Medical Master Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Campus Hidden Master

September, Jiangjing University of Traditional Chinese medicine, library.

Fang Qiu chose an ancient Chinese book “Osteopathy Theory” from the bookshelf to the reading area. [1]

He was a freshman and was attending military training but it was cancelled for today due to rain. He came to the library to read books.

Although he didn't know much about Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) before he entered university, it didn't hinder his interest in this alternative medicine and treating patients.

Of course, he had his own purpose in applying for Chinese Medicine University.

Fang Qiu pulled a chair in front of the table, sat down and put the Osteopathy theory on it.

He looked down at the book in front of him.

But he did not turn the book, just casually put his hands on both sides of the book.

Then the right hand gently tapped it.

A strange and magical scene happened!

Without any other action, just like this, the pages in the book silently turned!

Faced with such a strange scene, Fang Qiu looked as if it was normal.

Fortunately, the school just started, the whole library was almost void of anyone. No one saw the strange scene, otherwise one would think that the book was haunted and might frightened to death.

Fang Qiu's right hand kept rising and tapping, and the book kept turning its pages until it reached the main content.

Read it with relish.

Just after reading a page, the right hand was raised again, ready to tap it.

When the sound of hurried footsteps resounded from afar.

Fang Qiu's hands, as usual, were slowly lowered.

The book was quiet without pages turning, but the sound behind had arrived.

“Fang Qiu, I finally found you!”

Fang Qiu turned around and saw that it was the a.s.sistant cla.s.s teacher in charge of their Cla.s.s 3, Liu Feifei. [2]

A beautiful and enthusiastic 3rd year senior.

He remembered the first day of school, when Liu Feifei appeared, saying that she was in charge of Cla.s.s 3, immediately the whole cla.s.s of boys' eyes lit up and let out a wolf howl.

“I didn't expect you to be so eager to learn, and when everyone was tired during the military training, you actually ran to read a book!”

Liu Feifei went to the opposite side of Fang Qiu, sat down and glanced at the book on the table. After saying a word of appreciation, she asked curiously, “Ancient? Do you understand it? It is a bit early for your Chinese medicine major. The field of Osteopathy only begins in the second semester. ”

“Just look around.”

Although, Fang Qiu did not directly say whether or not he understood.

He really could understand it.

“Your spirit is commendable!”

Liu Feifei praised, and then a pair of big eyes gleamed at him, and asked, “I called you for half a day and no one answered. What's the matter?”

When Fang Qiu heard this, he immediately took out his mobile phone from his pocket and looked at it. He found that there were indeed five missed calls. A bit embarra.s.sed, he said, “Was on mute, did not hear.”

Liu Feifei was relieved and nodded. It seemed that he didn't deliberately ignore her calls.

As a cla.s.s teacher for the first time, she had high expectations for this group of newly enrolled freshmen. She didn't want to have a disobedient guy in cla.s.s just days after the school started.

“Well, it's like this. The reason for calling you was that our college had decided to hold a freshman open-air Mid-Autumn Festival party in the playground tomorrow evening. The college requires every freshman cla.s.s to have a program. I'm here to ask you for the program. Everyone in our cla.s.s has to report. You can't think about escaping. I'll screen it again after I finish collecting the reports."

Liu Feifei explained and asked directly, “What special talent do you have?”


Fang Qiu thought and said, “Can I play the flute?”

Liu Feifei said, “What's the level? How good are you? ”

“Generally, I haven't tested.”

Fang Qiu thought about his level, then compared it with his master's level, and immediately made a rather pertinent a.s.sessment of himself.

Liu Feifei was a little disappointed. She was still thinking that her cla.s.s can have another stunning show, but she didn't think his level was just average.

“Can I listen to your play first?”

At this point, she decided that if his level was as the boy said, there would be no need to report it.

Fang Qiu awkwardly said, “Yes, but the flute is currently in the dormitory.”

Then he pointed to the book.

Obviously, he wanted to read books and did not want to go back to the dormitory.

“Little Fang!”

