The Demon King Addicted To Robbing The Bride Volume 1 Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 Anger and Shame (II)

HanGe pinned Qianhua to the gra.s.sland and grabbed both her wrists tightly. She was fixed underneath a ghost in an embarra.s.sing position. Qianhua blushed immediately and lost the words for begging or threatening. For a while, the only thing she did was screaming.

"Huahua, unseal the disguise, I'll forgive you." The trickery ghost reached out for the plum blossom and touched the petals with his cold fingertips. Instantly, Qianhua changed back to her original look, which was a graceful and stunning woman.

HanGe watched the beautiful woman struggling under him and chuckled satisfactorily. He started to tickle her playfully and trembled together with her. Qianhua bit her lips not to curse out.

At this moment, Rain G.o.ddess came visit the garden.

The second when HuangfuYaruo stepped off the cloud, she was awfully shocked by the two people rolling together on the ground. She almost fell on her feet.

But when Qianhua raised her head between HanGe's arms to check whom the visitor was, HuangfuYaruo was shocked even more. She couldn't stand straight and fell down on the ground, as if she had seen someone from another lifetime.

HanGe planned to tease Qianhua for fun, which didn't meant to be seen by a third person. He naturally knew it was bad for her reputation in the Heavenly. So he stopped right away and helped the panicked woman stand back up. He also stuck the plum petals back on her forehead.

After Qianhua regained an unnoticeable face, she tended to slowly calm down.

HuangfuYaruo, however, had not yet eased from her shock. Her eyes were dull and her body was still sagging. She was no longer the previously decent G.o.ddess. She stared at Qianhua with her pupils diluted in focus, and uttered words disjointedly, "Luo... Qian... Luo... Flower G.o.ddess... You... Is that you...?"

Both Qianhua and HanGe were startled. They looked at each other and didn't know how to respond.

"What's wrong with you, Rain G.o.ddess?" Since it happened in her own territory, Qianhua sincerely felt sorry for her. So she carefully approached to lift her up, and asked the G.o.ddess softly.

HuangfuYaruo kept her eyes on Qianhua's face. But the trace of that stunning and familiar look was gone. Now her face was flat and ordinary.

So HuangfuYaruo slowly turned her head and gazed at the stone statue near the lotus pond. She murmured to herself, "Maybe... Maybe I made a mistake?"

Qianhua frowned and got nervous, "Rain G.o.ddess... What's going on?" She followed HuangfuYaruo's gaze, and looked towards the stone statue in the mist.

After a little while, HuangfuYaruo seemed to recover from the shock; and her eyes looked gentler. Her face was still a bit whitish, "Nothing. Nothing… I must have made a mistake."

"What mistake did you make?" Qianhua was puzzled by her abnormal behavior and decided to ask again.

But HuangfuYaruo refused to mention more about it. She instead handed over a jade container with rain and dew to Qianhua, and kindly explained, "This is the best dew in my palace, which should help the growth of flowers and trees. Although it is unlikely to grow anything in this garden, I still hope to help you as much as possible; and it's also helping myself."

Qianhua accepted the container and smiled bitterly. She was almost giving up on her own deal with MoYunye. Why Rain G.o.ddess would bother to help save the dying deal? Now she had pressure to repeat the blooming trials again, which also rebooted her desire to explore the mysterious stone statue.

"Collect the spiritual elements of flowers and trees to nurse the seed, and then moisten with rain and dew, cultivate in mixed mud. Wait till the flower grows to a certain height, pick the hour before dragons' rain, when the sun is the brightest, and then carefully transplant it to this garden. Whether the flower has a chance to survive here depends on this last trial."

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The Demon King Addicted To Robbing The Bride Volume 1 Chapter 30

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