The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 994

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Chapter 994: Practicing Body

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“Divine Thunder Transforms to a Sword!”

Jiang Chen threw the electric sword, using the force of Holy Thunder of Yao Tians.h.i.+, and finally injured the serpent heavily. Twisting its body, the serpent fled back into the Frozen Pond immediately. It was extremely freezing in the Frozen Pond. People could even be frozen when standing beside it. However, there was no frozen ice in the pond. The water surface did not even ripple. It looked like a dead world.

Jiang Chen was more inclined to fire. It was too risky for him to go into the pond to catch the giant serpent. Thus he turned away and Jiang Chen entered the Heavenly Palace. He would not know that about 15 minutes later, the giant serpent's dead body emerged from the water and floated there. The force of Holy Thunder was too powerful. The giant serpent did not make it. Every part of a fierce beast like this was precious.

Jiang Chen came to the Heavenly Palace again, looking for his treasure. Yue'e told Jiang Chen what he wanted to know, as if she had finally realized what she was supposed to do. The Heavenly Palace was the masterpiece of the Divine Emperor. He had built this place following the design of the Sacred Ground on the Celestial Land.

Regarding that, Jiang Chen had guessed right. However, while Yue'e was speaking, Jiang Chen felt there was something queer about her tone. The Divine Emperor did not build the place following the description in myths and legends. He built it following the design of the Sacred Ground on the Celestial Land that really existed. That meant what those myths told was true!

“You don't have to know so much for now.” Unfortunately, when Jiang Chen started to ask for more information, Yue'e did not satisfy his curiosity. That being said, no response was also a response. He intuited from what Yue'e had told him that the Sacred Ground on the Celestial Land was not just a myth.

Jiang Chen was fascinated. He felt like a new door had been opened before him, but Yue'e was standing at the door, stopping him going through it.

“You will know everything you want to know when you get the inheritance of the Heavenly Palace,” Yue'e said.

“What should I do?” Jiang Chen was curious about the inheritance of the Heavenly Palace too.

“After going through the South Heaven Gate, you'll see the Amba.s.sador Hall, the Morning Meeting Hall, and the Cloud Reaching Hall. Behind the Cloud Reaching Hall is located the rear hall. There are celestial birds and exotic beasts, wonderful flowers and rare Pa.s.s the Cloud Reaching Hall and turn left. Go straight ahead. Then you'll see the Devil Slaughter Tower at the far end. You'll see the G.o.d Invest.i.ture Tower after pa.s.sing the Tus.h.i.+ta Palace. Turn right. There stands the Tower of the G.o.d of Longevity. The G.o.d Invest.i.ture Tower, the Devil Slaughter Tower, and the Tower of the G.o.d of Longevity are very important. They will help you the most. That being said, it's not easy to get into any of the palaces or halls I've mentioned.”

Jiang Chen listened to her attentively. Feeling pleased, he asked cautiously, “Do you have any Doctrine Method?”

“Yes.” Throwing him a glance, Yue'e extended her fair arm. In her palm was a scripture.”The Nine Transformations Mysterious Method is perfect for an absolute being. It can help you achieve an immortal and unbreakable body. It's perfect for you.”

Jiang Chen thought that since his body was a divine body, this kind of Doctrine Method was perfect for him indeed. “Will you just give it to me directly? Without any test?”

“That's not necessary,” Yue'e said calmly.

Jiang Chen then tumbled to the reality that compared to the treasures in the Heavenly Palace, Doctrine Methods were just average properties here.

“Do you have any other Doctrine Methods also good for me?” Jiang Chen asked, getting his hopes up.

“Yes.” Yue'e turned her pal over. Then she gave him a very thin scripture.

Jiang Chen took it right away, laying his eyes on the cover.

“One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones?” He did not quite understand what it meant.

“It can help you transform to three practicing bodies. It has infinite wonderful uses,” Yue'e said.

“Practicing body?” He had only heard about clone and transformation body, but had never heard about practicing body.

