Medical Master Chapter 106 Asking For Face Slapping

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The next morning.

After one night of rest in his college dorm, Fang Qiu got up and had breakfast after exercise. He then secretly took the suitcase to a bank outside his school.

"I'd like to make a deposit."

The bank was not busy in the morning. Fang Qiu walked straight to a counter to conduct his business.

"How much?"

Asked the person behind the counter, reaching one hand out to take his money.


Answered Fang Qiu.

1,500,000 for the earth treasure and 100,000 for the medicinal plants. He had 1,650,000 in total. Minus the 550,000 he had donated to the orphanage, he had 1,050,000 left.

After making a deposit of 750,000, he would have exactly 300,000 left.

"How much?"

Asked the clerk again, raising her head as if she didn't hear the answer.


Fang Qiu repeated.

The clerk was shocked when Fang Qiu confirmed the number.

Working in the front of a bank, she had seen a lot of money. This amount was not enough to shock her.

However, to her surprise, standing in front of her was obviously a student!

How much money could a student have? Those who were able to save up some could make a deposit of a few thousand at most. Very few had asked to deposit ten grand.

She didn't expect this young man to make such a big deposit.

Besides shock, she was instantly filled with excitement. She saw an opportunity of promotion.

She asked a colleague to take her position at once and went out to serve Fang Qiu in person.

750,000 would be a great help for her savings performance!

How could she be not excited?


With this clerk's help, Fang Qiu deposited 750,000 into his bank account and the balance reached 870,000.

Leaving the bank,

Fang Qiu returned to school with that pa.s.sword protected suitcase which still had 300,000 cash inside.

At the school gate, Fang Qiu saw an old acquaintance, Li Qings.h.i.+.

Seeing Fang Qiu,

Li Qings.h.i.+ approached directly.

"Fang Qiu!"

Li Qings.h.i.+ looked left and right as he walked towards Fang Qiu. Then he asked in a disappointed yet anxious tone, "Where is your female school mate?"

Fang Qiu continued walking into the school without reply.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!"

Ignored by Fang Qiu, Li Qings.h.i.+ strode forth quickly. His voice became cold. "I'm your senior. Your senior is asking you a question!"

Fang Qiu threw him a disdainful glance.

He walked sideways on.

Li Qings.h.i.+ became furious but he couldn't show his anger yet. He stopped Fang Qiu once again and said,

"I met a girl outside the school gate on Monday. She claimed to be a school mate of yours so I took her in to look for you. It turned out you were not at school. Then she left.

"I saw her outside the school gate a few days ago. How come she's not coming anymore?

"After all, I'm the president of the student union. When there is a female student coming from another school, it's my duty to show her around and introduce our school to her…"

His nonsense went on.

Fang Qiu gazed at Li Qings.h.i.+ and asked, "What on earth do you want?"

"I want her phone number!"

Li Qings.h.i.+ answered directly.

That was right.

He did walk Jiang Mengjie into the school that day. But they didn't find Fang Qiu and Jiang Mengjie said goodbye without giving him her contact.

These couple of days,

He knew Jiang Mengjie was outside the school gate so he came on a daily basis to chat her up. Jiang Mengjie usually greeted him politely and then paid no more attention to him.

This made him feel awful.

He couldn't understand why Fang Qiu was so popular with girls, especially those pretty ones!

Jiang Mengjie became more and more beautiful in his eyes and he wished to dream about her at night. Then Jiang Mengjie disappeared. He couldn't find her anywhere.

Without no other options, Li Qings.h.i.+ came to ask Fang Qiu for Jiang Mengjie's phone number.

"I don't have!"

Knowing Li Qings.h.i.+'s intention, Fang Qiu gave a point-blank answer.

Li Qings.h.i.+'s face darkened.

"Fang Qiu, you can't be eyeing the pot while eating from a bowl."

Said Li Qings.h.i.+ with a trace of anger, staring at Fang Qiu. "Listen. I'll quit Jiang Miaoyu if you give me that girl's contact. I promise to never bother Jiang Miaoyu again. The conflict between us can come to an end as well. I can give you my words that the student union won't pick fault with you in school. What do you say?"

Hearing that,

Fang Qiu couldn't help sneering.

Is he a r.e.t.a.r.d?

Any normal person wouldn't have said that.

He took a step to leave.

This time,

Li Qings.h.i.+'s face turned grey.

Fang Qiu was humiliating him!

He, the student union present, spoke so humbly under his breath to make peace with Fang Qiu for a phone number but Fang Qiu was cold and indifferent. How could he stand this?

He had already lowered himself for Jiang Mengjie's number but Fang Qiu had to give him cold shoulders when he was already feeling awkward.

It felt like Fang Qiu was laughing at him.

How could a man proud as him stand such disregard?

Watching Fang Qiu striding away from behind, the dark-faced Li Qings.h.i.+ clenched his fist and reached out to his mobile in his trousers pocket.

Dialing Gao Fei's number.

At that time.

