior sister, who was in his embrace, he recalled once again his desire to establish a faction, and he suddenly felt like he understood why experts built great factions. It was only through building a safe refuge that they could protect the people closest to them and bless them with a happy life. If they were just by themselves, they could roam around and travel the world. But such freedom was also a kind of escape.

Jiang Chen and Ye Xue both stayed on the mountain until the evening, before they went back to the Abundance Land Academy. At this moment, the whole academy was in an uproar. Jiang Chen had come, and he had taken away Ye Xue.

“This guy’s luck with the ladies is really enviable.”

It hadn’t been very long since the All Saints Sect matter, and everyone was amazed by the news that he was the lover of a Martial Saint’s female disciple, and they didn’t expect at all that he still had the same relations.h.i.+p with the Future Spirit Empress.

“The Three Lower Realms and Three Middle Realms best two women were both s.n.a.t.c.hed by him.” Someone was quite jealous of him.

“It won’t be long before they will have the same end as what happened to Jiang Chen with the Martial Saint disciple.”

“That is right. If Jiang Chen was in the Lower Realms, he is obviously outstanding there, and it is normal for Ye Xue and the Martial Saint’s disciple to fall in love with him.”

“But in the Three Upper Realms, Jiang Chen is obviously just mediocre.”

“Ye Tian obviously wanted to take what he possessed, and the Martial Saint’s disciple had probably left him due to this.”

“It will be also the case for Ye Xue sooner or later.”

There were some people slandering him, especially the men because they were all jealous of him.

However, Jiang Chen just pulled his senior sister’s hand and flew around in the sky.

Many people were shouting and cursing Jiang Chen inwardly.

“It is really terrible that such a lovely woman is with such an odious man,” Xiao Tianyu, who had provoked Jiang Chen previously, mocked him now, and his words gave rise to a peal of laughter.

Jiang Chen found Yao Yuntong, and, when he saw her current expression, he realized that the turn of events was far from good. What he had been worried about had happened, and the Abundance Land Academy wouldn’t accept Yao Yuntong. The reason behind this was that Yao Yuntong was a part of a th.o.r.n.y dispute, and she wouldn’t be able to join the academy before settling it.

“It’s surely the Divine Lightning Sect who exerted pressure on them. Why is the Abundance Land Academy afraid of them?” Jiang Chen said.

“The academy isn’t afraid of the Divine Lightning Sect. It’s just afraid that it will join one of the other two academies,” Ye Xue said.

If this was really the case, then they couldn’t hold any hope for the other two academies. Upon witnessing the uneasiness on Yao Yuntong’s face, Jiang Chen didn’t know what he should say. If she couldn’t join the academy, she wouldn’t have any place to seek shelter.

“I’m indebted to Yao Tians.h.i.+, and I won’t let you suffer any harm in any event,” Jiang Chen said.

Yao Yuntong was touched emotionally, but as she looked at Ye Xue next to Jiang Chen, she just swallowed back the words she wanted to utter. She was confident in her appearance, but the disparity between her and Ye Xue was like the disparity between a mortal and a fairy.

At this moment, bells reverberated throughout the Abundance Land Academy. It meant that observation time had come to an end, and they must leave.

“You should reside somewhere near here, and consider this matter at length,” Ye Xue proposed.

Jiang Chen wanted to ask his senior to help them find lodging, but Ye Xue informed him that she never strolled around in Sky Reaching City, and she had concentrated on her cultivation in the past few days. This was one of the Ice Spirits’ gifts. They weren’t easily affected by the outside world.

“Senior sister, you stay in the academy. I will settle somewhere else, and I will come to look for you tomorrow,” Jiang Chen said.

Ye Xue examined Jiang Chen, while wearing a skeptical look.

Jiang Chen acted like he didn’t notice this. If he tried to explain too much, it would just seem like he was trying to hide something. Moreover, Yao Yuntong and he were innocent.

“Be careful!” Ye Xue exhorted him.

“I will.”

Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong left the academy to settle in Sky Reaching City, even though Yao Yuntong said that she wanted to quickly leave this place.

“The issue is where will you go after leaving this place? Escaping isn’t a solution,” Jiang Chen said. “I’m not afraid of Holy Lands. So, just believe in me.”

“I’m afraid of bringing you trouble, as well as unnecessary misunderstandings.”

After Yao Yuntong had met Ye Xue, she realized that she must keep a distance from Jiang Chen.

“In the past, you and your father protected me and escorted me into the Ice Spirit Clan. I will surely pay you back for such a favor. Moreover, do I seem to you like someone who is afraid of trouble?”

“No,” Yao Yuntong replied firmly.

“That is because it’s true.”

Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong went back to a city district and used the map’s instructions to look for a hostel called Tian Hu Hostel. This hostel wasn’t the most luxurious one here, but it was still the most famous one. There was a board hung on the wall of the hostel’s hall, and people discussed its content enthusiastically. It had seven words written on it: ‘If you want to fight, fight outside.’

This wasn’t the reason why the hostel became famous, but it still expressed the character of the hostel’s owner. He wasn’t just humorous, he was overbearing and bold.

The owner announced that anyone who got into the hostel didn’t need to worry about his safety and, even if he was targeted by the Nether World School, he could still sleep peacefully in the hostel. At first, some people didn’t believe it and a.s.sumed that the hostel was just boasting. But after several killers’ corpses appeared, people realized how great the hostel’s capability was.

It continued until today, and completing a successful in the Tian Hu Hostel became a great glory for all the Nether World School’s killers. There hadn’t beem any killer who had managed to achieve it yet.

Jiang Chen was targeted by the Nether World School, while Yao Yuntong was targeted by the Divine Lightning Sect, and it was a wise choice for them to pick the Tian Hu Hostel.The Tian Hu Hostel’s fees were hefty, but Jiang Chen didn’t worry about them.

When Yao Yuntong and Jiang Chen reached the Tian Hu Hostel, they couldn’t help but wonder whether they had come to the wrong place. The famous and renowned Tian Hu Hostel seemed quite ordinary and mediocre and didn’t fit well with the other buildings in Sky Reaching City.

Jiang Chen, who always pursued an excellent life, wouldn’t have usually bothered with entering such a hostel upon witnessing its outward appearance. But, after they hesitated for a while, they still entered the gloomy cavern. The hostel’s hall was more lively than expected, and it was filled with people. It wasn’t any different than usual places, where one could get meals or wine. But, if one observed the people here, one could discern that everyone had a faint fiendish aura.

When the crowd witnessed a youthful man and woman like Jiang Chen and Yao Yuntong, a curious look appeared on their faces.

The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1052 - Tian Hu Hostel

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