• Breaking The Enchantment
  • Breaking The Enchantment

  • Author(s) : Luo Jing - 无心舍 - 罗静
  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : ongoing
  • View : 7,139
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  • Breaking The Enchantment Summary:

    Leng An found himself living in a world full of illusions made by dark powers. He woke up once seeing a snow-covered world in summer, red pupils like burning fire in his eyes, which s.h.i.+ned and soon disappeared. But the most horrible thing was that his body was out of his control and he walked to a certain place to get in a Bugatti that was already waiting for him. From the back seat, he saw a girl, Cloud Xuanyuan, his cla.s.smate and the most beautiful in their high school. But the girl had become a monster, with scales covering her whole body. Was this also an illusion? Leng An chased her to find the truth. . .