Gao Fei was having a stamina training with other members of the track team.


A mobile ringtone came among a pile of clothes on the gra.s.s.

A track team member sitting on the gra.s.s with sweat all over his forehead began searching about immediately.

"Gao Fei, your phone."

Taking out the ringing phone, the member shouted loudly at the sprinting Gao Fei.

Hearing the call,

Gao Fei slowed down at once and jogged over.


Panting heavily, Gao Fei answered the call.

"Fang Qiu is back."

Li Qings.h.i.+'s cold voice came from the other end.


Gao Fei sneered grimly before continuing, "I was waiting for him! I know what to do. Sit down and wait for a show."

"I'm counting on you!"

Li Qings.h.i.+ hung up angrily.

This side, after the phone call,

Gao Fei turned around to rejoin the training but noticed a familiar figure on the road by the sports ground.

It was none other than Fang Qiu.

"Talk of the devil and here he comes!"

Gao Fei's lips curved up as he ran towards Fang Qiu.

The sweaty Gao Fei stopped in front of Fang Qiu, blocking his way with his well-built body.

Fang Qiu glanced at Gao Fei.

He stepped out and brushed by Gao Fei.


Gao Fei was lost.

Then he came to realize that he had just been utterly ignored!

New grudge was added to old hatred!

Students specialized in sports had nothing but a lot of anger and a bad temper.

Glaring at Fang Qiu, he narrowed his eyes and lifted his leg to kick Fang Qiu's back.

He intended to run away after the kick.

As he ran fast.


Fang Qiu suddenly moved right as he threw the kick. He missed completely.

It was fortunate that he didn't put forth much strength or he would fall hard due to the inertial force.

Over there.

Fang Qiu turned around suddenly after dodging the sudden attack and gazed at Gao Fei coldly, his face dark and grim.

Gao Fei felt embarra.s.sed.

But the embarra.s.sment lasted no longer than half a second.

"So? You want to get physical with me?"

Gao Fei put on a disdainful sneer and then lowered his voice, "You were lucky that I didn't kick your a.s.s last time. What can you do now? We are on holiday. Fighting is forbidden by school regulations!"

Then he burst into a laugh.

Fang Qiu gave a scornful smile.

As a Guru Realm expert, he had zero interest in fighting Gao Fei who was no different from a toddler.

However, he wouldn't mind teaching him a lesson dared he advance.

Resentment from last time was not solved yet!

At that time,

"The two of you. What are you doing?"

A loud shout came.

Before Gao Fei could strike a blow, Mr. Ma in charge of the track team's stamina training noticed the abnormality and ran towards them.

Hearing Mr. Ma's voice,

Gao Fei's face turned.

With a teacher present, would he have the b.a.l.l.s to beat me up?

But how could I punish Fang Qiu without throwing several blows?

He rolled his eyes.

The incident during that morning run suddenly hit Gao Fei and the suppressed desire for revenge gushed up.

As Mr. Ma arrived in front of them,

Gao Fei put on a smile as he turned to face Mr. Ma and said, "Mr. Ma, this student Fang Qiu wants to compete with me on running. We are getting tired from the training. Let's have a match!"


Mr. Ma threw a glance of surprise at Fang Qiu.

Gao Fei was a member of the track team and one of the best runners. Why would this young man ask for a match with Gao Fei?

Looking at Fang Qiu,

Mr. Ma raised his brows.

He seemed rather familiar.

Then he suddenly remembered that very fast runner that morning.

That figure was very similar to this young man.

Could Fang Qiu be that man?

It must be otherwise Gao Fei wouldn't initiate a match with him.

This young man wanted a compet.i.tion with him? What a lie!

Glancing at Fang Qiu up and down, Mr. Ma asked, "You want to have a running match with Gao Fei?"

Fang Qiu shook his head.


"What is it? Are you scared?"

Gao Fei cut in to sneer at Fang Qiu's refusal.

His laugh sounded provocative.

How could Gao Fei easily let go such a great opportunity?

That morning, he was played by Fang Qiu ruthlessly.

Today, he was determined to get even.

He couldn't accept that Fang Qiu ran faster than him last time.

There must be some trick last time.


Under Gao Fei's provocation,

Fang Qiu glanced at Gao Fei as if looking at an idiot.

Then he turned to Mr. Ma and said, "Mr. Ma, I have things to do. See you."

"Since you are already here, why not have a match?"

Seeing this, Mr. Ma blurted out.

He also wanted to find out if Fang Qiu was that very fast runner and how fast he could actually run.

He wanted to see how great this man was having the courage to challenge Gao Fei for a run.

In his opinion, Gao Fei had a good eye.

He must be a decent runner if Gao Fei had his eyes on him. Gao Fei wouldn't be interested if he was no good.

Fang Qiu looked at Mr. Ma and then turned to Gao Fei.

He was asking for some face slapping.

It would be rude if he refused to slap his face.

"Fine. We'll have a match."

Said Fang Qiu.

Medical Master Chapter 106 Asking For Face Slapping

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