Liu Feifei's intimate way of calling him directly, gave Fang Qiu the gooseb.u.mps.

“Time is pressing. I will have report to the program at noon today. You have to be considerate of your Senior sister!”

Looking at the appearance of a big beautiful girl and smiling face, he immediately got a headache.

This trick was a bit overwhelming!

'No, I'm sorry.'

If he didn't refuse. He would have to return to his dorm from the library, normally it would take forty minutes to walk till there.

He really didn't want to waste too much time, and he was a freshman. He didn't have a library card, so he couldn't borrow books out of the library but only read it here.

After a little hesitation, Fang Qiu said, “Well, Senior sister, let me play you a hand flute. This way, you'll have a general idea of my level, how about that?”

“Hand flute? What's a hand flute?" [3]

Liu Feifei was puzzled but she became more interested in him.

Fang Qiu explained patiently, “The flute is played with both hands as an instrument resonance box, very simple.”

Liu Feifei's interest increased again.

Seeing Fang Qiu so eager to learn, she as a cla.s.s teacher and a Senior also felt embarra.s.sed to interrupt. She could only agree to this compromise method.

“Well, then I'm all ears.”

Seeing that he didn't need to go back to the dorm, Fang Qiu smiled and put down his cell phone.

Under the gaze of the beautiful girl, he folded the palms of his hands into a hand-like fold, empty the palm, and revealed a small hole in between his thumbs.

The mouth got close to the thumb.

Chest rose.

The air flowed out of the mouth.

And a beautiful melody resounded through the library.

“This is?”

Liu Feifei's eyes were so wide in shocked, and speechless. “Is this Blue and White Porcelain?” [4]

The next act directly shocked her.

Fang Qiu even nodded while playing, without affecting the play.

Liu Feifei was dumbfounded as she looked at Fang Qiu.

She had thought the flute was about the same as whistling, but she had never expected it to be so magical and to play a melody that seemed natural.

This was too good!

She really didn't think that such a great guy was hidden in her cla.s.s.

She didn't have much time to think about it. She was directly absorbed in the beautiful melody.

It felt that she was lying in the ancient scenery of Jiangnan, holding a pink painted flower paper umbrella, standing on a stone bridge, looking at the railings for a thousand years, seeing the birth of the beautiful blue and white porcelain, and saw the melancholy love story.

While the blue sky was waiting for the misty rains, I was waiting for you.

Chimney smoke spirally rising up. Across the river, tens of thousands of miles separated us.

She seemed to be a bystander, but also seemed to be the heroine of the tragic love story.

A melancholy mood, a kind of yearning.

Lightly lingering.


So sad!

The melody continued, with her wandering in the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, she became intoxicated and unable to return.

After the song was finished, Fang Qiu put down his hands and looked at the beautiful girl who was still immersed in the melody. Without interruption, he continued to read.

A minute later.

The beautiful girl came to her senses, grabbed his hands and said, “It's too powerful! Fang Qiu, you are really amazing! It's so wonderful!

I have heard dozens of Blue and White Porcelain. For the first time, I felt so beautiful and immersive. Who could have imagined that you could only blow off the sounds of heaven with a pair of simple hands?"

“You are flattering me, Senior.”

Fang Qiu hurriedly pulled out his hand, and said awkwardly, he really did not feel his level.

“I wasn't flattering!”

Liu Feifei directly negated Fang Qiu's self-evaluation, and then looked at him with deep resentment. “At this level, you still say you are ordinary. I almost got cheated by you! Now, as a cla.s.s teacher, I formally inform you that your program has been requisitioned, without any flute, just blow it by hand! ”

Then she laughed excitedly and said, “There are two programs in our cla.s.s now, and they will certainly s.h.i.+ne brightly.”


Asked Fang Qiu, wondering, “What is the other program?”

“Chen Cong's martial arts performance! This kid is also a hidden talent, he does boxing. Although worse than your performance, but its also a good program!"