According to Yue'e, practicing body was pretty similar to transformation body. Every practicing body would have the most powerful strength he could exert. It was like he had three extra bodies. However, what made practicing body distinct was also what was great about it. Every practicing body could practice by itself. It did not mean practicing body had its own will. It was like transformation body. There was only one unique soul. However, the practicing body could practice while the true body was busy with other things. When the practicing body achieved a breakthrough, the true body would achieve a breakthrough as well.

That meant if Jiang Chen practiced in seclusion, there would be three of him practicing at the same time. It would save him lots of time and it would be super-efficient.

Jiang Chen realized One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones was more profound than The Nine Transformations Mysterious Method. However, Yue'e gave it to him without hesitation…

“You can't impart it to others until you become the owner of the Heavenly Palace completely,” Yue'e said.

She seemed to have seen through Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled in an embarra.s.sed way. That was exactly what was on his mind.

“Do you have the practicing method of Xuan Ling Qi?” Jiang Chen asked expectantly.


“Really?” Jiang Chen was greatly surprised. He was speechless when he knew the reason. It turned out Yue'e only had Doctrine Methods for states higher than great achievement. Scriptures about how to work on the Four Qi were too low-level for her. In other words, she only had attacking Doctrine Methods, but she did not have any practicing Doctrine Methods, contrary to other people Jiang Chen knew.

On the other hand, Yue'e had many Doctrine Methods that needed Xuan Ling Qi. As a result, he could not practice them for the moment.

“Without Xuan Ling Qi, you can only achieve the first transformation of The Nine Transformations Mysterious Method,” Yue'e said.

“Then why did you say it was perfect for me?”

“Doctrine Methods like The Nine Transformations Mysterious Method all require the Four Qi to attain great achievements. Not any Qi can be omitted,” Yue'e said.

Jiang Chen realized practicing the Four Qi at the same time was a normal thing for Yue'e. It was nothing worth mentioning.

Just solve one problem at a time.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen had prepared for it mentally before coming, so he was not really disappointed. On the contrary, the inheritance of the Invincible G.o.d of War was beyond his expectations. It was a great surprise for him.

“What is the Tower of the G.o.d of Longevity for?”

At the thought of what Yue'e had told him, Jiang Chen came up with an idea.

“It can extend one's life, but it can take away one's life too.”

“Can it recover one's vitality?” Holding his excitement, Jiang Chen tried to make himself sound as calm as possible.


“How can I use it?”

“Pa.s.s the Amba.s.sador Hall, the Morning Meeting Hall, and the Cloud Reaching Hall. Turn right. Then you'll find yourself at the Tower of the G.o.d of Longevity,” Yue'e said.

“Can I go there now?” Jiang Chen asked the most important question.

“Sure. In your dream,” Yue'e said seriously.

Struck dumb, Jiang Chen gazed at Yue'e's serious pretty face, wondering whether he had heard wrong.

“Work hard.”

Jiang Chen flipped through One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones. It would be more efficient to practice The Nine Transformations Mysterious Method after he had a practicing body. One of the good things about Doctrine Methods was they could be mastered rapidly. They could be easily achieved when you had met all of the requirements. However, the effect differed from man to man.

According to Yue'e, a practicing body was not attained by converging, but by transformation. It was quite difficult to achieve. At the beginning, Jiang Chen's practicing body was like a malformed clay figure, totally out of control. It inflated like a balloon and exploded in the end. He felt the three Qi in his constellation palace were completely consumed after each unsuccessful attempt. In the end, since he did not have Xuan Ling Qi, he only managed to transform to one practicing body, and it was only half solid, so it looked semi-transparent.

But anyway, he kind of succeeded, because this practicing body did not vanish.


Jiang Chen threw The Nine Transformations Mysterious Method to his practicing body, while he was going to look for the practicing method of Xuan Ling Qi so that he could illuminate his constellation palace.

At the same time, a team landed close to the Frozen Pond.

“A mysterious serpent! We're so lucky.”

“Even a capable man may not be able to kill such a mysterious serpent.”

“Someone killed the mysterious serpent, but didn't take any of its precious parts away. It must be a very strong man. He killed the serpent without extra trouble and didn't bother to take anything with him.”

“Must be a man of Sacred Lord level.”

A calm voice came, “No! It's a Star Venerable!”

The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 994

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