Liu Feifei stood up and lifted her white fist to the Fang Qiu. "We will depend on you both in the evening. Come on! ”

After saying that, she took out her library card from her pocket and threw it to Fang Qiu.

“This is a reward from your Senior, and I'll pay you back when you get your library card.”

After saying that, the wind and fire left.

Martial art?

Fang Qiu looked at his hands and smiled.

He could also do martial arts.

But to be exact it was Kung Fu.

Or Cultivation.

Thinking of martial art, Fang Qiu could not help but feel disappointed and sighed.

"I don't know how the old man is doing now."

He became a martial artist when he was three years old. Currently, he was seventeen years old. He trained hard for seventeen years.

This was done without anyone knowing, including his parents.

At the age of three, he met the old man, who secretly taught him for twelve years.

It was not until the second year of senior high school that he broke through a realm before he realized that his master was suffering from a hidden illness. At that time, he knew that the master had been suppressing the disease with his powerful cultivation and did not cure it in order to teach him.

Until it was almost impossible to suppress, the old man only left a few sentences before he quietly left.

“There is nothing else to teach you. You are good at martial arts. I will heal and come back to see you again!”

He knew very well that the wounds of the old man were not something that could simply be cured. Otherwise, he would not have delayed for so long.

He felt a sense of guilt and pain every time he thought of the man who had taught him for twelve years at the age of three without complaint and regret. But he could not give back or even help him.

So he applied for the University of Traditional Chinese medicine.

'I hope I can learn to become a doctor and cure my master's illness.'

'I hope to cure more people's diseases.'

He knew very well that the faster he completes his study, the less dangerous the old man was.

'I just hope the old man can survive till that day.'

The most embarra.s.sing thing for him was that he had no idea what the man was suffering from. Although he was aware of the hidden disease, he did not know the specific condition.

Therefore, he could not learn specifically.

So there was no other way but to learn the treatment of Traditional Chinese medicine as much as he could. And try to not waste a minute.

The reason why he was reading Osteopathy books first was that he was a martial arts pract.i.tioner and knew more about muscles and bones. He also learned some of these treatments from his master.

So the ancient books in this area could certainly increase his knowledge faster.

'I hope to learn from good doctors.'

'I hope everything goes well with the old man.'

Fang Qiu's heart sighed with emotion. He put away the library card, cleared his mind, and continued reading.

The library also resumed its tranquility.

As Fang Qiu's palm rose and fell, the pages of the book continued to turn.

Soon, a book was over.

He stood up and entered the bookshelf and picked out an ancient book about the field of orthopedics. [5]

He planned to come from one field to another until the plenary session, and only looked at the ancient books. If modern medicine could cure the old man's disease, it would have been cured long ago. The old man would not have suppressed it for so long, so he chose to look for methods in the ancient books.

Soon, another book was over.

Fang Qiu read fast. It was not like reading a book at all. It was just turning pages.

As the morning soon pa.s.sed, Fang Qiu had read four or five ancient orthopedics books.

Looking at the time on the mobile phone, it was eleven o'clock at noon, he stretched his waist, mobilized the Inner Qi in the body to rotate a circle. His fatigue suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Holding the books that he had not read, he chose several ancient books on field of orthopedics to bring back to his dormitory.

He came to the lending office and handed the books and the card to the librarian in front of him, a middle-aged man who looked a little cold.

The middle-aged man glanced at the library card at random, then glanced at the stack of ancient books. The eyes flashed a trace of surprise, then he looked up at Fang Qiu, and his eyes became more serious.

“Freshman? Can you understand it?”

Translator's Note:

[1] Osteopathy is a type of alternative medicine involving the treatment of medical disorders through   the manipulation and ma.s.sage of the skeleton and musculature.

[2] Feifei means very fragrant or beautiful.

[3] Hand flute sample:

[4] Blue and White Porcelain is a song:

with flute cover:

[5] Orthopedics is a branch of surgery and treatment involving the musculoskeletal system, and can entail degenerative conditions, trauma, sports injury, tumors, and congenital issues.


Medical Master Chapter 1

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